This is a collections of drawings (and other renderings) of lost French monument put together during the recent lock downs, when we could not travel, and then later when our internet was lost for over a month.
It is mainly from the collection of François Roger de Gaiginères (1642-1715), the antiquary who assembled a extensive collection of drawings of historical artifacts, not solely church monuments; but also from other, usually unknown sources as well. In many cases I have not been able to identify the commemorated or the original site of the monument.
There are similar drawings that have added to other French pages, mainly those of St Denis, where this may prove more relevant.
The are many more to add in the future.
I trust these are all out of copyright as  Gaiginères was born the same year as Isaac Newton! They are anyway for educational and research purposes only and no financial gain is involved.
John of Montmorency,
Lord of Couriers, Knight
Duke of Longueville
Church of the Celestines
Marguerite of Provence
Wife of St Louis
 Church of St Louis
John II, Duke of Brittany
St Martin
John le Fel & Robert de la Toutrotte
Abbey of Chaalis
Adam de Chambly
Abbey of Chaalis
Unknown Pierre Couchon
Bishop of Beauvais
Lisieux Cathedral
Unknown Unknown Bishop  
Unknown Marketa, Provence      
Unknown This appears to be a bronze monument to King Charles V at St Denis, Paris. There is a marble double monument to this King at his Wife still remaining there.  This may have been a alternative one but now destroyed for the metal    
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