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Thornhill - St Michael

Sir John Thornhill (?) (1321) Sir John Savile (1540) & Two Wives, a Vernon and a Paston. Effigies of oak and originally under an oak four poster. Erected 1529
Sir John Savile (1481) & Wife Alabaster effigie
Tickhill - St Mary


Left top:  Brass inscription
Left bottom: Tomb chest perpendicular
Above:  Incised slab
Badly repaired incised slab
John Laughton (1709) and his wife,
Jane (Fairfax) (1699)
William Laughton (1702) and his wife,
Jane (1695)
Above: Thomas Fitzwilliam (1495) and his  wife, Lucy Neville. Alabaster. From the church of the Austin Friars; this is now a house containing fragments of the friary. It is difficult to make out the effigies from this aspect but Lucy is just about visible.

Right: Louisa Blanche Foljambe (Howard) (1871) Alabaster by William Calder Marshall. Note she holds her baby son, Frederick, who died at one day old; his mother died six weeks later. He husband (the First Earl of Liverpool) placed over sixty memorials to his wife in thirty-eight churches that were associated with the family. The monument was moved here in 1908 but I can find no further information. Louisa Blanche Folijambe was buried  at Scofton, Nottinghamshire. Father information is needed.

Wadworth - St John the Baptist

Edmund Fitzwilliam (1465) & Wife  Effigy 14th century Knight late 14th century. Note beard and hunting horn. Probably a forester of Hatfield Chase
Wakefield Cathedral
Wakefield Cathedral - The Cathedral Church of
Wakefield is a cathedral of the modern foundation, having been a parish church until 1888. Park in one of the modestly priced card parks nearby. No entrance fee or charge for photography.

Sir Lyon Pilkington (1714)

Above: William Walsham How DD First Bishop of Wakefield 1888-1897
Left:  John Ingram (1841) & Family The most attractive in the cathedral set against one of the pillars in the chancel.
Right: Janet Maud (1824) by J Kendrick to the design of Mrs Maud's husband

Above from left to right:
1) Ann [Waddington] (1718 aged 13).  2) Samuel Disney MA (1741) 'Lecturer at this church' . His son Samuel Disney LLB '...late vicar of Haſstead in Eſſex and was buried there agreeably to his own requeſst...' His wife's sister Mrs Mary Proctor. His wife, Margery, erected this monument.  3)  Christopher [Henlysen] MD  4) Thomas Oates (1783), his wife Elizabeth (1791); their son, William (1803); their daughters, Susanna (1806) and Elizabeth (1789) 'The remains of the two siſters were interred near to each Other at Clifton near BRISTOL.  5) William & Catherine (1741) Dowson. Their children Catherine ('died young') & Walker (1793) 6) Mary Wheatley Latin text. I cannot make out the date
Martha Hanson (1791) Also her husband Cptn Ralph Hanson (1815) and their daughter Katharine Dealtry (1851) Thomas Pilkington Bart  Henry Clemetshaw (1821) '...upwards of Fifty Years organist of this church...'  Edward Green (1865) Alderman of Wakefield and engineer 'of considerable eminence...his inventions were of service to the country...' John Cookson MB (1879) 
John Ingram (1841); sister Mary Anne (1840), and his wife Ruth (1850) Latin text Constance Margaret Eden (1906)
Wife of the Bishop
Illegible James Richardson MD (1820)
Medieval Grave Covers
Walton - St Peter

Above: Nicholas Fairfax (1702/3)
Right: 14c knight; possibly member of the Fairfax family who held the manor from 1249
Wighill - All Saints

Robert Stapleton (1635) 7 Lady Stapleton (Fairfax)  He lies above his six kneeling children; his feet rest on the family crest of a Saracen's head. Alabaster effigies.

Womersley - St Martin
Left: Knight - early 14th century
Above: Tobiah  Harvey (1720)
Wragby - St Michael

The Hon Anthony Winn (1942)
Captain the Queen's Westminsters
KIA at El Alamein
John Winn (1817)
Below the main sculpture are two shields:
Louisa Winn and Charles Winn
I think sister and brother to John
By Chantrey 1823
Other Monuments
Col Rowland Denys Guy Winn MC DL (1916-48) 4th Baron St Oswald. First president of the Yorkshire Society. Black tablet with white and blue lettering.
Reginald David Alexander Winn (1973-1963) Black tablet with white lettering

Also: Sir Roland Winn (1765)  By Flaxman, 1806. A relief with two seated and one standing figure, Grecian

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