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Cheriton Bishop - St Mary the Virgin
Church open during normal hours. Somewhat outside the village; park nearby, tight.
O/S Ref: SS 774 936
Left: Henry Fothergill MA (1792) 45 years minister. 'A scholar consulted, a genius admired, a gentleman esteemed, a pastor universally reverenced. He actually lived in the parish. 'Beneath and in the centre are deposited the Mortal Remains of ..'

Right: Richard Pennell MA ( 1872)
He served as a clergyman in Zanzibar, where he died; the brass shows the Bishop attending his death-bed and his body being ferried for burial.

Below this: Edward H Pennell (1884)
simple brass taken from Trinity Chapel, Crockerwell which closed in 1988

Also: Joseph Brettell Housman (1926) Curate and rector 1875 - 1911. His wife: Sarah Felicia (1928) White on black tablet
Chudleigh - St Martin & St Mary
O/S Ref: SX 867 794
Left, from Top to Bottom:  Rebecca Wash (16--); Thomas Yarde, physician, (1833) & Sarah (1831); Lt Frederic FitzRoy Vallings 2nd Batt. Royal Inniskilling (1902)
Sir Pierce (1607) & Elizabeth Courtenay. And detail of male figure
Rev George Moyle MA (1861) Headmaster of Pynsent's free school in the town.
Left: Elizabeth Rennel (1773)
Above:  Lt John Milligan Seppings RN (1826)
Elizabeth Powney (1786)
With many thanks to Amanda Miller of Amanda's Arcade  for kindly sending me the photographs of Chudleigh

Clovelly - All Saints
The church is open during normal hours. Do not enter the village but park in the small car park (signposted Clovelly Court Gardens and Church Only) at the right angle bend on the left hand side of the road leading down to the village; the church is sign posted through a gate and along a foot path.
O/S Ref: SS 309 252

William Cary JP (1652) but made mid 1670's 
George Cary (1680)  Col Hamilton Fane (1868) & Susan Hester Fane (1869) Veined marbles  Joan Cary (1687) Wife of William    Elizabeth Cary (1677) Wife of George.
Below is to their son Robert (1677, less than 1 month

 From Left to Right:  1. Sir Robert Cary JP (1675) Fought for Royalists in the Civil Wars. Died a bachelor. 2. George Cary (1684) 'Sonne and heire' of Dr George Cary, Dean of Exeter.  3. Mary Cary (1700) wife of William Cary. Also Robert Cary (1722) 4. Zachary Hamlyn (1759) of Lincoln's Inn  5. Sir James Hamlyn (1811) by T King & Son, Bath


Sir Robert Cary (1586) with 6 columns
Above: Lady Hamlyn (1797) by T King & Son, Bath
Centre Left Top :
Rev Richard Hammet MA (1796) Rector
Below This:
Thomas Leonard Vowe Simkin MA , Rector 1899 - 1932.

Centre Left Bottom:
Brig-Gen Arthur Asquith (1939) DS & Legion d'Honneur & his wife Betty Constance
Centre Right Top
: Sir James Hamlyn Williams 2nd Bart (1829) and his wife Dame Diana Anne (1849)
Centre Right Bottom:
Christine Hamlyn (1936) Daughter of Col Henry Hamlyn-Fane

Brasses, Floor & Mural / Tablets

Mary Williams (1874) Wife of Sir James Hamlyn Williams Bt.

Then a Jumble from Left to Right:

Robert Cary (1540) Son of Sir William (below) Inscription in English. Inlaid in s slab with a border inscription to Hugh Myghelstow (1488)
Crosier (c. 1865) set in the same slab as the inscription in Latin to George Cary (1601)
3. Sir William Cary (?) (c.1540)

There used to be an indent of a crosier and inscription, now lost
Top: Charles Kingsley (1873) Rector of Eversley, Cannon of Westminster. 'Poet, Preacher, Novelist'. Author of The Water Babies & Westward Ho! His father was rector of Clovelly. Erected 1893 by Frank Smith & Co, London
William Harrison (1897) Rector for 14 years.
Top: Paul Ashton Ellis (1965) 'sidesman for 30 years', and Gladys (1965). Gray

Richard John Kelly (1977)  Sidesman and later churchwarden. Gray

Some Churchyard Monuments

Above and the from Left to Right:

Philip Sebastian Boothby (1974)
1. Arthur & Betty Asquith
The above are inscribed with lettering in the style of Eric Gill.
2. Mary Christine Manners (1904) Wooden cross with peacock medallion of Virgin & Child. Lettering on stone base by Eric Gill
Hamlyn Family Wooden cross with crucifixion
4. James Berriman (1903)

Coldridge - St Matthew
O/S Ref: SS 698 076

Sir John Evans (1514) park keeper of the Marquess of Dorset's deer park at Coldridge. Effigy of beerstone; an angel by his head carries a shield marked with his name (as 'John Evas) Note the series of holes in the slab which originally contained railings.
With thanks to Jean McCreanor for supplying this photograph

Colyton - St Andrew  
The church is open during normal hours. Park in the pay car park near the church. O/S Ref: ST 246 941

Above, Left & Right: Margaret Beauford , Countess of Devon (1449) Daughter of John Beauford, 1st Earl of Somerset (son of John of Gaunt) and wife of Thomas de Courtney, 13th Earl of Devon. The effigy is only about 3 feet long and the tomb was moved from the north transept in the early 1800's. It was thought to represent a child (Margaret, granddaughter of Edward IV) so  the face was recarved by Hems in the early 1900's, modeled on his granddaughter. This regrettable work prompted much controversy, including letters to the Times. The heraldry indicates otherwise.
Below Left: Sir John Pole (1658) & Wife (1628) This monument is free standing between the chancel and the South Chancel (Pole) chapel. The effigies are propped up on their elbows and back to back: he faces the chancel and she the chapel. 
Below Centre:
Below Near Right:
Below Far Right:
William Pole (1587) & Elizabeth. Elaborate genealogical monument erected by son Sir William Pole the Antiquary.
Top: John Baumier Esq. (1798) died at 24.
Bottom: Mary Warmington (182_) 'lies interred in a vault underneath..' Also her daughter Mary (182_)

Top: Illegible Slate

Bottom: Phillip Mitchell (1860) & Elizabeth (1814) Slate
Sir William Pole Bart (1741) 'Master of the Household of her late Majesty Queen Anne...'
Top: John Sampson (1814) J.P. and barrister. 'His remains are interred in the vault of his ancestors near this place'
Thomas Sampson Esq. (Nov 1856) & wife Frances Anna (Aug 1856) 'in Liverpool'.

Other Wall Monuments
Rev George Rhodes (1708) late vicar who died aged 34. White with black border
George Francis Cecil Sampson (1892) & Daughter Sibyl Irene (1927)

Philip Mitchell (1860) & Wife Elizabeth (1814) Slate

Combeinteignhead - All Saints
O/S Ref: SX 901 715

Left:  Alyce Hockmore (1613) with details of arms and brass. She bore 15 children
Above Left: Gregory Hockmore (1653)
Above Right: 
William Hockmore (1626)
Left: John StKew (
Top Left: Edward Lang Metherall (1833)
Master of the Brig Britannia, which was run down and sunk by the Ajax of New York; only one crew member out of 9 saved
Top Right:
Edward Metherall (1865) Also wife, Mary (1867); and daughters: Eliza Jane Lang Dench (1878) & Mary Ellen Sanders (1883)
Left: Mary Rendell (1881); also her husband, William (1901) 32 years churchwarden
Richard Yabley Lang (1894); also his wife, Lucy (1900)
Above: William Bond (1881): also his wife, Sarah Sophie (1901) Above: Rev Harry Martin MA (1864)

Cornwood - St Michael
O/S Ref: SX 604 594

Left & Above: : 'Near this place lyeth the body of M- John Savery son of William Savery of Slade Esq. by Prudence his wife, daughter of John Drake of Iveybridge Esq. who departed this life the 21st of February 1696.
'This infant fled from our admiring sight his stay so short, so sudden was his flight that he taught us by his hasting hence that the earths to vile for so much innocence. Reader relent since thou noe more shall see this matchless child.'
Near Right:
Robert (1627) & Dorothy Bellemaine (1627)
Far Right:
Benjamin Burrell (1715) Also his wife, Dorothy (1699) & their son, Arthur (1715). He was captain in the Royalist Army during the Civil War
Above: Heraldry from the John Savery monument above.
Right, from Left to Right: 1.
Thomas Vivian (1793) Vicar; 2.To the memory of Dame Mary Rogers who died Dec ye 1st 1750 and was buried in this churchyard near the remains of her late husband Sir John Rogers Bart...she hath exchanged time for a glorious eternity. Reader go and do thou likewise.' 3. Mathew Fortescue (1770) 4. Sir ___ Rogers Bt
Above Left & Right: The altar may be the tomb of Philip Cole (1596) and his wife Joan. Right of this is their monument.
Right: Figures from dismantled monument
Far Right Top: Treby Hele Hays (1837); Bottom: Susanna Hays (1838)
widow of the above
All the photographs from Combeinteignhead and Cornwood were from Amanda - except one from Jean McCreanor. Thanks to you both

Crediton - Church of the Holy Cross
The church is open during normal hours. There is a free car park behind the church for visitors only; otherwise park in one of the pay car parks in the town. O/S Ref: SS 837 002
Crediton was originally a cathedral town but the last bishop, Leofric, moved his see to Exeter  in about 1050, as a walled city was preferred to an undefended town. In the early 12th century there is evidence of a College of Clergy, Crediton becoming the site of a Collegiate Church of secular canons. This College ended with the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Edward VI granted a charter in 1547 establishing a corporation of twelve secular Governors to administer the lands and tithes, the 'secular' aspect of church government. Thus the church became a parish church with Governors independent of the Bishop of Exeter in temporal matters.

Far Left: General Sir Redvers Buller VC   An unusual monument of mosaic and figure sculptures  on the east arch of nave.   At the top tier is Our Lord as the Law Giver, flanked by angels and archangels; on the next tier below is a cross flanked by figures of Joshua and (unusually  Godfrey of Bouillon, one of the leaders of the First Crusade and effectively the first king of Jerusalem (although he did not take that title). Slightly below this and on either side are figures of St Michael the Archangel and St George. By W D Caroe (1911)
Left: The grave of  General Sir Redvers Buller (and family) in the churchyard. Note the Victoria Cross on the front face of the second tier.

Above: Three coffin shaped slabs with foliated crosses; now set against wall of South Transept
Above: Sir John Sully (1387) and Wife. End of South Choir Aisle but originally in the south transept. He fought at Crécy and Poitiers and was said to have died aged106.
Next Right: John & Elizabeth Tuckfield (1630) Chancel. She sits in the centre and her husband and son (both d 1630) are represented by busts on either side.

Left: Tomb chest  with canopy embedded in wall, south of choir. Some original paint remains 
Above Top: Peter John & Dennis Hugo They died serving with the RAF 1939-45. Also their father Harold Francis Lewis Hugo (1946), medical practitioner in Crediton.
Above Bottom: Rev Thomas Ley (1712) 
Top: Revd John R Nankivell MA (1883) Chaplain of this parish. Signed by W B Berry, Crediton.

Mrs Honor Prouze (1773) '... last of a numerous and worthy family of this parish...'
Top Left: 'Here Vunderneath Lyeth the Body of William Shilston. Gent...'  1684 aged 19. 'whose father and other relations are intoobe near this church poarch'
Top Right:
Edmund Edward Tempkins of The Worcester Regiment. Volunteered in 1914; DOW  la Vacquerie near Cambrzi aged 31. Buried St Stephens, Rouen.
Botttom: Lieut. Elias Tremlett DSO. DOW 1917 in France. His DSO medal is indicated bottom centreof the tablet.
Other Wall Monuments
On the north arch below the Redvers Buller monument are three brass plates: to Redvers Buller with arms, to Georgiana Buller DBE  RRC (1953) for 'service to the disabled' and Michael Francis and Hon Dawn Buller.
Gerard Warden Teague (1974 ) Zoologist and Systematic Ichthyologist; formerly British Vice Consul at Salton and Paysandu in the Republic of Paraguay. White tablet.
Richard Browne (1932) Church Governor. Gray tablet erected by widow
Harold Charles Organ FRCO (1917) 2nd Lieut 4th Gloucesters....'who volunteered in the Great Way...' KIA aged 28 near Ypres. White tablet on dark background. Military badge.
Commander Alex.r Y C M Spearman RN  Also to the officers and men of the Collingwood Battalion RN Division, who fell in action in Gallipoli on 4th June 1915 when the batt'n was practically destroyed.
Henry Drake (1913) Church Governor. Brass plate
John Mortimer (1914) Brass plate
Lt Felix David Montague (1915) 2nd Lincoln Regiment. Killed at Neuve Chapelle. Brass plate with arms
Joseph David Tucker (1977) small brass plate
Albert Marks White (1991) small tablet
Wilfred Southcott (1991) small tablet
John Cleave Esq. (1801) age 55; his widow who died 1855 aged 100 and their grandson, Rev Thomas Wood Cleave BA (1848) aged 25. Black and white tablet
Charles St Lo Auber (1916) Lieut. Killed in France aged 21. Buried in the British Cemetery, Maroeil. Wood surrounded of carved vines and military badges.
Charles William Symes (1915) Solicitor and Town Clerk of Blandford. Captain 4th B.n. Dorset Regiment. Died at Amara, Mesopotamia 'when serving in the 2nd B.n with the Indian Expeditionary Force.' Aged 30.
Margaret Creswell Jessop (1914),  wife of the late Major Charles Scott Jessop, Indian Army. Also to their two younger sons: Charles Thorp Jessop CIE VD ADC (1915) Col. Commandant Assam Valley Lt Horse and John William Jessop MRCSEng LRCPLond (1915) Lt Col 4th Lincolns. Killed at Kemmel, Flanders. Both sons aged 56

Dartmouth - St Petrox
Near the castle O/S Ref: SX 886 503

Above & Right Top:
Barbara Plumleigh (1610
Whole and close up

Left Bottom & Above Left: Dorothy Roys (1617)
Above Right & Far Right Top: John Roope (1609)
Far Right Bottom:  Elizabeth Roope (1683), her husband, Edward (1698) & their son, Edward (1674)

Dartmouth - St Saviour
O/S Ref: SX 869 515

Rubbing of a brass formerly in the chancel but now removed and locked away. John Hawley (1402) and wives, Alicia (1403) & Joanna (1394) Robert Vavosor (1694) & his son, Henry (1727) William Edward Taylor, rector & his wife Elizabeth Susan. Erected 1902.

Dean Prior - St George
O/S Ref: SX 730 635

Above & Below Centre: Sir Edward Giles (1637) & Mary & John (1632)  He built Dean Court House and was knighted at the coronation of James I. Both of his wives were called Mary: Mary Northcote & Mary Drew, both of Hayne. His brother-in-law was Barnabas Potter, Calvinist bishop of Carlisle, whom he presented here as vicar. The next vicar was Robert Herrick, who was ejected at the Protectorate and reinstated at the Restoration and who was a poet, writing the monument's epitaph:
'No trust to metals, not to marbles, when these have their fate and wear away as men. Time, titles, trophies may be lost and spent, but virtue rears the eternal monument. What more than these can tombs or tombstones pay? But here's the sunset of a tedious day. These two asleep are; I'll but  be undrest and so to bed. Pray wish us all good rest'.

Below Left:
Robert Herrick (1674) Vicar. Tablet set up in 1857
Below Right: :
John Taylor (1803) Also his daughter, Mary (1777 at 5) Both buried in this aisle.

Denbury - St Mary the Virgin
O/S Ref: SX 823 688

Far Right: John Taylor (1733) By Weston (1736). Note the canon seemingly passing through the obelisk, anchor and relics of a naval battle.
Above Left : Furse family
Above Centre: Mjr-Gen William Colyton (1854) Lt Governor of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst
Above Right Top:
Rebecca Baker (1882)
Above Right Bottom:
A self explanatory painted wooden board about a will of 1818.
With thanks to Amanda for the  Dartmouth, Dean Prior & Denbury photographs.

Dolton - St Edmund
Church unlocked; friendly village church. Park nearby in village. Note the Anglo-Saxon font in the foreground of the interior photograph.
O/S Ref: SS 570 120

Far Right: 'Jill' Furse (1915-1944) (in churchyard) Grave of Barbara Dolignon Furse, actress and poet, who died shortly after childbirth. Wife of Laurence Whistler. The monument is from a design by the latter's brother  Reginald John 'Rex' Whistler.  He actually died before Jill. After Jill's death Laurence Whistler married her younger sister.
Above Right:
At the foot Jill Furse's grave is a slate slab of Ralph (1887-1973) & Celia (1889-1975) Furse, her parents. The slab covers their joint graves. The slab was designed by their daughter, Theresa Whistler and Jill's son, Simon: she the lettering, he the buzzard on top.
Above Center: J H M Furse (1950)  The sculptor and his two wives: Ethel Dolignon (1887), whom he married 1886 and who was the mother of Ralph, and Evelyn (1963). Slates designed by Laurence Whistler , who was not a stone carver himself.
Above Left: Wing Comm. Bernard Edward Smythies DFC (1930) Served with RAF in WWI. Killed in flying accident.
Far Left: Barbara Lister (1697)  Marble inscription plate (now difficult to read) with surrounding stone cartouche (not wood as often stated).
Left: Rowland Hooper (1717) 'buried ye 26th day of June Anno Dom 1717. ' He left £5.00, the interest of which was to be distributed amongst the poor. Incised slate.
William Knaplock 'Maſter of Arts' (1664) ... and of the free schoole at Crediton. Rector of this church and of hymſelfe Comfort of his charge in his life ' Incised slate.
Above are three similar tablets; from left to right:
Rev Thomas Owen (1778) 'many years Rector of this Parish'. His wife Philippa (1783). Their son Thomas (1829) surgeon. Signed: T Gould Barum.
Elizabeth (1823) wife of Thomas Owen, surgeon (see above). Their eldest daughter Jane (1814), wife of William Cooke, Surgeon. Signed: J K Exon
Grace W------- Furse (inscrip. worn) eldest daughter of Peter Wellington Furse (see above).

Tablets & Wall Brasses
Thomas Webber (1815). His wife Mary (1821). Their daughter Mary (1818) White oval on marbled  black back.
Peter Wellington Furse (1832) 'Clerk'. His wife Mary (1847) Their son (clearly added later) John Henry (1855) , who erected the tablet to his parents. 'In the family vault beneath are interred the mortal remains of..' 
------- (180-) 'Gent'.. Inscription worn and monument partly obscured by new building.  White on black with urn
John Heaman (1843) 'Yeoman of  this parish'. His wife Alice (1831)  White on black base, signed Baker
Thomas Webber (1823, age 28), his child Mary (1823, age 5 months) 'Their remains are interred on the south side of the church yard'. White oval tablet on black background
Thomas Stafford Esq. (1835) Added later: his wife Eliza (1887)  'His remains are interred in Trinity Church, London. White with gothick pale yellow frame.
Alexandre Peters Drummond MD (1908) 
Choirmaster 15 years. Brass with  Leaves border

East Ogwell - St Bartholemew
O/S Ref: SX 838 700
Left & Above (details): Richard Reynell (1585)
Right: Sir Richard Reynell (1648)
and other members of the family
With thanks to Amanda for the East Ogwell photographs.

Eggesford - All Saints
There doesn't seem to be much of a village of Eggesford but it does have a railway station and a large hotel/pub, as well as the church. This may be difficult to find but you probably see it as you pass through. Otherwise from Exeter take the A377 which travel north-west; then turn left on a Yellow Road just before Eggesford station. Then take a left turning to the church. The church is open and has a good car park right outside. O/S Ref: SS 688 111
There are two very big self important monuments to people you've never heard of!

Edward, Viscount Chichester (1648) & Anne (Coplestone) (1616) Anne was their heiress of Eggesford who married Edward Chichester in 1605; she died young at 28. On the right are the Coplestone arms and on the left the Chichester arms impaled with Coplestone; the small crescent is a cadency mark indicating the second son. Anne seems to have been encroached upon by the adjacent wall. Alabaster.

The Viscount was a Royalist and during the War of the Three Kingdoms allowed Royalists troops to be garrisoned at his (now vanished) house. The house was stormed by Parliamentary forces under Colonel John Okey in 1645 as a push from Exeter to their south-west final victory at Torrington in 1647.

Arthur Chichester , 1st Earl of Donegall (1606-1674/5) stands between his first two reclining wives and standing children. He was the eldest son of Edmund Chichester, 1st Viscount and Anne Coplestone, above. Soldier, Irish MP who was created an Irish Peer in 1647. He was buried in Carrickfurgus. This monument is to his first two wives; he married a third time.

Above left: Dorcas Hill (1607-1630) ; they had one daughter  Mary, who according to the will inherited the Eggesford lands. Is that Mary lying by her mother and perhaps represented as a baby when her mother died? She would have been the elder of  all the children. Or is it another child who died as a baby?  Her arms are on the arch above: sable six talbot hounds argent.

Above right:
Lady Mary Digby (1648) ; they are said to have had eight children, although only seven are shown below her on the monument. Her arms are shown on the arch above: azure fleur de lys argent.

His third wife was Letitia Hicks by whom he had seven children.

Alabaster erected 1650 by William Wright

William Fellowes (1723) Various marbles
Mary , the daughter mentioned above, married John St Ledger and their eldest son was Arther St Ledger who inherited the Eggesford estates. However he showed little interest in Devon and sold them to William Fellows.

Henry Arthur Follows (1792)
Other Monuments
1) Catherine Countess of Portsmouth (1854) 2nd wife of 4th Earl
2) Newton, 4th Earl of Portsmouth (1854)
The above tablets which are adjacent are very similar: White with piilars and pediment.

3) Rt Hon Lady Urania Annabella Wallop (1844) Eldest daughter of John, the 2nd Earl. 'Her remains are deposited in a vault belonging to the Fellowes family' White tablet on black background

4) Frances Fellowes (1819) 1st wife of Rt Hon Hewton Fellowes. Also their daughter, Fanny Jane Urania (1795) and her son Henry Arthur Wallop (1846) White tablet surmounted by a cross on balck background

5) Rev John Churchill BD (1818) White tablet on black background

5) John (1606) & Dorothy (1601) Coplestone.
Parents of Ann from the first monument

Exbourne - St Mary
This was my local parish church when I lived in Devon; it's an attractive church with many interesting feature. No wonderful monuments but some curiosities. Normally unlocked. Park in village, may be tight
O/S Ref: SS 602 019
Above are two poorly photographed monuments:
Privates William Smale & George Piper (1900) 'of Exbourne Section CC 4th Vol Batt Devon Reg. Killed at Elandslaagte Natal while on active service during the War in South Africa.' Each was in his 22nd year. Signed: S. Hocking Hatherleigh. Refreshing to see private soldiers with a monument inside the church, a privilege normally of officers.
Underneath lieth the remains of Edmund Tatershall (1801) Age 18
Simon Westlake (1667) Rustic inscription
What can this curious inscription mean: 'God has delivered Elizabeth Colthe (?) from the anger of her enemies'. Nobody in the village can explain. The stones rests against the north was of the church. There is no date. If you can enlighten me, please send me an e-mail.
Also: Doyle William Oldham (1909) Rector here for 32 years. Wall brass with oak leaf and acorn border. He is buried just outside the wall.

Exminster - St Martin

Left and above: Mrs Grace Tothill (1623) Aged 17
Right: Otto Petre (1608) and family

This section is not complete

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