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Ashley - St John the Baptist

Sir Gilbert Gerard (1592) & Lady Ann (Radcliffe) (1602)
Big and complicated alabaster monument.
The two recumbent effigies of the principal figures lie on an open tomb chest  (left and above left) with a large superstructure above. Inside the open tomb chest is a srouded corpse; I cannot tell if there is a second.  Four women are shown in relief against the back wall. (above right). Two adult male childen kneel at the head and foot of the monument, one beared, one not. (below centres and right). Two small children - a boy and a girl - kneel at the right side of the monument.

The earlier photograph (right) shows another, slightly larger, figure kneeling between the boy and girl. This has not been recorded: is it still there.

Harriot Kinnersly (1843)
Daughter of Thomas
Anne Kinnersly (Dixon) (1843)
First wife of Thomas
Thomas Kinnersly (I) (1819) & Mary (1825)
They are surrounded by monuments to their children. By
Chantrey 1826
Hon Elizabeth Maynell (Ingram) (1817)
Wife of Hugo
Hugo Meynell (1800)
Joseph Nollekens
Elizabeth Kinnersly (1863)
Peter Hollins sculptor Birmingham
William Shepherd Kinnersly Thomas Kinnersly (II) (1855)
By Nobel 1859
Hugo Francis Meynell Ingram, his wife Emily and his parents Hugo Charles & Gorgina Meynell Ingram. Georgina is buried here but the other at Hoar Cross
Eccleshall - Holy Trinity
Two Bishops of Litchfield
Left and all below: William Overton (1609) was Vicar of Ecclesfield and consecrated Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield in 1580. Alabaster. He was responsible for developing the glass making industry in Staffordshire. His two wives, who kneel above his recumbent effigy, were Margaret (Barlow), whose mother, the wife of a bishop herself, carried out her wish of marrying all of her five daughters to bishops; and  Mary (Bradstock)
Above and right: James Bowden (1843) was Bishop of Sodor and Mann before being consecrated Bishop of Litchfield in 1840. Unfortunately his tenure was a short one: he died at only 42. Alabaster.

Further information is required here. Is there an incised slab on this tomb chest? If so it could be of Bp Sampson (1554) or Bentham (1548). These are both referred to in Pevsner, who does not mention the kneeling, although we can deduce nothing from this ommission. The top is used as a bookself. There would appear to be another tomb chest also.
Enville - St Mary

Right: Thomas Grey (1559) & first wife Anne Upright children against tomb chest, including babies. Alabaster
 Above: Roger de Birmingham Priest who rebuilt the chancel 1272-1307

Ilam - Holy Cross


The Maverell Monument

The recumbent figures on the tomb chest are those of  Robert Maverell (1626) and his wife, Elizabeth (1628).
Above these figures is a wall monument: the figure kneeling at a prayer desk represents their daughter Elizabeth Cromwell (n/d) while behind her kneel four children facing outwards. They are Wingfield (1668), Vere Essex (1687), Mary (1678) The Hon Oliver (n/d). Although represented as children, the first three - at least - did reach adulthood.

Right: J Watts Russell by Laurence Macdonald 1863

Other Monuments

1. Shrine of St Bertelin

2. David Pike Watts (1831) By Chantrey 1831

Note: The entry in Pevsner, Staffordshire is particularly inadequate on the Maverell Monument.

  Lichfield Cathedral
The Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Chad
Lichfield Cathedral is a Cathedral of the Old Foundation, that is, before the Reformation it was staffed by canons, not by monks.
Park in the large pay car park nearby - charges reasonable. Entrance to the cathedral is free but they do quite reasonably ask for a donation. There is no charge or restriction on photography. Very friendly cathedral


First Earl of Ltchfield (1845)
The brass is set in a marble floor slab

Nave - South Aisle

Three curious monuments where the recumbent figure has been set into the wall in a frame but only  feet and head show. That on the left has lost the upper part; the other two have a tablet set against the wall in the intervening section between the upper and lower parts. The centre figure looks the most complete. That on the left, which clearly forms part of a series, is actually in the south choir aisle. The two tablets, nothing to do with the monuments, record:
Centre: Mary, wife of Rev. J G Norbury (1797) and two children who died in infancy - William & Mary. Added below: J G Norbury (1800)
Right: Daniel William Remington MA (1788) Subchanter of the Cathedral and Vicar of St Mary's, Litchfield. Mary (1806), his widow. William Remington MA  (1826) Minister of St Michael's.

Nave - North Aisle

Rt Hon Lady Mary Wortley Montague (1789)
By Thomas Scheemakers
'... who happily introduc'd from Turkey into this Country, The Salutary Art of inoculating the Small_Pox, convinc'd Of its Efficacy She first tried it with succeſs On her own Children..
Anna Seward (1809); her father Rev Thomas Seward MA (1790) Canon-Residentary of this Cathedral; her mother Elizabeth (Hunter)(1780); her sister Sarah.
By Bacon.
The poem below is by Anna herself, who was a Litchfield poet.
Gilbert Walmesley (1751) '...Regiſter of the Eccleſiaſtical Court at Lichfield...' Magdalen (Aston) (1786), his wife and her sister Mrs Elizabeth Aston (1785) '...ſpinſter...'
William Thomas of Birmingham
Lancelot Addison (1703) Dean of Litchfield, later Archdeacon of Canterbury. His second wife Dorothy (1703) and first son Joseph (1719)
The inscription is in Latin.
Top: Nicholas Brookes (1667); Maria (Brand) (1668)
Bottom: Lt Col the Hon Augustus Henry A Anson VC (1877)
He served in Crimea, India & China. Buried in Cannes, France
South Transept

Above: John Rawlings (1685)

Other Monuments
Dr Samuel Johnson
Bust by Westmacott, 1793
David Garrick Bust by Westmacott, 1793
On south wall three large tablets:
Lucy Groave (1787)
Jane Gastrell (1798)
Dean Baptist Proby (1807)
 Effigy of a civilian in exterior south wall of the transept Andrew Newton (1806)
By Westmacott 1808
North Transept

Canon John Gylby Lonsdale MA (1907)

Marbles by Farmer and Brindley


Above top & middle: Rev John Hodgson Iles (1888) by W R Ingham 1890 (signed).  Above bottom: Dean Heywood (1492) Only the cadaver effigy remains of this once elaborate tomb; it is now mounted on a modern tomb chest with inscription.  Right top left:Maryanne Woodhouse (1840) youngest daughter of Dean Woodhouse. Hugh Dyke Acland (1834) married the eldest daughter of Dean Woodhouse.  Right bottom left: Stephen Simpson MD (1784). Right bottom right: Canon William Vyse MA (1770)  Canon residentary, Rector of St Philip's, Birmingham and Archdeacon of Salop. By Samuel Hayward

Above left , then from left to right: 1. General Richard Vyse (1823), Son of Canon Vyse. 2. Mary Madan (1827) 2nd daughter of Canon Vyse. 3. Elizabeth Parker (Turton) (1808). & below the latter: Ann Bagot (1847) daughter of William Bagot, Rector of Brithfield and Leight.
Above right, then from left to right:  1. Rev George Taylor (1810) Rector of Aldford, Cheshire & Church Easton, Staffs. 2. John Danielle (1809) and below his widow Harriett (1818).  3. Sir Charles Oakeley Bt (1826) by Chantrey.  4. Rev James Falconer DD (1809) Archdeacon of Derby, Rector of Thorpe Constantine, Prebendary of the Cathedral. Also his widow Mary (1801)  5. Rev William Vyse LL D Chancellor of the Diocese of Litchfield and Coventry, Rector of Lambeth & Surridge.
Above left: Dean John Chappel Woodhouse DD (1833)
Above right: 1.
Mercy Woodhouse (1826) Wife of Dean Woodhouse.  2. Chappel Woodhouse (1815) Son of Dean Woodhouse and Mercy. Also mentioned is his widow who died 1887, but she is not named.
Catharine Cecilia Buckeridege (1787) wife of Charles Buckeridge (1821) Archdeacon of Coventry, Precentor and Canon Residentary of this Cathedral

South Choir Aisle

Above from top down:
John Stanley of Pipe (1550)
2. As above, detail.
3. Purbeck marble bishop 13th century, said to be Bishop Walter Langdon , who however died 100 years later. (1321)
4. Bishop Walter de Patteshull (1241)  Purbeck marble
Right from top down:
Details of 2. below
Brevet Mjr William Hodson (1858) Kia at the sorming of Lucknow. Designed by Street; carved by Earp. Third son of the Archdeacon (below) Credited with the joint introduction of the kharki uniform for the British Army. Buried at La Martiniere Lucknow, India
Archdeacon George Hodson (1855) Designed by Street: constructed 1860-62. He died of cholera in Italy and was buried in Riva, by Lake Garda

When I asked one of the guides if I might photographs the monuments, I was immediately sent to the this one, being their 'pride and joy'!
 Ellen-Jane and Marianne Robinson  'The Sleeping Children'  . By Chantrey 1814. White marble. Behind is a black plaque to Prebendary William Robinson, the children's father. Click on the link to learn the sad events leading to the construction of this monument.

Above left, right top & below left: Dean Henry Edward JohnHoward (1868)
Above right centre and bottom and below right:   Archdeacon Henry Moore (1876)

Bishop John Hacket (1670)
Catherine Harper (1822) John Hutchinson (1705) Richard Hinkley (1772), his wife Mary (Bayley)(1778), eldest daughter Elizabeth (1795), eldest son, Thomas (1817), & his widow Catherine (1822)
Other Monuments
Col Richard Bagot (1670) Killed at Naseby
Erasmus Darwin Grandfather of Charles

North Choir Aisle

Left: Sarah wife of Bishop Selwyn (1907) .  Above left: Bishop Edward Woods (1953) Bronze by Epstein.  Above centre:  Samuel Hinton LL D (1668). 
Above right:  Theophania Smallwood (n/d) Late 17th century

Far left and near left bottom:
 Bishop John Lonsdale (1867) By Scott with the alabaster effigy by G F Watts 1841

Left top and above:

 Bishop Henry Ryder (1841) by Chantrey 1841.

Lady Chapel
In one of the South Chapels

Bishop George Augustus Selwyn (1878)
First bishop of New Zealand; later Bishop of Lichfield. By Nicholls

Rolleston - St Mary

Bishop Sherborne of Chichester (1536)

The effigy is let into a wall niche like a coffin but stone block hides the middle of the figure. There are three more of these curious monuments in Lichfield Cathedral. This block is carved with early Reanaisance decoration.

Robert Sherborne was born in Rolleston and was Archdeacon of Huntindon 1494-96 and then of Buckingham and Taunton 1496-1505. However he was not ordained deacon until 1499 and priest 1501. In 1499 he also became Dean of St Paul's. In 1505 he surrendered those two post and was consecrated Bishop of St David's until 1508 when he became Bishop of Chichester until his death.
He also has a fine monument in Chichester Cathedral but I have not yet discovered his actual burial site.
Incised Slabs

Above (photographs) and near right (drawing) : Sir John Rolleaton & Margaret (1485)
Note the curious headdress. Recut.
Far right: Edward Rolston, Rector (1615)

Details of monument to
Thomas Caldwell (1555), Wife & Children Made c. 1600
Above and right:  Sir Edward Moseley (1638)

Sheen - St Luke
Lady Mildred Arabella Charlotte Henrietta (Cecil) Beresford Hope (1881)
Buried at Christ Church, Kilndown, Kent
Standon - All Saints
Nicholas Hyde (1526)
Another example of this curious type of monument

Stafford - St Mary

Above: Sir Edward Aston (1568) & Joan
Hon. Barbara Clifford (1786) Signed: J F Moore
Far Right:
Humphrey Hodgetts (1730)
Anne Malpas (1665) Anne Feake (1651) Richard Drakeford (1639) & Marcie


St Michael

Above:  Thomas Crompton (1619), wife Ethelred, 4 sons, 2 daughters
Admiral St Vincent (1823) by Chantrey 
Below:  Two Elizabethan or Jacobean effigies in the church yard. Members of the Crompton family

Immaculate Conception & St Dominic 

Archbishop Ullathorpe (1889) by J S Hanson 

Tamworth - St Editha 

Left: Sir John Ferraes (1680) and his son Humphrey (1678) By Cribber; probably carved by Arnold Quellin.
Above left:John Clarke MD (1818)     Above centre:  John Homer (1796)  Above right:
Cpt J Jenkinson (kia 1915) 

Please Note: There is also a brass to Private Samuel Parkes VC (1864)  The VC was awarded for his outstanding bravery during The Charge of the Light Brigade.
Unfortunately the photograph was damaged.

Tentenhall - St Michael & All Angels
Tentenall is a village within Wolverhampton.
The medieval church was devastated by a fire in 1950 and rebuilt in a Gothick style in 1955. Although sent to me by Jean, these illustrations presumably date from before the fire.

Left: Richard Wrottesley (1417) with wife and children
John Wrottesley (1580), Elizabeth & children
Joan Cresswell (1589)

Uttoxeter - St Mary 

Above:  Elizabeth (Hussey) Kynnersley (1523) alabaster
Right top left and bottom:
 'Here lie the bodies of Thomas Kynnersley of Morley, Knight and of his wives and their sons and daughters' He married 1. Margery Agarde (right panel) 2. ___ Wolrich (left panel)  3. Elizabeth Hussey (kneeling with her husband on centre panel). Incised slab lid.
Right top right:
John & Margaret or Joanna (Fitzherbert)  Mynors incised slab (lost) with sons and daughters

With thanks to Jean McCreanor for taking and sending the majority of photographs on this page, except those of Stafford and Tamworth, which are by J & R Tucker and Lichfield which were taken be the Web Master and some by J & R Tucker
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