The 'new' county of Monmouthshire.

These photographs were taken several years ago when I had an older camera and was not experienced in taking photographs against the light. I will return and take some more in the future when I will arrange the photographs in better order and add some brief notes.

Abergavenny -  St Mary's Priory Church
There are several modestly priced car parks in the town.

Left and above: Sir Richard Herbert of Ewyas (1510)

A Lady of the Hasting Family (1350-90)

Eva de Braose

Sir John de Hastings (1326)

  Sir Lawrence de Hastings
The tomb chest is shown separately above.
Sir Richard Herbert of Coldbrook (1459) & Margaret

Sir William ap Thomas - later Herbert - (1446) & Gwladys

Sir William de Hastings (1348) Sir Andrew Powell (1631) & Margaret (1641)

Above:  Dr David Lewis (1584)
William Baker (1648) & Joan
The inscription is written next to the fractured sides
I cannot make out the name. Below this it says '___8 Aged 3 [months]
Peter Williams (1997)

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