Kendal  Lowther
Kendal - Holy Trinity
Church is open. Park in pay car park near the church
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Bellingham Chapel

Above & right:
tomb chest with brasses on the lid of
Sir Roger Bellingham (1553) & Margaret (Aske) Restored in 1863: brasses are replacements
Far right: Late 13th C coffin lid with cross, sword and shield


Alan Bellingham (1577)
Right top:
Sir John Wilson (1793) Justice of Court of Common Pleas
Right bottom:
Zachary Hubbertsy (1787) By Flaxman

Parr Chapel

Sir William Parr (early 16th century)

Strickland Chapel  
Above: Sir Walter Strickland (1528) & Katherine (Neville) ; Above centre & left: Walter Strickland (1656) (son of Sir Thomas) Alabaster effigy of a boy below a gray slate slab. His initials and date of death are given on the lower stage but these are partly obscured in the photograph. This chapel is locked and unfortunately used as a store room.

There are a large number of wall monuments in the nave and aisles but I have only be able to include a few of them

Sir Augustine Nicholl (1616)
Justice of Common Pleas
Slate and alabaster
Michael Stanford (1682)
Latin inscription
John Leyburne (1737)  Wᴹ Richardson (1809)
Thomasin (1839)
George Rowney (1802)
'The celebrated artist'
d. in Kendal; b. at his birthplace Dalton-in-Furness
Thomas Ireland (1817)
signed Webster, Kendal

Lowther - St Michael

Above: Sir John Lowther Snr (1637) or Jnr (1675) This is part of a monument with two busts and a skull.
John, ViscountLonsdale (1700) By  William Stanton.

I've no idea who sent me the above two excellent photographs as the records were lost: but thanks!

Please note: This is all I have of Westmorland at the moment. Rather than use the 'new' county of Cumbria I will keep to the 'old' counties of Cumberland and Westmorland as well as those parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire which have been incorporated into Cumbria; this is so that the gazetteer corresponds with Pevsner and the RCHM, although the latter is only available for Westmorland. I should be grateful for any photographs anyone could send me for these counties.

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