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The region of  was created in 1956 but was made part of the new region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in 2016. The region corresponds to the western part of the Duchy of Aquitaine. The capital is Bordeaux
Barsac Blésignac Bordeaux Cadillac La Sauve
  Toulouse Uzeste Vayrac  
Barsac - Church of St Vincent
The church is central in the town of Barsac and you may park in a street nearby at no charge. Church locked
The church is said to contain the effigy of Jehan de Louppes (1534), Lord of Castelferrus and canon of Uzeste. Limestone, 2nd quarter of 16th century by Étienne Baudoyn. However the church was locked and we were unable to locate the key holder.

Uzeste - Collegiate Church of Our Lady
The church is open. Park in the square opposite the church at no charge

Pope Clement V (1314)
Above and Left: Pierre 1re de Grailly (1303) Note the heraldry carved in relief in his shield, as well as position of sword and shield.
Pope Clement V was born in Aquitaine and was elected pope after a year long interregnum caused by a dispute bewteen the Italian and French cardinals, who were more or less balanced in number. Although neither a cardinal nor an Italian Clement was  in due course elected, it is said because of the influence of the French king, Philip IV 'The Fair'. Clement moved his residence from Rome to Avignon, thus being the first of the Avignon popes.
He is remembered as the pope under whom the Knights Templars were supressed and many executed (including their Grand Master, Jacques Molay), an act instigated by Philip the Fair so he could confiscate their vast wealth. He also attempted on more than one occasion to arrange a treaty between the West and the Mongols in order to crush the Islamic Mamluk Empire by a pincer movement.
He died in 1314 and the church in which his body rested was struck by lightening and set alight, his body being almost destroyed. He was buried at Uzeste near his birth place of Villandry  according to his will; this was 40 years after his death.
The monument was restored in 2013

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