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Ripon Cathedral
A small but very welcoming and friendly cathedral in a delighful town. Park in one of the modestly priced car parks. Entrance is free but there is a £3.00 charge for photography.
Ripon Cathedral is a Cathedral of the Modern Foundation, having been raised to cathedral status in 1836, the first to be created since the Reformation.

South West Tower
Note: unfortunately this area is used a a store for chairs and other equipment, often making the very large monument, and even some of the others,  difficult to see  let alone photograph. When I visit Ripon I often visit the Cathedral to see what is stacked up in this section. This was the best day yet with only some boxes blocking the large monument and nothing the others.

Sir Edward Blackett Bt. MP (1718) He is shown reclining, flanked by figures of two of his three wives. By ? John Hancock
Left:  Emily Oxley (1898), her husband Admiral C L Oxley JP(1920) & their children: Violet Fremantle (1944), Cmdr C B Oxle RN, DSC, Charles Oxley (1959), Margaret Winifred Eliot (1969), Agnes Oxley (1971), Rose Oxley (1976) & Dorothy, Vicountess Arbuthnot OBE  (1990). At the time of death each child's head was added to the memorial. Bizarre.
Above left: 
Edward James Oxley (1837) & Frederick William Oxley (1839)
Above right: 
Christopher Oxley (1803) Two children - Frances & Juliana - are referred to by his 1st wife; two unamed infants by his second wife and one son - Charles - by his 3rd wife - Dorothy (1820) who is remembered on the monument.
Margaret (Lodge) Oxley (1819): added below Charles Oxley (1873), her husband. Below this in the oval: their son, Charles Christopher Oxley (1881), his wife Georgiana Maria (1864), and unamed children. Buried at Coatham, Redcar.

Nave  South Aisle South Choir Aisle

Left:  Hugh Ripley (1637) Last 'Wakeman'  ( responsible for the security of the town once the 'night watch' had been set) and first Mayor of Ripon. A kneeling frontal effigy.
Above:  'The Lion Tomb' On the top  is incised the figure of a lion in a wood background and a kneeling man. The inscription in the base is illegible. But is it a tomb at all?
Right: Moses Fowler (1608)
He was the first dean under James I's restored collegiate foundation of 1604, having previously been the incumbent of the parish church.

South Transept 
 Left and above:  William Weddell by Nollekens  Aislabie Family Sir John Mallorie (1678)
Also two tablets:  William Thomas Mallorie (1938) priest and his wife Margaret (1974).  Elizabeth Allanson (1808)

North Transept
 Sir Thomas Markenfield (1398) & Dionisia Fought in Hundred Years War; heraldic detail on tomb chest and armour (now worn but records exist)

Sir Thomas Markenfield (1497) & Eleanor The great grandson of the above. Fought in Wars of the Roses: on the losing sides (Lancastrian) at Towton & Bosworth. Records exist of heraldry and inscription.
Coffin Lid 14th century
Very worn but looks like a sunken bust with hands holding heart with a cross below
  Left: John (1788) & Elizabeth Lister. Then above from left to right: 1) Lt Robert James Darley Widdilove RN of HMS America. Died at sea 1844 'within a few days sail of Valparaiso' Buried at sea aged 25. Note the coffin and anchor.  2) Lt Francis William Darley Waddilove of HM Regiment. 'fell the victim of a long march, about 250 miles, from Lahore to Rawul-Pindee in the Punjab, during a very hot period of a season...'. Buried locally at 25 (1849)  3) Sir Edward Blackett Bar & c. & c. & c.  4) Lt Ingleby Stuart Jefferson RN (1917) KIA in command of HM submarine C24 in the North Sea...'
Left: A number of wall monuments. Above left: Robert Moore Bowman JP MRCS (1914) 
Above right
: Hellen Bayne (Pickersgill) (1694/5)

There are a very large number of wall monuments in Ripon Cathedral but for sake of layout I have posted them on a separate page.
They may be seen here. I have not added the names and other details but the reproductions are relatively large and they can often be read directly.

Ryther - All Saints
Sir Robert Ryther (?)  (1327) & Wife
Thornhill - St Michael

Sir John Thornhill (?) (1321) Sir John Savile (1540) & Two Wives, a Vernon and a Paston. Effigies of oak and originally under an oak four poster. Erected 1529
Sir John Savile (1481) & Wife Alabaster effigie
Tickhill - St Mary

Left top:  Brass inscription
Left bottom: Tomb chest perpendicular
Above:  Incised slab
Badly repaired incised slab
Wadworth - St John the Baptist

Edmund Fitzwilliam (1465) & Wife  Effigy 14th century Knight late 14th century. Note beard and hunting horn. Probably a forester of Hatfield Chase
Wakefield Cathedral
Wakefield Cathedral - The Cathedral Church of
Wakefield is a cathedral of the modern foundation, having been a parish church until 1888. Park in one of the modestly priced card parks nearby. No entrance fee or charge for photography.

Sir Lyon Pilkington (1714)
Above: William Walsham How DD First Bishop of Wakefield 1888-1897
Left:  John Ingram (1841) & Family The most attractive in the cathedral set against one of the pillars in the chancel.
Right: Janet Maud (1824) by J Kendrick to the design of Mrs Maud's husband

Above from left to right:
1) Ann [Waddington] (1718 aged 13).  2) Samuel Disney MA (1741) 'Lecturer at this church' . His son Samuel Disney LLB '...late vicar of Haſstead in Eſſex and was buried there agreeably to his own requeſst...' His wife's sister Mrs Mary Proctor. His wife, Margery, erected this monument.  3)  Christopher [Henlysen] MD  4) Thomas Oates (1783), his wife Elizabeth (1791); their son, William (1803); their daughters, Susanna (1806) and Elizabeth (1789) 'The remains of the two siſters were interred near to each Other at Clifton near BRISTOL.  5) William & Catherine (1741) Dowson. Their children Catherine ('died young') & Walker (1793) 6) Mary Wheatley Latin text. I cannot make out the date
Martha Hanson (1791) Also her husband Cptn Ralph Hanson (1815) and their daughter Katharine Dealtry (1851) Thomas Pilkington Bart  Henry Clemetshaw (1821) '...upwards of Fifty Years organist of this church...'  Edward Green (1865) Alderman of Wakefield and engineer 'of considerable eminence...his inventions were of service to the country...' John Cookson MB (1879) 
John Ingram (1841); sister Mary Anne (1840), and his wife Ruth (1850) Latin text Constance Margaret Eden (1906)
Wife of the Bishop
Illegible James Richardson MD (1820)
Medieval Grave Covers
Walton - St Peter
Above: Nicholas Fairfax (1702/3)
Right: 14c knight; possibly member of the Fairfax family who held the manor from 1249
Wighill - All Saints

Robert Stapleton (1635) 7 Lady Stapleton (Fairfax)  He lies above his six kneeling children; his feet rest on the family crest of a Saracen's head. Alabaster effigies.
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