Excluding Norwich Cathedral
There are thirty-five churches in Norwich, all are medieval; in 1245, there were fifty-seven. It is my intention to list the churches in alphabetical order in the index below but, against my usual practice, I will then list the churches in 'geographical' order, that is as a guide for a church tour, in the main part of the gaxzetter.
St Andrews

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St Andrew - St Andrew's Street
Sir Robert Suckling & first wife Elizabeth (Barwick) This inscription states that the couple had 'five sons and many daughters'  This monuments was erected by their son John, who built himself and his family a separate monument in the church; hence there are only four sons depicted on the above monument.
Left: John Suckling (1627) A shrouded figure may be seen inside the tomb chest. This John is referred to above.
Above: Robert Garsett (1613)
Right: Francis Rugge (1607)

With many thanks to Jean McCreanor for sending me the photographs of  St Andrew's Church
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