Devon was my home county for a number of years and I have included many small town and village churches where the monuments may be of no great artistic merit nor of national  historical interest but they are nevertheless always of local genealogical and historical interest, especially from the standpoint of social history. Where I can I have commented on the ease or otherwise of parking - which varies considerably - and if the church is locked or not, with the details of the key holder if locked. Please note that these notes refer to the time I (or others) visited the church and the details may change from time to time. Further information would be gratefully received. These pages will be constantly updated and improved as further information is gathered.
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Alwington - St Andrew
O/S Ref: SS 404 231

Richard Coffin (1617) & Wife
. There are 15 children below.
Erected 1651 during the Commonwealth.
Ashton - St Michael
Sir George Chudleigh Bt (1657) and Lady Mary (Strode)
A Protectorate monument
Sir George declared for Parliament at the beginning of the Civil War but soon changed sides. One of Lady Mary's brothers was William Strode, one of the Five Members, whose attempted arrest by the King was a factor in sparking off the Civil War

The Alwington photograph was sent to me by Jean McCreanor and those of Ashton by Amanda Miller. Thanks to you both.

Ashburton - St Andrew
O/S Ref: SX 752 697  Website
Left & above left: Emblyn Ellen (1859 aged 13) & Sarah Jane (1859 age 3) Rogers. Daughters of Capt. T E Rogers; they died on the same day. Ann Laurie (1920) She died at 29 at Seroor in the East Indies, her husband being in service of the East India Company. Thomas Bonner Cousins (1815 aged 17); also his parents: Thomas (1855) & Ann (1827)
Benjamin Parham (1861) Judge of the County Court of Worcestershire. Also, his wife, Mary (Palk) (1845); his father, Benjamin Parnham (1851); the latter's wife, Susannah (1843); the latter's son, Rev John Dolbear Parham (1858); and daughter, Susanna Dolbear Parham (1860) Solomon Tozer (1794); his wife Catherine (1799); their four sons: Moses (1799), Samuel (1807), John (1808) & Solomon (1844)
Hester Phillips (1935) Walter Soper (1827) & his wife, Elizabeth (1811); and their daughter, Elizabeth (1881)

Capt. Richard Hill RN (1799)

Lt Col Charles Thomas Higgins
of the East India Company. No dates.

John Soper (1792)
; his wife,  Agnes (1795); and their daughter, Eleanor

John Dunning, Lord Ashburton (1783)
Right Top: Sisters, Eleanor & Sally Adams. I can only make out one date of 1813.
Right Bottom:
Charles Kendall (1850); his wife, Elizabeth (1861); their sons: Rev Charles (1840) and John (1862)
The photographs from Ashburton were sent to me by Amanda Miller of Amanda's Arcade. Thanks Amanda!

Ashwater - St Peter ad Vincula
Church unlocked during normal hours. Park in village.  O/S Ref: SX 387 952.  Website
Thomas Carminow & Wife (1442).  Heart holding position. The monument has suffered quite a bit of damage.  Note that the lady has been cut to size on her right side to fit the niche; this is clearly seen on the etching.
Wall Brasses
James Meyrick Feild ('Priest') Rector 1864-1897
Frank Melhuish (1922) 'He was a tea planter in Ceylon and was buried in Columbo' His parents are commemorated thus:
Marion Loveday Melhuish (1905) coloured inlays
Rev George Douglas Melhuish (1951) Prebendary of Exeter Cathedral and 38 years Rector of Ashwater

Atherington - St Mary

The church is open during normal hours in the summer months although the key can be obtained nearby in the winter, information in porch. There is limited parking opposite the church as well as in the rest of the village. An interesting church to visit . Website
O/S Ref: SS 592 231

Above Top Row Left & Centre Column Top:  Possibly  Sir William de Champernowne  (c.1240) The effigy is badly damaged but originally of excellent quality. Note the band of stiff leaf foliage around the tapered edge of the slab. Although the lower part of the legs has gone, they were crossed, one of the earliest examples in the country.
All The Other Illustrations Above plus Below Top Left: Sir Ralph Wylmington and Wife (late 14th century)  Note that the aventail, the mail covering of the neck and shoulders, which is  attached to the bascinet, has a fabric covering so that the mail only shows at the lower edge; an unusual feature. The tomb chest has quatrefoil decorations, although the enclosed shields are now plain. The etching is from a drawing by C.A.Stothard who visited Atherington on his way to Bere Ferrers, where he was accidentally killed, so that the etching was done after his death by C A Smith.


Above Top: A further photograph of the Wylmington tomb
Above Bottom: Sir John Basset (1530) & his two wives: Ann Denys and Honor Grenville  Slab with brasses of Sir John and his wives on either side; below one wife are three sons and four daughters, and below the other four daughters and one son. There were four brass shields, one of which is now lost. On the south side (not shown) are two panels enclosing quatrefoils within which are a shield and the letters 'SIKB'. On the north side are two shields carved with the arms which appear on the lower of the two brass shield. (shown). The brass is shown below.
Above Top & Bottom: Sir Arthur Basset (1568) & Elianora Chichester Slab of blue slate carved with arms (Basset impaling Chichester) and incised inscription, now difficult to read owing to scaling off of the upper layer of the slate.

Behind can be seen part of the tomb chest of Sir Ralph and Wife.

Left: Brasses from the Basset tomb
Above Left: L
edger stone or Sarah Chicheser also Robert Chichester. See their wall monuments below
Above Right:
Ledger stone of the curiously named Beaple Yeo AB  (1764) Rector

Wall Monuments

Anthony Snell, Yeoman (1707)
Above: Illegible. Note the symbols of angel, anchor, hour glass and skull.

Left: Rear Admiral William Arthur CB (1879) Worn but note the pelican an the anchor rope
Rev George Burgess (1829), rector for 30 years; his wife Elizabeth (1829). Four children who died within a fortnight of  'a malignant fever raging in this parish'.: Cecilia, Emma, Augustus & George William. Five survived

Rev Robert Chichester MA (1841) 38 years vicar of Chittelhampton
Rev Charles Chichester BD (1842)
Prebendary of Exeter Cathedral and Rector of West Worlington

Sarah Chichester (1825)
,Wife of Rev Rob. Also their daughter Amy (1863)
Wall Monuments Not Illustrated

Wall brass on gray backing to Thomas Freke Arthur (1897) '...these belfry gates are erected...he was sometime curate...28 years Rector of Eastdown where his body rests'
Wall brass. Florence Blanche Mary Arthur (1913) Wife of William Willis Arthur, Rector
Wall brass: Mary _udd Brent Arthur (187_) The lych-gate was erected in her memory
Wall brass: James Arthur 49 years rector. No date
Wooden tablet: records that the altar and reredos were dedicated in 1953 in memory of Jean Rae Arthur

Barnstaple - St Peter & St Mary Magdelene
Church open, but possibly mornings and early afternoons only. The church is in a central position in the town between High Street and Boutport Street. Street parking may be possible but the town has a number of pay car parks. Note that the dedication given in Pevsner (at least my edition) is not correct. Website   O/S Ref: SS 559 333

South Aisle

Far Left:
Richard Ferris (1644)
George Peard (1644)
Amy Tooker (1654)
Walter Tucker His daughter and her baby lie below
Elizabeth Delbridge (1628) Note the baby at her feet   Richard Clapham (1636) & Wife Their children kneel below

South Chancel Aisle & Lady Chapel
Left: Illegible, probably Richard Harris (1688)
Richard Beaple (1643)
Illegible: possibly to Burch Family Mary Palmer (1645)

Illegible. This brass below refers to a window in memory of Frederick Richard Lee RA  (1879) Mary Palmer probably mother of the previous Mary Palmer.  Mostly illegible Gilbert Paige (1669) poorly reset and obscured by large mirror and book case. The coat of arms can be seen at the base of the previous monument Nicholas Blake  (1634) William Strowde (1632)
South Transept
(Ringing Chamber)
(Behind Chancel)
Tablets, partly obscured by bell ropes and scaffolding. The sarcophagus commemorates Thomas Mitchell (1835)  A number of tablets which have been reset in one of the vestries.
North Transept

Above: Lionel Bencraft (1892)
Right: Able Watney (1780
; his wife, Mary 1749); and their sons, A. Eton (1775) & T Middleton (1775)
Far Right:
Thomas Horwood (1658)
North Aisle

Above Top: Caroline Meeke (1811)

Above Bottom: John [ ? Macarcle] (1848)

Right Top:
Thomas Lilly Jnr (1830 age 18)
cabinet maker

Above: Richard Dukesell,  Harvey Jeve (1842) & his wife Elizabeth (1852)

Left Bottom: Fanny Palmer (1848)

Robert Linnington (1833); his son, Samuel (1899); & the latter's son, Robert (1817)
There were three wall monuments in a column in this section which I was unable to read. and have not been included because of the poor lighting conditions.
Nave: West Wall
Top: James Harris (1881) seed merchant
Bottom: William Barlow (1918) Royal Engineers
Above: Anne Butler (1837) signed H Wood, Bristol
Left Top: Sgt Thomas Cockram (1901)
Royal Welsh Fusiliers; he died of  fever during the South African War
William & Elizabeth Woolacott 'and children' No dates

Barnstable Museum
Near the river. Entrance is free. O/S Ref: SS 558 329

Eleanor or Margaret Martin 14th century wooden effigy, formerly in St Peter's Church, Tawstock, where an empty niche remains. Very good condition.

Bere Ferrers - St Andrew
The church is open during normal hours. Park somewhere in the village. This is another church well worth visiting despite the somewhat difficult drive - or take the train from Plymouth! The church where Charles Stothard, whose etchings appears on these pages,  met with a fatal accident by falling from a ladder while drawing a stained glass window. Website
 O/S Ref: SX 459 634

Above & Below: Under the original recess in the newly plastered north wall. Roborough stone. Note how the figure is turned toward the observer, unusual but there are two examples in Exeter Cathedral and a few elsewhere . Early 14th century.
Right Top:  Lord Willoughby de Broke (1522) Purbeck marble tomb chest with Renaissance wreaths.  The slab in the foreground is also shown on the far right bottom. Not in situ and with a simple Calvary Cross .
Right Bottom:  Unknown structure: note the slots. It may be a canopy of the de Brooke or another 16th century tomb.

Far Right Top: Sir Roger Champnoun (1410-1465) Another tomb slab with Calvary cross  but also with inscription above: 'Hic jacet Roger Champnoun Amiger cui aie picietur de ame' (Here lies Sir Roger Champnoun for whose soul may prayers be offered to God' ) Cemented into the west wall.
  North Transept

The Chancel 

Above & Right: General view of the chancel: the floor brass plaque to Charles Stothard can just be seen to the left of the chair and in front of the tomb. General view of the tomb of  Sir William de Ferraris and Matilda (c 1300) and several detail photographs. The tomb is set in the wall between the chancel and the vestry (originally a chapel) and when I took the photographs the two parts of the church were separated by a curtain
Charles Alfred Stothard (1786-1821) , son of the painter Thomas Stothard , was an antiquarian draughtsman with a special interest in monumental effigies. He travelled to Bere Ferrers via Atherington, where he drew the Wylmington effigies, and Hatherleigh. He had received a commission to draw the stained glass window in the chancel for Magna Britannia and it was while carrying this out and while standing on a ladder that the ladder collapsed and he fell, hitting his head on the slab of the Ferraris tomb underneath him. The fall was fatal and he was buried in the church yard under the window just outside the chancel. His grave is marked by an upright stone, the lettering of which has become almost obliterated from rain and sea water, unlike the adjacent slate slabs. A brass plaque on the floor marks the spot where he fell.
N.B. The Wikipedia entry on Charles Stothard is inaccurate and so I have  not linked to it. 
Wall Monument & Brasses

  'Ten privates of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force who   were killed in Bere Ferrers Station while dismounting from a train, Sept 1917 - on their way from Plymouth to Salisbury Plain along the old L.S.W.R mainline to Waterloo.' They had arrived in Plymouth and were travelling for training on Salisbury plain; they had broken their journey at Bere Ferrers only to be killed by a train travelling in the opposite direction. Buried in Plymouth. Bere Ferrers maintains a link with New Zealand to this day.
Major Edward Bayley, 88th Regiment, Connaught Rangers. Mortally wounded while 'leading a party to storm and capture the quarry works before Sebastopol' - June 1855. Jane Foote (1770), her husband Revd John Anthony Foote AM (1784) , Vicar of Branescombe; their son John Walter  (1810) (who erected the tablet) and his wife Nancy (1806). Buried below the tablet. John Griffiths (1828) of the East India Company and Govenor of Surat. '...whose mortal reamins are interred in the adjoining burial ground...'

Sir Frederick Shelly Bart. (1869) Rector of the parish for 23 years.  B&W Tablet. Signed: Bovey & Co, Plymouth
A wall brass records the altar rails were erected in memory of Mary Stephens & Mary Harris in 1917
A wall brass records that the altar was erected in memory of  Rev F T W Wintle MA  (1912). Rector for 37 years
John Steven Walters of Bere Ferrers. Died at George Town, Colorado, USA Jan 1870
A wall brass records Corporal William Collom (1916) died on active service aboard HMS Diana. Military badge

Bickleigh - St Mary
The one near Tiverton - not the other one! Church open during normal hours. Park in the village but beware narrow roads and limited space. Website
 O/S Ref: SS 943 072


Elizabeth Eriseys, née Carew (1618)
 Note the baby in a crib below the tomb chest, putti, skull, hourglasses. By John Deymond (Clive Easter)
John Carew (1588) Above Top: Henry Blackmore Baker (1841) & Robert Baker (1849) Traceried blind window behind which are brasses (text only). They were brothers of Holway Carew, wife of the Rector
Above Bottom:
Peter Carew (1654) & Wife Interesting and unusual interregnum monument. 

Above Left:  Francis Cawen Carew (1849) 'son of the rector'
Above right & Right:
Sir Henry Carew (1654), Wife and Children. He lies on the tomb chest with two children kneeling at head a feet; his wife is on the windowsill with the upper part of the tomb against the window. The structure looks like it has been dismantled at some time and then rebuilt.

On the north and south walls of the chancel facing each other are these two nearly identical tombs with carved  and painted arms set in the wall behind.

On the left (south side of the altar) is a brass commemorating: Revd John West Carew (1821) - 2nd son of Sir John Carew Bart and rector for 43 years; also his wife Holway (1871); also Charles Smallwood Carew (1796) their 4th and youngest son, aged 2; also Henry Holdsworth Carew (1807) 2nd son, lost at sea aged 18; also Elizabeth Ann (1853) their only daughter;  also Norman Carew (1807) only child of their 3rd son Timothy; also Maria (1867) wife of  John Carew (1868) , their eldest son - 'principal contributor to the expenses of rebuilding this church'; also Timothy Carew (1877)  Cmdr RN, their 3rd son.

On the right (north side of the altar)  is a deeply incised slab John Carew of Bickleigh (1588)
Other Monuments
'Near this tablet lie the remains of...' Agnes Waldren (1796) and Elizabeth Gammons (1799) and  Susanna Morse 'relict of John Morse' (ob 1801) and Elizabeth Pitman, only child of J & S Morse and wife of Rev John Pitman MA, Rector of Porlock, and Rev John Pitman, son of Rev J Pitman, rector of Washfield and vicar of Broadhempston (ob 1856)

Bondleigh - St James
The church is locked but name and address of nearby keyholder is given in the porch; or seek and you will find!  Park near the church
O/S Ref: SS 652 048

Left, Above Bottom & Above Top Left: Unknown Priest
Above Top Centre:
John Paddon (1700) ? slate, wood frame
Above Top Right: :
James Marshall (1752 age 17),  his brother James (1758 age 26) 'clerk'. Below added  their parents: William (1775 age 33) Rector & Grace (1781 age 79)
Right Top:
Mary Goss (1708) & daughter Mary (1708) slate, wood frame
Right Bottom:
Frances Tripp (1818) ? slate
Also: Elizabeth Stokes (1988) church warden & organist. black tablet.

Bovey Tracey - St Peter, St Paul & St Thomas of Canterbury
The church is unlocked during normal hours and is situated uphill at the east end of the town in Trough Street, a continuation of the high street. There are several moderately priced car parks in the town as well as some street parking. There is limited parking outside the church and an easily missed car park for visitors only next to the church. Website
O/S Ref: SX 822 786

Maria Forbes (1655) Wife of the Rev James Forbes; the latter was a staunch royalist and was ejected during the Commonwealth by a  committee of  sequestrators sitting at Exeter. This committee would not allow her tomb to be inside the church so it remains outside against the south wall of chancel . 'Surgam-Vivam-Canam' carved. Sort of ejected in another sense!
 Above: Elizaeus Hele (1626) , of the Inner Temple. Below his two wives kneel facing each other and a son (Walter), a smaller figure kneels behind. Alabaster. He was the second husband of Alice Bray, who was formerly married to Nicholas Eveleigh (above) . He is buried in the Cannons' Vestry in Exeter Cathedral.
Above, Left & Right: Nicholas Eveleigh (1618) The space under the arch has 1620 I.D. Signed by John Deymond (Clive Easter) He was Steward of the Devon Stanneries, Mater of the Temple and a pupil of Richard Hooker. He was killed along with nine others when the roof of the Stannery Court House collapsed.

The two monuments above are on either side of the chancel, facing each other.

Eliz. (1746) daughter of, Eliz. (1753) wife of, & Mary (1753) mother of William Hole. Also the aforesaid William Hole (1779) and son William son of William & Elizabeth. Also Caroline, daughter of Robert & Ann Hole, who 'Died in her Infancy'. Dr John Standwell (1669) and his son John (1674) George Hunt Clapp (1824)  Barrister and Bencher of the Middle Temple. His widow (unnamed) commissioned this memorial; she died 1851 and was buried at Hammersmith

Other Tablets
Three tablets recording electical installations:

'The electric lighting in this church was installed by Henry Aldenburgh Bentinck AD 1912 in memory of his parents..,' Charles Aldenburg Bentink (1891) & Harriet Bentink (1853) White marble.
'The electric light fittings in this church were provided by subscription...' In memory of Evan Harris JP CC (1947) Vicar's warden for 23 years. Dated Dec 1948.
Mrs Olive Vickers (no date) 'In grateful recognition and appreciation of her generous bequest covering the cost of rewiring the electric lighting...' Dated 1948
Robert (1822) & Ann (1809) Hole  Black & white tablet with urn.
Harriet Bentink (1853) Black & white tablet
Mural Brasses
George Wyndham Hamilton Knight-Bruce (1896) Bishop . Vicar of this parish 1895-1896
Lt Kingdon Tregosse Frost MA BLitt Oxon (1914) 1st Batt Cheshire Reg. Kia Battle of Mons 1914
William Hole Crownley and Family (1779) This looks like a vault plate, now fixed on the wall
Charles Aldenburgh Bentinck (1891)
with clover border.
Frances Bentink (1904) Widow of Charles Aldenburg above. Copper with raised letters
Charles Leslie Courtenay (1894) 'Canon of Windsor and for forty years Vicar of this Parish.'
William Hole (1859) and his wife Susannah (1895) and their sons and daughters: William Robert (1903), Susan Anne (1852), Caroline (1898), Jaquete Mary (1916) (widow of Rev William Paul Wood) and Henrietta Eliza (1916)
Cmdr Henry Harris RN (1893)
Havilland Chepmell Vere Stead (1902)
  Formerly 2nd Lieut Dorset Regiment, then Assistant District Commissioners at Axim '...died in the discharge of his duty at Kromokrum, Gold Coast Colony at 27..'  Eldest son of W B Vere Stead, Vicar
Walter B Vere Stead (1907) 'priest...vicar for 10 years...' Floral edge
Rev Joseph Domett (1635) Vicar for 55 years and Rector of Shepton Beachamp. His wife Susanna, his mother Elizabeth and his sisters Elizabeth, Martha and Frances (Tozer); his second wife Laura (1863); his brothers Philobeth, Newell & John and their father Rev Philobeth vicar for 50 years and vicar of Axminster. Placed 1868
William Harris  (1882) his wife Jane (1888) and their son William Augustus (1880)

With thanks to Amanda Miller of Amanda's Arcade for kindly supplying most of the Bovey Tracey photographs

Broadwood Kelly - All Hallows
The church is locked but the address of the keyholder is given in the porch. A country church with a number of 17th - 19th century wall monuments
O/S Ref: SS 651 049

Simon Webber (1671) Rector. insciption in English, Latin, Greek and Hebrew Oliver goss, Gent (1814) & Mary (1820) and their only son Oliver (1827) Patience Jerrard (1886) daughter of Simon Webber. Oval tablet with surrounding wreath by J. Miller of Okehampton  Records a gift of £5 and other gifts from Mrs C Baker in 1826 Part of a marker or graffiti? Now part of church door.
Elizabeth (1754) daughter of Simon Webber , Rector of the parish (and 'sometime of Honeychurch'), Rebekah (1746), his wife. Elizabeth (1707) their infant daughter, Rev John, Clerk and Bachelor of Laws, their son. Also John (1652) Rector, great-grandfather of Simon. Wood, painted Anne Letheren (1711) The epitaph is now mainly  illegible Louisa Hole (1841), wife of Rev Nathaniel Hole, Rector; their only daughter Louisa Sophia (1857) age 20 Jane Chapman (1724) daughter of John Webber, Rector John (1702) & Sarah (1690) Pine and their son John (1689). Clearly added later: John (1769) & Jane (1769) Hill Three children...mostly illegible

Broadwoodwidger - St Nicholas
Park nearby in village. Church may be locked -need to check this O/S Ref: 411 891
Said to be a member of the Upcott family c 1500. Effigy is hollow and now legless, under a very low arch.

Buckerell - St Mary & St Giles
Church is open. Park outside but very narrow and tight
O/S Ref: ST 123 003

Samuel Graves (1798) Admiral of the White. He enforced the Boston Port Bill resulting in the Boston Tea Party. By J Bacon, Sculptor, London (signed) Joanna Phillippa Griffith (Gwyn) (1801) Rt Hon Lady Isabella Smythe (1840) 'Her remains are interred in a vault beneath this seat' Added below: her husband William Mead Smythe (1866). 'And is her interred with his wife and three daughters' Unamed Elizabeth Graves (Sedgwick) (1763)
Her husband was Rear-Admiral of the Blue
Alfred William Ford MA (1904) Vicar of Buckerell

Wall Tablets Wall Brasses
Edward Arthur Parry (1946) 'This church was equipped with electric light and power'. White black base.
Angela Ida Harriet Parry (1977) Wife of above. White black base.
Florence Susanna Colborne (1901) White gray base
Joseph Frederick Porter (1852  'In a vault beneath Westbury Church, Wilts, are laid the remins of...' Took ill at Harrow School and died aged 14.
Revd Francis Paynter (1908) '34 years rector of Stoke next Guildford'  His daughter married into the Porter family of village. White gray base
Christopher Kingston. Rector 1987-94. 'Scientist, musician & pastor'. Black
Elizabeth Coleridge (Tucker) 1840 She was the first wife of Edwin E Coleridge (1870), Curate 1826, vicar 1829. Also his second wife , Ellen Sophia Coleridge (1885)
Robert Northcote (1809), his wife Sarah (1827); their sons James Cogan (1833) and Robert (1820). Also Maria Northcote (1836) wife of George Northcote.White, black base.
Roger Medley Fulford Priest FRIBA . Vicar of Buckerell March 31 - September 16 1910. Brass Calvary Cross on wooden base
Elizabeth Gibbs Porter (1878) & William Porter (1887) & daughter Agnes Antonia Porter (1882) Placed by their other children

Buckland Monachorum - St Andrew
The church is usually open during normal hours but their are several keyholders listed on the notice board should this not be the case. Park in the small car park - free - near and opposite the church or park in the village. Website  O/S Ref: SX 491 682

The South Chapel

One either side and below the central figure are four military scenes in low relief. Left:  cannon with barrel lowered and  below a siege with cannon. Right: casting cannon balls and below this a burning ship with sailors escaping in small boat.
Admiral Lord Heathfield (1790) By John Bacon 1795 - signed. George Augustus Elliot, Baron Heathfield of Gibraltar, Knight of the Bath, General and Governor of Gibraltar. He married Ann Polexen-Drake, daughter of Sir Francis Drake, Bt, by whom he had one daughter who married John Trayton Fuller.

The South Chapel (continued)
2nd Lord Heathfield (1813)
 By John Bacon Jnr - signed
Francis Augustus Heathfield, 2nd Baron Heathfield
General and colonel of 1st Regiment King's Dragoon Guards
Sir Francis Henry Drake Bt (1794)
By John Bacon -signed
'Linearly descended from the naval warrior of the 16th century'
He was uncle of Lord Heathfield
The female figure is 'Truth' as indicated below.
The Chancel
Left: Dame Eleanor Elliot Drake (1841) By Westmacott Jnr - not signed. Wife of Sir Thomas Trayton Fuller Elliot Drake Bt
Rev Amos Crymes BA (1783) Vicar of Buckland Monachorum. He married first Mary (1752) and secondly another Mary (1806)

The Nave & Transepts
Rev Lancelot Elford (1782) Lt Thomas Walton RN (1789) On the sarcophagus John Lloyd (1806) and on the tablet below  his wife Jane (1784) and son William (1776). There is plenty of space below this for further additions. On the separate tablet below (signed  Rogers, Tavistock) are  John Lloyd JP and his unnamed wife John Burrows (1706) drowned at sea following shipwreck off the Barbary Coast. Also Lt John Burrows RN (1819) and Christian, wife of Lt John. On the opposite wall  a wooden tablet indicates that John Burrows left a small legacy to the church, the interest from which was to provide bread for the poor of the parish Top: Georgina Hayne (1912), wife of Rev Prebendary Hayne MA, Vicar of Parish

Bottom: Mary Fanshawe Stoppard (1816
at 5 years, 8 months) The open Bible gives the NT verse beginning: 'suffer little children'
Wall Monuments Not Illustrated
Brass below south window indicating it was inserted to commemorate Joseph Godfrey (1901) 
William Austen White (1858) and his wife Mary (1874). They are commemorated by the north window above. '...whose remains lie in this churchyard' White on black tablet.
Brass. Frances Penelope Bundock (1938) 'the main roof of this church was saved from the ravages of death watch beetle by her brothers and sisters'.
G T Risden & Margaret Stanbury (sister-in-law). The font was returned to the church and restored by Mrs Risden in commemoration.
Philip Blowey (1907) '...this window was erected as a tribute'  White on black tablet

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