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Newton St Cyres - St Cyriac & St Julietta
Church open during normal hours. Very limited parking outside the church; park nearby in free car park at village hall (signposted), then walk left out of the car park, avoiding the difficult main road, and take road on the right to the church. If you cross the main road and take the Yellow Road (Station Road) almost opposite the church and continue towards the still operating railway station, you will come to a first class pub, The Beer Engine, which has its own micro-brewery and serves excellent 'pub' food.
O/S Ref: SX 879 980

Sir John Northcote (1632) He stands with his foot on a skull, holding a staff indicating that he was captain of the local trained band. Above and to his right is the bust of his grandfather, Walter Northcote, a cloth merchant and to his left his father John Northcote (1587), also a cloth merchant.To his right is the bust of his first wife Elizabeth Rouse by whom he had one son, and to his left his second wife Susannah Pollard, by whom he had twelve sons and six daughters.

Below facing each other kneel his son Sir John, who erected the monument in 1637 and was a member of the Long Parliament, although later excluded at 'Pride's Purge', and his wife; between them lies a swaddled baby. Behind the younger Sir John kneel three sons and one daughter and behind his wife a daughter and another baby. There are plenty of inscriptions and much original colour.

Left:  Sherland Shore (1632) at 17. He sits at his desk, leaning on his elbow On the table are books, skull and hourglass at his feet two lutes and a viola. He was student at Exeter College, Oxford.
Above left: Vnderneathv lyes ye body of Robert Fortescue' (1663) Oval in frame with skulls, cherub's head, roses and flaming torches.
Above centre left: Thomas Hall (1798) erected on the instrction of his wife Frances daughter of Andrew Quicke 
Above centre right:
Thomas Quick (1771) Son of John and Jane
Above right: Andrew Quick (1794)

Monuments to the Quick Family


Chancel North Wall (Above)
Top left: Thomas Quicke (1701)
Top right: John Quicke (1830) and his wife Emilia (1842)
Below this:
John Quicke (1677)
Lowest row left: Ernest Henry Goldolphin Quicke (1921), his wife Adelaine Mary (1943) and their son Edward Owen St.Cyres Godolphin Quicke (1914) 'He was killed in action Sunday October 25th at Givenchy and buried in the battlefield there.'
Mary Elizabeth Quicke (1898) and her husband John (1900)
Right: Edward Henry Quicke (1870) who was vicar of the parish, and his wife Eleanor Elizabeth (1891) Also Walter Shubuck Goldolphin Quicke (1897)

Also: Thomas Quicke (1771) 'son of John and Jane Quicke' tablet with broken pediment (not shown)

Chancel South Wall  (Far Right)
Top: John Quicke (1703) and his wife Elizabeth (1706) Swags are held up by cherubs
Middle: John Quicke (1859) and Frances (1869)
Bottom:  Andrew Quicke (1793)  ' near this place rest interred the Remains of Andrew Quicke Esqr'   by Kendall of Exeter.

Other Monuments
1) In the pious memory of Anna the daughter of John Northecote of Hayne Esq, wife to John Elforde of Shitstor Esq the issue of Walter Grace'. No date. Small tablet with arms above and small portrait bust below; the inscription includes a series of anagrams of her name
John Quicke (1776)
marbles with pyramid, arms and urn
3) 'Near this place are deposited the Remains of
Boughey Skey Esq.' (1795) Lt Col of the 49th Regiment of Foot. 'shared in the glory of taking Qubeck, Martinico, the Havanna & Co'
 4)  'Near this place are deposited the Remains of John Frederick George Rew (1916) 'fell at Mametz' Aged 26 Brass
Argyle Welsh Collins (1911) He was a military chaplain and vicar to the parish. 'served with distinction in New Zealand during the Campaigns 1836-1867 and in the operations of the River Nile 1889' brass plate with arms.
6) Mary Bury (1837)
'who died at an advanced age and whose remains are deposited in this church yard'. black and white marble tablet
7) Mabel Kath Wyatt (1903) Brass
8)Terry Carwithen LL D (1854) & Lydia (1855)

Okehampton - All Saints
The church is on a hill on the outskirts of town. Often locked;  key may be obtained from Vicar or Churchwardens.
Large free car park across road from church. Toilets in car park, mostly locked and not recommended

O/S Ref: SX 581 951

This fragment is all the remains of a brass from the old church which burned down it is said in one hour in 1608; it is not on display. A drawing remains of the complete brass which shows Thomasine kneeling with three daughters; only the figure of one daughter survived. The inscription states:
'Here vnder lyeth Thomasin Godolphin the wife of Thomas Peter Gentlem' who dyed the IX of September 1603.
She was to God and hvsbande trewe
A mirror for all wyves to veiwe
The poore the lame sicke and needy
She did relleve moste liberally
She lyved so good and Godlye life
As never wronged man maide nor wife
And made so good and Godlye ende
As none the same on earth may mende.

Other monuments from the church will be shown later
Ottery St Mary - St Mary  
Church open during normal hours. Very limited parking outside the church or in the town. There is a relatively expensive car park on the edge of town.
O/S Ref: SY 099 953

                                                                          Otto de Grandison (1358) & Beatrice de Grandison (1374) Note the unusal posture of Otto especially in the way he holds his sword

John Coke (1642) William Peere-Williams (1766)  by John Bacon 1794 John Haydon (1587)

Above Far Left - Copy of Inscription

In a Vault near this place Lye the Bodies of Anne the Relict of Hugh Vaughan late of this pariſh  Esquire, (whose Body lyes in this Church) And of Lætitia his ſiſter Relict of Richard Carew late of Barly (near Exeter) Esqr. Daughters of IoH. Goodall of Fowye, in the County of Cornwall Merch who had one Daughter more Called Mary by Elizabeth his second Wife, Marryed Malachy Pyne of Exeter Merchant.
Anne Vaughan dyed ye 30 Ian. 1730  
Lætitia Carew dyed ye 5 Feb. 1730
And was Buryed together the 10th of the same Month by Iohn Pyne their Nephew.
Also lieth the Body of Elizabeth the wife of Mr Richard Marker, of this Town, Gent. Daughter of Iohn Keſtell of Keſtell in the County of Cornwall M.D. who died Iune the 22d. 1772, aged 69 years.'

More Monuments
In S. Choir Aisle:
Slab with 3 brasses to the Sherman family - John (1542),  his son William (1583) and his son Richard

Tab: Wife of Gideon Sherman (1618)
Tab: John Sherman & son died on the same day in 1617
Tab: Margaret Sherman (John's wife) (1620)
B&W Tab - Revd John Coleridge (1781) & Ann (2nd wife) (1802) His children: John (1786), William ('an infant'), William (1780), Luke Herman (1790), Ann (1791), Francis (1792), George (1828), James (1836), Samuel Taylor (1837), Rev Edward BA (1843) John Coleridge was vicar of Ottery and his son Samuel Taylor the poet.
B&W with urn: Mary Collin (1844) and '2 infant children' The ledger stone of John & Ann Coleridge is now at the entrance to the Lady Chapel having been removed from before the high altar in 1849 , where the bones still lie.
B&W with sickle & rose: Bessie Sarah Arbury (1952) & John Arbury (1975)
B&W with urn: 'Near this place are deposited the remains of Thomas Hopkins Esq' (1817) 'In the same vault are deposited the remains of Amelia his wife'  (1839) By Newman
Brass: Thomas John Carnell organist 1868-1896
Brass: Henry Marker (1705), Henry his son (1708), Elizabeth wife of John Marker (1711)
Brass: Clement George Whitby (1882) Lt, 17th Regiment. Killed at the Battle of Maiwand, Afganistan aged 25
Brass: Frederick Archibald Gray LRCP MRCS (1893)
Coloured marbles with urn: John Harrison Stapleton (1809) Lt Col of S. Devon Militia
B&W with arms, pillars holding broken pediment: Luke Frederick Rennel Coleridge (1944) 2nd Lt Coldstream Guards. 'killed in action on the parapet of the Enemy's Trenches at Givenchy la Bassée' . Aged 24
Brass: Frederick Abraham Smith (1880) Commander RN. 'one of the four governors of this church' 'He helped rescue from a slave ship a Negro boy, now well known as Bishop Crowther of the Niger'.
Brass: John Marker (1873)
B&W with arms and flaming urn: James Coleridge (1836) 4th son of Rev John Coleridge (see above) 'In the vault below rest also the remains of Frances Duke his widow'
'Gothic' Tablet 'In a vault beneath the chancel of this church rest the remains of Revd John Warren DD (1847) , his children: Agnes Hicks (1818) at 6 months, Gwen Mary (1819) at 2 years, Gwen Agnes (1827) at 6 years, Mary Janet (1839) at 17 years, Frances Elizabeth (1843), wife of Sir Henry A Farrington Bt, Robert Hicks (1854). Also Francis Stribling (1868) his wife
B&W Winsor Vaughan (1786) '...ennobeled by a blameless conversation and a Christian Death'. His widow whose name is not given except née Kestell (1824)
B&W Frances Salter (1833) Also Flora her daughter 8 months

I was unable to complete the survey on this church: the South Transept was closed for building work, the time on my parking ticket ran out and there was very noisy organ practice not conducive to my staying longer!

Peter Tavey - St Peter
Church unlocked during normal hours. Park in car park in front of the church
O/S Ref: SX 513 778
Right: Thomas Pocock (1720) '...who was Rectr...near 40 years.
Border inscription states: 'Here lie ye bodies of five daughters of Richard Evelegh Rector of Petertavy; 2 Maries, 2 Elizabeths & one Eleanor All who died younge. Ye longest last liver being but a yeare old whē she died Sept 13th 1632'. A verse occupies the centre part.
Other Monuments
'Francis John Bryant gave in 1940 the altar and reredos in memory of his wife Rachel Constance and in 1952 the south doors in memory of Sidney William his brother and Mary Arminel Elizabeth his sister' Incised wooden tablet.
The stalls were given in memory of Brian Charles Cowper Pratt MA. Prebenday of Exeter and Rector 1932-65. Incised wooden tablet.

Rev William MacBeanum (?) 184_ 30 years rector. Frances (1847) his wife and three young infants. Gothick tablet

John (1826) & Margaret (1824) Cole and their daughter Elizabeth (1824) 'Their remains rest beneath this tablet' B&W tablet. By Bovey & co
Payhembury - St Mary
Church unlocked: park in road outside.
O/S Ref: ST 088 017

Ellen Hall (1870) & Mary Elizabeth Orchard (1872), both daughters of Rev H J Tooze, curate here for many years. Both married members of HM Indian Service and are buried in a vault in the cemetery at Meerat, NW Province, Bengal.

Left: Dorothy Goswell (1745)
and her son Rev Timothy Terry (1736) Black and white marble

Above Left:
William Venn (1831) & his wife Petrolella (1832); their daughter Petronella (1820) (who married William Hex Venn) and their son William (1843) who married Elizabeth (Wright) (1866). The latters' daughter Petronella (1819 age 14 months).

Above right:
Ann Venn (1795) wife of John Venn (1818); Gwen Venn (1819), wife of their son John Venn II; Petronella (1851) second wife of John Venn II; John Venn (II) (1868); Clement Venn, youngest son of John Venn I and his wife Grave Venn (1850), who was the sister of Gwen above; Ann Hex (1841) Aged 14 and daughter of Clement and  Grace; Clement Henry (1863), son of Clement and Grace; Gwen Warren Venn (1924) daughter of Clement and Grace.

Not shown: Elizabeth Ann Barrett Venn (1834), daughter of William and Elizabeth Wright Venn, and her second son Harry George (1834) at 10 months
Pilton - St Mary
Pilton is an attractive small town which has become a suburb of Barnstable; from Barnstable follow the signs to the Hospital and Pilton will eventually become signposted. Park in one of the narby streets. The church is open during normal hours; however both the main (South) door to the church and main entrance to the churchyard are locked so find the small gate to the churchyard by following the perimenter and enter by the 'weekday' door.
O/S Ref: SS 556 341

Sir John Chichester (1569) Sir Robert Chichester (1627) Two wives and one daughter kneel facing him at the prayer desk. Two small children kneel behind

Left: Christopher Lethbridge (1713) & Family. Above left: Illegible. Above Centre Left: Christopher Lethbridge Esq (1746); his nephew John (1761) and John's wife Grace (1780) Unusually the dates of death and that of burial are both recorded.  Above centre right:  Benjamin (1796) & Margaret (1806) Incledon Above Far Right: Thomas Wrey Harding Esq (1866) and his sister Dyonisia Harding (1867) 
 Above left: Thomas Harding (1829) 2nd son of Thomas Harding. His wife Elizabeth (1837) 
Above right: John Rogers (1779), his wife, Emily (1785), their son John (1791), their youngest daughter, Mary Studdy (1824) and eldest daughter, Amelia Warren Griffiths (1838)
Right near: Henry Desborough (1862) and his 3rd son Charles (1862) of the Royal Madras Artillery
Right centre: Lt Col William Harding JP  who faught at the Battles of Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes and Toulose. He received the Peninsular War Med with six clasps. His wife Ann Elizabeth (1893)
Right far: Anna Maria Harding (1824)

Other Monuments
Please note: many of these are set high and the lettering faded so leading to difficulty in reading and errors in transcribing

Mrs Elizabeth Phillipps (1796)
& her sister Grace Russel (1800) 'Relict' of the Rector of Meeth. B&W
Robert Harding (18_4) B&W with draped urn and arms
Francis Upcott (17__); his wife Mary (1810) and children Francis (1799), William (1808), Susanna (1837). Mary Upcott (18_2); Ann Upcott (18__). Also: Mary Upcott Flaxmann (1827), John flaxman (185_) and John's wife Elizabeth (1830) B&W
Josaih Crane Esq (1814) Cpt and Adjutant North Devon Regiment of Local Militia. B&W
Jane wife of John Knill Cotton of Barnstple Merchant (1869) B&W
Margaret (1808) and sister Prudence (1824) Exter B&W with urn
'In a vault in this churchyard...' Catharina Arabella (1845) 2nd daughter of the late Cpt James Brown B&W

Robert Reid (1814)
his wife Sophia (text obliterated) their daughter and only child Sophia Deborah (1824 age 24) B&W
Harriet Alicia (1833)
'Relict' of Cpt Robert Harding
Dyonisia Harding (1835) 'relict of Robert' B&W with draped urn
A H Griffiths (1979) Sexton 1945-70, verger 1945-74 Mural Brass
Lawrence Passmore (1981) bell ringer Mural brass
William Spurway AM (1837) 'upwards of sixty years curate of this parish' Also Revd John Spurway (1822) Architectural tablet
Florence Jane Brown mural brass
Thomas Harding (1772) his wife Mary (1797) their youngest son John (1816) MA Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford. 'in Holy Orders'
Robert William Harding, Barrister-at-Law (1831); Cpt Thomas Henry Harding (1836) B&W

Thanks again to Amanda for Payhembury and Pilton

Sampford Courtenay - St Micheal
Church open during normal hours. Park in the village 
O/S Ref: 632 012.

Rev'd William Beauchamp AM (1827) Rev Richard Edwards MA (1792) Rector. His children: Elizabeth, Richard, James & Richard William Westaway (18__ @ 99), his wife Elizabeth (1817)
John Westaway (1845) s
on of the aboveadded below
John Arscott (1824) 'paymaster of the 3rd of P.W. Regiment of Dragoon Guards'  He was also a surgeon who was taken PoW by the French in the Peninsular War and swapped for a French officer. illegible illegible

Other Monuments
George Pierce Pickard MA (1859) '...for 30 years rector of this parish...' B&W tablet with floral  suround
Courtney Samuel Ash (1988) He was churchwarded for 50 years. White tablet
John Read (____). His daughters Mary Legg (____ at 17) Maria Reed (1821 at 16). His father Richard (1834) & his (the latter's) wife Sarah (1821) B&W tablet
Mary Read (1860) 'relict' of John above. B&W tablet
Edward Reid Theed AM (1893) Rector. Wall brass
Ann Dennaford (1863) B&W Tablet
Rev John Heath Clerk (1775) Rector, also this sister Hannah Heath (1768)

Sorry about the 'noisy' photographs: a pocket camera, a dull day and a dark church were not helpful!

Shebbear - St Michael
Church normally unlocked but keyholder on notice given should this not be the case. Park in front of the church.
 O/S Ref: SX 438 092

 Lady Prendergast of Ludford (late 14th C) ? Said to have been originally on an altar tomb but now under arch

Mary Bernard (1787) Robert Harrington Gent (1787) and his wife Elizabeth (1785) Their son William Yeo Harrington (1775) aged 4; their daughters: Maria Ann Kent (1801) & Blandina (1847) Maſter WILLIAM BATTISHILL, vicar 'who was here underneath Buried...1666' Mrs SUSANNA BATTISHILL 'his wife was Buried here alſo...1671' Mrs MARY BATTISHILL (Strood) 'wife of Maſt JONATHAN BATTISHILL now vicar...Buried 1697' Children of Jonathan & Mary Battishill: Francis (1671), Mary Perkin(1692) , William (1693) & Jonathan (1693). And eldest son of Marr, Richard (1692) Age 3 William Hockin Esq (1802)
Other Monuments
John Balkwell (1884) White tablet on black backing; floral pattern on upper stage. Signed Baker
William Ackland Sexton 1920-72; Church Warden 1970-72; Bellringer. His wife: Clara. Black tablet
Rev Peter D Foulkes BA (1837) Vicar for 25 years. White tablet on black base
Mary Hearn (Brand) (1818) She died at 38 giving birth to twins who survived; there were six other children. And her husband John Hearn (1856) White oval tablet with arms swt in small oval above on black rectangular back
Henry Hearn (1876) & his wife Mary Maria (1892) B&W Tablet
William Hockin Braud Gent (1865), his wife Mary Hockin Braud (1836), their son William Hockin and his wife Rachel. B&W tablet
John Brent Reed (1875) his wife Elizabeth (1855) their son John Brent(1869) B&W tablet with rose motif. By Baker
Georgina Mill (1980) Black tablet
Henry Paul Kingdom (1989) priest Black tablet
Susanna Brent (Harrington)  (1780) and her sister Jane Harrington (1791) B&W Tablet
'In this vault are deposited the mortal remains of...' James Fortescue (1796); his son Henry (1791); his granddaughter Catherine Anne 1822 age 16m); his grandson Thomas Henry (1831 age 11). Although this now rests against the wall of the Lady Chapel, it was presumably the entrance to the vault.
George Hockin (1813) White on gray background tablet with arms
Hugh Brent (1844), his first wife Elizabeth (1812) and his second wife Mary (1844) B&W tablet
'Under the ſeats in this alley are Depoſosited the Remains of Dorothy the late wife of WILLIAM HOCKIN Eſq...ſhe departed this  Life...1767...ALSO The above WILLIAM HOCKIN Eſq ... buried here ... 1779' Slate, now on outside wall, to Susannah Martin (1719)

The two slate tablets to
Browne Badcock and William Rigsby , referred to in Pevsner , are in the choir vestry
The Battishill family were vicarsof Shebbear for 99 years
Shillingford - St George
Church locked (no further information) In a field

Left:  Sir William Huddersfield (1499) & Katherine Tomb and details of brasses: two daughters and one son. Recorder of Exeter, he became Attorney-General to King Edward IV
'May the Maker and Redeemer of my body and soul be to me Physician and guardian of both Dame Katheryn ye wife of Sir William Huddersfield  and daughter of Sir Phyl Courtenay Knyght.'
Centre: Coat of arms, probably on lid of tomb chest.  Right: Tomb chest: the brass may be made out on the wall behind and the arms on the lid. Used as altar.

Thanks to Amanda for Shillingford

Shute - St Michael
Church open. Park in one of the lanes near the church .
O/S Ref: SS 890 007

Margaret Pole (1886), Julia Pole (1849) Jane Pole (1838) Georgina Pole (1854) by Hems Jane Maria Harrington (1837 age 22) Youngest daughter of Sir William Templer Pole Bt.
Signed: R Rouw Scupt London
Anne de la Pole (1832)
Widow of John, 6th Baronet
Sophia Lady Pole (1808 age 20) by Peter Rouw. Children: Sophie Ann (1803 age 2 months), William Templer (1806 died at birth), John George (b. 1808) Charles Beckford Templer 'who, on the 6 night Ianuary 1786, perish'd in the Halsewell East-India-Mann, in Studland Bay'
Sir John de la Pole (1799) Sir William de la Pole, 7th Baronet (1847) Hon Mrs Anne Cocks (1805) by Westmacott Snr

Elizabeth de la Pole (17__) John Clapp (1788)
Cpt Harry Glasper MC Durham Light Infantry KIA 1944 Velzen NW Germany. Sir William Pole (1741) Master of the Household of Queen Anne. Made 1746 by Richard Hayward in the studio of Henry Cheere Sir James Templer John William Pole Bt (1782)

Other Monuments
Thomas Webster (1912) 'For many years Organist' White tablet
Jane (Paul) Templer (1847) Gothick architectural tablet
Lt Charles Harman Baines (1872) 5th Lancers. Died at Sealkore, India at 24 B&W tablet with crossed flags.
Annie Elizabeth Bird (1955) Organist White tablet

Stokeinteighnhead - St Andrew
O/S Ref: SX 432 682
'Under-neath at ye end of this ſeat in ye alley was Buried Jſet Cock
of this Pariſh who departed this life ye 20th day of Auguſt in ye year of our Lord 1746 in the 93 d year of her Age
William Blackaller (1846) and his sister Susannah Crockwell (1848).
Also Elias Blackaller (1851)
ThomasTaggell (1375) Priest. Saidto be the earliest brass in Devon
Elizabeth Furlong (1641) Heart shaped brass
Graeme family. 19th century 'nine of whom all suffered in their country's cause, By Faulkener of Exeter

Thanks to Amanda for the above
South Tawton - St Michael
The church is open during normal hours. Park in the village.
 O/S Ref: SX 653 944

John Wykes (1591) Note the goose at his feet.

Robert Burgoyne Above are figures of the parents kneeling at the prayer desk and below a slate with incised figures of their children: 6 kneeling sons with an infant in a shroud on the dexter side and 2 kneeling daughters with a baby in a cradle on the sinister side. Below these figures are their initials and below some a skull. Dated 1651 William Oxenham 1743 'Elizabeth Hole and her sone, buried Jan xvii 1653' Grave slab; note the incised arms which appear in various combinations on other monuments and elsewhere in the church.

William Wykes-Finch (1920) & Dame Emily Dudley (1912) Both buried at Davenham, Cheshire. Rev William Moore (1799) Rector of South Tawton and Vicar of Speyton. His wife Elizabeth (1831). Their son Rev Francis Moore (1795) Rector of Inwardleigh. Also Grace Moore (1831) George Oxenham (177_) William Robert Wykes-Finch (1922)
Hon Canon of Newcastle

Will Oxenenham (173_) & Mary (1739)
' will gave five pounds yearly to ye poor of South Tawton'
Francis Moore gent (1739), his wife Mary (1747) Their son Francis (1750) and his son Francis (1754). Mary (1784?) who was the mother of Francis and the widow of Francis. Aphrah Barrishill (1727) Thomas Barrishil (1728)
Husband of Aphrah
John Steer Gent (1792)
Signed Woodley

Dame Maria Palmer Hoare (1845) B&W tablet with draped urn. This is on the south wall above the screen and difficult to see
John Rupert Clarke (1917 age 29) Pte 63rd Canadian Infantry KIA at Courcelette. 2nd Lt. Gerald Foulkes Clarke (1917 age 27) KIA'...while leading his company at Tower Hamlets'. Sons of Rev J F Clarke, vicar 1880-1907. With two military badges. Signed: J Whippell & Co Ltd Brass
Richard Dunning (1871) records the erection of the tower window by his daughter. He died 'in the 102nd year of his age' Brass
Oxenhams of Oxenham House '... who lieburied in the church...' '... erected by surviving members of the family A.S. 1881. RIP.' Brass
Sopia Curson (1897), her husband Josheph Mackey (1890) and their son William Curson Mackey (1896) 'clerk in holy orders' On marble base

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