Rutland is England's smallest historic county with an area of 147 square miles. It dissappeared in 1972, becoming a district of Leicestershire, but returned in 1997.
Exton - St Peter & StPaul

Above and Left:
Whole and details of monument to John Harrington (1524) & Wife. Alabaster effigies on marble tomb chest. Latin inscription.
Note particularly  the details of the smaller figures.
Left and above (detail): Robert Kelway (1580) His is the recumbent effigy, dressed in the robes of a lawyer. In front kneel his daughter Ann, who commisioned the monument, and her husband John, Lord Harrington.
They do not kneel at the usual prayer desk but on either side of a tomb chest on which lies a recumber effigy of Ann's daughter; another daughter kneels behind her mother. Latin inscription. Alabaster with pillars of marble.
Sir James Harrington (1591) and his wife, Lucy (Syney)
Of coloured marbles and alabaster
Very long Latin inscription

Anne Bruce (1627) was the wife of Lord Bruce of Kinlosse and daughter of Sir Robert Chichester. She died in childbirth aged 22. The monument is of black and white marble and has inscription in both Latin and English

James Noel, 2nd Viscount Campton (1681)
He died aged 19.
White marble. Latin and English verses.

Lt-Gen Bennett Noel (1766) by Nollekens
The monument was erect by the General's widow, Elizabeth (Adams) (1784)
who is buried with her husband

Elizabeth Chapman, Countess of Gainsborough (1771) and her two husbands, Baptiste, 4th Earl of Gainsborough (1751) and Thomas Noel (1788). Medallions of the three are on the upper section of the monument. By Nollekens
 Baptist Noel, Viscount Campden (1683) and his fourth wife, Elizabeth (Bertie). By Grinling Gibbons. On the pedestal is the date 1686, the completion date. 25 figures in total: the Viscount is shown standing with his 4th wife while their children and his earlier wives and their children are represented by the smaller figures. By his four wives he had nineteen children. His fourth wife gave the money and instructions for the monument during her life time. Black and white marble.
A more extreme example of excessive conceit cannot be imagined.

More Monuments
Nicholas Green (1379) Table tomb with marble slab and stone sides. The slab has a foliated cross. Each of the long sides of the tomb chest has three panels with the arms of Harrington and Culpepper. Around the edge is an inscription in Latin.
Frances, Countess of Gainsborough (1885)
The Hon Henry Lewis Noel (1898)
George, 2nd Baron Penrhyn (1907)
Tom Ceil Noel (kia 1918)
I have no details of the above 19th and 20th century monuments

 Indent on slab in church yard.

Lyddington -  St Andrew

Above: Cross slab
Sunken bust with male figure

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