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Nunney - All Saints
Park nearby in the village main road. The 'village square' is privately owned and welcomes you with no parking notices! Church is open
O/S Ref: ST 738 457

  Above can be seen the present arrangement of the monuments in St Katharine's Chapel (North Transept), where they were transferred in the early 19th century and the fronts of the two tomb chests. The chapel is also occupied by the organ so given little space to take photographs! One effigy now somewhat incongruously lies on the window sill the other two pairs of effigies rest on parts of the original tomb chests (left and right above)

Left: Richard Prater & Wife. He bought the manor in 1577.
Sir John de la Mare (1383), builder of the castle-or-his son Philip, who founded a chantry here in 1394.
Sir John Paulet (1473) & Constance.  Note the arms in relief on his surcoat and the Lancastrian SS collar. Note Constance wears her hair loose.

Left, Top Left: Mary Samborne (1690) Widow of Mawdley Samborne. The lettering is enclosed by an arch and there is a coat of arms below. Left, Top Right: Mawdley Samborne Gent (1690) 'sonn of Mawdley Samborne. Similar in style to the above. Left Bottom: Richard Mawdley, John Mawdley, Roger Mawdley &Richard Mawdley Esq. Just one date: 1600

Above from Left to Right:
i) 'Under the Communion-Table are depoſited the Remains of ELIZABETH and JAMES. alſo near the Reading-Desk, thoſe of JAMES WADHAM the beloved Curate of this Parish who was called off...' 1776. 'Sons & Daughter of SAMUEL WHITCHURCH Rector. 2) Edward Flower (1728) 3) Sarah Flower (- - 08) Wife of Edward Flower and daughter of Mawdly Samborn. Below it lists nine of their children but the lettering is badly worn: Mary (- -69), W---- (-----), Sarah (1699), Son still born, Sarah (1700), Wm (1703), Sarah (170[3]), Elizabeth (1705), Wm (1706) 4) Thomas Turner (1837). 5) John Fusseli (1821)' his wife Elizabeth (1807), son John (1783) age 2, their daughter, Elizabeth Wandborough 6) Ruth Hooper (1816) Also six of her children.

Edward Clarke (1697) & Wife (1667) erected during his lifetime; said to have been made at Milverton and cost £25
Nynehead - All Saints
The church is locked but several  telephone numbers are given on the south door to contact if you wish to visit. Heplful staff.The church is in the grounds of Nynehead Court, mainly of 1675, which is now a private residential home. Park in their designated car park and report to reception on arrival. O/S Ref: ST 138 227

Henrietta Sanford (1837) Angel by Castoli. John Sanford (1835) Bust by Castoli Top: . Richard Wyke (1590) & Margaret ( 1578 at 41) They had 17 children.
Bottom: Said to be a memorial to John Lock the philosopher. No name

Old Cleve - St Andrew
Civilian male c.1425 in a recess; cat & mouse at feet
Over Stowey - St Peter & St Paul
Thomas (1813) & James (1815) Sarcophagus and farming implements
Paulton - Holy Trinity
Kn c.1290;  Kn c.1360

Pendomer - St Roche
Church open during normal hours. Park somewhere in the village.
Pendomer is at the end of a single track and somewhat pot-holed lane, which then terminates. The village now consists only of a few houses and the church; the entrance to the church yard (which is sign posted) appears to be shared by the manor house
 O/S Ref: ST 521 104
The effigy (said to be of Sir John de Dummer, 1268-1320) is of c. 1320 and not in situ but now in the recess in north wall of nave. Note the arms carved in relief on both the shield, which is held by a strap around the left arm, and surcoat. 
Pildon - St John the Baptist
Kn & L late C13 in CY
Picombe - St Leonard
Tabs by Rawlings of Burton & Reeves of Bath

Pitminster - St Andrew & St Mary
Church open during normal hours. Park somewhere in the village. O/S Ref: ST 221 191
John Colles (1627) & Elizabeth (1634)
Note the daughters kneeling against the tomb chest and the babies at Elizabeth's head and feet. John clasps a book in his left hand.
 John Coles (1607) & Anne
Note the three daughters (one holding a skull - indicating she predeceased her parents) and three sons kneeling against the tomb chest. Alabaster
Humphrey Colles (1570)
The inscription states that this monument was formerly in the chancel, over his burial site. Locally called 'Black Humphrey'

The two 17th century monuments are on either side of the chancel; Humphrey's monument is in the westernmost part of the north aisle in a curtained off area, easy to miss. They represent father, son and grandson. The two polychrome monuments were repainted in 1927. There are also several minor wall monuments in the church.

Porlock - St Dubricius

The church open during normal hours
There is some - but limited -  parking in the village, pay and display car parks - moderate cost - one very small near the church - parallel to south wall O/S Ref: SS 887 467

The Harrington Monument
John, 4th Lord Harrington (1418) & Elizabeth Courtney
The tomb is not in its original position. The effigies are of alabaster and date from about 1460. The rest of the structure is of stone.
Lord Harrington accompanied King Henry V on his second expediation to France in 1417 but died there. His will of 1417 directed the institution of a chantry chapel with two priests; this was situated in the south aisle.
Two tomb niches in the south wall of the nave, that to the east being much smaller; there is no monument remaining. Was this perhaps a heart burial? The western niche contains the cross legged knight of the late 13th century as shown. Not in situ: to make it fit the niche the base has been cut and the feet removed; the lion was found and restored in 1888. Local tradition indentifies it as representing Sir Simon Fitz-Roges (1306)

Two tomb chests with quatrefoils: that on the left is in the chancel, that on the right (more worn, originally being in the church yard) in the south porch. No inscription, matrices etc.

Prison - St Luke
Thomas Wats, parson, 1589 over porch
Elizabeth Jenkins 1766    tab by Hoare
? 1744
1790 by King
1798 by lancashire
I have not yet been able to discover the name(s) of the commemorated
Rode - Christ Church
(not St Laurence)
Archdeacon Charles Daubeny 1827

Rodney Stoke
This church has not yet been visited
Radstock - St Nicholas

Anna Maria James (1818) & her three children

not legible
St Catherine

William Blanchard  (1631) & Wife

St Nicholas & St Mary

William Jones (1748) by T Paty

St Mary

Catherine Winsloe (1802) by T King of Bath

Ruishton - St George
John Arundell 1784 by Jones, Dunn & Drewett of Bristol

Sampford Arundel - Holy Cross
Christopher Baler 1729 Tab
Sampford Brett -St George
Kn l.C13 crossed legs in vestry
 Seavington St Michael - St Micheal
Civ M l.C13
Selworthy - All Saints
TC Perp no effigies
C B  1837  & C R 1828 Dyke Acland by Chantrey. Identical pair wirh portrait medallions
William Blackford 1730 wall monument Attrib to W Palmer (Esdaile)
Shapwick - St Mary
Jane Bull 1657 wall monument
Henry Bull 1691 wall monument
Somerton - St Michael
J T Hall 1812 by Physick of London
John Pinney 1818
Shepton Mallet - St Peter & St Paul
Kn X-legs l.C13
Kn X-leg 1.C13
Tabs by Paty and Wood of Bristol and King and Reeves of Bath
In Tower:
Edward Barnard 1641 Bust
William Strode 1649 Brass with family
Jane Bernard 1658
oan Strode 1679

South Petherton - St Peter & St Paul

Church open during normal hours. Park in the free car park a short distance from the church. O/S Ref: ST 433 169

William Aske (1657) with kneeling mother, Elizabeth & sister, Hannah. Behind in a frontal position are two children: James Ayshe and John Sandys
Note: this monument is in the North Transept and, although Pevsner says that it is in a vestry, it is separated from the nave only by a curtain and so readily accessible
Henry Compton (1603) & Wife oddly distorted figures and chopped off canopy (South Transept) Military Effigy with some unusual features: the effigy has straight, not crossed, legs; the arms are carved in relief on the shield; the 'gambeson' (quilted garment under the mail shirt) is visible at the neck and the mail hood is thrown back, the lower front part falling forward and its laces are shown. Said locally to be Sir Philip de Albini (1294)
(South Transept)

Above & Right:  Sir Giles Daubeney (1445) & Joan d'Arch.  Brasses on tomb chest with Purbeck marble slab.

Far Right:
Mary Daubeney (1442) Floor brass. She was Sir Giles's 2nd wife.

At Petherton Bridge - halfway between Ilminster and Ilderton - build in are the upper halves of Civ M & L
Spaxton - St Margaret
Kn & L c.1460 TC
Stocklinch - St Mary Magdelene
L c.1280-90
Stogumber - St Mary
Elizabeth Windham 1585 in (but not in situ) recess N. Aisle
Sir George Sydenham 1597 with two Wives
William 1723 & George 1724 Musgrave
Thomas Rich 1731
George Musgrave 1742
Stanton Drew - St Mary
Cornelius Lyde 1717 Signed Michael Sidnell
Lyde Family by Michael Sidnell
Others: 1778 by W Paty; 1791-1809 by James & Co
Stanton Prior - St Lawrence
Thomas Coc 1650 Large hanging monument with figures

Stogursy - St Andrew

Church open during normal hours. Park outside the church. All the monuments shown are in the Verney Chapel; there are other minor monuments elsewhere in the church. O/S Ref: ST 205 429

Above: Nathaniel (1717) & Francisca Palmer (1712)
Right Top Row on Left: Peregrine Palmer (1684), father of the above children.

Right Top Row on RightSir ThomasWroth (1721); below  this (not visible) to Thomas (1734) & Elizabeth Palmer (néeWroth) (1737)
John de Verney (1472) His full length effigy is shown above  William de Verney (1333) His full length effigy is shown above

Taunton - St Mary Magdalene

The church is centrally situated. Park in one of the town's rather expensive car parks. O/S Ref: ST 230 247

Above Far Left: Robert Gray (1635) Life sized figure on wall of north aisle. Thick layer of paint!
Above Far Right:
Sarah Dare (1783), Mary Dare (1806), Martha Perlam (1807), Ann Dare (1807), Betty Roberts (1808). Presumably sisters
Centre, Top Row, from Left to Right: William (1838) & Mary Ann Blundell (1804); Mjr Isaac Downing (1831); William Courtney (1719)
Centre, Bottom Row, from Left to Right: John Young (1629); Richard Huysh (1615) Philanthropist, among other charitable works, he founded a hospital in 'Mawdelyn' Lane for 13 poor men; William Fraunceis Gwyn (1895) Signed: Long Fecit Taunton

Thomas More (1576) rear wall of nave. Mary Norris (1836) '...interred under the south east corner of the railings of the communion table...'

Priest e.c.C14
TC now the N Transept altar
Thomas Strode 1595 recumbent effigy & wife?
Stowey - St Nicholas & St Mark
William Jones 1748 hanging monument by T Paty
Elizabeth 1783 & Mary 1791 Jones by Moore & Smith of London
Stratton-on-the-Fosse - St Vigor
Norton Knatchbull 1782 Tab
1770  by W Paty
1784 by King
Street - Holy Trinity
1808 by Reeves
Stringston - not known
John St Albyn 1766 By Ford of Bath
Swainswick - St Mary
Edmund Ford 1439 brass
Tellisford - All Saints
Tab 1810 by Chapman
Another 1816 by same

This church has not yet been visited

Timsbury - St Mary
By King 1815, Lancshire 1814, Greenaway 1826, Reeves 1823, 1837, 1841, Tyley 1843 and others
Tintinhull - St Margaret
John Heath, Priest. Brass
Walton - Holy Trinity
Priest c.1300

Watchet - St Decumen

The church is kept locked but a notice on the door tells you from where to obtain the key
The church is on the outskirts of town and parking may be difficult. O/S Ref: 065 427

Left: Henry (1613) & George (1624) Wyndham
Above: George Wynham (1845) Neo-Gothic. No effigy but inscription
Right: Sir William Wyndham (1683)) Standing monument but lower part not visible.
Standing monument but lower part not visible.obscured.
A Tale of a Premature Burial

About a year after her marriage Florence collapsed - apparently dead -as she ran to meet her husband returning home. She was buried the next day in the Wyndham Crypt below the chancel. However the sexton - one Tom Hole - having seen the rings on Florence's body, returned to the crypt that night in an attempt to steal them. He used a knife to prize the rings from her fingers but in doing so scratch her hand so Florence awoke from her coma. Tom Hole fled, never to be seen again. Florence climbed out of her coffin and managed to return home. Seeing his wife return in her grave clothes, John fainted and it took some time to convince him she was neither ghost nor witch. A year later she gave birth to a son and later twins. To this day members of the Wyndham family are not buried until three days have elapsed

.  Edmund Wyndham (1616)
Brass set in floor of chancel.
Above Left:   John Wyndham (1645) & Wife (1633) Large plate with brass portrait busts and heraldic shield. Probably by Nicholas Stone
Above Right:
John (1572) & Florence (1596) WyndhamBrasses with inscriptions and inlaid shields now set with next to the plate on the left against the wall.Brasses with inscriptions and inlaid shields now set with next to the plate on the left against the wall. (alsi see right)
Not Shown: Sir John Wyndham (1574) & Elizabeth Sydenham (1571). Tomb chest with three squared panels. Pevsner describes the former canopy thus: 'Canopy on four piers with curiously crude and amorphous piers. Round arch, but with Gothic panelling inside. A large and striking demi-figure of an angel peers out from the tomb across the chancel.' This canopy was dismantelled in the 20th century. On the top of the tomb chest are fine brasses of Sir John in armour and Lady Sydenham wearing a magnificent dress of the period. Below these figures are large brass inscription plates. Sir John accompanied Henry VIII's sister - Mary Tudor - to France on the occasion of her marriage to King Louis XII. Elizabeth bore six dughters and four sons. Sir John and Lady Elizabeth were married for 44 years and she bore him six daughters and four sons. 
Weare - St Gregory
John Bedbere, merchant. c.1500 Brass
Wedmore - St Mary Magdelene
George Hodges 1755 brass soldier
William 1755 & Wife 1751 . standing wall monument

Wellington - St John the Baptist

The church is normally unlocked 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.
Park in the inexpensive pay and display car park near the church O/S Ref: ST 141 209
Sir John Popham (1607) & Wife. At the west end (above centre and right) kneel his parents at a prayer desk; at the east end (above left) his only son Sir Francis & the latter's Wife kneel similarly. On the south (above left) side kneel their 6 daughters and behind them 3 maidservants - the difference in the ruffs may be noted. On the north side (above left) the 13 sons and daughters of Sir Francis kneel again at a prayer desk.
Alabaster. The tomb has been attributed to the workshop of Cornelius Cure. The tomb has been moved on two occasions but no trace of the grave was found.
As a Attorney General and Lord Chief Justice Sir John Popham was involved in the trials of Mary, Queen of Scots, The Earl of Essex, Sir Walter Raleigh and the Gunpowder Conspirators.
Left: Lady Popham
Above: Priest in mass vestments - early 14th century. Not in situ. The inscription around the edge of the slab is in English (rather than the usual Latin), very rare for the date. It is now very worn but is said to read: 'Richard Persone de Mere of Welintone liggith in grave Jhv Crist Godes Sone grawnte him' (Richard, Parson of [St] Mary's of Wellington lieth in [his] grave. Jesus Christ, God's Son, grant him [?]). The church was originally dedicated to St  Mary.

Wellow - St Julian
Priest c.1400
Recess with inscription
Dorothy Popham 1614 TC with reclining effigy

Westonzoyland - St Mary
Church is open from 9.00 am till 4.00 pm daily. Park in road outside church - quite busy. The Battle of Sedgemoor was fought nearby and there is small permanent museum relating to the battle in the church. The name zoyland refers to an area of dry land above a marshy terrain. The village name is a single word
O/S Ref: ST 352 348

Priest c.1300

Whitchurch - St Nicholas
Holbeach Family 1735 signed W Lydyard of Keynsham

Withycombe - St Nicholas

Church open during normal hours
Park somewhere in the village - may be tight! O/S Ref: ST 015 413


Top Row: Lady (c. 1300) Holds heart. On windowsill north side of nave. The two structures on either side of the monument (now used as flower vases) are candlesticks and probably were always part of the monument. There was presumably a chantry connected with it and the candles would have been required for the obits. Ham Hill stone.
It is variously said to be a member of the Fitznurse family (1290-1300) but could be 10-20 years earlier. Local tradition gives it to be of  Lucy Malet and her second husband Thomas of Timworth, early 14th century.
Bottom Row:
Male Civilian (late 14th century) Under low arch on the south side, obstructed by the pews. He wears a simple long gown: no sword etc. Ham Hill stone. The feet have been removed so probably not in situ. Is that a hat?

Whitelackington - St Mary
Near Ilminster

The church is locked but a notice in the porch advises that the key may be obtained from the house behind the church. Park outside the church
Whitelackington (one word - despite Pevsner!) is a small village of a church and a few houses. Although it is close to the A303, it can be difficult to reach so best to obtain a 1:50,000 scale map of the area. Note that there is a White Lackington (two words) in Dorset. O/S Ref: ST 380 153

Above and Right Top: Civilian of c. 1350 (said locally to be Thomas de Montsorel) Note the sword and pouch
Left Bottom:  Knight of c.1375  (said locally to be John de Bridport)

Both of these are on the floor and sp not in situ.
Above: Sir George Speake (1583) but monument is about 25 years earlier
Right: Male figure with child: Jessy, wife of John Lee Lee Esq MP (1836). Below this is a further tablet to: John Lee Lee (1874) & his Wife Hon Mary Sophia Lee Lee (1888)
Far Right: John Hanning (1807), Harriet, wife of William Hanning (1805), William Hanning (1831) & Susan, widow of John (1834) Signed by J Richards, Exeter

Whitestaunton - St Andrew
Two TC's
Wincanton - St Peter & St Paul
Nathaniel Ireson 1769; monument of 1772
Winsham - St Stephen
Robert Henley 1639 wall monument
Wiveliscombe - St Andrew
Henry Wyndham 1622 & Wife 1620 Recumbent alabaster effigies . Ass to Epipanius Evesham
Winscombe - St James
Sarah Knollis 1823 by Harris of Bath
Wookey - St Mathew
Thomas Clarke 1555

Whatley - St George

Sir Oliver de Cervington (ob after 1348)
Note the carved shields: three stag's head on a chevron. The feet lie on a stag in an arrangement of leaves.

Woolley - All Saints

Ann Worgan (1767)

Richard Bendyshe
( 1823) & Family

Wraxall - All Saints

North Somerset near Tyntesfield
Not the other one!

Left: Louisa Lucas (1807) unsigned
Above: Sir Edmund (1512) & Lady Gorges very good
Right: John Lucas (1817) by Tyler

Wyken Champflower - Holy Trinity
Henry Southworth 1625
Wrington - All Saints
Priest c.1340
Hannah More 1833 by E H Baily
In S porch several tabs and two busts: one of Hannah More (the one above?) and  one of John Locke
Writhlington - St Mary Magdelene
 Several monuments

This church has not yet been visited

Yeovil - St John the Baptist

The church open weekdays 10am to 3pm, Saturday 10am to 1pm and Sunday for services at 8.00 am and 10.30 am.
The church is centrally situated so park in one of the town's car park, which are not always well sign posted but are of moderate cost.

During Harvest Festival and when internal repairs necessitating scaffolding are being carried out is not the best time to take photographs in a church! I have rescued what I can and will hopefully return.
Gyles & Isabell Penne (1519). The matrix (left) is on the choir floor but the various parts of the brass itself
 were set on a modern backing in 1917 on the wall of the north choir aisle. Her date is 1519 but his is left blank;
 he died in East Coker in 1560. The repositioning of the actual brasses has been carved into the matrix (unfortunately)
John & Mary Newman, Mary Newman and William Newman, respectively the parents of and the siblings of a Mr Newman who erected the monument in 1790 George James William Prowse (1903) and his widow Emmeline Lucy (1923) John (1847) & Mary (1849 Neal. Also Elizabeth Neal (1850) aged 10; she was daughter of William & Elizabeth Neal, and, presumably granddaughter of John & Mar.
Rev Robert Phelips (1855) Vicar. By J S Westmacott (signed on base) Chancel Rev John Phelips AM (1766) Vicar and Mary (1803) Edward Boucher (176_) John  & Bridget (Drewry) Harrin; their son Robert; his son John; his sons Robert & William (1705); the latter married Elizabeth (Wyndham) (1708); and their children John (1701) and William (1705) The monument was erected by their surviving son Wyndham Harris in 1711

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