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Berkeley - St Mary
The church is open but you will have to park in a street nearby and take a short walk along a footpath to the church. Several of the monuments are in a locked chapel but these  may be seen though a Perspex window from the main body of the church; I am adding for now photographs of some of these although they are quite unsatisfactory. Visitors are allowed into the chapel by prior appointment with the vicar; we made a chance call but when we return we will make an appointment in good time to visit the chapel. The indoor toilets were locked.
O/S Ref: ST 685 990

Above and below\; Thomas 3rd Lord Berkeley (1361) & Catherine (Cleverdon) (1385)
Alabaster  effigies on tomb chest where the quatrefoils are divided by strips of deep blues glass, mostly renewed in 1846.
This was the Lord Berkeley to whose care Edward II was entrusted prior to his murder. He was away from the castle when this murder occurred but later acquitted of being an accessory.

The photograph of the tomb chest was unsatisfactory. You can see the crenellations and the heraldic shields on the
above photographs.

Right: William Freme (1526) brass

Above: Lt Frederick Hicks (1856) 2nd Bombay European Lt Infantry. Died at Kurrachee, Lower Scinde at 28
Left: Thomas Hickes (1756) and his wife, Elizabeth (1772)
Left: Lt Col Frederick Hicks (1844) 'He fell wounded by a cannon shot whilst leading on the Brigade he commanded on the attack on the hill fort of Punella in the district of Kolapore' by Tyler
 Above: Lt Thomas William Hickes (1857) 2nd Bombay Grenadiers. Died at Jacababad, Upper Scinde at 26. Note the mirror image to that of his brother.
Nicholas Hickes (1798) and his wife Elizabeth (1799)
By W. Paty
John Heathfield Hicks MD (1808)
 by T King of Bath
Mary Tratman (1826) and her husband, John Tratman.
 Also their daughter, Mary Ann Cornock (1883)
by Dawe.
William Raymond (1736), and his wife, Mary (1745) Also their sons, Alex (1787) and Gyles (1775) James Baylis (1712) and his wife Elizabeth (Webb) (1727)
Left: Anthony Wiltshire (1818) and, below, his wife Betty (1797)
 by J Pearce of Frampton

William Joyner Ellis (1855) former coroner. His wife, Susan Elizabeth Ellis (1870)
By Tyler
Above: Elizabeth Hopton (1696) and her sister, Frances (1737)

Below: Sarah Morgan (1837) and her husband, John Hughes Brown Morgan (1852)

Above: Thomas Parnell Parnell JP (1914)

Right: Unknown. The brasses are not related to this monument. See below

Other Monuments 
Lt George Harold Mathews (DOW 1900 ) Died at Kheis, South Africa at 22nd Batt. Gloucestershire Red Brass  Susannah Elizabeth Hicks (1840) and her husband Thomas Hickes (1842)   White tablet on black back, latter with shield of arms in pediment 
Robert Giles (1801), his wife, Rebecca (1828), and their son, Robert (1847) White tablet with cornice and black back    
John Hopton (1681) ledger stone Stephen Jenner (1754) ledger stone
Harriet Bailey (Ellis) (1850) and her husband, Lt William Bailey RN (1851). Also their son, Lt Thomas Bailey RM (1830) White tablet with cornice on black backing Hannah Joyner (1779) and her husband, John Joyner (1781) Also Hannah Joyner (1822) Spinster Gray tablet with round arch
Nicholas Davidge (1812) and his wife, Rebecca (1787). Their daughter, Ann (1775). Also George Nichols (1781), son of George and Sarah Devidge. Also George Davidge (1833) and his wife, Sarah (1819) White tablet with cornice with draped urn. On black back with pediment William Smith (1833) and George Smith (1833) White tablet with cornice on black backing
Mary Ann Tratman (1845), and her husband, Timothy Tratman (1869). Their children: Sophia (1834) aged 2; Caroline (1836) aged 6; T.J.C.K. (1848) aged 10 White tablet with pediment, base and pilasters on black backing Miss Sarah Merret Pike (1855) White tablet with cornice and pediment on black backing
Edward Sidney (1838) and his wife, Mary Sidney (1870) White tablet with pediment, base and pilasters on black backing Elizabeth Smith (1853) and her husband, William Smith (1872) White tablet with cornice on black backing
Lt John Parnell Parnell (KIA 1916) Aged 21. Buried at British war cemetery, near Bazentin Identical to that of his father Thomas Parnell Parnell. See above. John Pearce Pope (1835) White tablet with cornice on top of which draped urn. Leaves on apron below
William Woollright (1844) Solicitor White tablet with pediment with corresponding black backing William Holme Sumner (1859) and his wife, Grace Bernard Holme Sumner (1880) Brass in arched niche above
The east window of the chancel place in memory of Edward Jenner. Brass in arched niche above Edward Jenner MD 1719-1823 Simple white tablet on black backing

Left: Cross slab.
Above: Boy (late 13th Century)
Below Left: Lady (late 13th Century)
Below centre and right: Lady (early 14th Century)

The above effigies are all small figures, probably heart burial; the actual bodies would have been buried in St Augustine's Abbey, Bristol.
Other Monuments

The Last Lord Berkeley (1942) Tablet with heraldry flanked by Saints George and Francis. By Sir N Cooper 

The were a few monuments which were not easily accessible to photograph satisfactorily

The above are presumably in the locked chapel. Others taken through the window are shown below. Hopefully I will be able to retake these in due course
James, 11th Lord Berkeley (1463) & second son, James
Alabaster effigies on tomb chest under a stone canopy. The tomb chest has canopied niches with figures of saints and panels with quatrefoils. The effigies are of different sizes to indicate the difference in ages.
Henry, 17th Lord Berkeley (1615) & his wife, Katharine. Alabaster effigies on stone tomb chest under alabaster canopy. By Samuel Baldwin of Stroud

Bitton - St Mary


Above on left:
Knight (13th century). Only the head is carved in low relief and below is his sword and shield. On right: Lady (13th century) Only her head is carved and below is a foliated cross. A drawing of the latter from Rev Charles Boutell's book is also shown; part of an inscription can be seen.

Other monuments (not shown) Priest small effigy, no date given. An effigy, no informaion at all given. Tomb of c 1300 in pieces, but no other information given. Tablets of 1657 and 1659. Rev H T Ellacome and three wives, no further information; tablet. Servants of the latter 1812 but no further information. Tablet (no information) by T King of Bath.
Chipping Campden - St James

Sir Baptist Hicks, Lord Campden (1629) & Wife
Details. The tomb chest is black marble. By ? Nicholas Stone
Edward Noel, Viscount Campden (1642) & Juliana (1664)
Details. Alabaster figures. By Joshua Marshall
Penelope Noel (1633)
Attrib: John & Matthias Christmas

Coberley - St Giles
Coberley is a very small village with only eighty or so houses. We approached from the east but it is better to approach from the west; take the A435 and then take a yellow road  going west which is presumably signposted Coberley.  The church then on your left well before you reach the village itself. You will see a white sign post pointing to a single and a double gate in a wall. The single gate had signs entrance to church, no dogs and please shut the gate. There was enough parking outside these gates without causing an obstruction. Through the single gate was a private garden of a house and the church is at the end of the path. The church is open. Well worth the visit.
O/S Ref:   SO 962 161

Above and right: Sir Thomas Berkeley (1365) and his wife, possibly Joan. The armour is c. 1340's so effigy may have been made during his life time. Joan was the mother of Dick Whittington. The separate monuments is of a young girl c. 1340, holding a doll? She is probably their daughter

Young man c.1340
Sir Giles Berkeley (1294) Heart burial. Note the shield on his chest behind the large heart casket

Other Monuments
William Bernard Atherton BA FSA Scot. (1937) Chaplain RN 1899-1922. Rector 1912-1937. Tablet on marble backing
Sons of the above: Lt Charles Roger Barnard Atherton RASC (1928) killed during maneuvers. Lt Brian Bernard Atherton MA SSVF (1943) died POW in Siam. Lt Giles de Vismes Atherton BA 10th Glosters (1944) killed in Burma. White tablet on marble backing
Charles Henry Wilson MA 46 years rector. His sister Elizabeth. No dates White tablet on marble backing
Frances Connolly no date White tablet on marble backing
Sir Charles Bridges (1511) and Isobel Brass matrix set in wall of chapel
MARY the daughter of IONATHAN BARFORD Eſq by ALICE his Wife Relict of PAUL CASTLEMAN of Coberley Eſq.
(All lying in this Vault)
And the late Wife of THOMAS HORDE
and others of the 17th century
Amelia Maria Hicks (1830) 'in a vault beneath' . Wife of the rector: William Hicks AM Clerk (1866) 54 years rector of this parish. 'outside these walls interred'.

Frampton-on-Severn - St Mary

Knight ? A

Clifford  (c 1300
) stone on tomb chest under cusped recess (shown - left)

Lady (c 1310) stone on tomb chest under arch recess with two shields (shown - right)
Civilian (mid 14th century) stone, small under cusped recess
John Clifford (1684) Baroque tablet
Ann Wade (1687) Baroque tablet
Anthony Clifford (17th century) tablet with arms
William Clutterbuck (1727) Classical, marble
Samuel & James Pearce (1798-9) marble tablet by John Pearce
Nathaniel Clifford (1817) marble tablet with arms
Henry Barnard (1813) by T King of Bath

Great Badminton - St Michael

Monuments to the Dukes and Duchesses of Beaufort

Below left: 1st Duke of Beauford (1700) by Grinling Gibbons. This monument was moved from St George's Chapel, Windsor when the Beaufords fell out with Queen Victoria.

Below centre: 2nd and 3rd Dukes by Rysbrack (1754)

Below right: 4th Duke (1756)
  by Rysbrack

Right: 1st Duchess of Beauford (1715)  The monument was moved here from the previous church

Great Barrington - St Mary
 Jane (1711) & Edward (1720)  Bray
Both died of small pox. Attributed to Christopher Cass
Mary Countess Talbot (1787)
by Joseph Nollekens
Captain Edmund Bray (1620)
Behind organ
James Stephens (1692) & sons John & James
Attributed to Thomas Cartwright the Elder
Captain Cecil John Talbot Rhys Wingfield (1915)
 Hatherop - St  Nicholas
Barbara Lady de Mauley (1844) by Raffaelle Monti

Iron Acton - St James
Parking outside the church can be somewhat difficult. We found what looked like a disused driveway across from the church so we did not have to park on the road; we were left undisturbed. The church is open.
Good pub in the village - The Lamb Inn. A good, well cooked, reasonably priced, pub grub menu and excellent real ale. First class clean and hygienic toilets: each cubicle has a hand wash basin on top of the cistern which then drains into the cistern. Clean and green, if you know what I mean!
O/S Ref: ST 680 835

Above and below left and centre: possibly Sir John Poyntz (1376) and unknown unrelated lady (early 15th C). She holds her heart.
Below right:
  Canopied Tomb (early 16th C)

'Near this place are depoſosited the mortal remains of the undermentioned perſons late Part of the Family of SAMUEL KING Gent of the Lodge in this Pariſh
A list spanning three centuries which is reproduced in abbreviated form below.
William Machin (1716) and his wife, Elizabeth (1702) Rev Thome Shube (1728) and his wife, Sarah (174_) John _ William Withers

Sarah, his wife (1789). William, his son (1793). Martha, wife of William King (1788). Mary Ann, daughter of William King (1789). William Rudge, Grandson of Samuel King. (1787). Thomas, son of Thomas King and grandson of Samuel King  (1806). Alſo of the said Samuel (1808). Mary, his daughter (1818). Anne, his daughter (1821). William Thomas Poole King, son of Thomas and grandson of Samuel (1787). Agnes, wife of Mervyn Kersteman King and daughter of Sir Charles Tilson Bright C.E. (1794). Victoria Mary Lousia, wife of Thomas Poole King and daughter of Lt Col Kersteman (1902). Roderick Liston King, son of Percy L and Muriel E King (1906).  Percy Liston King, son of William Thomas Poole King (1914). Edmund Ambrose King, son of William Poole King (1932). Mervyn Kersteman King J.P. son of William Poole King (1934). Edmund Anthony Ambrose King, son of Edmund Poole King (1937). Bessie, wife of Edmund Ambrose King (1958).

Bluett Jones (1836) and his grandson, Robert Bluett Morgan (1834). and his wife, Sarah Jones (1832). Their son-in-law, Charles Ray (1858) and his son, Walter Bluett Carpenter Ray (1875) and daughter, Sarah Morgan (1877). Signed: O Greenaway Fect. Thomas Richardson (1834) and his wife, Rachel (1834). Also their 4th daughter, Anna Board (1838); their eldest son, Ford Richardson MA (1841) Clerk. Seventeen years curate of this and the adjoining parish of Westerleigh. Their 2nd daughter, Susan Richardson (1836) By Tyler John Alway (1842) and his wife, Betty (1843)
Signed: J Thomas Scr Bristol
Top: Mary Duke Senior  (1814) Latin text. By J Thomas
Middle left to right:
1. John Raven Senior MA.  2. Mary Senior
Latin text. No dates. Parents of Mary Senior
Bottom: Ann Duke. Widow of Henry Duke and mother of Mary Senior
Other Monuments
Robert Poytz (1439) and wives Anne & Katherine.   Three incised slabs

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