Cher Eure et Loire Indre Indre et Loire Loiret Loire et Cher
I originally included all the monuments (as well as further intended monuments) of Centre on one page; this has now become too long and unwieldy so now each department (in this region and increasingly other regions also ) are on a separate pages. Click on the link, below the coat of arms, above to access each department. The region of  Centre was created in 1956 with the other regions and is made up of parts of the old provinces of Touraine, Orléans, and Berry; Its regional capital is the city of Orléans.

Centre comprises six  which are listed above; the départment capitals are thus:

Cher - Bourges
Eure et Loire - Chartres
Indre - Châteauroux
Indre et Loire - Tours
Loiret - Orléans
Loire et Cher - Blois

In 2015 the regions were reorganised beng in general reduced in number. Centre was then renamed Centre-Val de Loire because Centre was not central from a geographical aspect (it's sort of a little too north and a bit too west) and the name was also considered rather 'dull and not creating the idea of the Loire Valley'.

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