My home county although my home town is now in Merseyside, which is not recognised in the pages!
Didsbury - St James
Didsbury is a suburb of Manchester; St James in Skinner Lane is the parish church
Sir Nicholas Mosley (1612) with two wives (Margaret Whitbroke) and (Elizabeth Rookes) and two sons, Rowland & Edward. Alabaster

Middleton - St Leonard
Alice (Assheton) (1531) originally with her three husbands: Richard Radclyffe, John Laurence (killed at Flodden), and Thomas Bothe. There are no children indicated. Master Edmund Assheton (1522) Rector Ralph Assheton (1650) Parliamentary soldier who fought in the Battle of Preston but opposed the excution of the King

Warrington - St Elphin
Warrington is a northern industrial town, at one time the first crossing point of the Mersey, so old and with a medieval parish church. Although on the north bank it is now in Cheshire. The church is on the outskirts of town.
Above: Alicia Boteler Under modern arch, north wall of north chapel. Stone early 14th century
Above right: Sir John Fitzjohn Boteler (1463) and Margaret Stanley. Alabaster. his feet rest on a dog, hers on two. Tomb chest is alabaster: north side Holy Trinity, male saints and shields; south side BVM, female saints and shields; west side crucifixion, BVM crowned, giving girdle to St Thomas and angel with shield; east side is a later stone panel with heraldic motifs.
There are a number of 18 and 19th century monuments for which information would be gratefully received.

Thanks to Jean McCreanor for sending me these illustrations and information. The Warrington photographs were taken by me in the 1980's
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