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Talaton - St James
The church is below the rest of the village. Park in the village then take the road by the red telephone box to the church; the road then  becomes a path to the church, which is unlocked.
 O/S Ref: SY 067 997

Above: Katherine Bradford (1785) widow of Rev George Bradford and daughter of Rev Charles Harwood, both rectors here. Slate inscription.
Right from left to right:Charles Harwood (1816)
, Charles Harwood (1718), Charlotte Augusta Harwood (1848). She was the daughter of the architect Sir William Chambers
Far Right:
 Thomas Phillips (1806)
Other Monuments 
James Amyatt MP (1813) & Maria (1804) white tablet. She was the widow of Peter Amyatt before marrying his brother James, who had been murdered in India on his wedding day.
Hilda Frances Boles (1943) & George Coleridge Boles (1976) brass
A coloured inscription records dedication of a window to Robert Palk Welland (1841) Rector here. Buried at Shillingford where he was also rector.

The monuments to John Leach (1613) described as architectural with crude putti, strapwork and acrostic verse (Pevsner) is locked in the tower room. He was Chancellor of Exeter Cathedral and Rector of Talaton, Washfield and Arlington. He father and brother were blacksmiths in Crediton.

Tavistock - St Eustacius
The church is open during normal hours. Park in one of the town's pay car parks, a short walk from the church.
O/S Ref: SX 481 744

John Granville (1600) & Alicia

He reclines, resting on a cushion on which is also a skull; she kneels. Against the chest stand several children. He was a MP and an attorney who became a Justice of the Court of Common Pleas. Good portraiture. Alabaster, polychrome.

Bredall Family by Hems 1809 Relief of Christ the Healer
'Near the east end of the aisle is interred the remains of William Bredall, surgeon' (1751) Also Alice, his wife. Also William Bredall, surgeon, (1831) and his wife Mary (1816). Also their son William John Knighton Bredall, surgeon (1831). Also in memory of Jane, wife of the above; buried at Bude, Cornwall.  Of John Bredall, surgeon, (1864) son of the above; buried at Woolborough, Newton Abbot. Also Mary Bredall (1846) daughter of Willaim and Mary; buried in the Old Cemetery, Tavistock. John Fytz (1509), Mary and son John (1605) Top: John Phillips Carpenter
Bottom: Elizabeth Carpenter (1830)
The younger John kneels at a prayer desk behind the recumbent couple 'relict of John Phillips Carpenter' ' on the north aisle of the church are deposited the remains of John Phillips Carpenter. He was a magistrate

A List of Other Monuments in the Church
Many Are Brasses
Left: Wall tablet to Edward Atkins Bray BD FSA (1875) He was Vicar of Tavistock for 45 years and married Charles Stothard's widow, .
There are many 19th and 20th century brass wall plaques in the church; I have listed them anticlockwise from the south (main) door:-
George Hodgshon, Vicar 1956-66. Small plate stating he is commemorated by the adjacent south porch gates.
Major A Lockhart Gallie (1915) also his eldest daughter Margaret (1903) age 13
Joseph Edgcombe (1805) and his widow Mary (1866)
Hugh Mockler-Ferryman Lt. 52nd Oxfordshire Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. Killed in action at Aisne 1914 age 22. Bronze on marble. Military badge.
Mary Elizabeth Williams (1891) & John Daby Williams (1894) 'Interred in the Family Grave at the Old Cemetery'
Reverend John Wilmot Neat (1875) & Delicia (1914)
Georgiana Susan Keene (1890) wife of Captain Alfred Keene DSO and daughter of Rev. John Wilmot Neat MA
Reginald Thynne (1932) chorister & wife Sarah (1926)
Richard Sleman FRCS (1877) and his son John LSA (1874)
Elizabeth Chubb (1894) 'for thirty years caretaker of this church'
Orlando Jolliffe (1964) 'choirman, sidesman and churchwarden'
Mary Grace Johnstone (1900) wife of John Douglas Johnstone 'solicitor of this town'
William Edwin Tamor (1925)
Alfred Bray Treloar (1946) Headmaster of the Church School. In his memory the Lady Chapel was reseated
Reverend Edward Spenser MA (1905) Headmaster of Tavistock Grammar School from 1854 until closure in 1888. Indicates that a window was erected in his memory by Fouracres of Plymouth.
William Thomas Wyatt (1962) First Headmaster of S Ramon School
Edward Codrington Collins Wilson MA (1896) Vicar of Strete; he was curate at Tavistock for 8 years.
Rev.d Daniel Pring Alford MA (1911) Vicar
Hugh Leslie Bickersteth Monument records that the nearby east window was erected in his memory, made by James Powell's Whitefriar's Glass Company. Vicar 1918-46
Osborne John Tancock DCL (1875) Vicar
Reverend Walter James Tait MA Vicar 1872-1883
Roy Wyndham Stevenson Vicar 1967-72 Records that St Mary Magdalene Chapel was restored in his memory in 1974. His stone is on the floor below the brass
  John Hornbrook Gill (1874) records that  the window above was erected in his memory; this is the Burne-Jones and William Morris window. Gill's son married Morris's sister.
Emily Churchill (1912)
William Clotworthy Organist and choirmaster from 1907-1942
Lucy Carpenter, widow of John. Presumably refers to window above erected 1881, maker unknown

Samuel Peek Haddy (1915) churchwarden
Wilfred. Glanville Spencer (1896) Lt Royal Marines; Edward Macready Spencer MD (1924); Charles William Spencer (1924) - sons of Edward Spencer MA. Also Arthur Egerton Spencer killed on the Somme 1916 Lt Sherwood Foresters, son of Edward Macready; also Sophie Madelaine (1932), wife of Charles William and their son, Wilfred Edward Chetwode (1932), Capt in the Royal Sussex Reg; also Frances Laura (1945), daughter of Edward Spencer MA.
John Benson (1887) 'who spent 30 years of a useful and honoured life in this town as steward to the Dukes of Bedford'.
Ellen Mary Ellis (1923) wife of Mjr A J Ellis DSO, 'murdered by tribesmen at Kohat, India 14th April 1923' and Alan Timbrell (ob 1922). Both were children of Capt W T Timbrell and Mary, daughter of John Benson.
Adleaine Octavia Benson (1915) widow of John. Buried at Redland, Bristol with her husband
Other Wall Monuments:
Samuel Chubb Gent (1821) & Elizabeth (1808) black and white with urn
Mrs Jane Toll (1808) widow of the late Rev.d John Frederick Toll, Vicar of Kingsclere, Hampshire
John Rundle Esq (1864) magistrate, buried at Hampstead
Mr Richard Parson (1785) surgeon & Margaret (1767) , black and white with urn
'Caroline Relict of the Rev.d Robert Serrell Wood' (1842) black and white
Mary Sleeman (1803) age 21, widow of Captain Richard Sleeman. black and white
Small stone with painted and carved arms; the inscription is not legible
Sophia witten on urn which is on a tablet with the added inscription 'widow of Francis Willesford' (1812) Below this is added another tablet: Francis Willesford (1842) and below this another, Charles Willesford (1899) Arms below.
Charles Hawke (1788) & Grace (1756) black and white oval with angel below and arms above.
'In the centre aisle of this church are deposited the remains of George Bridgeman solicitor (1850) and Susannah Goodman Bridgeman (1825) black and white
George Fortescue William Fortescue (17--) large grey oval tablet now difficult to read.
Mary Jane Lethbridge (1879) black & white
There is recess with ogee arch with angel' head and wins at apex. This has been reset and could be a tomb or part of  an Easter sepulchre.

Tawstock - St Peter
Church is normally open during normal ours but if locked the name of the nearby keyholder is given on the door
Large free car park right outside church. The church is not on private land despite appearance to the contrary
'A Hidden Treasure' way off the besten track so well worth the tortuous drive.
O/S Ref: SS 559 299
I returned to the church recently (Spring 2022) to retake the photographs with a new camera and a ultra wide angled lens. Unfortunately  some were partly obscured by high, heavy heaters which I preferred to to move and then sun set caught up with me.


Above:  Sir Bouchier Robert Sherard Wrey, 11th Bt. JP DL Captain in RN. Mjr & Hon. Lt. Col. Royal North Devon Hussar

Lady Marianne Wrey (1896) by Hems

Near right: Robert Lovett (1710) 'dyed of a malignant small pox'. By: Thomas Jewell the Elder of Barnstaple.
Above centre: Julian wife of John Slowly (1711) Six children, two of whom - Joan (1698) & Richard (1710) - died before her and 'lie buried underneath in ye same grave'. 'Near this same place is likewise buried ye body of  John Slowly Jnr' (17__) , eldest and only surviving son. Added below: 'In the same grave with her father and mother is also buried Christia Slowly (1760), youngest daughter. 'Underneath in the same grave with Julian his wife lieth buried also the above John Slowly.' (1718).  Above right: Edward Lovett. Slate in oval frame.

Other Monuments
Corp W Fisher (1910) died at Bloemfontie 'of enteric' 27th company of Imperial Yeomanry. B&W tablet
Joseph Gaydon (1946) churchwarden for 39 years. Marble tablet
Mary wife of Richard Haydon (17__) Also Richard Haydon (1806) B&W oval with draped urn.
Rebecca Burrows (1792) B&W with urn. Room below for more inscriptions but never added.


Sir John Wrey (1597) slate covered tomb chest and back plate
Originally St Ives, Cornwall. Transferred in 1924, a Wrey having married a Bourchier in 1652
Sir Henry Northcote (1729) by T. Jewell Jnr Sir Henry Bourchier Toke Wrey DL, 9th Bt (1900) Ann Chilcot (1758)
Wife of Thomas Chilcot, organist at Bath
His inscription remains unfinished
Above centre below are shown the two lolling putti from the Sir Henry Northcote monument; I was not able to rephotograph this (nor that of the Sir Henry Bouchier Wrey) because of the heaters mentioned in the introduction. One of these may be seen in front of the putto on the left.

  Robert Wrey Esq (1809) Major General in Portuguese Service; & Anne (1813) Florence Lady Wrey (1724) daughter of John Rolle; by Thomas Jewell the Elder of Barnstaple Lady Rolle (1705) by Thomas Jewell of Barnstaple Rev.d Bourchier William Wrey (1839) 38 years Rector & Sophia (1848). Below this:
 'in this churchyard are interred the earthly remains of Ellen Maria Wrey (1864) wife of Rev Henry Bourchier Wrey

This transept houses the Wrey family vault and the various memorials are to those buried there

Above: William Bourchier Sherard Wrey CMG CBE (1926) Captain RN. 4th Son of 10th  Baronet 'Egypt 1882 & 1885 China 1900 Relief of Pekin & the Great War' Ashes buried at sea.

Left: Sir Bourchier Wrey

Left: Anne Lady Wrey (1791) by King of Bath
Rev.d Sir Henry Bourchier Wrey 9th Baronet. (1882) Rector for 40 years.
 Also his first wife Ellen Take (1864) and his second wife Jane Lamb (1889)
Right top :Anne Wrey (1813) Second wife of Sir Bouchier Wrey Bt. Below this: Mary, Lady Wrey (Edwards) (1751)
Above:Sir Bourchier Wrey, Bt. ( 1826)

Other Monuments

Tablet: Albany Bourchier Wrey 13th Baronet (1948)
Brasses: Isabel Frances Sophia Wrey (1921) wife of Rev Albany B S Wrey, Rector. 'lies buried in Sutton at Hone church yard, close to her old home.'
Alice Mary Down (1880)


William Bourchier, 3rd Earl of Bath (1623) & his wife, Lady Elizabeth Russel. painted alabaster. Note their two sons on the right of the tomb (Edward, the heir) and Richsr, who died young. On the left are their daughter Frances (who has a monument  in the Bedford Chapel, Chenies, Bucks) and a baby.

Maria St John (1631)   Sir Bourchier Wrey,  Baronet (1696)  by: Thomas Jewell the Elder of Barnstaple Jane Naylor (1705) 

Other Monuments
Please note that the wooden medieval effigy of a lady, originally in an alcove in the choir, is now housed in Barnstaple Museum.

Tablet to Anna Maria Reeves (1867) Wife of Rev Isaac Morgan Reeves, Rector of Myros, County Cork and daughter of Rev Henry Bouchier Wrey, Rector of Tawstock. She was buried in Douglas church yard, near Cork.
Two small brasses:
Hon Marianne Sarah, Lady Wrey (1896) The sanctuary corona was dedicated to her memory.
Mary Elizabeth Ellen Page Joce (1918) The sanctuary carpets are in her memory.
Tablet to Rev.d Mr Chichester Wrey AM (1756) Rector of Tawstock for 40 years. 'and was buried underneath.'
Maria Naylor (1678) Slate with stone surround with carved foliage and winged cherub's head below

Henry Bourchier, 5th Earl of Bath (1659) probably by Thomas Burman.  Rachel, Countess of Bath (1680), wife of  the 5th Earl; by Balthazar Burman

rances Lady Fitzwarren (1589)
Above left: Peter Gould  (1666) painted slate.  Above centre:Thomas Hinson (1614) and Ann, his wife. Above right: William Skippon (1633)
Sara Pollard & below: George Fane (b. 8-3-1668. d.11-3-1668),  wood cleverly painted to look like marble
Other Monuments

Sir Philip Bourchier Sherard Wrey CBE 12th Baronet (1936)
Rhodesian Pioneer. Marble with arms.

Edward Castell Bourchier Toke Wrey (1933) 7th son of 10th Baronet. Marble with arms.
Christopher Bourchier Wrey TD (1976) 2nd son of Edward Castell. Marble with crest
Reginald Charles Bourchier Wrey (1931) 8th son of 10th Baronet. His wife Evelyn (1931). Their son Charles Bourchier Wrey (1991) and his wife Peggy (1996) Marble with crest.

Teigngrace - Sts Peter & Paul
Church locked: no information available.
 O/S Ref: SX 849 739

Far left: Joseph Challis (1683) rector.  Above left: James Templer (1782)
Far right and above right (detail): Charles Templer (1786) He died in the ship Halsewell bound for Bengall which was wrecked in a storm on St Albans Head in the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. Of the 240 crew and passengers, only 74 survived.
Captain William Templer RN (1805) He died with his purser and boats crew in a shipwreck near the island of Jamaca. Also his brother Charles (1806) who died in a shipwreck with the whole crew when the Skilton Castle . James Templer (1813) Cornwallis, Lord Viscount Hawarded, Baron de Montalt, Baronett of Dundrum (1803)
Left and above left (detail) Mrs Mary Templer (1829); she was widow of: James Templer above Above right: Richard Dalling RN (1811)
Right:  'slain in battle, October 21st 1805'

Rev John Templer AM (1869)
37 years rector here
Elizabeth Templer (1850)
wife of John, left
Francis James Templer (1854) Lt Col Henry Line Templer (1818) John Hatherly (1829) & Martha (1852)
Left:  George Templer (1843) and below: Francis Buller Templer (1903) & Emma (Turton), his wife (1816) & their son, Philip Arthur (1899)
Above left: Jane Templer (1813) wife of John, rector. Above right: Mary Templer (1884)
Right: George Templer (1819) of the East India Service
 Right: Rev John Templer AM JP (1832) 45 years rector here and vicar of Paignton cum Marldon

Left: Lt Col Richard Harold St Maur (1927)
Richard Harold St Maur was born 6th June 1869, the illegitimate son of Edward Adolphus Ferdinand Seymour, Earl St Maur and Duke of Somerset, and Rosina Elizabeth Swan, a 19 year old half-gypsy named of Higham near Bury St Edmunds. His father died when he was a few months old.

He was educated at Wellington College and Sanhurst before serving with the 14th Hussars and later with the 1st Division Royal Devon Yeomanry. He fought in the Boer War at Natal with the 7th Remounts and Royal 1st Devon Imperial Devon Yeomanry.  He fought in the Great War in Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine and Syria. He was liaison officer between Field Marshall Allenby and the French forces. He was Officer de la Legion d'Honneur and Le Croix de Guerre avec trois palmers.

In 1891 he married Elizabeth, daughter of Captain W. H. Palmer of the 14th Hussars; they had three sons.
In 1925 after the death of the 15th Duke, he petitioned the House of Lords to safeguard his claim to the dukedom whilst he sought evidence that his parents were in fact married. When his grandfather died he was still presumed illegitimate and the dukedom passed to a different line of the family. He resorted to placing adverts in the papers offering a reward of £50 for anyone who could prove they had witnesses his parents marriage.

He eventually inherited Stover estate from his grandfather.

Torre Abbey (Torquay)
Torre Abbey, founded in 1196, fell into decay after the Dissolution, but the S & W ranges were converted into domestic buildings by Thomas Ridgeway after 1598. The Cary family, owners from 1662, enlarged and altered the house in the 17th and 18th centuries. The main part of the W range is occupied by the medieval guest house which the Caries converted into a RC chapel in 1779, where there are a number of monuments to the Carys and others. There are also several brasses but these are replicas.  

O/S Ref: SX 907 638

Above right:  Sarah Franklin (1827) Buried in the family vault in Torre church.
Above centre:
Lionel S T M Cary (1855) Died at Malta on his way home from the Crimea. having been wounded before Sebastopol, aged 18.
Above right:  Robert Shedden Sulyarde Cary (1898). His wife, Margaret Mary  (1906).
Near right: George Cary (1805) & his wife, Cecilia (1779)
Far right:
Henry Franklin RN Midshipman, who drowned at 17. Buried in vault 'in this church'.

Other Monuments
1.  Edward Cary Jnr (1816) Buried in family vault in Torre church. White tablet on black background
2.  John Cary (1820) & his wife, Sophia. Buried in a vault at Hampstead.  Also to George Cary (1826); Buried in family vault White tablet on black background
3.  Lt Henry J L Cary Died in South Africa during the Boer War. White tablet; darker floral surround. Arms
4.  Bertha Elizabeth Cary (1875) Wife of Lucius Cary. White tablet; floral surround. Arms
5.  Henry Frazer Lovat Cary (1838) aged 4y & 11m. Buried in vault in St Mary's church. White shield shape on white background.
6.  Two children of LuciusCary and his second wife, Louisa: Arminel (1883) aged 3y & 5m and Lionel (1880) who died at birth. White tablet; floral surround. Arms

Trusham - St Michael & All Angels
O/S Ref: SX 855 821

Above: Hugh & Sabina Staplehill  (1583) with three daughters and three sons. Painted wooden panel with brass insciption below.
Right top:
John & Mary Stooke (1697) see below
Right bottom left:
George Stooke (1814) & Mary, his wife.
Right bottom left:
William Stooke (1677) 'presbyter'; his sons William (1676) & James (1677)

They have given for the celebration of ye Holy Eucharist 4 Sundays in this parish 7, m ye parish of Bovey Tracey 3 Sundays 5, m ye parish of Bridfor 2 Sundays 2 10 p annum forever. Also 3 p anum for 4 loaves p week, for 4 persons of this parish, and 2 to buy wheat at Christmas, the one mosety to 8 poor persons of this parish the other to 8 poor persons of Ashton forever. Also 3 to the poor of each of the almhouses of xtow and Ashton and to the rector of Trusham 3 p an issuing out of Smiths-hays m Xstow the remainder of the vicar thereof. Also 2/2/ p an forever for 4 loaves p week to 4 poor persons in the almshouse of Hennock. They have also erected an almshouse in this parish and endowed it with the tenement of Merdon and Christow value of 12 p an for all which donations the ddeds are in the box adjoyning. Let your light so shine

Totnes - St Mary
O/S Ref: SX 802 604
Christopher Blackhall (1633) with his four wives, three of whom predeceased him

Above:  A wall of wall monuments
Right:   Walter Smythe (1555)
founder of Totnes grammar school
: John Prince AM (1723) Vicar of Totnes 1675-1681, then vicar of Bovey Pomeroy where he is buried. Also to Lt Octavious Benthall RN drowned with four shipmates of HMS Osprey in New Zealand in 1846; buried at Hokianga and other members of the family. Richard Martin 'merchant sometime maior of this towne who changed this life for a better'...1663 Thomas Martin 'batchelor who exchanged this life for a better ye 15th day of January 1690 aged 58 years who gave the lands of a house and meadow in Barnstaple forever to ye poor of Totnes to be given in bread every Lords say in this isle, as is expressed in his last will and testament.'

Thanks again to Amanda for the above four churches
Weare Giffard - Holy Trinity
Church open during normal hours. Park near church: may be limited space. Village in the low land on the banks of the River Torridge: area can flood.
 O/S Ref: SS 467 221

Kn/L of c1300.  He under an arch in nave; she similarly in the chancel but unfortunately behind the choir stalls. Said to be Sir Walter & Alice Gifford. Local legend says that they were once together on a table tomb in the chancel and that Sir Walter's ghost walks at midnight seeking his lady!

Above: Eleanor Fortescue (1847) Brass cross with inscription below on the lid.

Right: Erected by Hugh Fortescue (1661) to his grandparents Hugh (1600) & Elizabeth (1630), who kneel facing each other on the upper tier; and his parents John (1605) & Mary (1637) who kneel facing forwards on the lower tier. The latter's children and grandchildren are represented in roundals and ovals, respectively on either side.

West Down - St Calixtus
This is the West Down near Ilfracombe not the others. Church open. Park in village: space is at a premium!
O/S Ref: SS 517 421


Top left: Francis (1648) and Grace Isaac. Note the children below the main effigies. There is some speculation about the Sacret Heart between the figures and the five petal rose Grace is holding (this is a symbol of the Five Wounds of Christ): these are Roman Catholic Symbols and the monuments was commissioned during or after the Civil Wars, when such were forbidden. (centre)
Top Right:
Thomas Parminster (1858) and his wife, Mary (1907). Also their son, Thomas (1867) who died on the St. Vincent returning from Australia.
Sir John Stowford (1372) ? Dressed as Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

Alfred Fryer in Wooden Monumental Effigies in England and Wales refers to a second wooden effigy which is now lost. Dame Joan Stowford (Tracy), wife of Sir John Stowford or Stanford

Whimple - St Mary
church open during normal hours: park in square outside church.
O/S Ref: SY 044 972

Above left: Canon Thomas Heberden MA Rector (1754); inscription by Simon Rowe; surround by Hayward who also rebuilt the church in the 19th century. Rector and Canon Residentiary of Exeter, where he is buried. Above right: see below Right: 'On the North ſide of the Communion table Lieth the Body of ' Anna Maria Newcome (1732) She was the wife of Daniel Newcome, Rector and Dean of Gloucester  Far right: Rev John Hickes DD Rector (1707)
Above right (from above)  Dorothy (Baker) Brooke (1771). Her husband Elijah Brooke (1801). Their son, Elijah Brooke (1821) and his wife, Elizabeth (1825). Susan (Guppy) Brooke (1819). Mary Elizabeth Brooke (1856), At 16, daughter of George Brooke. George Brooke (1882). Martha Brooke (1885), widow of George, the previous. This line looks crammed at the bottom of the tablet and a new section looks as if it were added. Children of the Above (George and Martha): John Guppy Brooke (1891), William Randolph Brooke (1897), Susan Martha Brooke. These were vault burials inside the church, so then is added ,also outside the church, Rosa Brooke (1933), Laura Brooke.

Left: L
t Henry Hughes-Buller (1884) Died in central India
Edward John Honywood (1867) Colonel Bengal Cavalry
Other Monuments
Dame Lydia Imbert-Terry (1918) B&W tablet with arms
Henry Machu Imbert-Terry Bt (1938) Tablet. Husband of the above
Henry Bouhier Imbert-Terry Bt (1962) Royal Artillery, DSC, MC, Knight of St John & his wife Mildred Dorothy (1975) Dame of St John Tablet
Ida Edna Park (1955) 35 years nurse and friend to the above family
Caroline Buller (1860) brass
Thomas Wentworth-Buller (1852) and Ann Buller (1880) Brass
Caroline Buller (1860) brass
Katharine Hughes (1872) brass
Caroline Courteny Hughes (1904) brass
Bridget Caroline Leslie Vicary (1989) Brass
Ralph Buller Hughes-Buller (1949) CIE, CBE, King's Police Medal. 'Inspector-General of Police, Bengal 1912-16' 'Director of National Service SW Region 1917-18' His wife Elizabeth (1960)
Large brass with arms
Phillip George Chard (1975)
'For many years organist and church warden' Gray tablet.
John Venn (1895) Brass

Widworthy - St Cuthbert
Aim for Wilmington on the A35 between Bridport and Honiton; there Widworth Church is sign posted on a yellow road  to the south 
Church open - park outside. A particularly delightful church to visit
O/S Ref: Sy 214 992

Knight c 1400, said to be  Sir William Prouz.   He holds a shield which is carved with his arms in relief but this faces the wall: the arms are: Crusily of cross-crosslets, three lions rampant.
 Alice Isack (1685) Illegible 17th century James Somaster (1748) The monument was made in his lifetime and the date of death added later; note the different lettering.
 Sarah Marwood (1797)  by W Pinder. Below  the monument is added a tablet to James Marwood Elton (1827), the son-in-law of Sarah. Robert Marwood (1767) and his sister Bridget Marwood (1736) Thomas White (1838)  Steward of the manor James Thomas Marwood (1811) by Peter Rouw
This monument is outside and against the church wall.  Left panel: Rev Alfred Marwood-Elton (1911) His father was H E Flton. Right panel: His wife Jane Frances Marwood-Elton (Hadley) (1919) Central Panel: Sir Edward Marwood Elton Bt (1884) and his wife Anne.  'lies buried near this spot)

Other Monuments

Ethelreda Tucker (Beresford) (1928)
marble tablet
William John Tucker (1830) Rector of the parish for 62 years. White tablet on black base, chalice in low relief on pediment
Bazeley Snell,  (kia 1918 age 24) Eleven years organist.  Brass

Winkleigh - All Saints
Church usually open. Park in the town. Expert cider maker on the edge of town.
O/S Ref: SS 632 080

Sarah Harriet Luxton (1896) '...of Winkleigh Parsonage...' Wall tile

'In Memorie of Arthur the sonne of Diggorie Penfound Gent of Pen-found in Cornwall. 1656

Rev John Webber MA (1780) The remainder is difficult to read.

George Henry Pinckard (1892) '..Benefactor..'

'Here underneath lyeth Immaturely Enterr'd..'
Bartholomew Gidley (1702)

Thomas Lethbridge (1781) Also added but difficult to read: __ (father of Thomas) who was buried April __ 1761 and also Robert (brother of Thomas) who was buried the same day.
Other Monuments

Percy Molland (1918) He died Armistice Day (11-11-18) at Fillievres, France. Brass tablet
Hubert James Norman MB ChB (1948) White metal tablet
'Beneath this tablet repose the ashes of..' William Bradford (1820) & Elizabeth Letheren (1820) Also their daughter Susanna (1852)
Henry Bremridge MA (1913)
26 years vicar. White tablet with foliated surround and painted gold cross
Matilda (1847), Henry John (1837), Harrit Wright (1838) '...mother, brother and aunt..' White Gothick tablet.
John (1823) & Jane (1837) Dunning; their son Richard (1865) and his wife Elizabeth (1863) B&W tablet
Richard Dunning (1800), his 'relict' Elizabeth (1811) and their daughters Elizabeth (1787), Mary (1850) & Thomazin (1860) B&W tablet
Jane Westren (1854) and her daughter Mary Jane (1835) age 15 months. B&W Tablet
Revd John Eveleigh MA (1770) vicar, his wife Martha (1781) buried 'near to her own relations and near to a stone similar to this in East Allington Church. Their children: Martha, John, George, Mellony, Thomas & Henry.

Devon was my home county for a number of years and I took many of the photographs but, with working full time, not as many as I should have liked. So a special thanks to Amanda Miller of Amanda's Arcadia and to Jean McCreanor for kindly supplying many of the photographs in these Devon pages, and many others. I won't say they filled in my gaps: rather I filled in their gaps. Some of the etchings and drawings are also mine. Also many thanks to Dr Clive Easter - long time member of the Church Monuments Society  whose PhD thesis was on West Country Monuments 1660-1730 - for supplying much information and helpful indentifications and corrections. Thanks all!

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