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Beaulieu - Blessed Virgin & Child
The church at Beaulieu was originally the refectory of Beaulieu Abbey
Left: Mary Do (1651)
Above: Mjr John Clive Darling DSO (1933) buried at Minstead; his mother Mary Caroline Darling (1913). Below is added an inscription to his father, Charles John, 1st Lord Darling (1936), judge.
Right: John, 2nd Baron Montagu (1929)

Boarhunt - St Nicholas
Above: 'Scared to the memory of Robert Eddowes Esq late store keeper of the ordnance at Portsmouth who died the 8th October 1765 aged 71. Also of the Rev Robert Eddowes AM Rector of Annington and Vicar of Twyford in the county his eldest son by his wife Susannah Filmer descended from the families of Fiennes and Filmer. He died the 21st of February 1767 aged 48. Also to Catherine Brent the wife of Robert Eddowes....died the 21 of March 1771 aged 5_'
Ralph Henslow (1577) Clerk of the Crown for Hampshire 1541-75; burgess of Portsmouth 1550 and Mayor's assistant 1559.
Clara (first wife) Katherine (second wife)  Executed by a Flemish mason for £5. The headless figure may be part of Faith, Hope and Charity.
Also: William (1824) & Mary (1800) Bowles Black & white tablet

Binstead - Holy Cross
  Take Care: there's another Binstead on the Isle of Wight, also in Hampshire. Church is open; car park outside.
Field Marshal Montgomery ('Monty') is buried in the churchyard
O/S Ref: SU 771 410

Slab with cross William Wickham Ogilvy (1918) 20th Hussars. DOW received near Jussy, France while commanding a dismounted detachment of his regiment. Age 22
Other Tablets
   General Emanuel Scrope Howe, Ranger of Alice Holt 1699-1709 and Rachel, Emanuel & James. Also his wife, Ruperta, Ranger 1709-40. Daughter of Prince Rupert. Also their other children, William and Sophia. Modern gray tablet
   The following two tablets are similar: white tablet with black frame and curved top:

   'June 30th 1787 Underneath this Seat in a ſtean'd ⁻¹ double Grave are depoſosited the remains of JOHN and MARY TRIMMER late of this Place their Survivors humbly requeſt their mouldring Aſshes may reſt undiſturbed'
   'Underneath and near this Seat in three ſeparate ſtean'd Graves are depoſited the remains of three Children of JOHN and SARAH TRIMMER their  ſurviving Parent humbly requeſts their mouldring Aſhes may reſt undiſturbed'
    Mark Manwaring Robertson (1942) Lt 3rd Cavalry IAC KIA Klang, Malasia. Aged 22.

Note: ⁻¹ Stean: A lining of brick or stone, that is, a vault rather than an earth burial.
But Where Is It?

   I visited this church in the 1970's and made a pencil drawing of an effigy of a cross legged knight, which I recall was under an arch in either the north or south wall, although I cannot now remember which. Unusually the monument had an inscription and even more unusually this was in Norman French. This effigy is referred to in Pevsner and other books on Hampshire as well as on several sites on the internet. However to my disappointment on a more recent visit in 2019 I could not find it. It seems it was in a chapel in the north side of the church which was once open but is now closed by a locked door; I found this latter information on the internet, written by another disappointed visitor who had visited the church especially to see the effigy.

   I found this particularly disappointing as, prior to our visit, I had  written to the church administrator asking for permission to visit the church and take photographs of the monuments; I received no reply. It is to be regretted that the church found it necessary to prevent visitors from seeing this interesting monument: a local example akin to the British Museum deciding to lock away the Rosette Stone!

 Pen and ink drawing made from the sketch of the 1970's
Bishop's Waltham - St Peter
Park in pay and display car park a short walk from the church; the charge is very reasonable and you don't have to add your registration number (a disgraceful practice!). Very attractive town with an open and very welcoming church. All in all, a quite delightlful place.

Anna Cruys (1634)
Latin inscription
Mrs Jane Wright (Boswell)
at 36)
Note the sculptor's signature below: James Stubbington Fecit
Rev James Ogle (1833)
Rector for more than 30 years
Also his daughters:
Elizabeth Lucy (19)
Jane Barbara (18)
Top: Anne Williams (1785) wife of the Vicar of Catherington; and their daughter, Anne (1787). Bottom left: Edward Griffith Colpoys (1832) Vice-Admiral of the Red; died at Bermuda. And his son, John Edward Griffith Colpoys (1831) Commander RN; died on passage home from India.  Bottom right: Henry Maxwell Griffith Colpoys (1833) Commander RN. Youngest son of the Vice-Admiral Sir Edward.
Left top: Helen Bale (Hervey) (1790 Wife of the Rector.
English inscription
Illegible Latin Inscription
Captain Charles Richards RN CB (1844)
English inscription
Top: Helen Hervey (Chernnock)

John Goolding Gent (1840)
English inscriptions
Top: Rev Charles Walters (1811)
Curate and formerely schoolmaster
Mjr Andrew Buchanan King (1915)
7th Argyll  Sutherland Highlanders
DOW at Hazebruck sustained in 2nd Battle of Ypres
Top: Rev John Voden Walter
Curate of Meon Stoke and
Master of the Grammar School i
Bishop's Waltham
William (1891) and Louisa
'...lies Interred ye Body og ye much Lamented pious Charitable good Catholick Mary Wife of Robert Kerby & Daughter of William ffisher Gent...' 1716
'... lies also the Body of Robert Kerby Esq Husband of theʃaid Mary...' (1723)
Top: Gavin Kemp (1810)
Bottom: John Jenkyns (1862); his wife, Anna (Chalmer) (1862);their son, John (1833). Also the youngest daughter of the Vicar of Evercreech (Som.), Elizabeth Anne Jenkyns (1843)
Other Monuments
Thomas John Brown (1915) 37 years church warden, 23 years organist, and chairmen of the parish council from its foundation in 1894 until his death. Brass on wooden backing.
Mrs Barbara Frances Hodges (179[3]) White tablet on black base
Anne Magdelen Brock (1845), Wife of the Rector. White tablet on black base
William (1857) and Lucy Matilda (1859) Gunner White tablet with simple pediment with cross and simple apron below; black base
Admiral George A. Giffard CMG (1925); his eldest son, Commander Frederick Giffard RN DSC (1923); his second son, Charlie Giffard (1921); the latter's wife, Maud (1916) Added later: Eleanor (1945), wife of Admiral Giffard. White tablet with triangular top containing crest of crown with clenched hand holding plant? above, on gray marble base.

Botley - All Saints
Church is open. You may park in the free car park next to the church. Very friendly village and church. Toilets O/S Ref: Su 423 503

All Saints is a modern church; the effigy was found during the demolition of the nearby old church (St Bartholomew) and was moved to the new church. It is said to represent John de Botele, Lord of the Manor around 1260 and Sheriff of Hampshire 1279.

Christchurch Priory
Car park next door (pay & display) Church open during normal hours  Photography pass £1 but tripods not allowed.
O/S Ref: 
SZ 160 925

The Fifteenth Century
Sir John Chidiock (1461) & Lady Kathryn Lumley. Alabaster.  North Chancel Aisle

The Sixteenth Century
North Chancel Aisle Lady Chapel Lady Chapel

The Eighteenth Century
Far Left: Mary Oake (1771) and son John (1773)
Above Left: Moses Sleat (1793)
'...in the adjoining churchyard are deposited the remains of...' Also his wife Susanna (1785) and their son Richard Wright (1820) Below is added: Mary Sleat (1831) & Sally Sleat (1848) their daughters and John their son.
Above Right: John Cook (1787)
Far Right: John Lloyd (1778)
Vice Admiral of the Blue. Also his wife Elizabeth (1799)

Above: Augusta Sophia Bullock (1798 at 17)  'whose remains are interred in St Mary's Church, Salisbury'.  Mary Appleford Woolsdaughter (1803).  Peggy Payne (1811) sister of Mary and mother of Augusta. Benjamin Bullock (1824)   father of Augusta. ...whose remains with the two before mentioned and interred in this chapel'

Left: John Savage (1791) & Anne (1797)
Above: Henry Lloyd  (1792) & Mary (1798)

The Nineteenth Century (and one Twentieth Century)
Above: Charles Quartley (1825) signed Hiscock X Church  
Right: Charlotte Chute (1876)

Above: Philip Norris (1866)
George Hookey (1812)
Jane Mouatt (1801); & grandaughter Margaret Jane (1802 age 16) . James Noyce Cpt RN(1813), his widow Mary (1813). Jane Mouat (1836), mother of Margaret Jane.

Top Left:  John Dale Hookey (1831)
Top Left Centre:  Thomas Dean Shute (1845) 'Interred in a vault in the cemetery at Southampton'
Top Right Centre: John Spicer (1836) his wife Rebecca and their son John (1844)
Right: : William Gordon Cameron (1885) Lt. Cameron Highlanders. DOW following an attack on the village of Absari, occupied by the Dervishes, in front of the Fort of Kosheh on the Upper Nile in the Sudan. Buried there. First line of the inscription is in Gaelic.
Next Right:
Mjr John Peter Nelly (1836)
Far Right: James Penlease (1819) By William Hiscock. Ambulatory

Above: Sir Donald Coleman Bailey Kt OBE (1985) Engineer and designer of the World War II Bailey Bridge. Bronze plaque with images in low relief which show the launching of the 80 foor Bailey Bridge (Code Named Amazon) across the Rapide River at Monte Casino on the night of 12/13 May 1944 by the Royal Engineers of the 4th British Division. The design is based on a painting by the war artist Terence Cunes Left Top: Elizabeth Reeks (1789) Her husband Robert Reeks (1828) Their son John Dale (1806); their daughters Sarah (1806), Susanna (1818) and Mary (1845).
Left Bottom: Emily Charlotte Shute (1900), Charlotte Matilda Shute (1906) & Cpt William Gordon Shute (1829) ... sons and daughters of the late Thomas Shute...
James (1825) & Mary (1842) Tod
Above: John Levett (1807) ?
Right Top: John Barnes (1815) 'Near this monument in the same vault with her deceased parent are deposited by her own desire, expressed on her death bed, the remains of Maria the youngest daughter of the late John Barnes...(1826 age 18)...'In the same vault are deposited the remains of Janet, widow of the above named John Barnes' (1848) By Chantrey. North Chancel Aisle.
Right Bottom: Fanny White-White (1911)
Jane Shee (1832) Percy Bysshe Shelly (1822) The poet who drowned when his boat upset in the Gulf of Spezzia. He was cremated locally and his ashes were buried in the Protestant Burial Ground in Rome. Also to his wife Mary Wollstonecraft (18510; she is buried with her father William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft in Bournmouth. Marbe by Weekes 1854. There is also a mural brass to their son Sir Percy Florence Shelly Bart (1889). The monument was intended for St peter's, Bournmouth, where his heart was buried. West Tower Viscountess Fitzharris (1815) by Flaxman Chancel
Corisande, Countess of Malmsbury (1876) Marble by A. Trentanore. Chancel

Other Monuments
Albert Haskell (kia 1914 at 22 on board HMS Zealandia)  Black tablet, gold lettering, marble surround.
Anne Birch Reynardson (1853) White tablet with base and pediment on black backing. 'Her remains are deposited near this spot in the vault belonging to Sir Gearge Tapps Gerves Bart' Signed Manning Scuptor London.
Arthur Quartley MD (1839) White tablet with black lettering on black backing.
Catharine Ann (née Lyons) (1832) & her husband, Lt Col Edmund Walcott Sympson (1840). White tablet with black lettering and pillars on marble backing. Below is a similar tablet to their son, Lt Col Edmund Yeamans Walcott Sympson (1847).
Elizabeth Anne Farr (1843)
White tablet with pediment with bible over cross; black base. Signed: Bedford 256 Oxford St London.
Eliza Elliott (1851) White tablet.
Rt Hon George Rose (1818) 'In the vault beneath are deposited the remains of...' Architectural tablet and similar below a tablet to his widow Theodora (1834) 'her mortal remains rest with those of her husband...' Also her sisters 'in the same vault' Henrietta Duer (1811), Elizabeth Grace Duer (1835) and Frances Duer (1835). Their daughter Frances Theodora Rose (1846) is buried in the same vault and commemorated on a separtate white tablet.
James Jopp Walcott Sympson (1819) Architectural tablet. Added below: Cpt Colpoys Cleland Walcot CBE RN (1961).
John Sloman (1823)
& his wife Catherine (1850) White tablet with large oval backing.
Mjr George
Ewen Eyre Gordon Cameron (1908)
The Gordon Highlanders.Mural brass;  lettering surrounded by oak leaves.  Below is a similar brass to his brother:   Cpt Napier Charles Gordon Cameron (1914), 1st Batallion The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.  KIA Battle of Aisne, France
Rev Samuel Clapham MA (1807) and his wife Maria (1830) White tablet on black backing.
Robert William Watmough (1890) Buried at Harper Cemetery, Kansas, USA. Mural Brass
Sir William Rose (1885) Mural brass.
Rev William Jackson (1802) Vicar. Oval white tablet on black backing. Signed Hiscock X. Church

 Revd Thomas Henry Bush (1909) Vicar. Mural brass       
Alfred George Darke (1879) Mural Brass
Annie Wiltshire (1883) Buried in the churchyard of St John the Baptist Church, Frome, Somerset. Mural Brass.
Caroline Jane Walcott Sympson (1843) White tablet with Gothick frame on marble backing. Her sister - Catherine Amelia Willis (1864) has similar tablet below.
Edward Bowen AM (1749) Vicar & Charles Moody (1755) Vicar. Grave slab with incised lettering in Latin.
Elizabeh Burrows (1835) wife of Rev William Burrows (1871) She is 'interred beneath this tablet with her infant daughter Marianne...' Her husband died and is buried at Whitchurch. White tablet on black backing.
George Ferry (1893) Organist. Mural brass. The lettering is framed by a round arch above which angels playing harp and trumpet.
Henry Douglas Mackenzie Shute (1860) Cpt HM 57th regiment. White tablet on black base.
John Richman (1784) Black tablet with gold lettering, in ? alabaster frame

Lavinia Oake (1804) White tablet '...died of a decline...'
Mariamne Hopkins (1850).  Also her son, George Winterton (1838),  Ensign in Her Majesty's 76th Regiment) Drowned in Murray Forth and buried in Ardensier, Scotland. White tablet on black base. Similarly below tablet to her husband, Henry Hopkins (1856) and  daughter, Mariamne Elizabeth (1851)
Agnes Charlotte Burne (1907) Lady of Grace of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.
Buried next to the grave of her uncle Field Marshal Lord Strathnairn at Christchurch.

Droxford - St Mary & All Saints
Church open. Park in village hall car park. Very welcoming. 'Wilfred's Cafe' operates in the north chapel with cakes, ice cream, drinks etc. Very good toilets
O/S Ref: SU 608 182

Lady, late 13th century.
Said to have been discovered buried in nearby meadow in the early 19th century

Not legible Francis Morley (J689/90)
Latin inscription
Charles Morley (1752)
Latin inscription
Charles Morley (1697) and, added later, his wife, Madelene (1737). Parents of Charles, left. Curiously his date is in Romans while hers are in Arabic numerals. Latin inscription.

Peter Barfoot (1814) Richard Goodlad (1821) and his second wife, Frances Leonora (1821) From left to right:
Anne Darbyshire, wife of the Rector of Portland and Curate of Droxford. She was buried Nov 22 1681 and their son John Nov 7 the same year. Also their daughter Elizabeth (1680) 2. Mary Myngs (1805) and in the same vault her sister, Elizabeth Nourse. 3. Susanna Nourse (1746)  Widow of the Rector Peter DD.
Lewes Stephens DD (17[46])
'Miniſter of the Pariſh'
Set high and dark: very difficult to make out in the church
Other Monuments
Frances Barfoot (1835) Widow of Peter, above. White tablet on black base

East Tisted - St James
The church is open: you may park in the road outside but there is little room. There is a sign to the church car park pointing west to the A32; directly across this road are some metal gates leading to Rotherfield Park but these were closed. Is this the church car park?
O/S Ref: SU 701 323

Lady. Her head is sunken in the upper part of a cross and she holds her heart; she has a dog at her feet. Richard and Elizabeth Norton (1500)
Information kindly sent by Dr Nicholas Riall who dates the monument c 1530 (Ref: 'Defining the early sixteenth century experience: the tomb of Richard and Elizabeth Norton at East Tiston, Hampshire. Hampshire Studies, 67, 37-35)
The effigy from the left can be seen at the base of this monument
Top: Heraldry over the Richard and Elizabeth Norton tomb
Bottom: And over the Sir John Norton tomb
Sir John Norton (1686)
Above left: John Norton (1564) and Wife Note the two tiny figures on the top of the first stage facing each other prayer desk: these are shown on the right and somewhat resemble chess pieces. In fact they may well be as the two figures  were stolen in the 1980's or 1890's: these figures knelt either side of the prayer desk and some distance from it; so chess piece replacements they might be! Information kindly sent by Dr Nicholas Riall
Above right top:
Sir John Norton (1686), detail of the figure on the monument immediately above. Above lower centre: Richard Newlin STP (1731) and Dorothy (1725)  Above right: Anna Powlett (1784)  Above this are the two 'chess pieces'

From Left to right: 1.) James Scott (1855).  2.) James Winter Scott (1873) This monument is at the opposite side of the door to that to the left: it is almost identical except for the absence of the bust . Was this never constructed or removed? ⁻ ¹ 3.) This is the brass to James Winter Scott (1873) MP 1832-37 (see 2.)and Lucy Scott (1901). The brass is situated directly below 2.). 4.) Archibald Edward Scott (1924) and his wife Celia Maria (Bolitho) (1931 5.) Jervoise Bolitho Scott CC JP DL (1965) Col 1st Bt. 7th Hussars, and his wife Kathleen Idabel (Walter) (1987)  6.)  Sir Oswald Arthur Scott KCMG DSO (1960) Mjr 10th Bn the Hampshire Regiment; and sons: 2nd Lt Richard Oswald Scott (1940) The Kings Royal Rifle Corps. KIA Calais aged 20) and Pilot Officer Thomas Roland Scott RAFVF (1942) Killed flying on active service aged 20.

⁻ ¹ In Pevsner and Lloyd, The Buildings of England: Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (1967 reprinted 1990). page 203 it states '- Also busts of Scots †1855 and †1873' Either this is incorrect or the bust has been removed.

Ann ( 1800) & James Eames (1818) Their daughter Sarah (1821) Age 12 Arthur (1766) & Mary Kelsey (1797)
Tombstones presumably removed from the churchyard but now set into the wall at the west end of the church. Two are double for husband and wife.

East Worldham - St Mary the Virgin
Church open: park outside in the church car park.  O/S Ref: SU 751 382

Lady, early 14th century.
The upper part of her body is set into a recess in the slab and below is a cross in low relief.
Elizabeth Metcalfe (Heigh) (1692) A matching pair: William Dunce (1761) and his wife, Martha Dunce (1798) Henry Heighes (1681)

Other Monuments

Henry Louis Wickham (1864)
Lucy (Markham) Wickham (1885)
Two almost identical tablets: white on black with arms at the top. Buried side by side in the churchyard

Charles (1799) & Jane (1802) Carpenter.
White oval on black backing; flaming urn above.

Right: Henry Heighs (1692)

Left: Edward Heighes (1684), his wife Hannah (Tibbs) (1713), their children: Edward (1723), Rev John (1725), Sarah (1730), & William (1734)

King's Somborne - St Peter and St Paul
Park in road outside the church. The church is normally unlocked but if locked the telephone numbers of the church office and the church wardens are given on the notice board. Very welcoming and helpful. Good toilets in church.
O/S Ref: SU 360 310

Above left and above: Effigy of a priest,  William de Brestowe. Vicar (1305-1327)
An inscription can just be seen around the edge of the slab with which the effigy is integral:  Willaem de Brestowe gist ici dev de sa alme merci. (William de Brestowe lies here, God have mercy on his soul)
Left bottom: Brasses of two male civilians, one has a beard while the other is clean shaven (or young). 14th century. Under carpet.
Needham Family. Monument dated 1738. Latin inscription mentions Sarah, Joanne, Peter, Elizabeth, Peter, and Richard
Peter, father and son, both served as vicars here
Rev John Reeves MA
Late of Farley Chamberlayne. Was he vicar there? He appears to have been born at King's Somborne
Luke (1728) and his wife Grace Sutton (1729)
With many thanks to Dr D & Mrs J Kelsall, Jean McCreanor and Amanda Miller of Amanda's Arcadia for providing many of the photographs for the Hampshire pages. The drawings  were executed by the Web Master in the various churches in the 1970's
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