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Ingleby Arncliffe - All Saints
Park outside church. Church is locked so you will have to contact the church for the key.
O/S Ref: NZ 453 001

Two knights of c. 1330. Note the legs are straight and both hold hearts. Both show the rather damaged unusual feature ailettes as the side of their shoulders; although these are believed to be cloth indentification structures rather than metal defence items, the knight on the left appears to have his helmet resting on the ailette on his left.
Thomas Mauleverer (1785) and wife Sarah Pawson (1810)
Fourth daughter: Frances (1827) & Fifth daughter: Mary (1833)
William (1857) & Helen (1859) Mauleverer Helen Brown (1879) and her husband Douglas Brown QC (1892)

Sgt Thomas Vasey Adamson. 4th Yorkshire Rgt.  KIA 1918 at 23. Buried Beaucourt Military Cemetery

Ingleby Greenhow - St Andrew
The church was almost entirely rebuilt in 1714; but see inside

Knight in a long loose robe (?) From the Eure family in the 14th century
The slab with cross and sword is quite independant
Priest. He has a chalice and book on the pillw on either side of his head.  On his chasuble is an iscription '+ vilks de wretton capellan'
These two effigies were ejected from the church during the rebuilding of 1714 and spent some years becoming weathered in the church yard. They were brought back indoors at some point and set on end against a wall. They were set on modern plinths in the present position during the restorations of 1906.

Jervaulx Abbey
This ruined Cistercian abbey is in private ownership but may be visited at any time for a small donation (honesty box ) towards the upkeep. Car park across the road. The effigy is said to be that of Lord Henry Fitzhugh (1307) There are many tomb slabs both in the church and chapter house but mostly plain; here a some with various inscriptions, crosses and a chalice. These are all exposed to the weather and very worn.
O/S Ref: SE 173 858

Kilburn - St Mary

Church open. Park outside around the village green.  O/S Ref: SE 514 797
Left:Two coffin lids upright in entrace to north chapel: one with a cross, hammer and shield with round boss; the other with a pastoral staff. The latter for an abbot of Byland or prior of Newburgh. Late 13th century.

Above: The Rev Richard looks like he died in 172½ ! Brass now on wall

Kirkby Fleetham - St Mary
The church is about a mile out of the village of Kirkby Fleetham but is signposted in the village. Take the yellow road in a more or less northerly direction until you come to a right angle bend where the road turns from a north-west to south-west direction; here there is a parking area and two gateways. That on your left says 'Home Farm' and that on your right 'Kirkby Fleetham Hall' and '12th Century Church'. Drive through this latter gateway through a wooded area; the numerous and unpleasant 'Private Property' notices have now been removed. When you reach the church the Hall is to your right and a private car park, complete with a 'permit holders only sign' - for residents in some properties near by. There is rather limited parking outside the church. The church is kept locked so before you visit the church contact site, where you will find telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of persons to contact. Very helpful and friendly reception.  O/S Ref: SE 281 957

Top Row: Knight, early 14th century, excellent quality with fine detail. On the line below, first column: drawing from I'Anson; below this the lion which looks away.  The arms on the shield are said to be those of Stapleton and the effigy is referred toin local tradition as 'The Knight Templar' , eldest son of  Sir Nicholas Stpleton, who died before 1290.
Lower Row from Left to Right; the first column has been dealt with above:
2. William Smelt (1755) I can also make out in the worn lettering:  Grace Smelt (1709) daughter.
3. Thomas (1680) & Susanna (1680) Pepper. Alabaster tablet.
4. Harry Edmund Waller (1869) A frequently seen design but not the angels on the two supporting brackets.
5. Rev William Glaister. The infill in the lettering has gone and this tablet is difficult to read.
William Lawrence (1785) by Flaxman. Note the stack of books at the baseof the column and the coins (below the lady's knees)
Other Monuments

Elizabeth Sophia Lawrence (1845) 
Black and white
John Robinson Fryer (1925) Wall brass in wooden frame
Mrs Anna Sophia Lawrence (1802) White tablet
Kirby Sigston - St Lawrence
Kirby Sigston is more a scattering of houses than an actual village (population <100), about four miles from Northallerton. Probably best to obtains an O/S map to find it. Take a yellow road east from Northallerton, past the hospital on your left, towards the A19 (green road). The first village you reach is Bullamoor. Travel the same distance again and Kirby Sigston is signposted on your right along another yellow road. Then take the first turning left along a single track gated white road  towards the church; this passes Kirby Sigston Manor and a lake on your left and there is parking outside the church. Magnificent setting. If you reach the A19 at a hamlet called Jeater Houses turn around, you've gone too far. Very friendly and helpful.
Church is locked but the telephone humber of the keyholder may be found here. O/S Ref: SE 417 947
Left & Above  Top Row Left: Lady , early 14th century. Tucked behind organ.
Top Row Right:
Thomas Lascelles (1705)
Above Bottom Row Left:
Kirby Hill - St Peter & St Peter
(1m south of Ravensworth: not the other one)

Above from left to right: 1) John Dakyn (1558)  Rector. It is very unusual to find a signed monument of this date: Tallentine ʄculp.  2)  Thomas Wycliffe (1821) 'The last male descendent of the family which in the fourteenth century produced the Reformer WYCKCLIFFE'.   3) 'Heere lyeth the bodies of  FRANCIS LAYTON sonn and heire to ROGER LAYTON of Westlayton. and of ANN his wyfe second daughť to IOHN LAYTON of Westlayton aforesaid, who had yssue 5 sonns and one daughť . viz: IOHN maried to SARAH 2 daugť to ALLEN COTTEN of London Alderman, FRANCIS maried to MARGARET 4th daughť of Sr HVGH BRAWNE  Kn:mROBERT, THOMAS & MARGARET married to IAMES BARTON. The said FRANC departed this lyfe ye 26th of Octo: 1609 aged 70 yeares and ye said ANN died ye 3 of March 1622 aged 74 yeares

Kirby Knowle - St Wilfred

Samuel Walker (1851). His widow, Elizabeth (1867)
By: Waudby, York
Emily Bean (Sergeantson) (1851)
who died at Bath and was buried at Bathwick
She was the 3rd daughter of Rev James Sergeantson, late rector
By: Waunby, York
Edward Serjeantson (1857)
Frances Martha Serjeantson (1861)
Widow of James Hobson Serjeantson
Lucy Smith (1829)
At 23. Daughter of Rev Francis Smith
(see below)

Other Monuments
Margaret Miller (1827) Buried in a vault in the church yard, aged 89. She was the daughter of the late Rev John Miller, Minister of the Parish Church of Penningham, Wigtownshire, Scotland. White tablet on black base. By: John Tilney, York.
Harriot Bean (1823) Aged 21. By: T Lowe & son, York. The 'o' in 'Harriet' appears have been altered from an 'e'; this is now rather obvious.
Edward Smyth MD (1826) Also his son, Edward (1826) Aged 2 years, 10 months. Also his wife Harriet (1830) White on black base with gable by: John Tilney, York
Mary Serjeantson (1842) who was buried at Knotty Ash, Liverpool; her husband, James Serjeantson (1842), Rector for 47 years. Their children: Eldest son, James Hobson (1841) aged 44 Mjr 50th Reg; Eldest daughter, Mary Livesey (1806) aged 12; Sixth daughter, Catherine (1810) died in infancy; Second daughter, Susan (1818) aged 14;  Fourth son, Charles (1834) Aged 31, Navy Lt. White tablet on black base with floral bosses at each corner. By: Plows, York.
Rev Francis Smith (1842) White tablet on black base with gable. By: Plows, York
Lt Edwin Spencer Turton (1915)
Yorkshire Hussars. KIA at 26. Brass
Francis Smyth FAS (1809) and his wife, Mary (1825).  Also 'several of their offspring most of whose remains lie near to this spot with those of their honoured parents:-viz; Samuel (1769) died day of birth; Samuel (1770) 4 months; Ursula (1787) 16 years; Edward (1789) 11 years; Francis (1794) 27 years; Thomas MD (1803) 28 years; Phebe (1808) 43 years; Joseph AB (1826) 60 years, the eldest, Vicar of Kirby Moorside; John Robert AB (1826) 46 years, Vicar of Startforth; Mary (1847) 84 years; Anne Elizabeth (1853) 80 years; Elizabeth Emm (1856) 79 years. White tablet on black base with gable and floral bosses at corners.


The unusual surname of Sergeantson or Serjeantson seen on several of the monuments above is curious. Both spellings of this surname do occur. We are more familiar with the spelling sergeant for a rank, for example, the non-commissioned officer rank in the British Army. However serjeant is an alternative spelling and is used in the Army for this rank but only in the Rifles regiment and other units who draw their heritage from the Light Infantry. The Army is a bewildering source of curiosities, incidentally!
The only 'g' spelling on the monuments above is that of Emily Bean (Sergeantson)(1851) who is given as the third daughter of Rev James Sergeantson.  He is recorded above as spelled with a 'j' as are his son and daughter-in-law on separate monuments.
It must be concluded therefore that the sculptor made an error on this one monument


Kirkby-in-Cleveland - St Augustine
On the O/S map as 'Kirkby'      O/S Ref: NZ 539 061

Late 14th century effigies of knight and lady in the churchyard north of the church. Were they thrown out in a rebuilding?

Kirklington - St Michael  
Church open - park outside or nearby O/S Ref: SE 319 810

Knight   & Lady of the late 14th century, in separate ogee arched recesses. 

 Note: unusual feature that the knight does not carry a sword although this is not obvious from the photographs; he does however still have a sword belt and shield. Cf Catterick (North Riding 1)

Right: Sir Christopher Wandesford (1590)  and above top detail of the helmet from the monument which may be seen mounted on the wall tabove his feet. The actual helment is shown on the far right.

Above bottom: 
Two small tablets and a brass:
1. 1707 Here lyeth Barron Wandesford, Viscount Castlecomer in the 54 year of his age.
 2. Dec.r 20 1714. To the memory of the Hon.ble Lady Ellenor Wandesford
3. Here lies buried the body of Sir Christopher Wandesford Baronet March 112th 1686

is an actual helmet with overlarge and rather incongruous crest of a church, of the early 16th century and may have belonged to a member of the family.

Leake - St Mary

Alban Thomas Atwood MA ((1883) Vicar for 31 years, rural dean for 13. Ann Bisset (1810) Charles Bisset MD (1791) Husband of Ann, left.
'eminent both as a Phyſician and miltary engineer'

Other Monuments
Rev Daniel Reakes. Vicar 1909-13. In his memory'...brass and prayer desk erected...and also at Wildsen his former parish.' Brass.
Warcop (1754-1883) and Peter (1755-1839) Consett. And ohers of the family buried in this chancel. Modern engraved stone tablet with metal relief of a cross and a dog.
Ethel Maud Consett. A gray tablet records that the glass in the windows on the north and south sides of the chancel were placed by her husband (Rear Admiral M W W P Conset RN ) and family in her memory. No dates.
M C W P Consett RN TD JP (1909-2001)
Lt Col Yorkshire Hussars etc. Stone tablet

There is also a brass of c 1530 to John Watson and his wife

Lythe - St Oswald
The church is famous for the large number of Anglo-Danish stone pieces: crosses, tombstones, coffins etc. I have included a 'group photograph' of some of these below.



MaryAnn Linton (1870) Thomas Hill (1766) and his wife, Elizabeth (1783) Hon Edmund Phipps (1857)
3rd son of Henry, 1st Earl of Musgrave
By Fisher, York
Hon Henrietta Sophia Phips (1808)
daughter of Henry, Lord Mulgrave and Martha Sophia
 Lepel C Alexander (1869), youngest daughter of Henry, Earl of Mulgrave. Also her husband, Sir J Wallis Alexander Bart (1888)
Curiously the grave site is indicated
Constantine Charles Henry, 3rd Marquis of Normamby (1932). And his wife, Gertrude Stansfield (Foster) (1948)

Left: General the Hon Edmund Phipps (1837) Col Commanding 1st Batt. 60th Regt of Foot; MP
4th son of Constantine etc
Above Left:
Rt Hon Henry, Earl of Mulgrave etc (1831) Sig: Fisher Sculptr York
Above right:
Rt Hon Lady Augusta Maria Phipps (1813)
Constantine John, Baron Mulgrave (1792). The laudatory epitaph merely alludes to 'sea officer'

Other Monuments
1. Constantine Henry, Marquis of Normamby etc... (1865) And his wife, Maria, Marchioness of Normamby (1882) White tablet with pilasters, cornice with coronet on cushion above and gable; on black base.
2. John Muschamp Sowerby (1843) White tablet/black base
3. Hon Augustus Phipps (1829), 5th son of Constantine, 1st Lord Mugrave. And his wife, Maria (Thelusson) (1834) . White tablet with gable in which wreath. Black base following shape
4. Martha Sophia, Countess of Mulgrave (1849) Widow of Henry, 1st Earl. Also Katherine Frederica Phipps (1845), their 3rd daughter. Very similar in design to that of Hon Edmund (above) but signed Waundby York
5. Anne Elizabeth (Cholmley), Lady Mulgrave (1788) Wife of Constantine John, Lord MulgraveWhite tablet on black base
6. Rev Mr Marsden (1760) 'Late Minr of LYTH'  Brass

Masham - St Mary
Church open - park outside in the square O/S Ref: SE 227 807

Sir Marmaduke Wyvill (1613) & Wife of Low Burton Hall. Alabaster. The iron railing, although it gets in the way when taking photographs, is at least original. 
Left and (detail) above: Sir Abstrupus Danby (1737) of Swindon Park. Marble. The two tablets  on either side are shown enlarged below. William (1781) & Mary (1773) Danby Abstrupus Danby (1730)
Note the crab
  William Danby (1833) Thomas Danby (1582) Thomas Lockhart (1772) & Mary Marjorie (1775) Daughter of William Danby    
Vice Admiral Venables Vernon Harcourt (1863) by Skelton of York Mary, Countess Harcourt (1833) née Danby Widow of Field Marshal William Last, Earl Harcourt. Also her only sister Elisabeth Danby (1786) buried at Lyons Left: Roger Beckwith (1634) ; his wife Susanna (Brakenbury) (1670) who is buried at Skelbrough. They had eight children.
Right: Arthur Beckwith (1642); his wife Mary (Wyvil) (1646) who is buried in St Clement Danes. Their son Roger married firstly  Elizabeth (Clapham) (1673) , next Elizabeth (Jennings) 'with whom he lyes buried in the Collegiate Church, Ripon'.
Other Monuments

1. Reginald Grange Brundrit RA (1960) Gray tablet: oval with long axis horizontal.
2. Rev Thomas Riddell MA (1855) For fifteen years vicar of Masham cum Kirkby-Malzeard. Died at Keswick after one day's illness.
3. George Martyn Gorham (1904) For over 30 years vicar of Masham cum Kirkby-Malzeard
4. Philip (1972) and Mary (1974) 1st Earl and Countess of Swinton.  Gray tablet: oval with long axis horizontal. Arms.
5. Richard Kirshaw MA (1791) Vicar of this Parish. White tablet with pilasters and leaf pattern in the pediment
6. Mary Gorham (1897) Brass cross with fleur de lys patters on black background. Lettering on the base
7. Charlotte Marian Fisher (1858) and two of her children who died in infancy: William Richard & John William. She left nine other children. Gothick tablet
8. John Baines (1821) surgeon, and his wife Henriette (1804) White tablet surmounted by urn on black background.
Mary Ripley (1807)

Manfield - All Saints

Cathrine Witham (Meaburn)


William Witham (1802)

Winifred Witham (Stapleton)
Wife of the above.
John Gerald Wilson CB (1902) Col 3rd York and  Lancaster Regiment. DOW Klipsdrift, Transvaal. Marble tablet
Marmaduke William Whitaker (1938) Royal Welch Fusiliers. Died of malaria at 36 in the Sudan. Buried at Juba. White tablet
Thomas Charles Johnson Sowerby (1890); his wife, Juliana Cecilia (Bassett) (1898). And their sons: Charles Fitzgerald Sowerby RN (1916)  Captain of HMS Indefatigable. KIA Battle of Jutland; Maurice Eden Sowerby CMG DSO (1920) Colonel R.E. Died in Cairo; Gerald Sowerby (1913) Commander RN . Died at Devenport in command of RN Signals School.
Lt Col Sir Murrough John Wilson KBE DL JP (1946) and his wife Sybil May (1930) Wooden tablet with crest
Richard Basset Wilson (1867) Brass with floral border
Denis Daly Wilson MC Mjr 17th Cavalry Indian Army. Reported missing Gommecort, France, 1916 while commanding 5th Batt Sherwood Foresters. Brass
Geraldine Wilson (1941) wife of John Gerald Wilson. Brass
Col John Gerald Wilson CB (1902) who while commanding 3rd Batt York and Lancaster Reg and West Yorkshire Volunteer Brigade DOW at Kildrift, where is is buried.
Col Richard Basset Wilson (1901) 3rd Batt Durham Light Infantry. Died of enteric fever in South Africa. Buried at Kroonstad
Gerard Geoffrey Wilson (1896) Aged 12. Brass
The santuary was restored in memory of Jeremy Ralph William Spencer (1964). KIA Belgian Congo at 25. Tablet
Rosemary Sowerby Whitwall (Spencer) (1985) Tablet
The organ blower was restored in memory of Murrough John Wilson KBE by his tenants on Cliffe Estate 1949. Tablet
Rev John Swire (1797); his son Rev John Swire MA (1800), Vicar of Manfield; his son Rev John Swire MA (1861) Univ.Coll.Oxf.., his son Rev John Swire MA (1902), Magd Coll Oxf; his son Rev John Swire MA (1905) Magd Coll Oxf. Brass placed by Lt Col Henry Swire
Pte Thomas Cowton (1915) 4th Batt Yorks Reg. KIA at Armentiéres at 23. Brass

          Melsonby - St James
  Church normally open. Park in road outside: this will need care as road is narrow with junctions
O/S Ref: NZ 201 085

 Above top: Roger Swire (1792) and siblings Jane (1798) and Rev Samuel MA (1799); below a tablet to Jane Higginson (1802) daughter of John Swire

Now Illegible

Above:two Anglo-Danish grave covers.

Right: I'Anson's drawing of the military effigy shown above


Saint Mary and Saint Alkelda
Church open. Park free in village: short walk to church  O/S Ref: SE 127 879

Left: Robert Thornton (1533) 22nd and last abbot of Jervaulx. Said to have been brought here with his remains at the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries (1536) Note the rebus: thorn leaves between each of the words and a tun at the base of the slab (Hence: Thorn_ton). Note also the pastoral staff and mitre; the initials RT above the tun; the religious symbolism above the mitre. The slab stood on pillars near the pulpit over the possible burial site. Above far left: Mark Bulmer (1792) 'interred near this place', his son Tho's Bateman Bulmer (1793) 'interr'd near the East window in the church yard, his wife Jane Bulmer (1804) 'buried near the same East window'. Above centre left: Edward  M___ (1735) Latin inscription. Above centre right: George Hobson (1808) surgeon and apothecary; below this added Elizabeth (Buckle)  (1811); Above far right: Simon Spence (1826) and Elizabeth (1814) 'lie interred in the Church yard behind this Monument'; Right top: Thomas and Elizabeth Bulmer (18__) outside on this wall; mostly illegible. Right bottom: Said to be part of tomb stone of St Alkelda, now set in floor.

Middleton Tyas
St Michael & All Angels
Church open daylight hours Monday to Friday. Park outside. The church is at the end of a lane signposted along the long village street.
O/S Ref: NZ 253 226
Above from left to right:  1) Rev John Mawer DD (1708) Vicar, & Hannah (1766) 'buried in this chancel' '.the Doctor was deſcended from the Royal Family of Mawer...The greateſest Linguiſt this Nation ever produced...able to ſpeak & write twenty two languages..'.   2)  Leonard (1774) & Catherine Hartley (1729). She daughter of Samuel Bowles, rector at Bromley, Kent. They had 9 children, '6 of which are interred near this place' She died in 'childbed'   3) George Smithson (1774), daughter, Eleanor (1793), wife Jane (1810) & son Thomas (1810)  4) George Hartley (1780 age 34) Counsellor at Law; only son of Leonard Hartle5) Dorothy Watson (1799) Wife of the vicar  6) Leonard William Hartley (1815 age 40)
Above from left to right:  1) George Hartley (1841) age 64   2) Daniel Watson (1883 at 17) Also brother & sister Horace & Dorothea 'who died in the morning of life'   3) Brass to the children of General Henry Eyre & Elizabeth Martha: Mary Fanny Twin (1844 age 2) buried in Brecon Priory, Vincent Edward (1858 age 14) died on board HMS Calcutta off HongKong, buried in Happy Valley there, Lancelot James (1852 age 9), died in Brighton, buried in Preston church yard, Elizabeth Martha (1876 age 25) buried St Peter's church yard.   4) Leonard Lawrie Hartley (1885 age 67)   5)  Sir Jonathan Edmund Blackhouse Bt (1918)

: Medieval coffin lid under later arch (right) to which it does not belong.
Next tight: Admiral Oliver Blackhouse (1943) & Sir Roger Roland Charles Blackhouse, Admiral of the Fleet ((1939)
Far Right: Isabella Mary Spier (1982) & Michael Adrian Spier (1984)

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