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 Titchfield  Warblington Wherwell Wickham
Tichfield - St Peter

John Hornby (1832), daughter Harriet (1832) & son Nathaniel (1835) Marble by Chantrey 1836 Lady Mary Wriothesley (1615 aged 4) 4th daughter of  Henry, 3rd Earl. Attributed to Epiphanius Evesham. William Chamberlayne (1606) & Wife. Various Wall Monuments
Left:More Wall Monuments

: Monument of Sir Thomas Thomas Wriothesley, 1st Earl (1551) and Lady Jane (Cheyne), Countess (1574) of Southampton  and their son, Henry Wriothesley  the 2nd Earl (1562), who left money for this monument to be erected. The Countess lies on the top tier and her husband and son lie on either side below. Below are the kneeling figures of the 2nd Earl's children, one of whom, the 3rd Earl became Shakespeare's patron. Marble and alabaster by Gerard Johnson 1594

The cost was £1000 and originally two tombs were planned but eventually only one was contructed. In the vault below are also buried the 3rd, 4th and 5th Earls.

Warblington - St Thomas Becket
The church is some distance from the village of Warblington and on the other side of the A27, so it is unlikely your satnav will find it: it is better to have a 1:50,000 O/S Map of the area; here the church is marked as a circle with cross but the spire is not very evident! . O/S Ref: SU 729 054
Directions from Portsmouth: take the A27 east towards Emsworth, but leave before reaching it, turning left on the A259. You will immediately come to a roundabout where you take the 3rd exit and pass under the A27 (still on the A259). On the other side of the A27 you will immediately come to a second roundabout; again take the 3rd exit this time  on a Yellow Road to the church.
The church is open Monday to Thursday, 10.00 to 3.00 pm but it is better to check this at the parish office (see internet). There is a good car park and toilets outside the church. O/S Ref: SU 728 054

Lady under arch in north wall of south chapel. Unusually her arms are by her side and she appears to be facing to one side. When seen from above it appears that there is no attempt to represent a recumbent position and she is clearly shown standing. Despite the badly worn condition this is a particularly beautiful effigy

Male (?) civilian of Purbeck Marble under arch in south wall of south aisle. Note: cloak tucked under right arm (c.f.  King John at Worcester) and on the wall of the niche behind the effigy a sculpture representing soul being carried to heaven by two angels


'Before this monument lyeth buryed the bodye of Raffe Smallpage late chaple to the Righte Honorable the Erle of Southampton Lorde Chauncelor of Englande and parson of this churche' 1558
Thomas Sone (1763), his wife Ann (1750) & their daughter Ann (1755) Age 18 Thomas Sone (1767) & John Lellyett (1800) Sophia Lotherington (Lear) (1805) John Lear (1800)
A grave stone, which looks like it had been set in the earth but is now in the church against the wall. All we have is 'A.S. J753'; then three slabs with foliated crosses set in the church floor.

Other Monuments

Charles Short (1838) Barrister-at-Law, Bencher of Middle Temple; his widow Grace (1868); their 3rd daughter Augusta Millet Short (1825) who was buried in the cloisters of Westminster Abbey. White with Gothick frame.
2. William Norris AM (1827) Rector; his wife Mary Ann (1841) Latin text
3. James Norris (1782) & Anne (1811) White tablet with draped urn above on black background with pointed arch
4 Mary Ann Norris (1795) Daughter of William Norris, Rector and Mary Ann, his wife. Aged 2 years 8 months. White oval on black oval background
5. James Gubbins Archen Burton (1855) Capt. 6th Dragoon Guards, Mjr in the Turkish Contingent. Died at Bujukdere at 30; buried at Beicos opposite Therapia. White scroll on black background with round arched top.
6. Anne Frances Norris (1823) Wife of Rev William Norris, son of Rev William Norris, rector.
7. A brass records that the stained glass windows in the chancel were commissioned by Rev William Norris, rector, in memory of his wife Emily (Short) (1839). Also in memory of their son William Thomas Norris (1836) 'lost in the Australasian Seas' at 26 on board the Wyvern which sailed from Nelson, New Zealand bound for Sydney, Australia and disappeared.
8. Grace Agnes Norris (1830) wife of Rev William Norris, Rector. White tablet with rope surround on black background.
9. Elizabeth Withington (1853) Black and white tablet
10. John William Ronald Campbell (1918) Lt of the 3rd Worcestershires. KIA France
Above clockwise starting  top left:
John Walker, Commander of the Niger, West Indiaman, who in the passage from Shields to Grenada, was wrecked on Hasbro' Sands in the evening of January 2nd 1824 and, with his pilot and the greater part of his crew, perished.
2. John McArthur Esq LL. D (1840) Author of The Practice and Principles of Naval Courts Martial and other literary works.
3. Rev Joshua Stopforth BA (1835); his widow Ann (1840)
4. Alexander Cameron Esq, A captain in the VIth W.I. Regiment died in the Island of Dominica 28th January 1813
Above top: Anthony Palmer (J79J) Again the J for 1
Above bottom: Capt. George Gordon Paine (1918) 2nd Batt. [attached 6th] Royal Berkshire Reg. KIA aged 24. Aveluy Wood, France. Pte James Horace Paine (1917) 1st Batt. Artists Rifle Reg. KIA near Cambrai aged 19.

Helen Elizabeth Fellowes (1875) Granddaughter of Rector William Norris. Age 12. 
Signed: Gaffin & Co, 63 Regent St, London 

Centre Right: William Gilbert Gent (1802); his wife Elizabeth (1784) & their daughter Susanna (1797)

Centre Left Top: Lt Col G D D Cleveland (1878) HM's 98th Regiment; and his wife Agnes (19010

Centre Left Bottom: Edmund Ives Palmer (Ted) Died Lady-Smith, South Africa three days before the relief with 19h Hussars. Age 27. His brother Richard Harold (Peter) KIA France three weeks before the Armistice

Far Right Top: Georgiana Parker Aldham (1830)

Far Right Bottom: William Henry Fry (1917) Lt in 2nd Hampshires and 88th Machine Gun Company. KIA. buried at Duisans, France. Aged 22. Brass

Wherwell -  St Peter and Holy Cross
The church is open during normal hours. There is a large car park a short distance from the church

Above and centre column top: Nun, early 15th century.

Centre row centre: Sir Owen West (1551)
Centre column bottom: Fragment

Far right column top: Fragment; head and some lettering can be just made out.

Far right column bottom:
Iremonger Mausoleum. This, as the church is Victorian, but incorporates, as does the church itself, incorporates fragments of the original medieval church.

Other Monuments: Kenhelm Pleydell (1921) White marble tablet in vlack marble frame.
Wickham - St Nicholas 

Sir William Uvedale (1615) & Mary (Norton)(1634) Their children kneel at the lower tier: Mary, Jane & Honor are shown at the left; Catherine faces Richard in the centre; and William, Francis and John, holding a skull kneel behind, showing he died soon after birth.
Charles Wynne (1719) & Mary (1732)  G.A.Thmoas LL D  William Faulkener (1689)  William Uvedale (1569) 
Some Tablets 
Sarah Swann (1857) white on black backing  John Henry Swann Surgeon RN (1840) husband of Sarah. White on black backing 
William Bennet (1806) Corps of Royal Engineers. Black on white backing  William Eric Wynn Douglas-Jone 2nd Lt 33 Battalion Royal Field Artillery. Dow France 1915 aged 19. White black base, military badge 
Frances Isabella Wainwright (1916) & her grandson Cpt John Ballard Berkeley Ford Dow France 1917. He was buried at Dernancourt

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