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Taunton - St Mary Magdalene

The church is centrally situated. Park in one of the town's rather expensive car parks. O/S Ref: ST 230 247

Above Far Left: Robert Gray (1635) Life sized figure on wall of north aisle. Thick layer of paint!
Above Far Right:
Sarah Dare (1783), Mary Dare (1806), Martha Perlam (1807), Ann Dare (1807), Betty Roberts (1808). Presumably sisters
Centre, Top Row, from Left to Right: William (1838) & Mary Ann Blundell (1804); Mjr Isaac Downing (1831); William Courtney (1719)
Centre, Bottom Row, from Left to Right: John Young (1629); Richard Huysh (1615) Philanthropist, among other charitable works, he founded a hospital in 'Mawdelyn' Lane for 13 poor men; William Fraunceis Gwyn (1895) Signed: Long Fecit Taunton

Thomas More (1576) rear wall of nave. Mary Norris (1836) '...interred under the south east corner of the railings of the communion table...'
Priest e.c.C14
TC now the N Transept altar
Thomas Strode 1595 recumbent effigy & wife?
Stowey - St Nicholas & St Mark
William Jones 1748 hanging monument by T Paty
Elizabeth 1783 & Mary 1791 Jones by Moore & Smith of London
Stratton-on-the-Fosse - St Vigor
Norton Knatchbull 1782 Tab
1770  by W Paty
1784 by King
Street - Holy Trinity
1808 by Reeves
Stringston - not known
John St Albyn 1766 By Ford of Bath
Swainswick - St Mary
Edmund Ford 1439 brass
Tellisford - All Saints
Tab 1810 by Chapman
Another 1816 by same
Tickenham - Saint Quiricus and Saint Julietta
Tickenham is a long village but the church is not actually in it but rather on a rural road running parallel to it. There is plenty road side parking on the opposite side to the church: take note a rural road but a busy one. However the church is locked and the keyholder's name is not given on the notice board in the porch. We did find a telephone number but this was of a former church warden who  had since died. His widow kindly gave us a telephone number of a lady who lived near the church and would unlock it for it fo us. We made an an appointment and met this lady a few days later. She did not seem too happy about opening the church and asked us to hurry as the chuch had been recently sprayed. Her attitude as not helped by another couple arriving by chance.  She told us the church was opened some weeks ends; however do not turn up just in case, it is more likely not to be
OS Ref: 458 714

John Reed (1821)

There appear to be three separate panels of text on this monuments. The upper and lower and lower are worn to illegibility but the text on the middle one appears to be renewed but is written in mirror writing!
Above: Two Knight 13th century. One lady c 1300
Timsbury - St Mary
By King 1815, Lancshire 1814, Greenaway 1826, Reeves 1823, 1837, 1841, Tyley 1843 and others
Tintinhull - St Margaret
John Heath, Priest. Brass
Walton - Holy Trinity
Priest c.1300
Walton - Holy Trinity
The church is on a busy road but there is a parking lay-by outside the church where you can pull off the main road, avoiding the bus stop.
Very good toilets in the church
O/S Ref: 461 363
Priest c. 1300

Watchet - St Decumen

The church is kept locked but a notice on the door tells you from where to obtain the key
The church is on the outskirts of town and parking may be difficult. O/S Ref: 065 427
Left: Henry (1613) & George (1624) Wyndham
Above: George Wynham (1845) Neo-Gothic. No effigy but inscription
Right: Sir William Wyndham (1683)) Standing monument but lower part not visible.
Standing monument but lower part not visible.obscured.
A Tale of a Premature Burial

About a year after her marriage Florence collapsed - apparently dead -as she ran to meet her husband returning home. She was buried the next day in the Wyndham Crypt below the chancel. However the sexton - one Tom Hole - having seen the rings on Florence's body, returned to the crypt that night in an attempt to steal them. He used a knife to prize the rings from her fingers but in doing so scratch her hand so Florence awoke from her coma. Tom Hole fled, never to be seen again. Florence climbed out of her coffin and managed to return home. Seeing his wife return in her grave clothes, John fainted and it took some time to convince him she was neither ghost nor witch. A year later she gave birth to a son and later twins. To this day members of the Wyndham family are not buried until three days have elapsed

.  Edmund Wyndham (1616)
Brass set in floor of chancel.
Above Left:   John Wyndham (1645) & Wife (1633) Large plate with brass portrait busts and heraldic shield. Probably by Nicholas Stone
Above Right:
John (1572) & Florence (1596) WyndhamBrasses with inscriptions and inlaid shields now set with next to the plate on the left against the wall.Brasses with inscriptions and inlaid shields now set with next to the plate on the left against the wall. (alsi see right)
Not Shown: Sir John Wyndham (1574) & Elizabeth Sydenham (1571). Tomb chest with three squared panels. Pevsner describes the former canopy thus: 'Canopy on four piers with curiously crude and amorphous piers. Round arch, but with Gothic panelling inside. A large and striking demi-figure of an angel peers out from the tomb across the chancel.' This canopy was dismantelled in the 20th century. On the top of the tomb chest are fine brasses of Sir John in armour and Lady Sydenham wearing a magnificent dress of the period. Below these figures are large brass inscription plates. Sir John accompanied Henry VIII's sister - Mary Tudor - to France on the occasion of her marriage to King Louis XII. Elizabeth bore six dughters and four sons. Sir John and Lady Elizabeth were married for 44 years and she bore him six daughters and four sons. 

Wellington - St John the Baptist

The church is normally unlocked 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.
Park in the inexpensive pay and display car park near the church, or park in one of the roads behind the chuch and take the footpath to the church
O/S Ref: ST 141 209



Monument of Sir John Popham (1607) and his wife, Amy (Adams alias Gamed). As Lord Chief Justice he presided over the trials of Sir Walter Raleigh and Guy Fawkes with the other Gunpowder Plot Conspiritors; he was also involved in the trial of Mary Queen of Scots.
The couple had one son and six daughters. The son - Sir Francis Popham (1644) - with his wife - Anne (Gardiner Dudley) - kneel at a prayer desk at the east end of the monument. At the west end similarly knee the elder Sir John's parents, Alexandre Popham (1558) and his wife, Jane (Stradling) . At the south side of the tomb kneel the elder Sir Francis's six daughters (Penelope, Elinor, Elizabeth, Mary, Amy,?) Behind them kneel three ladies' maids. Note that the daughters wear lace and the maids plain ruffs). On the north side (against the wall) kneel the younger Sir Francis's fice sons and eight daughters.
The tomb is of alabaster has been attributed to the workshop of Cornelius Cure. The tomb has been moved on two occasions but no trace of the grave was found.
This monument is particularly difficult to photograph to give an all over representation. I am grateful to Lobstermindor (talk) for allowing used of his bird's eye photograph of the two principal effigies. He presumably had a ladder or a camera on an elongated tripod.

Priest early 14th century

Other (Wall) Monuments
'In a Vault in the Chancel of this Church belonging to F F A STEELE Esq are deposited the remains of ' ... Henry Jell (1816) Aged 26   White tablet on black back with arched top. Signed on white small tab below
Mr John Cookesley (1785) Apothecary   White tablet on black back, arched top and bottom,
Leuisa Jane Sawyer (1726)   White tablet on black back, arched bottom: above is black pyramid and in from white draped urn
Alexandre Edward Webber MRCS LSA (1849); also Barry Wade Webber MRCS (1867); also his only son and daughter: Thomas (born and died 1853) and Elizabeth Ann Were (1858) age 3   White tablet with pointed arch apex on black back of similar shape.
John Robert Henry Jackson (1847) and his wife, Jane Scarlet (Jennings) (1869). Also their son, John Thomas Dodd Jacson (1852); their daughters, Jane Henrietta Jackson (1878) and Harriet Jackson (1888). All of whom are buried at Holy Trinity Church in this parish. Their sons: Francis Robert Dalzell Jackson (1823), who died at Guildford at 8 weeks, and Mello William Jackson (1875) Late lieutenant, Queen's Royal Regiment, who died at Wellington, New Zeeland. And their daughters: Augusta Elizabeth Gardiner (1869) , widow of Rev Roert Gardiner, who died at Taunton, Eliza Scarlett Rich (1843) died at Kurnool widow of William Charles Rich, Lieutenant 46th Madras N.I.;Caroline Neal Jackson (1821) who died at Guildford at 1 month   As above
Frederick White (1845) Solicitor of Wellington for fifty-one years; his wife, Ellery (Beavis) (1828); their daughter, Anne (1826), and their son, Frederick (1872), also a solicitor   White tablet on black back with pediment, in which a shield of arms
Frances Rodham (1873) (White) Daughter of Thomas White   Rectangular brass
Frederick White (1881) and his wife, Mary Jane (1879)   Brass shown above
Rev Robert Jarratt MA (1843) Fifty one years vicat of Wellington and West Buckland   White tablet in Gothick frame
Herbert Carteret Priaulx Dobree (1908) Curate 1804-08   White tablet on black back with cross on arched extension.
Margaret Jarrett (Hey) (1916) wife of Rev Robert, above. And three of their children: William (1804) who died in infancy; Samuel (1830), who died in Malta; and Anne (1832)   White tablet with pediment and base on black backing
Edward (1765) and Mary (1766) Ieſse. Son and daughter of Rev William Ieſse, ... 'are both buried in a Cave in the Church  Porch'. Lucy (1781) wife of Rev William Ieſse. Rev William Ieſse MA (1791) 47 years vicar of the parish.   White tablet on gray marbeled backing with curved upper and lower parts, small urn on the former.
Sarah Fisher Ancram wife of William. Lower part obscured   White sarcophagus on black backing
William Jones (1830) and his wife Joan (Southwood) (1828)   White tablet on black backing with curved base and pointed apex on which snake eaating tail
John Porter (1783)   White oval tablet on marbeled black base with curved apex and base; on the former shield of arms
There are several other wall monuments which are obscured or partly so, probably temporarily, which I have not included.
All are in excellent condition suggesting recent restorations
Charles Henry Fox (1908) and his wife, Caroline (1924)

Westonzoyland - St Mary
Church is open from 9.00 am till 4.00 pm daily. Park in road outside church - quite busy. The Battle of Sedgemoor was fought nearby and there is small permanent museum relating to the battle in the church. The name zoyland refers to an area of dry land above a marshy terrain. The village name is a single word
O/S Ref: ST 352 348

Priest c.1300

Whitchurch - St Nicholas
Holbeach Family 1735 signed W Lydyard of Keynsham

Withycombe - St Nicholas

Church open during normal hours Park somewhere in the village - may be tight!

 O/S Ref: ST 015 413


Top Row: Lady (c. 1300)
Holds heart. On windowsill north side of nave. The two structures on either side of the monument (now used as flower vases) are candlesticks and probably were always part of the monument. There was presumably a chantry connected with it and the candles would have been required for the obits. Ham Hill stone.
It is variously said to be a member of the Fitznurse family (1290-1300) but could be 10-20 years earlier. Local tradition gives it to be of  Lucy Malet and her second husband Thomas of Timworth, early 14th century.
Bottom Row:
Male Civilian (late 14th century) Under low arch on the south side, obstructed by the pews. He wears a simple long gown: no sword etc. Ham Hill stone. The feet have been removed so probably not in situ. Is that a hat?

Whitelackington - St Mary
Near Ilminster

The church is locked but a notice in the porch advises that the key may be obtained from the house behind the church. Park outside the church
Whitelackington (one word - despite Pevsner!) is a small village of a church and a few houses. Although it is close to the A303, it can be difficult to reach so best to obtain a 1:50,000 scale map of the area. Note that there is a White Lackington (two words) in Dorset.
O/S Ref: ST 380 153

Above and Right Top: Civilian of c. 1350 (said locally to be Thomas de Montsorel) Note the sword and pouch
Left Bottom:  Knight of c.1375  (said locally to be John de Bridport)

Both of these are on the floor and not in situ.

Above: Sir George Speake (1583) but monument is about 25 years earlier
Right: Male figure with child: Jessy, wife of John Lee Lee Esq MP (1836). Below this is a further tablet to: John Lee Lee (1874) & his Wife Hon Mary Sophia Lee Lee (1888)
Far Right: John Hanning (1807), Harriet, wife of William Hanning (1805), William Hanning (1831) & Susan, widow of John (1834) Signed by J Richards, Exeter
Whitestaunton - St Andrew
Two TC's
Wincanton - St Peter & St Paul
Nathaniel Ireson 1769; monument of 1772
Winsham - St Stephen
Robert Henley 1639 wall monument
Wiveliscombe - St Andrew
Henry Wyndham 1622 & Wife 1620 Recumbent alabaster effigies . Ass to Epipanius Evesham
Winscombe - St James
Sarah Knollis 1823 by Harris of Bath
Wookey - St Mathew
Thomas Clarke 1555

Whatley - St George

Sir Oliver de Cervington (after 1348)
Note the carved shields: three stag's head on a chevron. The feet lie on a stag in an arrangement of leaves.

Woolley - All Saints

Ann Worgan (1767)

Richard Bendyshe
( 1823) & Family

Wraxall - All Saints

North Somerset near Tyntesfield
Not the other one!

Left: Louisa Lucas (1807) unsigned
Above: Sir Edmund (1512) & Lady Gorges very good
Right: John Lucas (1817) by Tyler

Wrington - All Saints
Church is open. Park in street near church
O/S Ref: ST 468 62

Directly above and right below: Priest c. 1340; formerly in the garden wall of Wring ton House.
Right top two busts of local in north porch of 19th century work: On left: Hannah Moore (1745) 'lived many years in this parish and devoted her time and talents to the case of pure religion, sound morality and wide culture. Buried in church here. On the right: John Locke: philosopher, authr on Essay on Human Understanding. Born 1632 in a cottage which stood near north door. Died 1704 in Oates, Essex

Other Monuments
White stone afixed to wall Illegible   Rev Williams Leeves, in same vault, Anne his daughter White stone with pediment with leaves and 3 string musical instrument
Arched stone affixed to wall Illegible   William Long (1886) and Elizabeth (1874) Wall brass. Arms
Lt Charles Overton Melville Will (1943) KIA Tunisia. Arms   Hannah Moore (1833)  Pediment with sun burst and clouds, pillasters, base

Wyken Champflower - Holy Trinity
Henry Southworth 1625
  Writhlington - St Mary Magdelene
 Several monuments

Yatton - St Mary
Church open Thursday to Sunday. Park outside church; there is also a free car park adjoining church.
O/S Ref: ST 432 651

Sir John Newton (1488) and his wife, Isobel of Cheddar (1498). On the back wall (shown below) is a relief of the Annunciation.

Sir Richard Newton (1449) and his wife (1475) Alabaster.

Above left and right: Lady , below which, knight) Both1325.

Hannah   Mostly illegible Henry Grimsteed  (1714)
by Sidnell signed

Robert Bathust (1929) Gray stone tablet with gray stone frame   John Norman (1837) White tablet with pediment; black backing
Thomas Wickham (1289) White tablet with pillasters Rev Henry Hawes AM (1809) Vicar Plain whitetablet with black backing
Edward Day (1802); also father James (1817) and mother Ann (1843) White tablet, black backing      

Yeovil - St John the Baptist

The church open weekdays 10am to 3pm, Saturday 10am to 1pm and Sunday for services at 8.00 am and 10.30 am.
The church is centrally situated so park in one of the town's car park, which are not always well sign posted but of moderate cost.

Gyles & Isabell Penne (1519). The matrix (left) is on the choir floor but the various parts of the brass itself
 were set on a modern backing in 1917 on the wall of the north choir aisle. Her date is 1519 but his is left blank;
 he died in East Coker in 1560. The repositioning of the actual brasses has been carved into the matrix (unfortunately)
John & Mary Newman, Mary Newman and William Newman, respectively the parents of and the siblings of a Mr Newman who erected the monument in 1790 George James William Prowse (1903) and his widow Emmeline Lucy (1923) John (1847) & Mary (1849 Neal. Also Elizabeth Neal (1850) aged 10; she was daughter of William & Elizabeth Neal, and, presumably granddaughter of John & Mar.
Rev Robert Phelips (1855) Vicar. By J S Westmacott (signed on base) Chancel Rev John Phelips AM (1766) Vicar and Mary (1803) Edward Boucher (176_) John  & Bridget (Drewry) Harrin; their son Robert; his son John; his sons Robert & William (1705); the latter married Elizabeth (Wyndham) (1708); and their children John (1701) and William (1705) The monument was erected by their surviving son Wyndham Harris in 1711
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