Ariège Aveyron Gers Haute-Garonne Haute-Pyrénées Lot Tarn Tarn-et-Garonne
Midi-Pyrénées is now part of the new larger region of Occitanie
Lott was created in 1790 from part of the province of Quercy; later some cantons were separated to form the department of Tarn-et-Garonne
Assier  Cahors  Castelnau-Montratier  Espgnac-Sainte-Eulalie  Lacave 
Cahors - Cathedral of St Étienne
There is parking in both street and car parks near the cathedral; as far as I could tell this is all pay parking. The cathedral is open and free to enter. Photography is allowed but flash is not permitted
44º26'50"N  1º26'32.1"E

Above: Raymond de Cornil (1293) Bishop of Cahors (1280-1293)
Limestone.  13th-14th centuries. The feet apper to rest on a lion and are supported by an angel(s)
Right: Alain de Solmaniac (1659) Bishop of Cahors (1637-1659)
The list gives this as a gisant; however it is a tomb chest. The date painted on the lid is 1791.
Pierre Alfred Grimardias (1896)  Bishop of Cahors 1869-1896
Limestone effigy on plain tomb chest. By A Rougé 1896, signed

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