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Kinlet - St John the Baptist
Probably Isobel Lychefield. She was daughter of Sir John Cornwall and wife of Sir W. Lychefield. Note the baby in the folds of her cloak. Alabaster, early 15th century.
Above, and right: Sir Humphrey Blount (1477) & Elizabeth Alabaster. Tomb chest with weepers under ogee haeaded arches.
Sir Humphrey Blount (1477) & Elizabeth (see above) Sir John Blount (1531) & Catherine (Pershel) (see eblow)

Sir John Blount (1531) & Catherine (Pershel).
He was the grandson of Sir Humphrey (see above). Alabaster. On the tomb chest are weepers - sons and daughters - angels and shields with supporters in broad panels. (section shown).

One of their daughters, also Elizabeth - or 'Bessie' - became mistress to Henry VIII around 1517. In 1519 she bore the King a son, Henry Fitzroy. He than began his affair with Mary Boleyn
Sir George Blount (1548) & Constantia. Alabaster six poster. Note the children also represented with their parents. Below the figures the tomb chest is open at the front and a sculptured cadaver is exposed. Note the deliberate medievalism: pointed arches etc.

Thomas Childe (1708) Master of the High Court of Chancery

Lacon William Childe ( 17--)

Upper stage detail of the above monument of
Sir George Blount (1548) & Constantia.
William Childe (1824) known as 'The Flying Childe' from his expert skill as a horseman
 St Leonard
: Francis Anderson (1779) & George Johnson (1803) They were monks of Douai who died here while on the English Mission Top: William Layton Lowndes (1906)
Anne Edwina Townsend Powell (1986) Churchwarden. Incised metal tablet
Top: Jane A Lowndes (1897)
Ethel May Hoult (1956) Organist. Raised letter on metal plate
Ludford - St Giles

'Here underneath this stone lyeth ye bodye of Wyllyan Foxe in ye countye of Salop esquyer and founder of thyse this churche and the which Wyllyam reedefyed the almes house of Seynt Gyles being decayed, and also Jane hyse wyff, daughter and heyre of Richard Downe of Lulowe. The afordeyd Wyllyam decessed the ...daye of April AD 1554 and the dais Jane deceased the...AD 15...on whose soules Jesu have mercy' They produced nine sons and six daughters. Brass now fixed to wall and details of main figures and children.
 Sir Job Charlton Bt (1697)
MP for Ludlow in several parliaments and justice on the Chester circuit.
Above: Edward Fox (c. 1610)
There appears to be an inscription but the lid is used for flowers. I could not satisfactorily remove these nor the paper but I did remove the flower lady!
Right: Dorothy Charlton (1658) wife of Job Charlton
Far right: Lettice (Waring) Charlton (1685) 2nd wife of Job Charlton
Ludlow - St Laurence

Above & right: Sir Robert Townshend (1581) and Alice He was Chief Justice of the Council in the Marches of Wales and Chester.
On the right are the details of the effigies and their three daughters who stand at the head of the tomb chest: Grace, Bridget & Eleanor

Above: Edward Waites (1635) and Martha (1629)
   Above and right:  Edmund Waller (1592) and Mary, his first wife. Chief Justice of the Three Shires of South Wales. Alabaster; the iron railings are contemporary.
The kneeling figures are detailed below.

Far right: Theophilus Salwey (1760)
Above and right: Dame Mary Eure (1612) Alabaster

Far right: Ambrosia Sydney (1574)
Market Drayton - St Mary
Thomas Bulkeley (1591) & Elizabeth (Grosvenor) Rowland Corbet (1580)
Moreton Corbet
 St Batholomew
  Sir Robert Corbet (1513) & Elizabeth (Verdon) (c. 1560).
The window shows the Corbet arms and alliances 

Sir Richard Corbet (1567) & Margaret of York


Richard Corbet (1691)

The Latin epitaph tells of his devotion to 'Charles the Martyr'
Top:Sir Andrew Corbet (1835) & Mary (1852)
 Robert Corbet (1829) & Judith (1829)
Corbet Monument
Illegible Latin
Sara, Vincent Corbet
& Phineas Fowkes

Otherwise illegible Latin 
 Andrew Corbet (1771)
Rev William Clarke (1786)
 Judith Corbet (1786
Frances Corbet (1760), Richard Prynce Corbet (1779),
Elizabeth Corbet (1710), Andrew Corbet (1796), Richard & Judy
(children of Richard Prynce, who died in infancy) 
Morville - St Gregory
Sir Edward Acton (1716) & Dame Mary (1713)
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