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Berkeley - St Mary

Thomas 3rd Lord Berkeley (1361) & Catherine (Cleverdon) (1385)
Alabaster  effigies on tomb chest where the quatrefoils are divided by strips of deep blues glass, mostly renewed in 1846.
This was the Lord Berkeley to whose care Edward II was entrusted prior to his murder. He was away from the castle when this murder occurred but latter aquitted of being an accessory.

Left: Cross slab.
Above: Boy (late 13th Century)
Below Left: Lady (late 13th Century)
Below centre and right: Lady (early 14th Century)

The above effigies are all small figures, probably heart burial; the actual bodies would have been buried in St Augustine's Abbey, Bristol.
Other Monuments
James, 11th Lord Berkeley (1463) & second son, James
Alabaster effigies effigies on tomb chest under a stone canopy.The tomb chest has canopied niches with figures of saints and panels with quatrefoils.The effigies are of different sizes to indicate the difference in ages.
William Freme (1526) brass
Henry, 17th Lord Berkeley (1615) & Wife Alabaster effigies on stone tomb chest under alabaster canopy. By Samuel Baldwin of Stroud
John Hopton (1681) ledger stone
James Bayley (1712) tablet
Stephen Jenner (1754) ledger stone
Betty Wiltshire (1797) tablet by J Pearce of Frampton
Nicholas Hickes (1798) tablet by W Paty
John Hickes (1808) tablet by T King of Bath
Mary Tratman (1826) tablet by Dawe. There are also others by this artist
Frederick Hickes (1844) tablet by Tyler
William Ellis (1855) tablet by Tyler
The Last Lord Berkeley (1942) Tablet with heraldry flanked by Saints George and Francis. By Sir N Cooper 
In churchyard: table tomb of Thomas Pearce, watchmaker (1665)

Bitton - St Mary


Above on left:
Knight (13th century). Only the head is carved in low relief and below is his sword and shield. On right: Lady (13th century) Only her head is carved and below is a foliated cross. A drawing of the latter from Rev Charles Boutell's book is also shown; part of an inscription can be seen.

Other monuments (not shown) Priest small effigy, no date given. An effigy, no informaion at all given. Tomb of c 1300 in pieces, but no other information given. Tablets of 1657 and 1659. Rev H T Ellacome and three wives, no further information; tablet. Servants of the latter 1812 but no further information. Tablet (no information) by T King of Bath.

Chipping Campden - St James

Sir Baptist Hicks, Lord Campden (1629) & Wife
Details. The tomb chest is black marble. By ? Nicholas Stone
Edward Noel, Viscount Campden (1642) & Juliana (1664)
Details. Alabaster figures. By Joshua Marshall
Penelope Noel (1633)
Attrib: John & Matthias Christmas
Coberley - St Giles

Sir Giles Berkeley (1294)
Heart burial; small bust of knight set in pointed oval under a niche with shafts;his  hands hold a rather large heart above a shield on his breast.
Sir Thomas Berkeley (1365) and his wife, possibly Joan. The armour is c. 1340's so effigy may have been made during his life time. Joan was the mother of Dick Whittington. Girl (c 1340) Small effigy of a young girl; she hold her glove; dog at feet. Perhaps a daughter of above

Other Monuments

Right: Civilian (c 1340)
Young man, effigy under cinquefoil recess. I have been unable to enlarge this photograph; see below.

Sir Giles Bridges (1511) & Isabel brass matrix with one shield remaining
Castleman Family ( late 17th century) Baroque marble tablet
Amelia Hicks (1830) Neo-Greek by Hart of Cheltenham
A good collection of 18th century headstones and chest tombs in the churchyard

Frampton-on-Severn - St Mary

Knight ? A Clifford  (c 1300
) stone on tomb chest under cusped recess (shown - left)

Lady (c 1310) stone on tomb chest under arch recess with two shields (shown - right)
Civilian (mid 14th century) stone, small under cusped recess
John Clifford (1684) Baroque tablet
Ann Wade (1687) Baroque tablet
Anthony Clifford (17th century) tablet with arms
William Clutterbuck (1727) Classical, marble
Samuel & James Pearce (1798-9) marble tablet by John Pearce
Nathaniel Clifford (1817) marble tablet with arms
Henry Barnard (1813) by T King of Bath

Great Badminton - St Michael

Monuments to the Dukes and Duchesses of Beaufort

Below left: 1st Duke of Beauford (1700) by Grinling Gibbons. This monument was moved from St George's Chapel, Windsor when the Beaufords fell out with Queen Victoria.

Below centre: 2nd and 3rd Dukes by Rysbrack (1754)

Below right: 4th Duke (1756)
  by Rysbrack

Right: 1st Duchess of Beauford (1715)  The monument was moved here from the previous church

Great Barrington - St Mary

 Jane (1711) & Edward (1720)  Bray
Both died of small pox. Attributed to Christopher Cass
Mary Countess Talbot (1787)
by Joseph Nollekens
Captain Edmund Bray (1620)
Behind organ
James Stephens (1692) & sons John & James
Attributed to Thomas Cartwright the Elder
Captain Cecil John Talbot Rhys Wingfield (1915)

 Hatherop - St  Nicholas

Barbara Lady de Mauley (1844) by Raffaelle Monti

Iron Acton - St James

Other Monuments

Robert Poytz (1439) and wives Anne & Katherine.  3 incised slabs
Canopied Tomb (early 16th C) (shown)
William Machin (1716) Classical tab
Mary Senior (1814) By Tyler
Thomas Richardson (1834) By Tyler
Bluett Jones (1836) By O Greenaway
John Alway (1842) By J Thomas of Bristol
Sir John Poyntz (1376) ? Lady (early 15th C)  
Leckhampton - St Peter

Above: Slabs in the church yard: there are four effigial slabs of the 13th & 14th century, but I only have photographs of two, a civilian and a lady. Right: A group of grave slabs

Frances Money Evans (26), Fanny Rolanda (11) & Frederick Lloyd Gambier (11 m) Evans William Joseph Gale (1877)
Died near Nazareth age 19
'He fell among robbers'
Commander John Bowen  RN (1845)
Rachel Bowen (1861)

his widow
  Jones Mjr Edward Nevil MacReady 30th Reg.
No Date
Charles Whitmore (1844)
The Evans monument says that these were the wife and children of Mjr Henry Lloyd Evans of the XVII Regiment Bombay Infantry, who all died in 1857 at Cawnpoor by a fall of the barracks roof, struck by cannon shot on the 16th day of the siege. Her brother Henry Fitz Roy Gambier, Lt in the 38th Regiment Bengal Light Infantry, who was mortally wounded at the assault of Delhi, 1857
Priest (late 15th or early 16 th C)
He holds a chalice
Sir John Giffard (1327) & Wife. Note the 'breast chains' on Sir John's coat armour, attaching the sword hilt and scabbard. Not in situ.

Minchinhampton - Holy Trinity

Two coffin lids (12 or 13th century) with incised crosses (shown)
Knight (? John of Ansley) (c 1340) under Decorated tomb recess (shown)
Lady (? Lucy, wife of above) wimple & veil, feet on dog. Under Decorated tomb recess(shown)
Civilian & Lady (c 1500) brass
John Hampton (1556?) & Ellen brass: cadavers in shrouds. Two groups of children: six sons, the eldest a monk and six daughters, the eldest a nun. Engraved c. 1510
Edward Halyday (1519) & Margery brass; he was a clothier of Rodborough

Jeremiah Buck (mid 17th century) with bogus heraldry; a Parliamentarian
Joseph Iles (1749) tablet by Robert Chambers
James Bradley (1762) oval brass plate to the Astronomer Royal
Edward Sheppard of Gatcombe (1798) tablet by Bryan
Walter Butt (1788) tablet of coloured marbles
Samuel Shepperd (1770) tablet with putto, urn & escutcheon by Ricketts
Many 17th and 18th century Baroque chest tombs in the church yard, including that of James Bradley (above) from which the brass plate was removed.

Again I was unable to enlarge these photographs
Miserden - St Andrew

 Anthony Partridge (1625) & Alice (Cartwright) Possibly by Samuel Baldwin Above: William Kingston (1644) 'He was the best continual housekeeper and the best beloved Gentleman in this County' Probably by Samuel Baldwin. His feet rest on a goat eating a cabbage.
Right: Sir Edwin Windsor Haynten Sandys (1838) 
William (1640) and Margaret (Culpepper) (1644) Sandys Their children kneel or recline around the tomb chest. Alabaster . Probably by Samuel Baldwin. The inscription is high up on the wall on the west but the accountrements have been removed. NB Some of these images are photocopied from a book, I believe 

  Pucklechurch - St Thomas of Canterbury

Lady (c. 1325), under later canopy, said to be Eleanor de Cheltenham.
 Said to have been erected in 1888 when effigy may have been rescued from the churchyard
Civilian (c. 1360), said to be William de Cheltenham (d. after 1361)
Similar canopy. Excellent condition

Other monuments:

John Dennis (1638) Renaissance marble tab. with heraldry
Epitaph (17th C) to an unamed deaf woman by Thomas Cam
Thomas Ridley (1714) Baroque marble
Edward Hathway (1798) Tab with draped urn by James, Dunn & Drewett of Bristol.

Saint Briavels - St Mary

14th C slab with bust of lady (shown)

Other Monuments:

William Warren, Wife & Children (16th C),
Charles Court (1819) Tab by Woolcott of Bristol

Sherborne - St Mary Magdelene

Above: Hon Charles Dutton (1909) Alabaster
Right top: James Bradley MA DD FRS (1762) Astronomer Royal. Born in Sherborne. Much later tabler by Kevin Paul (1993)
Right bottom:
Mary Laura Dutton (1902)
Far right: James, 1st Lord Sherborne (1802) and his wife, Elizabeth (1824) Marble figure of Hope by W Theed (1859)
James Lenox Dutton (1776) & second wife Jane (1776) By Richard Westmacott the Elder (1791)

John Dutton (1656) by Thomas Burman (1661) signed. Compare the John Donne monument by Nicholas Stone in St Paul's Cathedral William Naper (1791) by John Bacon the Elder (1794) signed Sir John Dutton (1743) by J M Rysbrack (1749) signed Frances Princess Bariatinsky (1807) by John Bacon the Younger. She died in childbirth.

Again I apologize for the quality of some of the above photographs: see below

 Shipton Moyne - St John the Baptist

A Le Moyne (mid 14th C) NE Recess, Chancel   Le Moyne Knight (NW Recess) and Lady (opposite S)  (early 14th C) both in chancel
These above monument and the lady are also shown below

Judge Thomas Estcourt (1599) & Wife
Nine children kneeling frontally are shown on two sides. Above is a canopy with caryatids and heraldry (Estcourt Chapel)
Other Monuments
Chancel Estcourt Chapel North Transept North Aisle South Aisle

Rev William Hodges (1740) Tablet

Sir Thomas Estcourt (1624) &  Mary
c 1640 by Samuel Baldwin
Alabaster t.c. with canopy on Corinthian columns. Moved from Lasborough in 1825

Thomas Estcourt  (1818)  Tablet by W Croggan

Elizabeth Nowell (1788) Tablet

 Thomas Estcourt (1746) standing monument with Ionic columns and cartouche

Rev George Wheeler (1839) Tablet by Reeves & Son of Bath

Eleanor Estcourt (1829) by Joseph Edwards to a design by T H Wyatt

Jane Estcourt (1829) Tablet

Edmund Estcourt (1814) Tablet by Henry Westmacott

Rev Walter Hodges (1757)  Tablet


Walter Estcourt RN (1845) died returning home from Africa


Two  brasses of 1853-55

Tetbury -  St Mary

Other Monuments

Wall Monuments: Sir William Romney (1611) with bust. By Thomas Webb (1776)
John Savage (1803) Draped urn by Jones, Dunn & Tyley of Bristol
Gilbert Gastrell (1732) coloured marbles and cherubs, surrounded by five - 1755-1810 -  (reset) by T King of Bath
Joseph & Elizabeth Wickes (1764) by T Webb
Henry Harvey (1789) by William Paty of Bristol
John Paul (1787) by T King
Deborah Roche (1720) Cartouche by Parsons
Sanders Family by Lancaster & Walker of Bristol

Knight & Lady of Gastrell Family effigies
Above: Knight effigy of c. 1300, said to be that of William de Braose.
: TwoMedieval  Male Civilians dug up from churchyard in 1902. That on the right  is mid 14th C.

   William de Braose (1197-1230) was a marcher lord who was captured by the Welsh Prince, Llewellyn the Great in 1228. He was subsequently ransomed for the sum of £2,000 and then made an alliance with Llewellyn arranging the marriage with his eldest daughter, Isabella, with the latter's only legitimate son, Dafydd.

   However it transpired that William 'had been caught in Llewellyn's chamber with the King of England's daughter, Llewellyn's wife.' This refers to Joan, an illegitimate daughter of King John, and occurred when William was a captive. William was taken from his home by Llewellyn and his army and hanged somewhere in Wales in 1230.
Westonbirt - St Catherine
NB This church is now the chapel of a girls' school but is open, although infrequently. to the general publ

Above: Robert Holford (1838) & George Holford (1839) by R. Westmacott the Younger Marble

Right: Robert Stayner Holford (1892) alabaster effigy. Possibly by W S Frith

Winterbourne - St Michael

Above and below: Sir Robert Brandeston (c. 1356) & Lady. He cross legged; there is a badge of a fish on his left shoulder.
He is best seen below and she above; his framented shield can be seen on the right.
Above: Sir Edmund Bradeston & Lady (c 1395)
Above: Lady Agnes (14th C)

Sir Robert.  Again. Note the fractured shield and helm with ventilation holes of Sir Edmund. Knight (late 14th C) cross legs. under  cinqfoil canopy. The lion at his feet is shown above

                To the right Agnes Bradeston (1369) ?

Other Monuments
Mathew (1631) & Thomas (1658) Buck brass inscip.
James Buck (1612) Tomb chest with Renaissance detail, canopy
Amy Symes (1662) Renaissance monument
Arthur Tucker (1785) Tab by T Paty
Thomas Mountjoy (1797) by Emett of Downend
William Perry (1807) by Wood of Bristol
William Rickards (1827) & Thomas Whitfield (1834) By O Greenway
Mary Brydges (1826) by T Clark of Bristol

Wotton under Edge
The Old Town Meeting House
Click here for text of the memorials found in the Old Town Meeting House

With many thanks to Church Monuments Society founder-member Sally Badham for supplying most of the photographs in this section. Also to Jean MacCreanor for those in Miserden. Those in Gloucester Cathedral and several other churches were kindly sent by Joan & Robert Tucker: to whom grateful thanks. I only took the phtographs from Tewsbury and these were never finished. The etchings are by Stothard.
Please note that I have been unable to find some of the original photographs so I have been unable to edit, and especially, to enlarge them as I have with most of the others on this page. I hope to replace these when I have either found them or retaken the photographs
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