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Acton Burnell
St Mary
The photographs from Acton Burnell were taken by and kindly sent to me by Tony Carr

Far right: Sir Humphrey Lee (1632) & Margaret Corbet . Children kneel below. He was the son of Sir Richard.  By Nicholas Stone (1632) who was paid £66.19.4d.
Sir Richard Lee (1591) & Wife Alabaster. His wife's effigy is obscured in the above photograph.Kneeling behind are 9 children in a frontal position. He was ancestor of Robert E Lee, the famous Confederate General.
Above: Nicholas Burnell (1382) brass

Details of the monument to Sir Richard Lee. Note the small animal asleep in his gauntlet

Acton Burnell Hall - Roman Catholic Chapel
Acton Burnell Hall is now occupied by a college. The chapel is now used as a library.

 Edward Joseph Smythe (1841) Peter Carrington Smythe (1853)

Acton Round
 St Mary theVirgin

Sir Whitmore Acton (1731) & Elizabeth (1759)
Designed by
T F Pritchard

Richard Acton (1703)
Monument erected by his 2nd wife, Hester Acton (1713)

Sir Richard Acton (1791)
& Lady Ann Acton (1784

Far right: Modern tablet to Stephen Humphries (1865), a Royal Marine, who served at the Battle of Trafalgar. He was buried in the church yard but his grave (above) was only discovered a few year ago when a large tangle of brambles was removed; the headstone was badly weathered and has been replaced by a new stone.

Albrighton - St Mary Magdelene

Above left: Unknown Medieva lcouple, outside church.   Above right: Sir John Talbot (1555) of Albrighton and Grafton and Frances (Gifford) Alabaster.
Right: Possibly to William de Picheford, priest or an altar. Found buried in south aisle 1853 and moved into church in 1921. 1260-70

Astley Abbots - St Calixtus
Far Left: Hannah Phillips (1709) Drowned crossing the Severn on the eve of her wedding. A 'maiden's garland'
Left: Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt Jones (1811) & Hannah rebecca (1824) & their 3 children: Charlotte (1820),  Harriet Emma (1820) & Edmund (1820)
Above Left: Sir Thomas Jones (1782)
Above Central & Right: Rt Rev Thomas Percy Curate here 1752-1754; later Dean of Carlisle and Bishop of Dromore. Author of 'Percy's Reliques'
Left: Mjr Francis Billingsley (1656) & his son Col Billingsley (1646) Kia defending Bridgenorth against the Parliamentary army in St Leonard's churchyard

Aston Botterell - St Micheal

John Bottrel (1479) and his wife Maria (1500)
Large and rather good incised slab, but badly repaired at some point. The whole slab is shown with detail of lady and children at their feet.
John Botterell (1588) & Elizabeth (Trowe) (1595)
He was the great-grandson of the John on the incised slab
Note the 'rather coarse detail'

Their children: Ann, Frances & William
Note the curious and ungainly atttempt to represent kneeling figures which is found from time to time: the upper part of the body is shown from the front but the lower legs from the side, turned in an impossible right angle, giving a 'merchild' appearance.

Botterall William Barker (1826) 'and part of his family'. Three daughters who died in infancy. Elizabeth (1824), Ann (1824), William Corsen (1825), Mary (1826), Thomas (1828)  Ann Bishop (1800) 'relict of Thomas Bishop'; John Bishop (1819) son of Richard and Hannah Bishop; Richard Bishop (1827) The relationships are obscure

Atcham - St Eata

Edward Burton (1524) and his second wife Joyce/Jocosa (Coyney) This incised slab was brought from old St Chad's, Shrewsbury

Note the row of daughters shown on the detail on the left.

St Giles

 Henry Sprott (1744) & Anna (1763) Also their son Thomas (1740)   Richard Corbet (1684) & Judith (1691) Also ? Hartshorns but not legible  

Berrington - All Saints

Knight  13th century. Cross legs. Oak. Said to be Sir John de Lee Rebekah Gillam Williams (1827) Signed by Bacon the Younger Adah Greaves (1638) Wife of the then rector

Bishop's Castle - St John the Baptist

Said to be Gervase Needham (1703) Vicar. He was ejected by the Long Parliament but resumed his post at the Restoration

Burford - St Mary
The church is unlocked and there is a good car park outside; however it is difficult to find! The Sat Nav unhelpfully gave Burford, Oxon and Burford, Tenbury, Worc but not Burford, Salop. The latter was found to be correct since the map showed Tenbury as the nearest town of any size, even though it is in Worcestershire and Burfort is (still) in Shropshire. If you reach Tenbury continue north on the A4112 until you cross the Worcester/Shropshire border and soon reach the A456 ; then turn left on this road which takes you away from Burford village. The church is not signposted at all but you will soon come to a yellow road on the left signposted Burford House and Gardens; this is a garden centre which you pass and soon come to the church. All of which shows the superiority of O/S maps over Sat Navs!
O/S Ref: SO 583 680

Princess Elizabeth of Lancaster (1363-1426)
   ELIZABETH was born in Burford and was the third child of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster and his first wife, Blanche of Lancaster, so the sister of King Henry IV. She was said to have been a headstrong and spirited girl and married for the first time at seventeen to John Hastings, 3rd Earl of Pembroke, who was only eight. After six years she became weary of being married to a much younger husband and the marriage was annulled. At this time she was twenty three and he fourteen.

  SHE was seduced by King Richard II's half brother, John Holland, 1st Duke of Exeter
 and became pregnant; the couple married and she gave birth to six children. However her husband took part in the Epiphany Plot whose aim was to assassinated Henry IV (Elizabeth's brother) and restore Richard II to the throne. He was executed for high treason.

   HER third marriage was to Sir John Cornwall which caused problems because the couple failed to ask fot the King's permission. However it was a happy marriage and the couple had two children, both of whom died without issue.

Edmund Cornwall (1508)
Painted oak effigy
Unamed, possible late 13th century.
This may be a monument or may have been an altar
1630 but not legible 1630 but not legible Elizabeth de Cornewayle (1370)

Gilbert Cornewall (1670) Elizabeth Cornewel (1675) Elizabeth Rushhout (1827)
Aged 13. By Westmacott
Caroline Rushout (1822)
Aged 18. By Westmacott
Thomas Morris (1752)
Lady Caroline Rushout (1818)
By Sir Richard Westmacott
Hon & Rev George Rushout (1842)
One of the rectors of this parish'
Harriet Rushout (1852)
By Charles Geerts of Louvaine
Left: Column of monumens then shown in detal above.  Above left: James Waylan Joyce, Rector 1845-87. His name is insceibed on the wooden talet below the bas relief.  Above Right: Rev Richars Rocke AB (1830) Rector of Lyndon, Rutland.  Above right: Theophilius Knowles (1801)

Other Monuments
Charles Henry George Cornwall Legh (1934) Gray tablet with gold, red and blue incised lettering and arms.

Sir Charles Hamilton Rushout Bt (1931)
Buried at Longborough, Glouc. Gray tablet with red and black lettering; arms.

Arthur Noel Vernon Hill-Lowe (1964)
and his sons:
Lt Arthur Norman Ommanmey Peter (kia 1943) and Barry Veron Charles (1928), aged 6. And his wife: Deborah Mary Hill-Lowe (1977)

To the left and right are a series of wall monuments, brasses and coffin plates which I have not deciphered.

The Burford photographs were taken by the Webmaster

Claverley - All Saints
Above left: Sir Robert Brooke (1558) with Anne (née) Waring and Dorothy (née Gatacre) with 18 children aroud the tomb chest. Alabaster. He was speaker of the House of Commons.

Above right: 'Here lies Richard Spicer merchator and Alice his wife which Richard died the mensis March AD mill'imoCCCCmoXL octavo, cuj animae miseatur Deus, Amen'

Willaim Gatacre (1577) and Eleanor (Mytton)

Far right:Francis Gatacre (1599) and Elizabeth (Swierton)

The last three monuments are incised slabs.
Clive - All Saints
James Stanley Bibby (1904)

Condover - St Mary & St Andrew

Roger Owen (1718) Alice Mary Cholmondeley (Egerton) (1868) She died in childbirth in her first year of marriage, the baby dying a month later. An empty cradle is at her feet. By Reginald Cholmondeley, her husband, who had helped Watts with his work.
Above: Sir Thomas Scriven (1587) & Margaret (Corbet) Alabaster. Brought from St Chad's, Shrewsbury
Near right:
Jane Norton (Owen), who erected the monument, kneels on the top tier with her husband Bonham Norton; below is her father Judge Thomas Owen (1598) and eldest brother Sir Roger Owen.
Centre right: Sir Thomas Cholmondeley (1864) He took the name of Owen, the previous lords of the manor, after inheriting the estate in 1863. By George Frederick Watts
Far right:
Martha Owen (164 1) and baby. Brought from St Chad's, Shrewsbury

Cound - St Peter

Sir William Fowler (1717)
and sons
Sir Richard (1731) & Richard Sloan (1758)
Robert Cressett (1728) Catherine Cressett (1680) wife of Sir Robert. Also sons Robert (1678) & Edward 'dyed in his infancy.' Thomas Langley (1694) John Dod (1774)
Dr Edward Cressett (1755), Bishop of Llandaff Frances Cressett (1765) wife of the Bishop & their daughter Elizabeth (179_) Henry Cressett Pelham (1803), Mrs Jane Cressett Pelham (1820), John Cressett Pelham (1838) Barbara Cressett (17136)

High Ercall - St Michael

Above & right:  Knight c 1320-40. Possibly William de Ercall who founded a chantry chapel here for the souls of his parents

Far right:
: Priest, 13th century
Hodnet - St Luke

Col John Hill (1814) by John Carline
Blanche Heber (1870). Effigy by her cousin Reginald Cholmondely. Above is the tablet to her grandfather Bishop Reginald Heber (1826), 2nd Bishop of Calcutta, by Chantrey
Hopton Wafers - St Michael

Thomas Botfield 1843 and Lucy (1856) by E H Baily
Industrialist and landowner who rebuilt the church in 1825

 The photographs were kindly provided byJean McCreanor and  by Dr John Davis, except where stated. To whom grateful thanks.
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