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Pannal - St Robert

Right: Thomas Symeson (1553) and his wife, Rossamund (c. 1559). Then there is an amount of genealogical information tracing the family back to Archil, an Anglo-Saxon thane who lived in the time of Edward the Confessor. Then William Simpson (1786) Captain of the West Yorkshire Militia, who is descended from the above. Signed: Day, Knaresbro'
Other Monuments
These are all very similar with some occasional variation: white tablet with pilasters and gable on a black or gray base. Some are of a very simple design. There are a number of floor slabs in the chancel with mosaic patterns, crosses and other Christian symbols; these are of those whose wall monuments are below as well as others.
Thomas Godfrey Bentley (1930) Lay rector of this parish. Also  his brother who succeeded him (presumably as Lay Rector) Norman Wilson Bentley (1939.
William Bentley (1843)
and his wife Mary (1846) Signed: Wilson, Leeds
Thomas Bentley (1863) and his wife Mary Ann (1845) Signed Wilson, Leeds
Annabella Bentley (1855) Youngest daughter of William and Mary above. Signed: Beckwith, Leeds
William Bentley (1813) and his wife, Christiana (1819) Signed: Wilson, Leeds
Eliza Penelope Bentley (1884) Lay Rectoress of this Parish
Melville Guy Pullein Bentley (1968) Aged 8 and only son of William and Jennifer Bentley
William Bentley Bentley (1992)
William George Bentley (1866)
Also Henrietta Maria (1866), only child of the aforesaid William George and Henrietta, at 19 months

Brass: John (1977) no surname

  Ripley - All Saints  
  The church was rebuilt around 1400 following the collapse of the earlier church known as The Sinking Chapel  

Sir Thomas Ingilby (1369) and his wife, Lady Edeline.  The monument was brought from The Sinking Chapel. The tomb chest contains standing images of their children - three on each side with one saint. On the top light hand photograph there can be seen part of an inscription. Sir Thomas's head rests on what look like a wild boar rather than the customary lion and, it is said, the he was knighted by King Edward III for saving his life which had been threatened by one of these animals.

Mary Alicia Ingilby (1872) aged 9; and Haggerston Ingleby (1873) aged 4.
The only children of Henry Day Ingilby Bt & Hon Alicia Margaret
I cannot read the inscription, have not seen this tomb nor can find any references
The brasses on either side are described in 4 and 5 below.
Elizabeth Ingilby (1679) aged 12, 3rd daughter of Sir William Ingilby. Also, her sister, Katherine Ingilby (1701), aged 22, and youngest daughter of Sir William. The monument was commissioned by their  unmarried sister, Mary Ingilby, who died in 1743, aged 70, and was subsequently buried here. White marble tomb chest. Sir William Ingilby Kn (1618)
He entertained James I on his way from Scotland for his English coronation. However he was suspected of involvement in the Gunpowder Plot but was acquitted before the trial. The epitaph is shown in detail below.

Mary Gawthorp (Kershaw) (1742)
Wife of the Rector. Her sons:
William (1754) and Christopher (1780).
Also Rebekah Kershaw (1785), her sister

Thomas Strother (1818)
Merchant of Leeds

Epitaph of Sir William Ingilby (1618)
see above
Henry John Ingilby (1870)
Baronet in Holy Orders
And his wife, Elizabeth (1869)
Top: Anna Ingilby (Bellingham) (1640)
And her husband,
Sir William Ingilby Bt (1682)
Latin text

Other Monuments
  1. Gray tablet (slate) in the porch: 'In memory of Quintin Acomb, this porch was erected by his friends. AD 1863'
 2. George William Smith '... who was accidentally killed 14 April 1911' Brass on wooden base.
 3. '... erected by Robert Peck of Kingston-upon-Hull in memory of the last three descendants of the Fosters, who for many years resided in this place. Viz: Bartholomew (1839), Robert (1841), and Mary Scruton (1841), sister of the aforesaid Robert. White tablet with gable.
 4. Sir Henry Day Ingilby Bt. (1911) Brass
 5. The Hon Dame Alicia Margaret Ingilby (1916) Wife of the above. Brass
 6. Two bronze tablets on single wooden backing: Joan Fell (1979) and her parents, Wilfred Law Illingworth (1967) and Frances Mary Illingworth (1994). Below this: Frances Betty Preston (1996), sister of the aforementioned Joan
 7. Richard Wharton Ingilby (1855) and his sister, Lucy Mary Ingilby (1863), who are buried in a vault in this church. Son and daughter of Rev Henry and Isabel Jane Ingilby, who are buried at Kirkleatham. White gabled tablet on black base
 8. Rt Hon Marianne Sarah Robertson, Baroness Marjoribanks of Ladykirk. 'the standard lighting in this church are dedicated by her loving child, Alicia Margaret Ingilby' 1889 Brass
 9. William Ingilby Bt (1918) Late Lt Bengal artillery. Brass
10. Eleanor (1923), his wife
11. William Henry Ingilby Bt (1950) Late Lt-Col Scots Guards. Brass
12. Alberta (1968) His wife. Brass

Ripon Cathedral
A small but very welcoming and friendly cathedral in a delighful town. Park in one of the modestly priced car parks. Entrance is free but there is a £3.00 charge for photography.
Ripon Cathedral is a Cathedral of the Modern Foundation, having been raised to cathedral status in 1836, the first to be created since the Reformation.

South West Tower
Note: unfortunately this area is used a a store for chairs and other equipment, often making the very large monument, and even some of the others,  difficult to see  let alone photograph. When I visit Ripon I often visit the Cathedral to see what is stacked up in this section. This was the best day yet with only some boxes blocking the large monument and nothing the others.

Sir Edward Blackett Bt. MP (1718) He is shown reclining, flanked by figures of two of his three wives. By ? John Hancock
Left:  Emily Oxley (1898), her husband Admiral C L Oxley JP(1920) & their children: Violet Fremantle (1944), Cmdr C B Oxle RN, DSC, Charles Oxley (1959), Margaret Winifred Eliot (1969), Agnes Oxley (1971), Rose Oxley (1976) & Dorothy, Vicountess Arbuthnot OBE  (1990). At the time of death each child's head was added to the memorial. Bizarre.
Above left: 
Edward James Oxley (1837) & Frederick William Oxley (1839)
Above right: 
Christopher Oxley (1803) Two children - Frances & Juliana - are referred to by his 1st wife; two unamed infants by his second wife and one son - Charles - by his 3rd wife - Dorothy (1820) who is remembered on the monument.
Margaret (Lodge) Oxley (1819): added below Charles Oxley (1873), her husband. Below this in the oval: their son, Charles Christopher Oxley (1881), his wife Georgiana Maria (1864), and unamed children. Buried at Coatham, Redcar.

Nave  South Aisle South Choir Aisle

Left:  Hugh Ripley (1637) Last 'Wakeman'  ( responsible for the security of the town once the 'night watch' had been set) and first Mayor of Ripon. A kneeling frontal effigy.
Above:  'The Lion Tomb' On the top  is incised the figure of a lion in a wood background and a kneeling man. The inscription in the base is illegible. But is it a tomb at all?
Right: Moses Fowler (1608)
He was the first dean under James I's restored collegiate foundation of 1604, having previously been the incumbent of the parish church.

South Transept 
 Left and above:  William Weddell by Nollekens  Aislabie Family Sir John Mallorie (1678)
Also two tablets:  William Thomas Mallorie (1938) priest and his wife Margaret (1974).  Elizabeth Allanson (1808)

North Transept
 Sir Thomas Markenfield (1398) & Dionisia Fought in Hundred Years War; heraldic detail on tomb chest and armour (now worn but records exist)

Sir Thomas Markenfield (1497) & Eleanor The great grandson of the above. Fought in Wars of the Roses: on the losing sides (Lancastrian) at Towton & Bosworth. Records exist of heraldry and inscription.
Coffin Lid 14th century
Very worn but looks like a sunken bust with hands holding heart with a cross below
  Left: John (1788) & Elizabeth Lister. Then above from left to right: 1) Lt Robert James Darley Widdilove RN of HMS America. Died at sea 1844 'within a few days sail of Valparaiso' Buried at sea aged 25. Note the coffin and anchor.  2) Lt Francis William Darley Waddilove of HM Regiment. 'fell the victim of a long march, about 250 miles, from Lahore to Rawul-Pindee in the Punjab, during a very hot period of a season...'. Buried locally at 25 (1849)  3) Sir Edward Blackett Bar & c. & c. & c.  4) Lt Ingleby Stuart Jefferson RN (1917) KIA in command of HM submarine C24 in the North Sea...'
Left: A number of wall monuments. Above left: Robert Moore Bowman JP MRCS (1914) 
Above right
: Hellen Bayne (Pickersgill) (1694/5)

There are a very large number of wall monuments in Ripon Cathedral but for sake of layout I have posted them on a separate page.
They may be seen here. I have not added the names and other details but the reproductions are relatively large and they can often be read directly.

Rotherham - All Saints
Also known as Rotherham Minster

Charles (1717) aged 6 and
Martha (1716)
aged 1 year, 9 months
Note they are describes as son and daughter of
John Cleator Clerk; should there be a comma
after the Cleator?
The uppermost plate: Mary Westby (1679). The plate below that is to her husband, George Westby. I cannot make out the date, nor the inscription on the lowermost plate. William Wasteneys (1809)
wine merchant
His wife, Grace (1794)
Robert Cutforthay (1799) Anne Eyre (1748)
Aged 3
Stephen Roodhouse (1785)
'Surgeon and Man-Midwife'
Note the unusual job description
Samuel Buck (1806) Mrs Catherine Buck (1778) Samuel Tooker (1807)
Latin script

Left and above: Robert Swyfte (1561) and his first wife, Anne (1539)

Right and far right:
' In memory of 50 young persons whose names are inscribed on this tablet who awfully perished at the launching of a vessel at Masbrough July 3 1841'. As indicated the names are inscribed on the side panels.

Other Monuments
Lt Col Downes (1783). Later of 1st Draggon Guards. White tablet with curving obelisk surmounted by an urn. Black base.
Charles Coudell (1798) and his wife, Elizabeth (1788) oval tablet

Ryther - All Saints
The medieval monuments are all in the south aisle and are shown as they are now positioned below.
From left to right we have: 1. Sir Robert and Lady Maud Ryther. 2. Lady in horned head dress the crocket of the arched tomb recess may just be seen. 3. Tomb chest. 4. Tomb chest and effigy of Sir William Ryther.


Above: Sir Robert Ryther  (1327) & Lady Maud. Uncertain attribution.

These two are also shown in the photograph on the top right, although the lady is rather obscured.

Right bottom: A tomb recess set into the wall; note the angel holding a shield. In front of this is an effigy of a lady (who does not belong) wearing a horned head dress and holding her heart in her hands.

Immediately below: Two aspects of a tomb chest; note the fixing holes for brass shields again the stone shields on the sides and the fixing holes for brass inscriptions on the side of the lid

Far Below - left: Sir William Ryther (1475) Alabaster tomb chest and effigy. Right top: Detail of horned head dress lady. Right bottom: Two stones with brasses, details below.



Above centre: John Robinson (1619) The inscription tells us that he married twice: 1. Elizabeth (Rogers), by whom he had no children, and 2. Suzan (Holmden), by whom he had threes sons (Iohn, Henrye, and Iames) and three daughters (Marye, Ann, and Suzan).
Above right: Henry Robinson (1636) 'OF YE INNER TEMPLE, IONDON, GENTLEMAN: SONNE OF IOHN ROBINSON' (above)

Sedburgh - St Andrew
The bust above the pillar (right hand photograph) which can just be seen is that of John Dawson (1820) by Sievier ; I do not have an individual photograph.

Above from left to right: 1. Three children of Wynne Bateman DD and Rachel, his wife: Margaret Bateman (1805) [Roman numerals]; she was the youngest daughter.' and lies interred in the choir' Added below: Maj-Gen Thos Saunders Bateman (1821) [Arabic numerals] 'buried in a vault of St George's Chapel, Bays-Water, Hanover Square, London. He was the second son. Added below and now faded: Catherine (1823). [Arabic numerals]  Their last child who is 'Also buried in the choir'   2. The Worſipfull SR IOHN OTTWAY (1693)  3. (Note the male dominance of this inscription, which I have cut) THE REVEREND POSTHUMUS WHARTON (1714) and his wife Mary (1690). He was 'Master of the Free-School in this place'. Margaret (1776) , their daughter and widow of SAMUEL SAUNDERS DD (1714) He was 'Also Master of the said school...and Vicar of Wellton and Hulton-Bushel. He was buried at Westminster. 'They had two daughters...Margaret (1750)... 'the other [not named] ... married to WYNNE BATEMAN DD (1782) Also Master of the said school. (Added almost as an afterthought) : RACHEL (1802), HIS WIDOW, youngest daughter...  4. Florence Ann (1907) daughter of Thomas Upton and widow of Clement Upton Cottrell Dormer.

Selby Abbey

John, Lord D'Arcy (1411)

Also (no photograph): Cross legged knight early 14th century.

Right: This etching - a Lady of the Hamerton Family - appears in Hollis's book; I do not have a photograph and it does not appear in Pevsner (Buildings of England West Riding). It is certainly very singular, but is it still there?

Sharow - St John
Near Ripon - with one r

George Knowles (1856) Below the inscription is a relief of a broken bridge. By T Milnes. George Knowles was a civil engineer and the builder of the church
Silkstone - All Saints

Above Left: Church yard monument remembering the 26 miners who died in a disastrous flood in the colliery of R.C.  Clarke   in 1838. The inscription is  of the Old Testament doom laden style but the names of the miners who died, together with an indication of their grave sites, are all inscribed on a side face of the monument. Information about this tragic occurrence may be found here and  here. You will note that some of the children - boys and girls - were as young as eight years of age. Above centre and right: Sir Thomas Wentworth (1675) (first baronet) and his wife, Grace (Popely).

Other Monuments

Mrs Hellen Baggely' (1765), ' Woman to the Right Honble the Counteſs of Strafford before and after her Lady-ſhip's marriage for thirty-eight years' White tablet
'...eminence as an ENGINEER and MACHINIST...' White tablet below which is a similar white tablet recording a meeting  here in 1949 on the 200th anniversary of his birth held in the church by 'SHEFFIELD TRADES HISTORICAL SOCIETY, THE INSTITUTE OF MECHANICAL EHGINEERS & THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS' and other similar organizations

Spofforth - All Saints

William Middleton (1763) 'And alſo of Dame Elizabeth Haggerſton (1770) his Sister ...Relict of the late Sir Carnaby Haggerſon' 'Here lieth Interr'd the Body of IOHN MIDDLETON Eſqr (1700) Upper Left: Clara Middleton (1789) aged 2; Right: John Middleton (189) Aged 5. Children of William Middleton. Bottom: Gerald Robert Foster (1962) and wife, Olivia Frances (Ogilvy) (1955) Sir Joseph Radcliffe Bart (1872)
Sig: A Welsh Sculpt Leeds
Iames Talbot DD (1708)

Right: Sir Robert de Plumpton III (1324) Note the arms carved in relief on the shield
Other Monuments
Nathsniel Pullein (1718), William Pullein (1761), William Pullein (1810)
(The above all have their parents named and none are brothers.)
'All of whose bodies rest beneath the part of the chancel now outside the church.'
'Also to the memory of the sons and daughters to the last named, four of whom rest in this church yard.': William Pullein (1848), John Pullein (1830), Samuel Pullein (1863), James Pullein (1850), Joseph Pullein (1849), Mary Outhwaite (1817), Mark Pullein (1826), & Anne Wheelhouse (1871).
'Erected by Catharine Pullein grand daughter of Samuel 1907'
White tablet on black base

Studley Royal - St Mary

George Frederick Samuel Robinson, 1st Marquess of Ripon, 2nd Earl of Ripon, Viscount Goderich of Norton (1909) and his wife (and cousin) Henrietta Anee Theodosia (Vyner), Lady Ripon (1907). White marble effigies

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