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Neen Solars - All Saints
Humfrey Conyngesby (1624) Alabaster. '....he was a great traveller by his own affections....never after seene by any of his aquantances on this side, the seas or beyond, nor any certainty known of his death, where when, or how from his first journey to his last was 16 yeares & 6 months...'
Norton-in-Hales - St Chad
Sir Rowland Cotton & Frances (1606) Alabaster, now in porch. She died in childbirth, the baby girl also dying. She is shown holding a naked baby to her breast
Pitchford - St Michael
Above left: William Ottley (1530) & Margery (Bruyn)
Above right: Thomas Ottley (1534) & Katherine (Corbet)
Far right:
Ottley (1578) & Mary (1587) Signed by John Tarbrook of Bewdley, carver.
St Martin's - St Martin
Above & near right (detail):  'Here under lyeth the body of Margaret the wife of Thomas Cupper gent: who departed this life the 5th day of January AD 1695. She left issue behinde her (to wit) Thomas and Margaret. Aged 21'
 Far right: Richard Phillips (1821);  also his second son Richard, Ensign in the 17th Regiment of the Hon India Company. Died at sea off the Cape of Good Hope on return from India 1852 aged 20. Also Catherine (1857 at 28); Mary (1856 at 86) Phillips Signed C M Seddon fecit of Liverpool
Shifnal - St Andrew

Above: 'Here lieth  Humphrey Brigges of Haughton esq and Anne his wife one of the daughters of Robert Moreton of Haughton esq...He died the 8th of April 1626 and had by the said Anne one sonns and one daughter."
Right: Oliver Briggs - or Brigges (1596) Alabaster
Shrewsbury Abbey (Church of the Holy Cross)
Abbey Foregate
Above:  Said to be Roger de Montgomery (1094) founder of the Abbey, although the monument is c 1250-70
Centre left: 13th century judge (from Old St Chad's)
Centre right: John Lloyd (1647) Draper
Far right: William Charlton (c. 1532) & Anne (Hoorde/Horde) (1524)) Alabaster. From Wellington. (also below left)
William and Anne Charlton (see above)  Solicitor - General Richard Onslow (1571) & Catherine (Harding) (1599). (From Old St Chad's)
St Mary
St Mary's Place
Above:  Col Charles Robert Cureton (1848) Killed at Ramnagar, India when leading the 14th light dragoons. By Westmacott

Admiral John Benbow (1702) He of the song and Treasure Island inn. Born at Coton Hall in this parish; died of wounds Kingston, Jamaica, where he was buried, following action with a French Squadron off Carthagena. Monument paid for by public subscription. By Evan Thomas c 1840 in imitation of an earlier style

Far right:
Nicholas Stafford, 'Town Bailiff' (1471) and Catharine (Meverell) (1463) Alabaster incised slab.
St  Chad   St Alkmund
 New church, 1790-2. Most of the Old Church collapsed in 1788; one chapel survives. Princess Street.   The medieval church was demolished, except for the tower, in the scare following the collapse of St Chad's; a new church was 1793-5. Few monuments remain from the old church.
William Hazledine iron-master (1840) Bust by Chantry; surround by J & J Carline.. He built the Menai Bridge. John Simpson (1815) Bust by Chantry; surround by J & J Carline. Paid for by Thomas Telford. He built the church and the Caledonian Canal William James Clement (1870)
surgeon, MP,  JP
  Margary Humphreston (c. 1500) and her two husbands, John Hervy (1470) and John Humphreston (1497) Under John Hervy were 3 daughters and 1 son; under John Humphreson, 6 sons and 6 daughters. These were lost c 1790.
Shipton - St James
 ‘ ..... And it was in the winter or 1958-59 that Sir Jasper Mores of Linley, near Bishop's Castle, decided to explore a trunk in his attic and found a document that blew the lid on the 17th century scandal which led to four More children from Shropshire being sent on the Mayflower. Previously the Mores on the passenger list had been assumed by historians to be orphans from the streets of London.
  Mr Harris explains that Samuel and Katherine More were cousins who married at Shipton in 1611 and lived at Larden Hall.
They had four children. Or rather, Katharine did. Samuel noticed most of the children looked like one Jacob Blakeway, "a fellow of mean parentage and condition." from nearby Brockton, He accused Katharine of adultery.
    After a bitter legal hattle, Samuel won control of the children, and packed them off to America on the Mayflower under the care of the Pilgrim Fathers.
When the ship sailed in 1620, Jasper was six, Richard was five, Mary was four, and Ellen was eight

  According to Mr Harris, Jasper and Ellen probably died aboard the ship while it was anchored off Cape Cod and may never have set foot in America. Mary died during the winter. Only Richard survived, with his guardians William and Mary Brewster.
Left:Mary Mitten  (1640)
Above: More Children who sailed on the Mayflower. Plaque  presented by the Society of Mayflower Descedants1996 

  He married in 1636 and moved to Salem. A ketch owner, he traded at sea and may have made voyages to England, although there is no record of his seeking contact with the Mores.
Mr Harris says that in old age Richard acquired a reputation as a sinner. Salem church records for 1688, when he was in his seventies, say: "Old Captain More, having been for many years under suspicion & a common fame of lasciviousness ... was at last ... convicted before justices of peace by three witnesses of gross unchastity with another man's wife."
  There is a parish register record in Stepney in 1645 recording the marriage of one Richard More of Salem to Elizabeth Woolno of Limehouse - which, if it was the same Richard More, would mean he had a wife on both sides of the Atlantic. He died in 1695.
  This Shropshire lad, embroiled in scandal both in his early life and in his twilight years, was the last male survivor of the Mayflower ...’
Stoke upon Tern
St Peter
Sir Reginald Corbet, Justice of the King's Bench, (1566) & Alice (1603) (Gratwood/Gratewood) Alabaster effigies

Worfield - St Peter
Above and right:  George Bromley (Chief Justice of Cheshire) (1588) & Joan (Waveton) Alabaster Above and left: Sir Edward Bromley (1626) & Margaret (Lowe) Alabaster
Whitchurch - St Michael

John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury (1453) The effigy comes from the church which collapsed in 1711, but is much restored. The arch is of 1847
He was a military commander in the later stages of the Hundred Years' War. He was kill at the Battle of Castillon; he death - at the age of 66 - brought about the end of English rule in France. He was known as 'Old Talbot'
Sir John Talbot (1550) Alabaster effigy
Wroxeter - St Andrew

Above : Sir Richard Newport (1570) & Lady Margaret (Bromley)  (1578)  Painted alabaster
John Barber & Wife

Top left: Mary (1743), her husband John Cornfield (1777) and Laraell Cornfield.   Top centre left :Lady Anne Torrington  (1734 )'widdow' of Rt Hon Thomas Newport, Baron Torrington. Ledger stone. Top centre right: Rt Hon Thomas Newport Top right: Illegible.  Far right:  Sir Francis Newport, 1st Earl of Bradford (1708). Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire and created earl by William III
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