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Sherborne St John  Silchester Sopley Southwick 
Sherborne St John - St Andrew
The church is kept locked: contact the church to obtain permission to visit. You may be able to park near the church and walk down a footpath to reach it.

O/S Ref: SU 624 556

The first illustrations are drawings I made in the church in the 1970's: the several photographs were taken recently
The latter was not entirely sucessful with both difficult lighting and all the clutter. I was not able to sucessfully photograph the canopy which can best be seen from the drawing.  The church had certainly changed since the 1970's


Ralph Pexall & Edith (Brocas) c. 1535
The effgies lie on a tomb chest under an arch between choir and north chapel. The tomb chest and the arch are decorated with coats of arms and Renaissance motifs; the initials of the Christian names of the couple are combined together on the arch. At the head of the tomb the shields are carved in relief but the charges are painted, as shown as the first two drawings above; there are no motifs at the feet. At the knight's side the charges are carved but only the ground shows any painting as shown in the next two drawings above; there are no motifs on the lady's side. An inscription is painted around the tomb chest as shown. There is some red painting remaining on the inner side of the knight's gauntlet and the lady's sleeves.
An inscription on a brass in the church is to William Brocas of Beaurepair Esq who died in 1505 and was survived by two daughters: one, Anne, died without issue while the other, Edith, married Ralph Pexall above. He was an official at the court of Henry VIII.



There are a number of brasses in the church mostly on the floor of the north chapel. Unfortunately these are partly covered by items of furniture and suchlike, as the chapel acts as a storeroom. I suppose this is meant to discourage thieves but certainly discourages photographers! Some minor damage to the brasses has been caused by this storage. The guide kindly offered to move these items for me but as there was so much I declined this offer and did .

Shrouded skeleton from the brass of Bernard Brocas (1488)
This following brass is set at right angles to the above
 Bernard Brocas (1488) Anne (Longford)?, first wife of John Brocas (1492); below is a row of 6 children. To her left is the brass of her husband facing outward and to his left Anne (Rogers) his second wife? wife facing him with a row of 5 children below.  I was unable to photograph the other brasses in this set
Raulin (1360) and Margaret Brocas
Son and daughter of Sir Bernard Brocas
Inscription in French
Fortunately set into frame on the wall
 William Brocas (1540)
Also set in wall
Not recorded:  John Brocas (1482) with shield and Trinity above the kneeling figure

Elizabeth _
She was wife of an MP but the lettering
has faded, possibly Chute
William John Chute MP (1824)
The brass below is to:
Chaloner William Chute (1892)
Richard Attkins (1635)
Latin Inscription
George (1645)  and Margaret (1660)

Silchester - St Mary the Virgin
The church is not in the actual village of Silchester: head for the Roman Town (signposted), east of the village. The church is on the east side of the Roman Town, outside the wall which runs from the south-west to north-east. There is a good car park outside the church, which is open during the day.
O/S Ref: SU 643 624


Effigy of a lady (mid 14th century) There are traces of red colouring on her gown and on the underside of the arch. The effigy is said to be of Margaret (Bluet) de Cousance or her sister Eleanor (Bluet) Baynard,  daughters of the last Bluet lord of the manor; she is generally thought to be the latter. Her outer garment  was once painted red. In the mid 19th century there were remnants of a painting on the back of the recess of showing the lady's soul being carried to Heaven by angels.

Mrs Rebecca Taylor (1767)
She was Rector Paris's sister and house keeper


John Burgess Preston Karslake FSA (1942)
Barrister at Law, Lt Col Berkshire Yeomanry, Deputy Lt County of London, twice mayor of Paddington etc. Framed tablet
John Paris (1742) Rector. There is an obscure Latin line which, when translated reads: 'about whom there is silence unless his works speak.' This refers to his bequest of the bells. James Butler, Viscount Ikerrin (1712)
He died in London at 14, possibly robbed and murdered, and was the orphan grandson of Lord and Lady Blesington, whose family had bought the manor in1704. The verse is by Martial.
The Paice Family.
Only the last lines can be easily read: Abraham Paice (1769)
There is also an entry for George who died at 12 'through an unfortunate blow to the temple by a schoolfellow.'
In the church yard - near south chancel wall - are two coffin lids with sunken busts, both because of their exposure very worn. One has a male head sunk in a quatrefoil and there was probably a cross on the lower part of the lid but this can no longer be made out. The other has two busts - male and female - and a cross on the lower part, both carved in low relief. It is speculated that this may be Ralph Bluet and his wife; he was lord of the manor in 1233 when much of the church was built. The moss and other debris make these even more difficult to make out.

Sopley -  St Micheal

The church is open but parking may be a problem at times. The church is on raised ground on the left side of a narrow lane which, when there is a service, is taken by a row of parked cars for those attending the service; there may be no remaining spaces. However at the end of the lane there is a large car park, which may belong to the church or to a retaurant which appears to share the car park; there was no indication which. However there were staff working in the restaurant and we were not approached.

OS Ref: SZ 157 967

There are two 13th century Purbeck Marble effigies in the church: a male and female civilian, both in poor and patched condition. Both have remains of gablets. They now stand upright in the church on either side of the north (entrance) door; so don't miss them!  The church notes states these tow effigies were taken from an old church at Ripley but a can find no further information.

Southwick - St James

Above: John Whyte (1567) & Wife (1548) Rebuilder of the church. Gothic tomb chest but classical surrounding; the tomb chest may have come from the priory or constructed in earlier style in 1548.
Left:  Edward Wynn (1748) signed James Stubbington of Bishops Waltham
Col William Pakenham, Grenadier Gurards. Kia Inkerman (1854); Cpt Robert Maxwell Pakenham 84th Regiment. Kia Lucknow (1857); Lt Edmund Powerscourt Pakenham (1861) Light infantry; Lt-Col Charles Wellesley Pakenham (1857) Grenadier Guards. Brothers
Richard Field
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