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Other Churches
All Hallows-by-the-Tower  St Bartholomew the Great  St Bartholomew the Less  St Botolph Aldersgate  St Dunstan-in-the-West  St Helen Bishopgate  St Olave, Hart Street 
All Hallows-by-the-Tower
also known as All Hallows, Barking
Great Tower Street
Underground: Tower Hill District & Circle Lines
Opening Hours: Sun & Mon: 11.00am-2.00pm; Tues - Fri: 11.00am - 5.00pm; Sat: Closed

Right: [2] Alderman John Croke (1477) and his wife, Margaret. Purbeck marble with brasses of kneeling figures - male civilian with seven sons on the same plate and widow with five daughters. on the back wall, although these can be scarcely made out  since the tomb acts as a housing for the T-Hoc lamp.
Above: Philip Thomas Byard Clayton (1972) 'Tubby' Clayton, the founder of Toc H
Other Monuments
[3] Jerome Benali (1583/4)  Kneeling figure of male civilian flank by frame; cartouche of arms.

Francis Covell (1621) and his wife, Margery (1643/4) Figures only remaining? Male civilian and female, both kneeling

[4] Gyles Lytcott (1696) and his wife, Sarah (1713); his son-in-law, Col. Nathaniel Long (1714),  and the latter's wife, Sarah (Lytcott) (1731/2). White marble wall monument of column flanked by putti.
[8] John Winder (1699), his brother, Samuel Winder (n/d) Marble wall monument with achievement of arms, and shield supported by putti.
  There are a number of brasses remaining 14th - 16th centuries

St Bartholomew the Great
West Smithfield
Underground: Barbican: Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Lines
Hours: Mon-Fri. 8.30am-5.00pm (11th Nov-14th Feb 4.00pm). Sat 10.30am-4.00pm. Sun 8.30am-8.00pm.
There is a charge for visitors of £4.00 (adults) but not for the 1st hour or those wishing to worship. Check: 

Rahere (1144)Founder of the church. Made when the east end was modified in c. 1405. Effigy, in Augustinian habit, of Reigate stone. Two bedesmen and angel holding shield at feet. Back wall is pierced to the ambulatory John (1681) & Margaret (1680) Whiting

'lived lovingly in holy Wedlock in this Parish 40 years and upwards...'
Edward Cooke (1652)
Attributed to Thomas Burman
Percival Smalpace (1558 & Wife (1588)
Below the busts is a slate panel incised with images of the couple's naked corpses. Attrib to Giles de Witt

St Batholomew the Less
St Batholomew's Hospital
Underground: Barbican: Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Lines

Hours: 7.00am - 8.00 pm or later
Website of the Friends

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William Markeby (1439) & Wife

St Botolph, Aldersgate
Underground: St Paul's : Central Line
NB Not to be confused with St Botolph Aldgate; you won't be the first!
Hours unknown

Richard Chiswell (1711) 'Citizen and Stationer of London' Also his parentsJohn and Margaret - his first wife Sarah, and his five children, who died young, whom he had with his second wife Mary; she is buried in 'Christ Church, London.' Attrib. to William Woodman Snr   Sir John Micklethwaite (1682) Attrib. to Gibbons Dame Anne Packington (1563)
The three kneeling figures, shield and inscription are not 'brasses' but incised and painted to look like a brass.
There are many other monuments not yet shown

St Dunstan-in-the-West
Fleet Street
Underground:  Chancery Lane: Central Line; Temple: District & Circle Lines; Farringdon: Metropolitan  Line
Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 10.00 am - 4.00 pm; Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Above: Edward James Auriol (1847) who drowned in the Rhône. Marble.

Sir Richard Hoare (1754), Alderman and Lord Mayor of London in 1745.  Sarcophagus on which putto with portrait medallion. Also his two wives: Sarah (Tully) and Elizabeth (Ruby) No dates. The inscription below tells us that the monument was removed from the old church and re-erected by the parishioners in 1832

Other Monuments
[11] William Morecroft (1657) Bust in niche with curtains, black and white marble. Attached pillars. Skull below. Attrib. Joshua Marshall
[12] Edward Marshall (1675) Master mason, and his wife, Ann and son Joshua (1675). Marble tablet with several cherubs, cartouche of arms.  By Marshall workshop c. 1678
[10] Gerard Legh (1563) Marble tablet flanked by male and female caryatids
[15] Cuthbert Fetherstone (1615) Bust in circular niche. Painted stone panel below
[16] Sir Richard Hutton (1640) Black and white stone tablet with pillars and cherub's heads and pillars. By Nicholas Stone
  Richard Peirson (1718) and others. Reset in Gothick frame
[14] Elizabeth Moore (1668) Wall monument with black marble panel, with cherub head, pillars, lozenge of arms. Attrib Joshua Marshall
  Hobson Judkin (1812) 'The honest solicitor'  Circular tablet with tiny skulls
[18] Elizabeth North (Gilbert) (1612) Kneeling figure at prayer desk. Two sons and two daughters also kneel similarly behind the main figure.
[20] Thomas Valence (1601) Tablet of black marble in elaborate white marble frame with fruit, flowers, hour glass, skull and shield of arms above
  Thomas White Founder of Sion college. By Bloomfield 1877
[5] Kneeling civilian male figure late 16th century. Alabaster on modern bracket.
[4] Margaret Talbot (Windsor) (1620) Kneeling figure incised (in gilt lines?) on slate (or black marble), in architectural (alabaster?)  frame with cherub head at base and shield and lozenge of arms at side.
[1] Albrect Otto Faber (1684) Marble tablet with cartouche of arms. Signed John Settle
[6] Damaris Turner (Worthington) (1703) Cartouche with foliage, skull at base and cartouche of arms at head.
  Sir Richard Hoare (1723) Tablet with two putti on top
  John Shaw (1832) Circular tablet with angels by Shaw Jnr
The cut off date of 1714 of the RCHM inventory results in several monuments which are listed above being omitted.
RCHM numbers  2, 3, 7 - 9, 13, 17, 19, 21, and 22 are omitted from Pevsner. I do not know if these still exist or have simply been ignored.
St Helen Bishopgate
Great Saint Helen
Underground: Liverpool Street: Circle Line, Hammersmith & City Line, and Metropolitan  Line
Hours unknown. Website:

Agnes and John Crosby (1476)
Purbeck marble tomb chest with alabaster effigies

St Olave, Hart Street
Underground: Tower Hill: District & Circle Lines
Church open weekdays, 10am-5pm; except the week after Christmas and the week after Easter and during August.

Samuel Pepys (1703 )
The diarist.
By Blomfield (1884)
Sir Andrew Riccard (1672) in Roman dress;
erected by Levant Company of which he was chairman.
Attrib. to
Mrs Elisabeth Pepys (1669) - wife of the diarist.
By John Bushnell
Sir John Radclif (1568)
 This is a fragment of a recumbent effigy on a later base
Jane Humberstone (1694)
The  monument was erected by her  husband, Matthew (1709) whose  name is added at the bottom
Sir James Deane (1608)
 Sir James and his three wives.

Other Monuments
Lady Radclif (1585) The kneeling figure only
Peter Cappone (1582) A Florentine merchant. Kneeling figure in surround.

Andrew (1610), Alderman, and Paul Bayning (1616), Alderman and Sheriff. Kneeling figures surrounding  a corner. Attrib. to Christopher Kingsfield
Elizabeth Gore (1698) -  one month short of her  19th birthday
 Lord Mayor Sir Richard Haddon (1524) Brass with kneeling figures of two wives and five children.
Thomas Morley (1566) Brass - a palimpsest
Also several brasses of the 17th century
Sir William Ogborne (1734) Master Carpenter to Board of Ordnance. Cartouche.

The above photographs were mostly send to me by Dr John Physick and Miss Sally Badham, both former presidents of the Church Monuments Society, and to whom thanks
More London photographs would be very welcome. Thank you!
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