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I have made extensive references to the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments volumes on the City of York. In the volumes the monuments are listed with reference number. I have cross referenced to these  numbers by adding a prefix, where the RCHM uses a heading, thus:
Monuments (this includes standing monuments and wall monuments); Brasses (both floor and wall); Brass Indents; Floor Slabs; Coffin lids (these are usually ommited)

All Saints Pavement
Pavement  [RCHM York Vol V. The Central Area]

Above 1st Column - Top: Robert Bishoprick (1814) Surgeon [9]. Middle: Nathaniel Frobisher (1800) and infant son (unamed). Marble. [10]. Bottom: John Etty (1779), his son Mathew (1818); and the latter's wife, Esther (1829). Also three grandaughters. Marble by Fisher [M1]
2nd Column: Top:
Is this I7, see below. Bottom: Susannah & Ann Bilton (1766), daughters of Geo Bilton; George Bilton, son. Wm & Elizabeth Bilton. & Father of the above children 1778
3rd Column - Top: Troop Sgt Mjr John Polety (1829)
7th Dragoon Guards. Marble by W A Plows. Added below  a tablet to his brother, Charles (1828) [M1]. Bottom: George Henry Colledge (1946) Headmaster
4th Column: Top: John Nelson (1836) By Plows [M3]. Middle: Samuel Woodhead (1834) Marble by W Plows (signed) [M4].
5th Column: Top:
Ursula Wyvill (1790); her husband, Hale (1792); their daughter Sarah Pickett (1817) [M6].  Middle: Francis Jefferson (1756), alderman; his wife, Dorothy (1783); and their nineteen, many of whom dies in infancy and are unnamed, with the exception of two who reached adulthood: Dorothy Stabler and Ann _nson. [7] Bottom: James Sanders (1824) Alderman, Lord Mayor 1818. Marble by M Taylor. [8]

Tate Wilkinson (1803)
Manager of Theater Royal, York
His wife Jane (1826)
By Taylor [M2]
Mr Henry Richards (1783)
Quarter Master 15th Light Dragoons
Stone [M5]
Left top: _ Tomlinson (1709), Jos Foster (1709), Mrs Jane Tomlinson (1711), Robert Hilileigh (1712), Jane Jeep (1718), Judith  (1718), wife of Robert Jeep.
Left bottom:
Florence Esther Wright (1910)
Right top: Roger de Moreton (1382) and wife, Isabella (1412) From St Saviour's [B3]
Right Middle:
Robert Craythorn Kt (1482) [B5]
Right bottom:
Canon J H Armstrong MBE OStJ BA.  Air Training Corps Chaplain 1959-2003; Rector 1971-1991

Other Monuments
Floor Slabs Brasses and Indents

[S1] Ann Wightman (1738), Charles Wightman (1758), merchant, Mary (1789), his second wife, Mary (1804), their daughter.
[S2] see above
[S3] Seven children of Elizabeth and John Roscoa. See brass 1
[S4] Katherine Wiggins (1770)
[S5] William Daniel (183_)
[S6] M Lovell Doughty (1748) druggist. Elizabeth (1766), his daughter. See indent 2
[S7] George Cowling (1778), Jane (1790), his widow, and children
[S8] John Maude (179_); his wife,  Elizabeth (Rudd) (1772); his second wife, Mary (1825); Elizabeth Wilks
grandaughter. And others
[S9] Roger Newton (1777)
[S10] John Thompson (1795)
[S11] Ann Ambler (1823), Abraham Ambler (182_); their daughter, Ann Priestley (1831)
[S12] see above
[S13] Emmanuel _ (1717) Lord Mayor; Mrs Hannah Pierson (1760)
[S14] John Riley (n/d)
[S15] Robert Bishoprick (1814)
[S16] Joseph Lodge (1758); Jeanetta (1774)
[S17] John Hearon (17__); his wife, Sarah (1700)
[S18] M Close (1767); D Dobson (1758), mother; and children
[S19] William Wilkinson (1751)
[B1] Elizabeth Roscoa (1804) Mother of seven children. See S3
[B2] Marie (1585) & Margerie (1600) Trew Sisters
[B3] see above.
[B4] Mary Gratrix (1700)
[B5] see above
[B6] Robert Askwith (1597) With ¾ figure and shield of arms; inscription plate lost. From St Crux
A brass records that the sound enhancement system was installed as a gift from the family of Mollie Elizabeth Weare in her memory 1990

[I1] For two shields
[I2] In floor slab 6
[I3] For inscription plate and figure ?
[I4] For inscription plate and two shields
[I5] In slab for two figures, inscription plate and shield. Secondary plate to John...
[I6] For two quatrefoils
[I7] For plate and shield. Possibly shown in the photographs above; if so this his a S (looks inverted) also carved into it.
  A  tablet records that fragments of medieval glass from the east window of St Saviour's were reassembled as the west window here as a tribute to Rev Angelo Raine MA Rector 1937-56
A tablt reecords the the carved panelling in the sanctuary is in memory of John Watson MA (1930) Canon Residentiary and Sub-Dean of York Minster and Rector here 29 years
Jacob Wilks (n/d) and his wife Elizabeth (1835) White tablet on black base.

Holy Trinity
Goodramgate [RCHM York Vol V. The Central Area]

Top: Rev Charles Dallon MA (1838)  [M3]
Bottom:Thomas (1450) & Matilda Danby (1458) [B1]
'Pray for the souls of Thomas Danby one time mayor and citizan of York who died 3rd day of May AD 1450 and Matilda his wife who died 4th day of January AD 1458 whose souls reach atonement with God. Amen
Brass in stone slab
Lyonel Elyot (1736) [S3]
Joseph Buckle (1818) and Esther (1834) [M6]

[S9] William Briggs (1636) & Anne (1673). Also two grandchildren who died young, William & John

Above and right: Two stone coffins; that on the right hold a very broken slab, inscribed '[Eliza]beth Walker 12th June .... [C1 & 2]
Below left Fractured slabs; right slab with a brass inserted and supported on a wooden structure.

Other Monuments
Brasses & Indents Floor Slabs
[B2] Ellen Baker (1837) Set in slab with indents for earlier brasses.
[I1]  Oblong with three fixing holes
[I2]  For figure and inscription
[I3] For four shields and plate; now holds B2
[I4] For figure and plate

[S1] Henery Billingham (1703)
[S2] Richard Graham (1746)
and his wife Cordelia (Chaloner) (1763
[S4] William Richardson (1679)
Alderman and sometime Mayor
[S5] William Loe (1678)
[S6] Richard Dennis (1678)
[S7] Margaret Swineard (1810)
[S8] Benjamin Swineard (1796)
Husband of the above
[S10] Four children of Robert and Mary Ann Fryer. 19th century
[S11] James Robert Fryer (1840) Proctor. Father of the children above. Also see M2
[S12] Mrs Margaret Smith (1762)
[S13] John Slack (1744)
and Ann (1756)
[S14] Mrs Elezebeth _ (Dennis) (_)
[S15] Thomas Severs (1829)
and Frances (1832)
[S16] T.B (1831)
Coffin Lids

The RCHM lists five such slabs. [L2] has an incised floriated calvary cross with symbols of a fish and a cauldron on either side. Also listed in Pevsner.
[M1] Frances Green (1721) White marble sarcophagus with heraldic cartouche; shaped tablet above. Attrib: Charles Mitley. Also mentioned in Pevsner.
[M2] James Robert Fryer (1840), proctor, and other family members. Sililar to M3. Signed: Fisher, York
[M4] Rev James Dallin (1838) and Elizabeth (1864) added later. White tablet on large black bacground on which is recorded its removal in1878 the old St Maurice. Signed: J Flintoff, York
[M5] Joseph Smith (1827) and his daughter Christiana (1824) Tablet with draped decorations. Signed: Bennett, S. York

Priory Church of the Holy Trinity
Micklegate [RCHM York Vol. III. South-West of the Ouse]

Elizabeth Scarisbrick (1797) [19]
Signed: Th Atkinson
Cpt Edwyn Walker (1910) and his wife Elizabeth (1915). And their sons: Cpt Oswald B. (1914) kia; Mjr Wilfred B. (1914) kia; Cpt Roger B. MC (1918) kia; Edwyn G. (1910) Died in riding accident

John Burton MD and his wife Mary (1771). One of the books is inscribed 'Mon Ebor Vol I ' (John Burton 1697-1771, antiquary and physician, 1759) [M2]

Thomas Condon (1759) and his wife Maria (1806) [M1]

Top: Henry Jubb (1792) and Elizabeth (1793) [M11]
Signed: Wm Stead, York
Frederick Sherlock Pope (1852)
  Top: Joshua Crompton (1832), his wife, Anna Maria (1819) Signed: M Taylor [16]
Elizabeth Ann (1760) [17]
Top:  William Crumack (1847), his wife Martha (1854) White marble. Said to be signed Skelton (1972) [M13]
Mary Swinburne (1761) [M14]
Anastasia  Strickland Standish (1807) [M3] Top: Mrs Elizabeth Richardson (1854) [M8] Said to be on a black base & signed Essex (1972)
Margaret Anne Yorke (1847) [M9]
Said to be signed Skelton (1972)

Elizabeth Steward (1847); her husband John
Steward (1855)
Merchant. [M12]
Signed: Skelton
Jane Yorke (1840) [M7]
Signed Skelton
 John Greene (1792) Cartouche with arms [M20] Margaret Stanhope (Peers)  (1637) [M6]

Other Monuments
Monuments Floor Slabs
[M4]  Ann Derby  (1615) Cartouche
[M5] William Fryer (1838)
Solicitor; his children who died in infancy, Thomas Walker and William Fryer. Also his wife, Elizabeth (1842)
[M10] William Duffin (1839)
White marble tablet. Said to be signed Skelton
[M15] Joshua Ingham (1836), Elizabeth (1848)
Marble signed Skelton
[M18] Thomas Swann (1832), his first wife Harriet Ann (Clark) (1812) and second wife Anne (1831)
Harvey Broom (1898)
and his wife Elizabeth Dale (1902)
Elizabeth Jane Crompton (1869)
and her sisters: Mary Frances Herries (1866), Henriette Matilda Crompton (1881), Margaret Sarah Crompton (1884) and Caroline Rachel O'Reilly (1885), and her brother, Robert Edward Crompton (1840)
[S1] Frances Olive Tempest (1795)
[S2] Jane Yorke (1810)
[S3] John Allanson (1783]
Twice lord mayor; his wife, Elizabeth (1766)
[S4] [Jonathan Benson (1725)],
son William [1741], [daughter, Mary (1739)], wife Ann (1746), and others.
[S5] William Green (1764) and his wife (1770)
[S6] Kesia Raper (1797)
, John Horner (1791) wine merchant, Jane Raper (widow of John Raper and aunt to John Horner), Mary Green (1802) (fourth daughter of Jane Raper), Ann Horner (1818)
[S7] Walter Richmond (1803)
of Kingston, Jamaica
[S8] Jane Richmond (1808), wife of above; Ann (1798), their daughter.

St Michael
Spurriergate  [RCHM York Vol V. The Central Area]

William Harrison (1799), Dorothy (1786), his wife. Two of their children 'who died young'. Also his parents: John (1769) and Sarah (179_) [M1] Thomas Sanderson (1803), Elizabeth (1782), his wife. Their son Thomas Sanderson (1837) and his wife, Frances (1843) [M2]
Fractured; said to be on a black marble backing, signed Fisher, York (1981)
Mrs Rebecca & Susannah Thorne (n/d) 18th Century [M6] John Barker (1844) [M7]
Said to be signed Skelton, York (1981)
Katherine Coppinger (1763) [M8]

William Hutchinson (1724) Sheriff 1772. Signed Fischers [M9] John Wood (1704) Alderman and sometime Lord Mayor; his wife, Anne (1679), their son Charles (1684) [M10] William Langton (1466) Rector. Chalice and second inscription from top. [B1]
William Wilson (1517)  First inscription [B2]
 William Shaw (1681) Merchant. Third inscription and signed by Joshua Mann [B4]
William Honcock (1681) and Helen Bottom insciption [B3]
Top: Ellen Layland (1731), Jacob Layland Merch (1760)
George Fowler (1802) and his wife Martha (1807)

Other Monuments
Monuments Floor Slabs (Continued)
[M3] Mrs Elizabeth Bath (1736) Stone tablet with moulded base and cornice
[M4] William Grew (1770) and his wife Jane (1790) White marble tablet with apron and segmental head; small urn atop.
[M5] John Harrison (1729) Stone cartouche
[M10] John Nelson (1847) White marble tablet,  gray backing. Signed Fisher
[S15] Alan Hamerton (1405) and his wife Isabella. Reused for Henry Myres (1775), John Thorpe & Rebecca (1778) and Susanna Thorpe (1782)
[S16] Alice,
wife of Benjamin Barst_  and three children.
[S17] (William) Stephenson (1752) and his wife Frances (1727); MrsAlice Stephenson (1685)
[S18] Francis Stephenson (1783)
Twice Lord Mayor; his grandson Richard (1781)?
[S19] William Clark (1796)
watchmaker: his wife Frances (1819); their daughter Frances Ann (1799)
[S20] James Harrison (1791)
; his wife Mary (1810); their daughter Ann (1766); Elizabeth Hoy (1767)
[S21] Robert Hartley (1803)
Flax dresser; his wife Jane (1808)
[S22] John __
and his wife Sarah (1789)
[S23] Samuel Mancklin (1687)
[S24] George Davison [1779) ?
; his wife Elizabeth (1774)
[S25] James Astington (1774);
his wife Elizabeth (1787); their son James (1780)
[S26] William Whytehead (1711)
Attorney, alderman, sometime Lord Mayor; his wife Margaret (1711)
[S27] Richard Wood (1701)
[S28] Elizabeth Hardy (1690)
[S29] Jacob Layland (1760)
merchant; his wife Ellen (1751); George Fowler (1802); his wife Martha (1807)
[S30] Ricard Clark (1797)
; his wife Margaret (1787) nad four unamed children
[S31] Ann Clark (1775); her daughter also Ann Clark (1781). John Clark (1792)
[S32] James Fryer (1806)
his wife Margaret (1793); their son James 1816) Proctor
[S33] Elizabeth Copley (1776); Elizabeth Long (1780)
[S34] Mary Stephenson
[S35]  Mark Mitchell (1778)
and ?
[S36] John _ (1703) goldsmith
Floor Slabs
[S1] William Harrison (1799), Dorothy (1786) his wife; and their children, Francis & Leonard See M1 above
[S2] George _man (1683) sometime Mayor; Lady Issabill (1680), his wife
[S3] Mrs Grace Clark (1689)
[S4] Richard Davies (_), Ann (1758)
, his first wife; Eleanor (1759?), his second wife
[S5] William Jenninga (1904)
[S6] Nine children and grandchildren of Samuel and Sarah Fowler (1780-1816)
[S7] Peter Richardson (1690)
Sometime sheriff
[S8] Thomas Nursaw (1765)
Merchant; his wife Jane (1790) and daughter Jane (1776)
[S9] Thomas Sanderson (1803)
[S10] Benjamin Beilby )176_)
[S11] Alice, wife of John Derby (1746) ?
and others. Brass B2 above was once set into this slab
[S12] Dorothy,
wife of Joseph Hewan (1735) ?
[S13] Elizabeth & Richard __
[S14] _ Robson
, widow of George Robson (1778)

St Martin - le - Grand
Coney Street   [RCHM York Vol V. The Central Area]

Above left:  Thomas Colthurst (1588) with inscribed brass plate (see B3) The four shields are incised for enamel and have studs to simulate brasses. The inscription plate is brass [M3]
Above right:
Robert Horsefield (1711); wives, Elizabeth (1666), Mary (1668), Elizabeth (1673) and Hannah (1719); and seven children. [M2]
Far right:
Lady Elizabeth Sheffield (1633) The male bust is that of Sir William, who erected the monument. The flanking figures are of Charity and Mercy [M4].
Above left: George Trundle MA (1920) Vicar
Above right: Richard Beverley Machell MA (1898) Vicar 1891-1898, Canon of York Minster

Valentine Nalson (1722/230) Paster to this church and succentor to York Minster [B5]

Other Monuments
[M1] Charles P__se (1708) Broken
[M2] see above
[M3] see above
[M4] see above
[M5] John Kendall (1823) and his wife, Honor (1833) Niche with Gothick canopy
[I1] For figure
[I2] For plate
[I3] For plate
[B1] Captain Robert Middleham (1765) plain plate
[B2] Maryanne Campbell (1802) plain plate
[B3] see above [M3] Thomas Colthurst
[B4] Christopher Harrington (1614) Goldsmith. With demi-figure and arms of the Goldsmiths' Company
[B5] see above
[B6] Joshua Walker (1805)
[B7] John Hardman Lister (1810) Solicitor. Signed Barker, York
Coffin Lids
The RCHM records 7 of these

All Saints
North Street [RCHM York Vol. III. South-West of the Ouse]

  [S11] Thomas de Kyllyngwyke (after 1381) and wife Juliana.       Richard Wilton & Mrs Elizabeth (1766) cut [S3] Joshua Witton (1674) [S2]

Other Monuments
Floor Slabs
[S1] Joan Stoddard (1599), James Pennyman (1699) and Esther (1745), his wife. Also on same slab, Iohn Stoddard Clarke/parson of this Rectory
[S4] John Rothum (c 1390)
[S5] William Lonesdale (c 1487) Latin inscription
[S6] John Coupland (c 1469)
[S7] Ann Dawson (1730) and grandaughters, Ann Pick & Sussanah Cass (1780)
[S8] D.D Small stone with large initials
[S9] Mary Mason (1718/18)
[S10] Mary ((1783) & George (1789) Milner
[S11] see above
[S12] John de Weredale (c 1395)
[S13] Anna Clarke (1795) and husband John (1800)
[S14] John Bawtrie (1411)
[S15] Richard de Killingholme and wives, Joan and Margaret
(c 1451)
[S16] Sarah Grainger (1825) and husband William (1830)
[S17] Elizabeth Harrison (1772) and her sons Alexander & Richard
[S18] Susannah Clarke (1788) & Sarah Clarke (1792)
[S19] Ann Harrison (1792) Relict of James
[S20] Elizabeth Harrison (1762), James Harrison (1771)
Brasses and Indents
[B1] William Stockton (1471) Lord Mayor who married secondly Isabella, widow of Robert Colynson, also Lord Mayor . Set in stone slab commemorating John Wardall. Latin inscription.
[B2] Thomas Clarke (after 1449) Latin insciption; Evangelist symbols (St Mark missing) . Also indent for:
[B3] Thomas Atkinson (1642) Tanner. Now fixed to wall of wall of north aisle. Latin inscription. Demi-figure
[B4] Thomas Askwith (1609)  and wife Anne English insciption. Arms
[B5] Charles Townley (1713) Latin inscription

Brasses and Indents cont...
[I1] Oblong, gray marble
[I2] Small in tapered coffin lid, stone
[I3] Similar to above
[I4] In marble slab
[I5] In worn stone
[I6] For figure and inscription plate in marble slab

Coffins and Coffin Lids
The RCHM lists 17 of these, two of which have been referred to in brass indents.

[L4] has a foliated cross, sword and arrow
[L7] has a cross with a hatchet by the shaft
[L10] has two crosses with bow and arrow under one and a sword under the other

Some of the stones above may be included but it has not been possible to cross reference them

George William Guest MA (1901) Rector
Top: Margaret Pennington (1753) [M2]
William Coats (1851) builder, wife Jane (1851) and son George (1885)
Bottom : John James Gutcu (1881)
  Top: John Etty (1708) Carpenter. [M1]
Bottom: William Henry Collins (1900) Rector for 17 years and missionary in North China for25 years

St Michael-le-Belfrey
Minster Yard  [RCHM York Vol V. The Central Area]

Far left: Sir Robert Squire (1709) & Pricilla (1711)  Attrib: John Nost & Andre Carpenter [M23] The adjacent monuments follow.  Above far left: Mary Waterhouse (Kirkby) (1786) [M24].  Above centre left: Mary Woodyear (Drake) (1728) Latin inscription. Very curved - so difficult to read - designed to fit its original position.  [M25]. Near right: Infant Vavasour (1728) great grandson of Michael Fawkes  [M21].  Far right: Thomas Mitchell (1762) and his wife Ann (Cholmeley) (1773) [M20]
Anne Mary Thornton (1753)
Aged 18 [M26]
Alexander Hunter MD (1809), first wife, Elizabeth (1749) and second wife, Ann (1814); also sons John (1798) & George (1794) Signed: Fishers, York 1813 [M28] Catherine & Christine North (1734) Sisters. Latin inscription. Signed: Charles Mitley, Edwd Raper [M29] Catharine Salvin (1807) [M30] John White (1715)
Printer [M3]
Ann Walker (Pierson) (1687)
John Todd (1811); Sarah (1813), his widow; Henrietta (1830), their daughter; Sarah (1833), their eldest daughter; George Westerman (1834), son; John (1837), eldest son. By J Tilney.[M7] Robert Harrison (1822), Ann, his wife (1823); William Bilton (1823). By Fisher.
Rev William Richardson (1821)
Subchanter and vicar of St Sampson's. Signed: Taylor, York.

Marion Christina Lloyd (1821) [M4]
Bottom: Sophia Margaret Bolton (Stainforth) (1821) [M5]

Mrs Mary Pickering (1748)
Sir Thomas Fothergill Kt (1735)
John Blanshard (1770) and his wife Mary (1786)
Proctor in Ecclesiastical Court of York [M35]
Carleton, Dorothy & Elizabeth Metcalfe; Also Elizabeth (Carleton) (1790), their mother.
Elizabeth the Younger died in 1790; the other children in infancy [M36]
   Mary Lawson (1774)
Black marble base [M40]
 Richard Farrer (1780) Alderman and twice mayor; his wife Margaret (Napier) (1764); and their sons, John, Richard, James, Richard [M41] Mary Gammar (1738)
Lt & Adjutant John Crossland (1813) York City Regiment of Local MilitiaSigned Fishers, York [M39]
This monument has been divided into two parts and set separately
Right. Top left: Thomas Willis (1813) White marble [17]. Top centre: Mary Mawe (1823) marble. [16]   Top right: Thomas James (1732) [15]. Bottom: Ralph Davidson (1883) Church warden 28 years and City councillor.

Above. Far Left: Georgina Bigland (1820) [B2];  Centre left: Frances Farrer (James) (1680) Signed: Joshua Mann [B3]; Centre right: Thomas Dawnay (1683) [B1]; Far right Thomas Wanless (1711/12) [S14]
Far right: Elizabeth Dalton Drake (1746)

Other Monuments
Monuments Monuments (continued)

[M6]   Rev William Richardson MA (1837) White marble tablet with moulded base and cornice
[M8]   Rev William Knight (1739) Subchanter of the Cathedral and Rector. White mable tablet with moulded base and cornice.
[M10] Martha Richardson (1829) Widow of William. Marble tablet
[M11] Elizabeth Wycliffe (1777), her daughter Lucy (1826) and the daughter of the latter, Rev Thomas Barker (1829), Rector of Nether Poppleton 1782-97
[M14] Mariana Belcombe (1842) and grandson, William Alexander Milne (1834). White marble tablet on black base.
[M18] Baldwin Wake MD (1842) Sarcopagus shaped tablet, signed Flintoft
[M19] Charlotte (1832) & Elizabeth Frances (1836) Wake. Daughters of Bladwin Wake MD, the latter died at 14. White marble tablet signed' Flintoft
[M22] Charles Gent and his wife Alice (Guy) (1723) She formerly widow to Charles Bourne, printer. Also added Adeliza (1761) Simple slab but covered by item of furniture
Roger Darvall (1813) White marble tablet, signed, Fisher, York
[M27] William Dossie (1808)  Tablet with cornice
[M33] Susan Marshall (1794), her husband, James (1796) Brown tablet, worn
[M34] Julia (1860) & Maria (1858) Salmon. Sisters. White tablet, signed Skelton
[M37] 'Thomas Brook (1795), proctor, and Anne (1836), his wife. Also their children: John (1771), eldest son who died at 5, Thomas (1817), youngest son, also proctor, Ann (1846), second daughter, Martha (1853), third and youngest daughter and Sarah Rudd (1824) eldest daughter. White marble tablet on black base, signed, Fisher, York
[M38] William Staveley (1814) and his wife, Ann (1812) White marble tablet on black base
[M42] John Richardson Currer MA (1840) He,  of Balliol College, Oxford,  accidentally drowned while rowing on the Isis Buried St Mary Magdalen, Oxford. Latin inscription. White marble tablet on black base with curved top; the the 'single white flower with broken stem' referred to in RCHM has presumably been lost

[M43] Henry George Currer (1837) White marble on black bases, signed, M Taylor. Latin inscription. He was brother of the above, both sons of Rev Dawson Richardson Currer.
Rev Thomas Barker,
Lucy and sons John, Francis, Henry, Edward, William & Charles. White tablet on black base N/D
William Hornby (1846) and his wife Sophia (1856)  White tablet on black base
Brasses and Indents
[I1] Purbeck marble slab for B2
[I2] For small figure and plate, medieval
[I3] For B1
[I4] For B3
[I5] For two shields and inscription plate
      Henry Cowling (1909)
Floor Slabs

[S12] Jane Adams (1684/5), her brother Thomas (1722) Recorder of City of York and her sister Margaret (1730)
The RCHM lists 29 slabs in total, which includes those above

St Olave

Marygate [RCHM Vol. IV Outside the City Walls, East of the Ouse]

Michael Loftus (1762)
'Servant to the late Duke of ORMOND whilſt in SPAIN' [M10]
Frances Worsley (1837) [M9] Charles Christopher Richard Hacket (1849) [M6] Margatet (1856), George (1859) & Martha (1866) Bess. Siblings John (1826) & Sarah (1835) Roper
By Michael Taylor [M11]
George Stephenson (1800) [M12] George Hutchinson (1775) and his mother Elizabeth (1774) [M7] John Jordon (1756) Col of 9th Reg of Dragoons. Buried South Audley Chapel, Middlesex. His wife, Althea Jordan (1741). Their daughter Alathea who died as an infant. And their daughter, Anne Maria Alathea Maud (1778). By Fishers [M8] William Thornton  (1721) Joyner and architect; he was responsible for the wooden structure which restored the north transept of Beverely Minster in position in 1719
Also his son, Robert (1724) [M13]
Ronald Hammerton Dove (2001)
Bellringer and compiler of Dove's Guide to the Church Bells of Britain
Rev Thomas Cripps (1749)

Woman's head only in quatrefoil, part of 13th century grave slab; above south door Fanny Bitha Weaver (1908)

Sarah Eyre (1825) [M2]

Frances Hird
Wife of Rev Lamplugh Hird, Prebendary of York Minster [S9]
Top: Robert Thornton (1792) see M13 above [S2]
Bottom: 'D EMPTY 1827' and HD MD
Lt David Naylor (1831)

Other Monuments
Monuments Floor Slabs

[M1] David Russel (1840) and his wife Elizabeth (Baines) (1822) White tablet on black base
[M4] William Cattell (1830) and his wife, Sarah (1842) White tablet on black base
[M5] David Poole (1830); his daughters, Helen (1820), who died aged 9; and Cecelia Jane Cofiels (1840) On a black base: sarcophagus shaped tablet with lion's feet on a low plinth; arms below. By  Michael Taylor

A tablet records that the chancel was erected as a memorial to the Rev Frederick Augustus Bartlett (1877) 22 years vicar.
A tablet (in a like style) records that the Stations of the Cross series in the church are in the memory of Cryril Henry Brownlow King (1964) and given by his wife Margaret
A tablet with the list of incumbents is in memory of Edith Wilson (1967)
James Russell (1860)
and wife Harriot Bridget (1879) White tablet on black base, arms

Anna Burgess (1792) and her husband John (1795)
[S2] see above
[S3] Rev Thomas Mosely (early 19th century)
[S4] Elizabeth Mosely (1787)
[S5] Capt Isaac Moorsom (1779)
[S6] Rebecca Legard (1783)
[S7] Anne Mosely (1782)
[S8] Anthony Thorpe (1830)
[S9] see above
[S10] see above

The above D EMPTY 1827 and HD MD appear not to be listed in RCHM
Mary Burdsall (1914) A brass records that by her 'munificent the tower was repaired and the bells tuned and rehung Feb 1916
Samuel Joseph Barrow (1928) This brass is curved to fit round a pillar
Mary Palmes (1911)

St Denys
Walmgate [RCHM York Vol V. The Central Area]
I have no photographs of or inside of this church, which appears to be kept locked with no indication of the key holder

[M1] Dorothy Hughes (Redman) Kneeling female figure at prayer desk in round headed niche beneath a heraldic shield flanked by four niches containing figures of the three Virtues. Below two lions' heads flanking a cherub holding a crown and palm leaf. Above Latin inscription on round headed tablet surmounted by a skull and cherubs with turned down torches and flanked by heraldic shields in oval frames Early 1th century.
[M2] Robert Welborn Hotham, his wife Betty (1797; two infant sons, Robert & William; his second wife, Sarah (1806) Tablet with black obelisk superstructure which forms background to mourning female figure and urn durmounting a pedestal with shield-of-arms and descending dove at apex. Military accoutrments on slab below. Mayor twice. By W & C Fisher.
[M3] James Melrose (1837) White tablet surmounted by urn on triangular headed black marble slab. By Plows (signed)
[M4] Tomb recess with pointed arch, 14th century. Possibly founder's tomb
[M5] Rev John Walker (1813) '17 years rector of this Parish cum Naborn and Perpetual Curate of Acaster.' His wife, Ann (1811). White oval tablet on black marble
[M6] Eliza Maria Stabben (1848, fourth child of James Sabben BA and his wife, Mary Caroline. He was rector of the parish. White tablet on brackets on triangular black slab.
[M7] Dorothy Wilson (1717) Tablet flanked by Corinthian columns supported segmental arched pediment
Floor Slabs
[S1] Walter Melrose (178-); his granddaughter, Margaret
[S2] Robert Ward (1405)
[S3] Mrs Eliza Shipman (1757)
[S4] Bernard Aikroyd (1761) brewer; his two daughters, his two daughters: Anna and Mary
[S5] William Barrett (1706) Rector of the Parish. Black marble slab with indents, reused
[S6] Mary Shipton (1800)

St Sampson
Church Street  [RCHM York Vol V. The Central Area]
Now an old people's centre

[M3] Richard Clarke (1815) James Greenwood (1712) and his wife Frances (Farrer)(1714) [M2] Charlotte Thorton (1850) Robert Rayne (1737)
Both M2 and M3 are referred to as 'white marble sarchopagi' and other details are given in RCHM. That to Richard Clarke is signed by Plows
Floor Slabs
[S1] Martha Green (1723)
[S2] Rev Robert Atkins (1767) Curate of Bulmer
[3] ..... Seller female
[4] Thomas Hands ? Wool draper
[5] David Johnson (1700)
[6] Margaret Gee (1818)
[7] Elizabeth ..... (182(5)) Widow of former minister
[8] Christopher .... (1761), .... (1791), .... (1797), John Bell (1802) and others earlier. Very worn.
[9] Ann Ingram (1758)
[10] Sarah Clapham (1843)
[11] Mary Wilk[inson] (1832)
[12] Tobias Jackson (1833)
Brasses and Indents
[B] William Richardson (1680) Brass signed Joshua Mann
[I] In slab [S2)], two indents for figures and one for inscription. Medieval
[M1] ... daughter of John Awkingham. Obelisk with cartouche beneath.18th century . Damaged
[M4] James George Atkinson (1729) Tablet flanked by pillaster and wth mouded cornice and base. Inscription now illegible

St Crux Parish Room
Pavement [RCHM York Vol V. The Central Area]

The early fifteenth church was partially demolished in 1887 but the parish room, built in 1888, incorporates part of the north wall of the original church.
It is now the parish hall of All Saints Pavement

Sir Robert Watter (1612) & Margaret (1608) Limestone monument, painted. Note on the back wall a kneeling boy and two babies in cradles. The figures on either side of the inscription represent Time and Justice

on the right and Mercy and Flame on the left. The figures on the side walls in blue robes represent Faith on the left and Peace on the right. Note the two standing cherubs on top on either side of the central achievement of arms.

The inscription reads:

Here lye ye trve portraitvre of Robert Watter. Knighte. Alderman. Twise Lord Maior of this Cittie. A father to ye poore. A friend of ye comminaltie of this Cittie. A good benefactor of this chvrch who died May 20 1612 and his wife Margarete who died March 30 1608

Above left: [M11] Francis Hudson and his wife, Sussanah (both 1800). White marble oval tablet on slate backing

Above right:
[M12] William Hessay (1808) and his wife, Elizabeth (1793); their daughter, Ann (1798); three other children who died in infancy. White marble on slate backing
From left to right: [M2] Sir Tancred Robinson Bt (1754)  and  Dame Mary (Norton) Note the Lord Mayor's regalia, portrait medallion and naval symbols. Signed: Robt. Avray Eboraci Sculp.. [M10] Richard Hudson (1802); his wife, Elizabeth (1804) White marble tablet on slate backing. Signed: Chambers Sculpt. Scarbro. The head on top has nothing to do with the monument! [M6] Roger Belwood (1694) White marble. Note the stack of books flanking the inscription panel. [M5] Thomas Clifton (1754) and his wife Catherine (1760); their daughter Ann (1745) at 16; Jane (1762), wife of their son; the latter's sons, who died in infancy, James, Edmund and James. Also the son of Thomas and Catherine, James (1763) White marble. Note the diagonally set pilasters of gray marble. The RCHM states this is illegible so it has presumably been repainted; the text from the third son James is darker

[M8] Thomas Court (1803); Mathew Court (1824),  and his wife, Mary (1826); Margaret Ward (1846) White marble on slate backing. Signed by Plows 1813 On a gabled slate background sig. Fishers York. Not included in the RCHM inventory Rev Joseph Crosby (1868) White on black slate backing. Sig Fisher.
Beyond the RCHM cutt off date of 1850
[M7] Thomas Bowes (1777) Apothecary and Lord Mator , 1777. White marble. Attrib. John Fisher but no signature.  

Wm Clifton?
From left to right: [M13] Ann Spooner (1834) The head has nothing to do with the monuments!. [M10] Henry Waite (1780) White marble on backing of red and white marble. Note the rams' head on either side. Signed: I. Fisher Sculpt. The last is: William Catton (1861) Beyond the RCHM cut off date.

Other Monuments

[M1] Sarah Rhodes (1813) White marble tablet on slate backing. Signed: Fishers York
[M3] Thomas Spooner (1794) and his wife, Ann (1808) Eight children. White marble tablet.
[B1] Sir Thomas Herbert Bt (1681) and his first wife, Lucia (Alexander) This is fixed to the west side of monument 4. Large brass with arms and Latin inscription in modern frame.
[B2] William Lane (1484) and his wife, Katherine. Sometime mayor. Brass with Latin inscription
[B3] Lawrence Rawdon (1626) and his wife, Margery (1644) ; their granddaughter, Elizabeth Jaques (1651) Insciption. Mounted on the same stone as the above.
[B4] Betty MackGibbon (1726) Insciption
[B5] Izabel and John Robinson (1606) Inscription
[B6] Thomas Willans (1809) Inscription Signed: Barker of York
[B7] Henry Wyman (1411) and his wife, Agnes (1416) . Sometime Mayor. Black letter inscription
[B8] Catherine Vane (1738) Insciption flanked by shields

St Helen
St Helen's Square [RCHM York Vol V. The Central Area]

[M9] James Atkinson (1839), his wife, Ann (1840); their eldest daughter, Frances (1857).  By T Hayes, Beverley. [He was a surgeon] Signed: T. Hayes, Beverely [M8] Thomas Hartley (1809) ; his wife (added below) Jane (1833). Magistrate  Signed Taylor

[M2] John Stow (1775) and his wife Catherine Ellen (1777). Also their sons 'are interred nearby': John, who died as an infant, and William (1774) [He was a silk merchant]

[M1]Theosophilus Davye Garencieres (1796), alderman, Lord Mayor 1796 & 1803, and his wife, Prudence Elizabeth (1801) And their sons: Iohn Wade (1787) at 13, and  Theosophilus (1797) Lt RN who died of yellow fever at St Domingo age 31 and was buried with military honours there. Marble. Signed Taylor

[M3] '...underneath the pew no. three, lies interred... Elizabeth Summers (1778) , widow of William Summers. Also the daughter of the aforementioned, Susanna Fraser (1812) widow of Daniel Fraser; also, added below,  the aforementioned, Daniel Fraser (1832) [M7] 'Near this place lie the remains of Christopher Myers (1832)...In the cemetery lie the remains of Ann relict of the above...(1858) He was a coachmaker. [M5] John Seymour (1841) and two daughters who died in their 20's: Isabella (1832) and Frances (1830). And several children who died in infancy. Also his wife, Mary (1843). Signed: Skelton, York [M6] Ann Acaster (1834) and her only child who died in infancy, John. 'In the cemetery lie...' Rev John Acaster (1854) Her husband and for 38 years vicar. Signed: Flintoff York Modern plaque remembering 'two maiden sisters' who lived until 98 Barbara and Elizabeth Davyers (1667 and 1669) Erected by their nephew, Theophilius Davyes Garencieres.

Above: [S4] Tobias Conyars (1686) Canon of York

Right: [S5]  Elizabeth Acklam (Stanhope) (1722/3)
Other Monuments
[M11] Joseph  Buckle (1760) Slate tablet between stone pilasters. Bust in open pediment, architectural surround (vestry)
[M10] Thomas Payler (1795); his wife, Mary (1759); his second wife, Mary (1807); his son,  Major Payler (1809). Tablet with shield of arms, surmounted by draped urn modelled with churubs' heads. Artificial stone.  Signed: Coad & Sealy, London (vestry)
[M4]  Mrs Catherine Warburton (1817) Black and white sarcophagus
Floor Slabs
[S1] John Bowes (1754)
[S2] Thomas Moseley (17..)
[S3] William Brooke (1789); his wife, Rachel (18..)
[S6] Judith Teasdale (1799); her husband, Henry (1806)
[S8] .... Tomlinson (1784) Wife of Thomas Tomlinson
Coffin Lids
Small plain coffin lid, medieval. Now in Yorkshire museum
Annais de Grantham 14th century. Part with marginal inscription. Location uncertain

Centenary Methodist Chapel
St Saviourgate [RCHM York Vol V. The Central Area]

William Bilton (1897) Joseph Agar (1847)
White marble. Signed: Waudby
John Lyth (1853)
and his wife, Mary (Burdsall) (1860)
Rev David Hill (1896) Helen Leak (Bell) (1874)
And her husband William (1887)
Only the one monument id before the RCHM cut off date of 1850

St Mary Bishophill Junior
Bishophill Junior [RCHM YorkVol. III. South-West of the Ouse ]

Note the reversed N: I have seen this once of twice on monuments and recently on the road outside the local hospital! It must be due to reversing a stencil.
What can
intermarr-yd wth mean here?

Left: [M2] Frances Nicholson (1721)
Mary Spense (1811)

I have kept these reproductions large so the text can be read

[M4] John Burgess (1837) and his wife, Mary (1829)
Above is the wall monument - signed Skelton York. and below [S2] the writing on the entrance to the vault.
Far right top:
Richard Dawson (1767)
Far right bottom: [S9] Mary Merry (1829); Philip Knapton (1833)

[M8] Elizabeth Thompson (Stead) (1818)
Other Monuments
Floor Slabs
[S1] Maria Proctor (1698) Wife of Thomas Proctor, druggest; ther son, Francis; his wife Jane (1733)
[S3] William Bulmer (1806); his grandfather, John Allanson (1812); Ann Bulmer (Allanson) (1813), daughter of John Allanson and  widow of John Bulmer
[S4] Rev John Fuller (1747) Sub-chanter of the Cathedral and Vicar
[S5] Ann Dawson (1758); her husband, [Ric]hard Dawson [1762]
[S6] Richard Forrest (1793) Vicar; his grandfather, John Allanby (1811); mother of the aforesaid Richard, Mary (1821); her husband, Rev Richard Forrest (1829)
[S7] Catherine W[illiamson] (1753) Wife of Rev Williamson, vicar; George, Elizabeth...and children (1751-5)
[S8] [Michae]l Hansby and [Mary] Russell (1762)
[S10] Elizabeth Awtie (16[9]1) Black marble
[M1] Rob:Stockdale (1730) 'Parach: Pastoris' Vicar
White marble, signed Stead
[M7] George Steward (1820), comb manufacturer; his wife, Elizaberh (1833); their son, Edward (1839); their daughter, Elizabeth (1851)
[M3] George Hotham (1823)

Simeon Hardy Bennet (1906)
Priest of this parish for 26 years
Above: [M5] Maria Dorothy Smales (1849) 3rd daughter of Henry White marble on gray veined marble, signed Skelton York
[M6] Ann Smales (1835), wife of Henry, and an infant son (1834) White marble on gray veined marble, signed Skelton York

Part of Anglo-Saxon grave slab: 9th - 10th century
[S11] [Robert Beal] (1763); Ann [Beal (1775)]; Thomas [Beal]
, father; Ann [Beal (1795)].
[S12] Ann Knowles (1746); John Taylor (1774); his wife, Ann (1780)
[S13] Isabell Beal (1813), wife of Thomas Beal (aforesaid?);son, Thomas Beal (1829)
Indents and Brasses
[B] Mary Spence (1811) Inscribed plate set in white marble
[I] Gray marble with indents of a shield and a figure.
Other indent present in 1908 are now lost
Coffin Lids
Three of these are recorded, 13th to 14th centuries

This now completes all the photographs I have of the monuments in the City of York churches but it is by no means complete. Below is a list of other churches, for which I have no photographs yet, taken from Pevsner. I will supplement this meagre list with the fuller information about the churches from the RCHM volumes in due course. In the meantime I will continue adding photographs to the site.

St Clement's, Scarcroft Road

Elias Pawson (1715) Cartouche with cherub's heads and drapery
Henry Pawson (1730) Inscription, Corinthian pillars and open pediment by William Palmer
Alathea Fairfax (1744)
Rev John Fairfax (1844)
Marble tablet with ivy leaves and palms by Fisher

Some of the earlier monuments - as well as other fittings- came from St Mary Bishophill Senior which was demolished in 1963

St John the Evangelist, Micklegate

Now an Arts Centre but some monuments remain; the others were removed in 1939

Sir Richard Yorke (1489) Altar tomb with shields in quatrefoils
Nathaniel Wilson (1726) Marble tablet with semicircular arch and cherub's head below.
Elizabeth Bennet (1825) Scroll with inscription, sarcophagus and weeping willow. Singed Bennett

St Cuthbert, Peasholme Green

Charles Mitley (1758)  .Cartouche with two cherubs' heads
Thomas Kilby (1792) Draped urn with obelisk backing by William Stead, York
William Briggs (1823) Inscribed scroll with amphora by Michael Taylor
Ann & Elizabeth Simpson (1836) White marble tablet with pediment and urn by Skelton

St Martin-cum-Gregory, Micklegate

Sarah Carter (1708) Cartouche with cherubs' heads
Andrew Perrott (1701) Cartouche with cherubs' heads
Martha Perrott (1724)
Samuel Dawson (1731)
Pedimented frame with arms, scroll and crossed palm fronds.
Rev Robert Benson (1822)
Tablet with sarcophagus by Stead
Susanna Beilby (1664) Floor slabs with arms
Frances Bathurst (1774)
 Floor slabs with arms
St Edward, Tadcaster Rd, Dringhouses

Sir John Lawson (1919) Tablet by P Silden
St Martin-le-Grande, Coney St

Christopher Harrington (1614) Goldsmith. Brass with demi-figure and arms of goldsmiths' company
Sir William Sheffield (1633) & Wife (1636) Two busts flanked by statues of Charity and Mercy.
St Saviour, St Saviourgate

Now Archaeological Research Centre

Thomas Atkinson (1798) Architect by John Atkinson
St Mary Castlegate, Castlegate

Now York Heritage Centre

Sir Henry Thompson (1692) Ledger stone
William Mushet (1792)
Tablet with snake entwining pole by Fisher
Anne Lloyd (1830) Tablet with urn and arms by Fisher
Rawling Gould (1873) Architect. Gothic frame
  St Stephen, Acomb

Wall tablets by York sculptors: Plows, M Taylor, Fisher, and by Williams (Huddersfield), and Davies (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
With many thanks to Richard Collier for supplying all of the photographs on this page. Further information is from the RCHM York Volumes
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