Rather confusingly Flintshire is a 'new' county, which was formed from part of the 'preserved' county of Clwyd which incorporated several of the 'historic' counties wholly or in part. Here we deal with the 'historic' county of Flintshire (one of thirteen of such Welsh counties), whose borders are not the same as the 'new' county of the same name. I will not deal with this subject further as I do not fully understand it- or particularly want to  - anyway
Hanmer - St Chad
Now in Wrexham County Borough but formerly in Flintshire Detached
Lord Chief Justice Kenyon by Bacon the Younger 1806.
The monument suffered sever fire damage in1898, when much of the church and many monuments were lost
Overton-on-Dee  -  St Mary 
Now in Wrexham County Borough but formerly in Flintshire Detached
Thomas (1803) & Mary (1840) Bennion by Patent Marble Works of Westminster. Three daughters mourn over their parents' tomb
There are several 18th and 19th century monuments in the church
St Asaph's Cathedral 
See founded in  560. St Asaph's is Britain's smallest cathedral
Now in Denbighshire but formerly in Flintshire


Above left:War memorial; I do not normally include general war memorials but I was attracted to this one.  Above centre:   Richard Price Thelwell (1775) by Benjamin Bromfield (N. Transept)  Above right: Anna Lloyd (1763)

Sir John Hay Williams (1837) Signed in Greek by L Droses, Athens

Sir John Williams (1830) & Margaret (1835) by Sir Richard Westmacott.  
These most be the most delightful angels ever!

Dean Shipley (1829) by John Ternouth (N. Transept)
Above: Maria Price (1732)

Bishop Anian II (1293)

Slab of c 1330 with shield and hare and hounds
With many thanks to Joan & Robert Tucker for the above photographs of St Asaph Cathedral and to Jean McCreanor for those of Overton on Dee 
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