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Iddesleigh - St James
The church is unlocked during normal hours. Park near the church although this may be tight or on the main road which bypasses the village.
Excellent pub next door with good food, beer, cider and accommodation
O/S Ref: SS 569 082
Knight of the mid 13th century. The effigy is hidden behind the organ and under a low arch; all very tight. This was my local effigy so don't miss him!

Above: Brig-Gen Nowell Thomas Smyth-Osbourne CB CMG DSO IP DL (1842) of Ash. The Devonshire Regiment. Below This: Gladys Mary (1864) his wife.

Maria Louisa Prior (1866).
The brass states that the east window was erected in her memory by her daughter  Elisa Smyth-Osbourne of Ash.
Above Far Left: Joe Russel (1828 Aged 1. Infant son of Rev John ('Jack') & Penelope Russel. Slate tombstone 
Above Near Left:
'Oliver Mallet Esq of Ash was buried here Feby 1633'. Below is added: William Mallet (1622) and below: Hugh Mallet (1693). Below in different font is added: 'Sir Claude Coventry Mallet KT CMC, HM Diplomatic Service (1941); below this: Lady Mathilde Mathilde Mallet (CBE) 1964
Freestanding behind organ: In nave In chancel
All the other wall monuments have been moved under the tower to the ringing chamber and many are in poor condition and partly illegible having been affected by damp, in varying degrees, as can be seen from the photographs. Some of the dates are difficult or impossible to read  and are sometimes speculative .
Other Monuments
John Arnold '...buried on the north side of this Church yard...' Date obscured by ceiling heater. His wife, Grace (1799); their son, Thomas (1806); their daughter, Mary, wife of George Arnold (1814).  Black and white tablet.
Hannah Arnold (1838)
, fourth daughter of John and Grace above. Grace, their eldest daughter (1804); their youngest daughter Jane (1870), who was widow of William Arnold. Black and white tablet.
George Arnold (18__), his wife, Mary (18_8); their eldest son, William (1842); their second daughter, Mary (1833); their youngest daughter, Jane Padden Arnold (1876) .Black and white tablet.
Patience Arnold (1838)
, youngest daughter of William and Christian Arnold; her husband, Robert (1873) White tablet
Hugh Mallet (1823) & Jane Mallet (1833)
Black shaped base with white rectangle and shield; lettering totally obliterated.
Louisa Hole (1821) Daughter of Hugh Mallet of Ash. Black and white tablet.
Elizabeth Arnold (1806) & William Arnold (1869)
Rev William Tasker
(see right) 'Patron and twenty eight years Rector of this Parish'...'harassed by Litigation he was obliged to relinquish its Profits'...'interred close by the Chancel...'near the Remains of his Father the Rev William Tasker, who preceded him as Patron and Rector. Also his mother Jane. No dates given. Also his wife, Eleanor (1801), '...buried in the same grave.'
Fanny Louisa Hole (1849) Aged 6 Rev William Tasker (1800)
Jacobstow - St James
(the one near Okehampton)
The church is sometimes locked but the addresses of nearby key holders are given in the porch. Parking can be awkward but there is a layby on the road north of the church. Church, houses, a stylis bus shelter and nothing else.
O/S Ref: SS 586 016
Other Monuments

Rev Thomas Upjohn (1843) Rector. Black & white tablet

John Ph_____ (____) Black & white oval tablet with wreath

Left: Lady Ellen Astley (1848) Wife of Lewis P Madden MD. Discretely signed by J Trtnouth of Pimlico
Col. Sir Robert Thomas White Thompson
Blanche Coombe
Needlework sampler
Landkey - St Paul
Near Barnstaple. The church is not in the main street so follow the signs to the Ring O'Bells public house; the church is near by. Park outside the church. Please note that the church is kept locked owing to repeated vandalism: write to the church for permission to visit.

O/S Ref: SS 590 311
Above, Left & Right: Effigies of the Beaupel family; the knight and lady are c 1300 and the single lady later 14th century. The knight originally had an enameled shield attached to his stone shield where the fixings can still be see; however this was modern and was no longer in position on my most recent vast. Special Feature: Another example of an effigy turning outward, one of several in the county.
Above, Left & Right: Effigies of the Beaupel family; the knight and lady are c 1300 and the single lady later 14th century. The knight originally had an enameled shield attached to his stone shield where the fixings can still be see; however this was modern and was no longer in position on my most recent vast. Special Feature: Another example of an effigy turning outward, one of several in the county.
Sir Arthur Ackland of Ackland (1610) & Wife
Left : 'Under the Floor beneath the Monument Lyes the Bodies of...' Richard Squire Gent (1682), his wife Mary (1694), their daughter, Charity (1704); Richard's sister, Joan (1706); and another daughter, Joan. '...erected 1729 by Richard Squire to the pious memory of his deceased Friends.' His name is added below: Mr Richard Squire (1736)
Above: Samuel Kingdon (1885) and his wife, Julia Anna.
Right: Elizabeth Estmond (1695) daughter of John Stuckley; her grandson, William (1690 age 4), the only son of William Bear, Clerk and Frances

Lew Trenchard - St Peter
Church usually open. Park in the side road outside of the church; however there is limited space and it is fairly narrow.
O/S Ref: SX 457 861

Left: Añe Day (1632) Tombstone now set in the nave wall. Note the tilde over the n so that an already short name can be shortened further in order that the line fits as the engraver brought down a tail from the H above and pushed the o to the right.

Above: Beatrice Gracieuse Baring Gould (1876) By Knittel of Freiburg 1879. Neither her birth date nor age when she died are given.

Right: Edward Gould (1661) and his wife Dame Joan (1655) And below this, Margaritt (1662), wife of Edward Gould.  Brasses now set in a stone, now fixed to the wall.

Both brasses were removed from Staverton in 1877, where an exact copy of the latter exists.
Below are shown some of the slates, both inside and outside the church, brought from Staverton. However some are 'forgeries' or recut.
Alice Scawen (1721)
Clamped to the outside wall of the tower. The shadow is from an outside lamp whose cable wraps around the slab.

Frances B_ (1890 aged 84), Emily (1916 aged 100), Marian Katharine (1923 aged 96) Bond
Below: Their parents: Rear-Admiral Francis Godolphin (1839) and Sophia (1870) Bond Cemented into outside tower wall
Top: Edmund Wood ? (1559)

Bottom: Edward Gould (1628), his wife, Julian (1672); and their granddaughter, Julian Rowel (1690)

Fixed to nave wall
Edward (1643) & Sarah (1649) Gould and their son, James (1649 aged 11)
Fixed to nave wall
Top: Jone Gould (1671)

Bottom: Henry Gould (1876)
Date uncertain
Wall Brasses
John Gould (1562) Late 19th century copy of a slate slab formerly at Staverton.
Edward Gould (1608) & Elizabeth Gould [Mann] (1633) Both buried at Staverton. Also Henry Gould (1636), 3rd son of Edward & Elizabeth. Buried at St Thomas by Exon. His wife Anne [Wills] (1667) Late 19th century by Jones & Willis Ltd
Edward Gould (1667), his wife Elizabeth [Searl](1727). Their son, Henry Gould (1735); their daughter, Sussanna Truscott (1728). Also the wife of the younger Henry, Elizabeth (1729). Also Elizabeth [Drake] , daughter of William Gould (1727). Also William Gould (1735) Late 19th century by Jones & Willis Ltd
Wall Tablets
Gray slab set in nave wall horizontally; illegible but for long Biblical quotation on lower part.

Jone Gould (1655) Black tablet
Will Drake Gould (1766) and Margaret Gould (1796) White oval tablet in black rectangular backing.
Capt William Baring Gould (1839) 42nd Bengal N. Infantry. Died at Quetta Cabool. Black and white tablet
William Baring Gould (1846) and Diana Amelia Baring Gould (1868) White on black rectangular tablet
Charlotte Sophia (1863) First wife of Edward-Baring Gould (1872) Black and white tablet
Julian Baring-Gould (1929) Sarawak Government Service and his sons: David Julian (1915 aged 1), Pilot Officer Benjamin Gordon RAF (KIA 1941) and Jasper Julian Royal Tank Regiment (KIA 1941) Black rectangular tablet
Felicitas Barkeley-Wily (1951) Black rectangular tablet
Lifton - St Mary
Church open normal hours. Street park free in the village: there are also a limited number of places just outside the church. Toilets locked except at service time
O/S Ref: SX 368 580
Sir William, Sir Arthur & Lady Harris (1590, 1618, 1630) The figures are of alabaster.

Hannah Beard (1830) On top stage:  'This monument was erected by W A H Arundell Esq in memory of his aunt'. Above and left (details)
John Dynham (1641) & Margaret (1649)
Katharin Wood (1676)
Latin Inscription 
John Holman (1703), Yeoman
Guide lines for the lettering just apparant 
Joseph Squier (1672)
Rectot. Latin inscription 
 Rev W N Martyn (1900)
Rector for 37 years 
John Harris (1657)
Latin inscription  
Other Monuments
Cyril T H Bradshaw (1947) Grayround tablet
Henry Bradshaw (1877) Brown ponited arch tablet
Mary Bradshaw (1853) Wife of above. Similar
Gregory Gurney (1824?) The lettering is faded but below indicates he was a surgeon. Second son of the Rev Gregory Gurney. White tablet on black background.
Maria Gurney (1825) wife of the above and daughter of the below. Also their son John Gurney Midshipman. 'who was lost with a Prize in a storm at Sea in Dec 1812 aged 19' WhiteTablet on black background
Rev Walter Burne (1798) '27 years Rector of this Parish' . His wife Mary (1815) , their daugther Harriet (1810) and their grandchildren Eliza (1812 aged 6) and Lucius (1836) White Tablet on black bacground
Francis Bedford (1810)? wife of Rev Thomas Bedford. Faded lattering. B&W tablet

Alfred Morris (1936) ' who founded the Ambrosia Works in this village 1917.
Below this is an oval brass: 'To commemorate the Centenary of the Ambrosia Creamery, Lifton, May 2017
Richard Witherston Buller Priest, Late Rector. 'The organ was restored...1911' Brass
William Walter Gurney LL B (1878) Rector of Roborough. '...window is erected by the widow and loving children in memory of...'
Arthur Harris (1770) Oval white marble tablet
Richard Bicett (1791) '...Who being of a Journey with His Daughter for his Health died in this VILLAGE...' Oval gray tablet
John Edward Vincent (1975) & May Townend (1966) '...The friendship are has been refurbished is dedicated to the memoryof...'
A brass records the organ was restored in 1911 in memory of
Alfred Morris (1936) 'who founded the Ambrosia works in this village 1917'

Lustleigh - St John
Church is open during normal hours. Park in the village, which may be tight. Lustleigh is approached along a narrow single track road so practise your reversing! Very attractive village.
O/S Ref: SX 785 813

Inscribed stone - possibly a grave cover - dated 550-600. This inscription reads:
'Datuidoci Conhinoci Filius' ([The stone] of Datuidocus,
son of Conhinocus). This had been used as a paving but moved in recent times.
Bertha Sanders (1904) MosaicHarriett Jabet (1904) Mosaic
Three effigies of c 1300. The knight top lright is in the south transept; the other knight and lady in the nave. All are under later arches and clearly not in situ.

Pevsner appears to refer to a third knight but I have not located this.

The top left  effigy is said to be that of  Sir Willaim de Prouz (1326)

Below are close ups of these three effigies

Other Monuments
Tablets Mural Brasses
Miſs Elizabeth Wills (1789) gray oval tablet
Cpt Thomas Edwards (1924) Royal Irish Rifles. Wood with raised lettering and carved rose border
Leopld Stennett Amery MP PC CH (1955) Oval gray tablet with arms
Lady Evelyn Beatric Couchman (1977) gray tablet
Col Frank Ridley Farrer Boileau (1914) & Mary Aurora (1958) K inWWI, Ham,   France. Wood with raised letters, military badge and patterned border
Frank Nutcombe Oxenham (1908) Priest. Wooded Gothick tabernacle. Incised letters.Metal cross.  Carved vine and wheat.
Selina Emily Wingfield (1923) with enamelled cross
Kate Sanders (1911)
Thomas Wills (1891) churchwarded for many years. Border of wheat, roses etc and cross.
Jane Wood (1614)
shield  shaped in wooden frame. English inscription only. Palimpsest: reverse is Alice Dynham (1533)
Frederic Ensor (1887)
Rector for more than 40 years. East window dedicated by his widow.
Stephen Nickolls (1905) with cross. '25 years clerk of this parish'
Marldon - St John the Baptist
O/S Ref: SX 866 635


Cenotaphs of Otho (1493) and Elizabeth Gilbert (1456) are situated north and south of the choir, and are obscured by the choir stalls. The former contains
his rather battered effigy.

These structures contain the beginnings of and are incorporated into the stone screen, now destroyed, although fragments may be seen in the room above the porch.
Ledger stone of Susanna Bartlett (1682), Katherine Bartlett (1676) 
Katherine Soper (1681); the latter added later.
Ledger stone to Nicholas Adams Bartlett (1811  Records that the east window was glazed in memory of Francis Garrett (1860)  Wall monument to Anne Gilbert (Courtney)(1775); Mary Gilbert (Williams) (1786), daughter-in-law of the previous; Elizabeth Semple (Gilbert) (1829), daughter of the previous.  

With thanks to Amanda for some of the photographs of Lustleigh and all of Marldon
Marystow - St Mary
Marystow is not a village as such but a church and a few houses; we found it was not marked on the Sat Nav. If you have the 1: 50,000 Ordance Survey map of the area (as all church crawlers should!) you will find Marystow at the apex of an unside down more or less equilateral triangle formed by Marystowe, Lifton and Lew Tranchard; that is, at the bottom - southern -apex. Or find your way to Lifton, which will be marked on the Sat Nav and take a Yellow Road signposted to Chillaton out of the village, as Marystow is not signposted at Lifton. This road travells more or less south-east and just before you arrive at Chillaton take a left turning, which has a signpost to Marystow, to reach your destination. The church is open but parking is difficult because of the narrow road but you may find a place where you can partly pull of the road safely. O/S Ref: SX 435 829

Sir Thomas Wyse (1629) and his wife Dame Margery.
Top row: left & right: The whole monument showing the main figures and children around the lower stage of the monument. This certainly wasn't designed to be photographed! Centre top: The principal figures. Centre bottom: The baby in a cradlewhich may been seen on the long side of the photograph of the whole monument.

Bottom far left:
Child seated in a chair. The figure may also been seen next to the baby; there is a prayer desk between them.
Above left: Two older children kneel at a prayer desk at the head of the monument. A close up of the girl's face is sown above right. Above centre: Close up of Dame Margery
Left: Floor slab partly covered by woodwork. Hon Lady Mary Chichester (1657) who married 1) Thomas Wyse of Sydenham, 2) John Harris of Radford and 3) Sir Henry Cary. Below an inscription to John Wyse (only son of Thomas above. The date of burial was given as 1668 but an attempt had been made to scratch the correct date 1658. Above left: Top part over a covered slab showing only the arms Above right: Sir Thomas Wyse from the monument above. Right: Another partly obscured slab. This appears to be to a vicar of 'Maristowe' but the date is obscured

Meeth - St Michael
Church open during normal hours. Parking may be difficult as a relatively narrow road runs through the village; there is a layby a short distance on the opposite side towards Bideford side.
O/S Ref: SS 548 082

Far Right: Prudence Lamb (1843) by J. Ternouth of Pimlico  Above left: Elisabeth Hutchins (1671) slate Above right:  Samuel Johnson (1758) Yeoman
'He left a Hundred Pounds to be layd out in Land and the Income to be distributed yearly by the Minister and Church Wardens for the time being to such Poor as have no pay Except ten shillings to the Rector for preaching Sermon on the Anniversay day of his Burial forever.' slate
Mary Jarman (1769) slate below the above
Also: John Henry Kemp (1922) 30 years rector. Wooden tablet

Morchard Bishop - St Mary
Park near church. May be locked. Details of keyholder given.
 O/S Ref: SS 768 077

William Eyston (1505) & Wife
Rear of church, south on floor

I didn't record anything else in the church when I visited

Etching by the Web Master

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