Loire-Atlantique Maine-et Loire Mayenne Sarthe Vendée
The region of Pays de la Loire was created  in 1956 (with all the other original regions) as an administrate unit, and included the five departments listed above; it was not altered during the reorganization of 2016. It contains a small part of the former Brittany: somewhat illogically the regional capital is the old Breton capital Nantes. Nantes is in the department of Loire-Atlantique and also the departmental capital and regional. All of the old county of Anjou is contained in Pays de la Loire, mostly in the department of Maine et Loire (capital Angers), as is the old county of Maine although this is divided between the departments of Mayenne (capital Le Mans) and Sarthe (capital Laval). Part of the old county of Poitou is in Pays de la Loire (in Vendée, capital La-Roche-sur-Yon) but it is mostly in the former region of Poitou-Charantes, which itself was slotted into a new region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in 2016. Part of the county of Touraine is also in Pays de la Loire, the remainder is in Centre. There are also lesser parts of other old counties and provinces included.
I originally included all the monuments (as well as further intended monuments) of Pays de la Loire on one page; this has now become too long and unwieldy so now each department ( in this region and progressively others) are on separate pages. Click on the link, below the coat of arms, above to access each department.


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