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St Martin
Cathedral Close. Tucked away in the north-west corner. Church open normal hours. Park in one of the city's pay car parks; this applies to all of these churches.

Under the Tower

Edward (1703) and Hannah Seaward. He was Mayor of Exeter The monument was moved from Exeter St Paul's
Eliza Mary Mortimer (1826 aged 17) On the panel below are added her parents: Samuel (1856 aged 84) and Eliza (1862 aged 80)
Their tomb is in the parish of St David's, Exeter. By Baily of London

Judith Wakeman (1643)
Right Top: Thomas & Elizabeth Spicer, their daughters Judith Wakeman & Elizabeth Butler. Edward Butler (son of Elizabeth) & Winifred, his wife. (no date)
Right Bottom:
Jurgen Hachmeester (1762)

Above: William Holwell (1707) by: John Weston (Dr Clive Easter)
Left Top:
Winifred Butler (1673)
Left Bottom:
Edwin Williams Esquire (1852) Surgeon. Tablet erected by his uncle Brigadier James Edwin Williams

Above: John Codrington (1801), his wife Mary (1795). Their children Samuel & Sarah ...'who died in the bloom of youth...' Their daughter Maria Parr (1803)...'the only remaining child and sister had with deep regret directed this monument to be raised...but before its completion was herself consigned to the same tomb at the early age of 33...'

Isabella Holwell Holwell (1844)
Widow of Revd. Edward Offspring Holwell, Rector of Plymtree

Philip Hooper (1715) by Weston
The three small tablets above are, from left to right: Rev Edward Bartlett (1857) . Richard Thorne (1787), his father Baranabas (1785), his mother Sarah (1782) and his son John Eversfield Thorn (1787 age 7 m) ...'are deposited in a vault in this church'. Anne Holwell (1818) Daughter of William & Isabella Holwell. William Gater (1851) & Isabella Anne, his wife, also daughter of the same. And the latter's children William Gater (1801, aged 5) & Edward Holwell Gater (1817 aged 19)

St Mary Arches
In Mary Arches Street The church is normally locked but is open to the public at intervals. The telephone number of the key holder is given on the door and  may be contacted to arrange for the church to be open by appointment; otherwise write to the key holder. This key holder will probably be a cleric.

Far Left:  
Robert Walker (1602).  Latin inscription.
Above Left:  
John Davy (1611). English inscription; original colour.
Above Right:
 Nicholas Broking (1666).
Far Left:
Maria Walker (1682)

Far Left: Thomas (1628) & Mariery (1622) Walker. 'Three times maior of the citty'.  English inscription.
Above Left: Richard Crossing
Above Light: Mary (1659) & Christopher (1670) Lethbridge.
Original colour and painted marbling
Far Left:
Robert Walker 

Left and Above: Thomas Andrew (1518) Twice mayor of the City
'In the middle Iſle of this church near the Deſk lie interred the Remains of Reverend Robert Wight AM late Prebendary of Exeter and forty ſeven years Rector of St Mary Arches 1778. By his side are depoſited the Remains of Margaret his wife 1780
Below Far Left: Sarah (1803), Mary (1787), Thomas (1791) & Alice (1807) Floud.
Below Right Top:
Rev Wm. Tanner AM. (1830) Rector of Meshaw. 'Whose remains are deposited underneath the Vestry of this Church'. And Mary (1838)
Below Bottom Left:
Burnet (1815) & Sarah Path
Below Bottom Right:
Here Lyeth ye Body of Thomas the son of George Lethbridge of Iacobſtow who departed this life  y5th day of Iuly 1725. Here Also Lyeth the Body of Sarah Lowdhan ſister to the above Mentiond George Lethbridge who departed this life ye 21 day of December 1726. Also Elizabeth Horne Daughter of the above Sarah Lowdham who Died the 3d March 1763 Aged 82.
On the above well preserved ledger stone: Here Lyeth ye Body of  ROBERT WALKER son of ROBERT WALKER of this City Esqr  who died ye firſt day of November 1666.
Alſo here Lyeth WILLIAM WALKER son of the above ſaid ROBERT WALKER who died the 16th day of February 1671.
Alſo here Lyeth the body of the Truly Vertuous and Pious Mrs ELIZABETH WALKER Daughter of the aboveſaid Robert Walker who lived a virgin 6i yeares and died the 20th day of Aprill 1700.
to whoſe memory this was laid by her neece MARY the daughter and sole Heiress of COLONELL JAMES WALKER.
Here alſo Lieth ye Body of Eliz: ye Daughter of MR Will: Ponſford Marchant by ye above Mary Walker who died ye 4 day of July 1713 Ages 8 Years and 4 Monthes & 19 days.
Here Lyeth ye Body of MR Willm Ponſford Merchant of the City who Depard this life ye 12 day of March 1735 farther to the above SD Eliz: who was ye beſt of Huſbands Tendereſt of Fathers & Kindeſt pf Maſters

St Stephen
High Street, City Centre. At the time of taking the photographs the church was undergoing restoration

Far Left: Thomas Bolithoe (1753), his wife Frances and daughter Mary. No dates. Latin inscription
Above Left:
James (1678) & Mary Rodd (1678); their children: Richard (1670 at 6), Grace (1676 at 22), James (1670 at 40) & Margaret Jeffery (1693 at 26). '... Lye Here Interred...' English with basic Latin inscription.
Above Right: Mr George Potter (1662) Merchant, Alderman of this City and benefactor to the rebuilding of this church
Far Right Top:
Elizabeth Hodges (1695) Latin inscription mostly faded
Far Right Bottom: William Routley (1855) English inscription
Other Wall Monuments
Mary Ann Gibbs (1852), her daughter Sophia Mary Ann (1857) & husband Harry Leeke Gibbs MD FRCS (1853) White tablet, black backing
Sally Blundell (1823 aged 7) 'whose remains are interred in a vault in this church' White tablet, black backing.
Daniel Edward Madge (1895) churchwarden Brass on black backing

St Pancras
Guildhall Shopping Precinct, to the west of the Hight Street. Church open during normal hours

A wall tablet records:-
'Five mural tablets and two gravestones to the memory of:
Loveday Bellete, Bridgett Bellete, Thomas Cornish, Thomas Brown, Matthew Vicars, Peter Vien..., & Anne Saut...
were removed from the church of All Hallows, Coldsmith Street on its demolition 1906 AD and placed in this church of St Pancras. The remains were reinterred in the Polsloe Cemetery'
I was not able to find the latter two.

Above: Loveday Bellete (1711) '... lyes buried near this place...ſhe died...of ye ſmall pox a Distemper ſo remarkably fatall to her family that no leſs than four of her siſters died of it...'
Right Top: Thomas Brown (1917)
Right Bottom:
Revd Mathew Vicars (1853) 'Rector of Godmanstone, Dorset, and for 21 years rector of this parish, the church of which he opened after it had been closed 60 years...'

Above: Bridgett Bellete (1719) '...sister to Loveday Bellete...Dyed of that most fatal Distemper the Small Pox...'
Left Top:
Mr Thomas Cornish (1759)
Left Bottom:
This is the mural tablet referred to above recording the resiting of the memorials and reburials.

St Petrock
Church open during normal hours: entrance from the High Street. Part of the Church (entrance from the Cathedral Close) is used as a centre for the homeless.

Johnathan (1717) & Elizabeth (1698) Ivie
Brought from St Kerian, demolished in 1873. The Last Judgment show below far right was originally part of this monument, although the lower part of the monument is now obscured. By John Weston (Clive Easter)

John (1680) and Faith Mayne (1679)
Latin inscription

Theodore (1782) & Elizabeth (1817) Sheere.
Latin inscription.
William Hooper (1682/3) merchant & his wife Mary Hooper (1685) She died giving birth to her 10th child. Latin inscription.  Francis (1675) & Alexander (1680) Worth, sons of Henry Worth of Worth. Also Anne (1686), wife of the above Francis. Latin inscription.
Ada Pollard (1884) Edward Charles Harrington MA (1881) Chancellor and Canon of the Cathedral and sometime assistant curate of this parish. William Thomas Blacking (1925) 'Warden and feoffee of this parish' see above, centre monument
There are two other similar - although slightly different - tiled monuments but these are partly obscured by church fittings:
John (1870) & Hannah (1857)
Thomas Marker (1862)
William Henry Pinder (1927) 'a feoffee of this parish.' Ann Walkey (1813) & her brother Benajmin Walkey (1843)
What is a Feoffee?
A feoffee in medieval English feudal law was  someone who was granted land - a fief or fee - by the estate holder while at the same time the latter still had full use of the land. This practice developed in the fourteenth century and was in effect a medieval tax dodge and way of avoiding medieval law and duties; for example the payment of a substantial fee to the overlord (the king) on inheriting the estate. On the death of an estate holder it might appear that he held little or even no land, as it had all been granted to feoffees.
The term became virtually obsolete with the end of feudalism but does still crop up from time to time. In modern times it refers to a trustee who has been granted a freehold estate, held in possession,  for a purpose typically a charitable one.

St Olave
High Street. Church open normal hours. The monuments are photographically not very accessible

Above: John Ley (1805) Above: Samuel Angier (1805) & Mary 'who ſurvived him by only fifteen days' 
Above Left:   James Golsworthy (1851)  Behind organ; Above Centre: John Acland (16__) Added later: his daughter, Margery Duck (1693). Above Right:  'Underneath lie interred the remains of Elizabeth Tarrant (1754) wife of Revd Henry Tarrant, Vicar of Kingsteinton (1731) '...and was buried in the yard near the east end of that church...' Also their daughter Judith Tarrant (1793) , their son Revd Robert Tarrant (1798) Minister of St Petrock's and Prebendary, their youngest son Henry Tarrant, and Elizabeth's sister Judith Brown (1706) 

Royal Albert Memorial Museum
Queen Street, Exeter. Open Tuesday to Sunday, 10.00 am - 5.00 pm: closed Tuesdays and Bank Holidays. Free entry.
Head of effigy (1200-1260) with mail hood. Caen stone. Excavated at the Dominican Friary, Exeter. This is the only fragment discovered

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