The Churches
Holy Trinity (Goodramgate)  Holy Trinity (Micklegate)  St Michael (Spurriergate)
Holy Trinity
Goodramgate [RCHM York Vol V. The Central Area]

Top: Rev Charles Dallon MA (1838)  [M3]
Bottom:Thomas (1450) & Matilda Danby (1458) [B1]
'Pray for the souls of Thomas Danby one time mayor and citizan of York who died 3rd day of May AD 1450 and Matilda his wife who died 4th day of January AD 1458 whose souls reach atonement with God. Amen
Brass in stone slab
Lyonel Elyot (1736) [S3]
Joseph Buckle (1818) and Esther (1834) [M6]

[S9] William Briggs (1636) & Anne (1673). Also two grandchildren who died young, William & John

Above and right: Two stone coffins; that on the right hold a very broken slab, inscribed '[Eliza]beth Walker 12th June .... [C1 & 2]
Below left Fractured slabs; right slab with a brass inserted and supported on a wooden structure.

Other Monuments
Brasses & Indents Floor Slabs
[B2] Ellen Baker (1837) Set in slab with indents for earlier brasses.
[I1]  Oblong with three fixing holes
[I2]  For figure and inscription
[I3] For four shields and plate; now holds B2
[I4] For figure and plate

[S1] Henery Billingham (1703)
[S2] Richard Graham (1746)
and his wife Cordelia (Chaloner) (1763
[S4] William Richardson (1679)
Alderman and sometime Mayor
[S5] William Loe (1678)
[S6] Richard Dennis (1678)
[S7] Margaret Swineard (1810)
[S8] Benjamin Swineard (1796)
Husband of the above
[S10] Four children of Robert and Mary Ann Fryer. 19th century
[S11] James Robert Fryer (1840) Proctor. Father of the children above. Also see M2
[S12] Mrs Margaret Smith (1762)
[S13] John Slack (1744)
and Ann (1756)
[S14] Mrs Elezebeth _ (Dennis) (_)
[S15] Thomas Severs (1829)
and Frances (1832)
[S16] T.B (1831)
Coffin Lids

The RCHM lists five such slabs. [L2] has an incised floriated calvary cross with symbols of a fish and a cauldron on either side. Also listed in Pevsner.
[M1] Frances Green (1721) White marble sarcophagus with heraldic cartouche; shaped tablet above. Attrib: Charles Mitley. Also mentioned in Pevsner.
[M2] James Robert Fryer (1840), proctor, and other family members. Sililar to M3. Signed: Fisher, York
[M4] Rev James Dallin (1838) and Elizabeth (1864) added later. White tablet on large black bacground on which is recorded its removal in1878 the old St Maurice. Signed: J Flintoff, York
[M5] Joseph Smith (1827) and his daughter Christiana (1824) Tablet with draped decorations. Signed: Bennett, S. York

Priory Church of the Holy Trinity
Micklegate [RCHM York Vol. III. South-West of the Ouse]

Elizabeth Scarisbrick (1797) [19]
Signed: Th Atkinson
Cpt Edwyn Walker (1910) and his wife Elizabeth (1915). And their sons: Cpt Oswald B. (1914) kia; Mjr Wilfred B. (1914) kia; Cpt Roger B. MC (1918) kia; Edwyn G. (1910) Died in riding accident

John Burton MD and his wife Mary (1771). One of the books is inscribed 'Mon Ebor Vol I ' (John Burton 1697-1771, antiquary and physician, 1759) [M2]

Thomas Condon (1759) and his wife Maria (1806) [M1]

Top: Henry Jubb (1792) and Elizabeth (1793) [M11]
Signed: Wm Stead, York
Frederick Sherlock Pope (1852)
  Top: Joshua Crompton (1832), his wife, Anna Maria (1819) Signed: M Taylor [16]
Elizabeth Ann (1760) [17]
Top:  William Crumack (1847), his wife Martha (1854) White marble. Said to be signed Skelton (1972) [M13]
Mary Swinburne (1761) [M14]
Anastasia  Strickland Standish (1807) [M3] Top: Mrs Elizabeth Richardson (1854) [M8] Said to be on a black base & signed Essex (1972)
Margaret Anne Yorke (1847) [M9]
Said to be signed Skelton (1972)

Elizabeth Steward (1847); her husband John
Steward (1855)
Merchant. [M12]
Signed: Skelton
Jane Yorke (1840) [M7]
Signed Skelton
 John Greene (1792) Cartouche with arms [M20] Margaret Stanhope (Peers)  (1637) [M6]

Other Monuments
Monuments Floor Slabs
[M4]  Ann Derby  (1615) Cartouche
[M5] William Fryer (1838)
Solicitor; his children who died in infancy, Thomas Walker and William Fryer. Also his wife, Elizabeth (1842)
[M10] William Duffin (1839)
White marble tablet. Said to be signed Skelton
[M15] Joshua Ingham (1836), Elizabeth (1848)
Marble signed Skelton
[M18] Thomas Swann (1832), his first wife Harriet Ann (Clark) (1812) and second wife Anne (1831)
Harvey Broom (1898)
and his wife Elizabeth Dale (1902)
Elizabeth Jane Crompton (1869)
and her sisters: Mary Frances Herries (1866), Henriette Matilda Crompton (1881), Margaret Sarah Crompton (1884) and Caroline Rachel O'Reilly (1885), and her brother, Robert Edward Crompton (1840)
[S1] Frances Olive Tempest (1795)
[S2] Jane Yorke (1810)
[S3] John Allanson (1783]
Twice lord mayor; his wife, Elizabeth (1766)
[S4] [Jonathan Benson (1725)],
son William [1741], [daughter, Mary (1739)], wife Ann (1746), and others.
[S5] William Green (1764) and his wife (1770)
[S6] Kesia Raper (1797)
, John Horner (1791) wine merchant, Jane Raper (widow of John Raper and aunt to John Horner), Mary Green (1802) (fourth daughter of Jane Raper), Ann Horner (1818)
[S7] Walter Richmond (1803)
of Kingston, Jamaica
[S8] Jane Richmond (1808), wife of above; Ann (1798), their daughter.

St Michael
Spurriergate  [RCHM York Vol V. The Central Area]

William Harrison (1799), Dorothy (1786), his wife. Two of their children 'who died young'. Also his parents: John (1769) and Sarah (179_) [M1] Thomas Sanderson (1803), Elizabeth (1782), his wife. Their son Thomas Sanderson (1837) and his wife, Frances (1843) [M2]
Fractured; said to be on a black marble backing, signed Fisher, York (1981)
Mrs Rebecca & Susannah Thorne (n/d) 18th Century [M6] John Barker (1844) [M7]
Said to be signed Skelton, York (1981)
Katherine Coppinger (1763) [M8]

William Hutchinson (1724) Sheriff 1772. Signed Fischers [M9] John Wood (1704) Alderman and sometime Lord Mayor; his wife, Anne (1679), their son Charles (1684) [M10] William Langton (1466) Rector. Chalice and second inscription from top. [B1]
William Wilson (1517)  First inscription [B2]
 William Shaw (1681) Merchant. Third inscription and signed by Joshua Mann [B4]
William Honcock (1681) and Helen Bottom insciption [B3]
Top: Ellen Layland (1731), Jacob Layland Merch (1760)
George Fowler (1802) and his wife Martha (1807)

Other Monuments
Monuments Floor Slabs (Continued)
[M3] Mrs Elizabeth Bath (1736) Stone tablet with moulded base and cornice
[M4] William Grew (1770) and his wife Jane (1790) White marble tablet with apron and segmental head; small urn atop.
[M5] John Harrison (1729) Stone cartouche
[M10] John Nelson (1847) White marble tablet,  gray backing. Signed Fisher
[S15] Alan Hamerton (1405) and his wife Isabella. Reused for Henry Myres (1775), John Thorpe & Rebecca (1778) and Susanna Thorpe (1782)
[S16] Alice,
wife of Benjamin Barst_  and three children.
[S17] (William) Stephenson (1752) and his wife Frances (1727); MrsAlice Stephenson (1685)
[S18] Francis Stephenson (1783)
Twice Lord Mayor; his grandson Richard (1781)?
[S19] William Clark (1796)
watchmaker: his wife Frances (1819); their daughter Frances Ann (1799)
[S20] James Harrison (1791)
; his wife Mary (1810); their daughter Ann (1766); Elizabeth Hoy (1767)
[S21] Robert Hartley (1803)
Flax dresser; his wife Jane (1808)
[S22] John __
and his wife Sarah (1789)
[S23] Samuel Mancklin (1687)
[S24] George Davison [1779) ?
; his wife Elizabeth (1774)
[S25] James Astington (1774);
his wife Elizabeth (1787); their son James (1780)
[S26] William Whytehead (1711)
Attorney, alderman, sometime Lord Mayor; his wife Margaret (1711)
[S27] Richard Wood (1701)
[S28] Elizabeth Hardy (1690)
[S29] Jacob Layland (1760)
merchant; his wife Ellen (1751); George Fowler (1802); his wife Martha (1807)
[S30] Ricard Clark (1797)
; his wife Margaret (1787) nad four unamed children
[S31] Ann Clark (1775); her daughter also Ann Clark (1781). John Clark (1792)
[S32] James Fryer (1806)
his wife Margaret (1793); their son James 1816) Proctor
[S33] Elizabeth Copley (1776); Elizabeth Long (1780)
[S34] Mary Stephenson
[S35]  Mark Mitchell (1778)
and ?
[S36] John _ (1703) goldsmith
Floor Slabs
[S1] William Harrison (1799), Dorothy (1786) his wife; and their children, Francis & Leonard See M1 above
[S2] George _man (1683) sometime Mayor; Lady Issabill (1680), his wife
[S3] Mrs Grace Clark (1689)
[S4] Richard Davies (_), Ann (1758)
, his first wife; Eleanor (1759?), his second wife
[S5] William Jenninga (1904)
[S6] Nine children and grandchildren of Samuel and Sarah Fowler (1780-1816)
[S7] Peter Richardson (1690)
Sometime sheriff
[S8] Thomas Nursaw (1765)
Merchant; his wife Jane (1790) and daughter Jane (1776)
[S9] Thomas Sanderson (1803)
[S10] Benjamin Beilby )176_)
[S11] Alice, wife of John Derby (1746) ?
and others. Brass B2 above was once set into this slab
[S12] Dorothy,
wife of Joseph Hewan (1735) ?
[S13] Elizabeth & Richard __
[S14] _ Robson
, widow of George Robson (1778)



All Saints, North Street

Many 13th - 14th century incised cross slabs, in church or built into south wall. (I presume this means exterior wall) with foliated cross and other symbols.

William Stokton (1471) Brass inscription.
Thomas Clerk (1482) Brass inscription and symbols.
Thomas Askwith (1609) Brass inscription with arms.
Thomas Atkinson (1642) Tanner. Brass with demi-figure
Joshua Witton (1674) Floor slap with arms.
John Etty (1708) Carpenter. Rococo cartouche; inscription.

All Saints, Pavement

Anglo-Saxon tombstone, fragment. 9th-10th century.
Robert Askwith (1597) Brass with ¾ figure, arms but no inscription. (from St Crux)
Tate Wilkinson (1803) Tablet with draped urn

Other wall tablets by M. Taylor, William Plows, & Fisher

St Clement's, Scarcroft Road

Elias Pawson (1715) Cartouche with cherub's heads and drapery
Henry Pawson (1730) Inscription, Corinthian pillars and open pediment by William Palmer
Alathea Fairfax (1744)
Rev John Fairfax (1844)
Marble tablet with ivy leaves and palms by Fisher

Some of the earlier monuments - as well as other fittings- came from St Mary Bishophill Senior which was demolished in 1963

St Crux Parish Room, Pavement

Sir Robert Watter (1612) & Margaret (1608) Limestone tomb chest of 1610. Canopy with putti and arms supported by Corinthian columns. Recumbent effigies: male and female civilians. On back wall kneeling child and babies. Inscription flanked by Faith and Peace figures.
Sir Thomas Herbert (1681) Brass with inscription and arms
Roger Belwood (1694) Inscription flanked by books; arms above.
Sir Tancred Robinson (1754)  Sarcophagus with Lord Mayor's regalia, seated cherub, portrait medallion, anchors and cannon. Obelisk with cartouche of arms.
Thomas Bowes (1777) Sarcophagus shaped tablet attrib. John Fisher
Henry Waite (1780) Tablet with large portrait medallion; each side pedestals with rams' heads atop and wreathed in ivy . By John Fisher.
Thomas Court (1803) Urn on slate backing by Plows
Richard Hudson (1802) Marble tablet with urn etc by Chambers, Scarborough
Ann Spooner (1834) Tablet flanked by scrolls

The early fifteenth church was partially demolished in 1887 but the parish room, built in 1888 incorporates part of the north wall of the church.

St Cuthbert, Peasholme Green

Charles Mitley (1758)  .Cartouche with two cherubs' heads
Thomas Kilby (1792) Draped urn with obelisk backing by William Stead, York
William Briggs (1823) Inscribed scroll with amphora by Michael Taylor
Ann & Elizabeth Simpson (1836) White marble tablet with pediment and urn by Skelton

St Denys, Walmgate

Dorothy Hughes (n/d) Kneeling female in niche flanked by four niches with the three Virtues; inscription above on round headed tablet topped by skull, putti and down turned torches; below winged figure with palm leaf and crown.
Dorothy Wilson (1717)
Inscription between Corinthian pillar and below arched pediment
W Hotham (1806) Mourning female with urn on black obelisk background by W & C Fisher

St Edward, Tadcaster Rd, Dringhouses

Sir John Lawson (1919) Tablet by P Silden

St Helen, St Helen's Square

J Buckle (1790)
Bust in open pediment, architectural surround (vestry)
Thomas Payler & Family
(1795 & 1809) Draped urn with cherub's heads by Coad & Sealy (vestry)
John Stow (1775)
Urn on pedestal with shield
Theosophilus Davye Garencieres (1796)
With sarcophagus  signed Taylor
Thomas Hartkey (1809) With urn signed Taylor
James Atkinson (1839) Gothic tablet with ogee arch by T Hayes, Beverley
Elizabeth Acklam (1723) Floor slab with arms

St John the Evangelist, Micklegate

Now an Arts Centre but some monuments remain; the others were removed in 1939

Sir Richard Yorke (1489) Altar tomb with shields in quatrefoils
Nathaniel Wilson (1726) Marble tablet with semicircular arch and cherub's head below.
Elizabeth Bennet (1825) Scroll with inscription, sarcophagus and weeping willow. Singed Bennett

St Martin-cum-Gregory, Micklegate

Sarah Carter (1708) Cartouche with cherubs' heads
Andrew Perrott (1701) Cartouche with cherubs' heads
Martha Perrott (1724)
Samuel Dawson (1731)
Pedimented frame with arms, scroll and crossed palm fronds.
Rev Robert Benson (1822)
Tablet with sarcophagus by Stead
Susanna Beilby (1664) Floor slabs with arms
Frances Bathurst (1774)
 Floor slabs with arms

St Martin-le-Grande, Coney St

Christopher Harrington (1614) Goldsmith. Brass with demi-figure and arms of goldsmiths' company
Sir William Sheffield (1633) & Wife (1636) Two busts flanked by statues of Charity and Mercy.

St Mary Bishophill Junior, Bishophill Junior

Part of Anglo-Saxon grave slab: 9th - 10th century

St Mary Castlegate, Castlegate

Now York Heritage Centre

Sir Henry Thompson (1692) Ledger stone
William Mushet (1792)
Tablet with snake entwining pole by Fisher
Anne Lloyd (1830) Tablet with urn and arms by Fisher
Rawling Gould (1873) Architect. Gothic frame

St Michael-le-Belfrey, Mister Yard

Robert Squire (1709) & Pricilla (1711) Large: two standing figures in niche with Corinthian pillars and curved top. Flaming urns; two cherubs support coronet. Iron railing. Attrib: Robert Crutcher
Frances Farrer (1681) Brass signed Joshua Mann
Thomas Dawnay (1683)  Brass with arms signed Joshua Mann
Ann Walker (1687) Cartouche
John White (1716) Cartouche
Thomas James (1723)
Mary Woodyeare (1728) Cartouche curved to fit round free standing pier. Arms, cherubs' heads, wing death head.
Vavasour infant (1728) Tablet with arms
Catherine & Christine North (1734) Pilasters and cornice carrying arms and urns. By Charles Mitley & Edward Raper
Mary Grammar (1738) Pediment with scrolls and arms
Lt John Crossland (1813) Sarcophagus with military emblems. By Fisher
Baldwin Wake (1842) Sarcophagus shaped tablet. By Flantoff

Others by Fisher, Skelton, Taylor & Tilney. Details to follow.

St Olave, Marygate

Woman head only in quatrefoil, part of 13th century grave slab; above south door
William Thornton (1721) Joiner and architect. Oval with cherubs' heads, flaming urn and garlands. He was responsible for the design of the large wooden structure which restored the north transept front of Beverley Minster into position in 1719.
Michael Loftus (1762) Servant to Duke of Ormond in Spain. Oval
George Hutchinson (1775) White oval panel on gray backing; urn on obelisk above.
Althea Jordon (1741) Urn, dove, rams' head with inscription on base. By Fishers
George Stephenson (1805) Urn, obelisk background
Sarah Eyre (1825) Sarcophagus and urn
David Poole (1830)
Tablet with inscription on sarcophagus by Michael Taylor
John Roper (1826) Tablet with inscription on sarcophagus by Michael Taylor
Frances Worley (1737) Neoclassical
William Jetty (1849) The painter (churchyard)

St Sampson, Church

Now Old People's Centre

William Richardson (1680) Brass signed Joshua Mann

St Saviour, St Saviourgate

Now Archaeological Research Centre

Thomas Atkinson (1798) Architect by John Atkinson

St Stephen, Acomb

Wall tablets by York sculptors: Plows, M Taylor, Fisher, and by Williams (Huddersfield), and Davies (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

With many thanks to Richard Collier for supplying all of the photographs on this page. Further information is from the RCHM York Volumes
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