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 Hatfield Broad Oak - St Mary the Virgin
The church is open.  Parking is limited: park on the main road outside the church where possible. Toilets in church are only open during services. Excellent pub, The Duke's Head, servicing the best cask ale and food is just outside the village: plenty of parking. Sometimes Hatfield Broadoak.
O/S Ref: TL 547 166

Robert de Vere, 3rd Earl of Oxford (c 1300) Attributed. 

Some features: remains of inscription around chamfer of the slab; heraldry carved in relief on shield; two (now headless) monks sit at a lectern at the feet instead of the usual lion; the head rests on a double pillow on either side of which are remains of an angel;  the legs are protected by quitted garment which is reinforced at the anterior part of the knees.

Left: Sir John Barrington Bt (1788)
This is a standing monument but the lower part is obscured by a radiator.
Above left: Sarah Chamberlayne (1742) and Richard Chamberlayne (1758)
Above right: William Selwin (1768) 'whose mortal remains lie interred in a Vault in this church,' together with his wife, four sons and one daughter - all unnamed. Erected 1800 by surviving daughter.
Far right: Sir Charles Barrington Bt (1788) By J F Moore of London

Sir John Thomas Selwin Bt (1869)
Isabella Selwin (Gower) (1858)
Mary Leveson Gower (1861) Lady Ibbertson (1816)
 By Flaxman 
Thomas Lownes (1840)
Stanes Chamberlayne (1834) Rev John Chamberlayne (1867) Also hie sister Harriet Alicia Chamberlayne (1873) Added later Emma Chamberlayne (1886) Mary  Chamberlayne (Brockie) (1819)
Wife of Staines

Other Monuments

Stanes Chamberlayne (1782) portrait medallion is at the foot with a putti standing above
not located
Herbert Alfred Potter (1917) Surgeon probationer RNVR. Student of Royal Dental and Middlesex Hospitals. KIA on HMS Contest simple brass
Alfred (1937) and Isabel Potter (1938) Parents of the above simple brass
Mary Maude Galpin (1942) Wife of Rev Canon Galpin, Vicar. Also Francis William Galpin, Litt D. FLS. (1942) Hon Canon of Chelmsford Cathedral Tablet

Layer Marney - St Mary the Virgin

Sir William Marney (1414) Alabaster
 John Lord Marney (1525) Terracotta Henry Lord Marney (1523)
Terracotta. Probably by the same hand and that to John Lord Marney.
Little Baddow - St Mary


Henry Mildmay (1639)
Little Dunmow - St Mary

Walter Fitzwalter (1432) & Wife (1464) Alabaster effigies Lady (early 15 C) alabaster. The tomb chest is later 15th C
Other Monuments - Not Shown
Sir James Halley (1753) Obelisk with seated female holding a medallion. By Thomas Adye
Little Horkesley -St Peter & St Paul

Brygete, wife of Thomas Fynedorne & John, Lord Marney (1549) , & her two husbands Lady (late 13th C)
Oak Knight (c 1250)
Oak Knight (c 1270)
Oak. Fragmentary

Sir Robert Swynborne (1391) & Son (1412)
Tomb chest with brasses
Tomb chest (late 15th C) Purbeck marble fragment
Kathryn Leventhorp (1502) shroud brass
The church was completely destroyed by a bomb in 1940 and rebuilt in 1958

Little Easton - St Mary

Viscount Bourchier, Earl of Essex (1484) & Wife Tomb chest with canopy and brasses. Architectural detail and detail of brasses

Sir Henry Maynard (1610) and Wife Alabaster. Very good. He was MP for St Albans. A photograph of the lower part of the monument is shown below left column, bottom row
William, 1st Baron Maynard (1746) & 2nd wife Daisy Marble.  Roman costume. Style is that of Grinling Gibbons but probably by Edward Pearce. A photograph of this monument is shown below left column, top row Lady Frances Maynard (1613)

Above, right column:  William, 2nd Baron Maynard  (1796) & Wife He stands leaning on an urn, with the portrait of his wife. Around are other members of his family as busts or relief medallions. The panels shows Justice, Charity, Fortitute and other allegorical figures. Marble. Below is shown the detail of that panel. By Charles Stanley, 1746
Plan of Bouchier Chapel, showing Robert Fyn priest c. 1420. Brass
Lady Bourchier c. 1400
Tomb chest with panels with shields; ogee arch with shields in spandrels.

On the above knight 13th C minature effigy
Little Samford -  St Mary the Virgin


Above:  William Twedy & Wife

'Here lies the body of William Twedy, Esquire, who distinguised himself as a military commander first under Queen Elizabeth of glorious memory in surpressing the tumult in the north of England, next under the invincible hero the Lord Baron of Willoughby in France, and lastly under the auspices of the illustrious Earl of Leicester, in the Netherlands, and was Warden of the military works at Bergen-op-Zoom. He married firstly Mabell, the daughter of Sir Henry Curwen, Knight of the County of Cumberland, by whom he had one daughter, and afterwards married Margaret, the daughter of Rooke Green, Esquire, of Sampford Parva, in the County of Essex, by whom he had 3 sons and twice as many daughters. He died on the 7th July, 1605, whose soul rest in peace'. from the Latin

Bridget Peck (1712)

Maldon - All Saints

Various wall monuments, starting top right & proceeding clock wise:

Sarah Jeffrey (1638)
? Thomas D'Arcy (1485)
incription lost but preserved from Weever.
John Steevens (1677) age 5
Mary Vernon (1647)

Thomas Cummocke (1602) with two wives and two children, kneeling he frontal, she profile.
Pebmarsh - St John the Baptist

Probably Sir William Fitzralph (1323)
Pleshey - Holy Trinity

Above and eight: Samuel Turnell (1758) He was the nephew of the above. By Cheere

Sir Henry Joliffe (1749) Big urn. By Cheere Not shown

Romford - Edward the Confessor

Sible Hedingham - St Peter

Left: Ann Carew (1605)   Right: Sir George Hervey (1605) & Wife

Sir Anthony Cooke (1576) & Family Triptych with kneelers. pediment with Corninthian columns over 
Sir John Hawkwood (1394)
A cenotaph: he was buried at Florence Cathedral
St Osyth - St Peter  St Paul
[1] John, 2nd Lord Darcy (1580/81) and his wife, Frances (Rich)
Alabaster and marble.
[2] Thomas, 2nd Lord Darcy KG (15__) and his wife, Elizabeth (Vere)
Alabaster and marble, erected c. 1580
Other Monuments
[3] John Darcy (1638) Sergeant-at-law. Recess with altar tomb and alabaster effigy in robes with cloak and cap. On back wall brass plate with name of artist, Fr. Griggs (1640)
[4] Briant Darcie (1587) and his wife, Bridget (Corbet) and a number of children and grandchildren. Marble tablet with arms
Floor Slabs
[S1] Maget Kenarley (1690) and son, Isaac (1705)
[S2] Richard Tubman (1620) Cook to Thomas, Lord Darcy. Prayer and stepped cross nearly obliterated.

Stanstead Mountfitchet - St Mary the Virgin

Above left: Sir Thomas Middleton (1631)  Sarcophagus with skulls.  Two standing angels hold inscription plate; two further angels outside the columns which bear the arch. He began as an apprentice to a grocer and rose to be Lord Mayor of London. He was a founder member of the East India Company and financed the expeditions of Drake, Raleigh and Hawkins.

Above right:
Hester Salusbury (1614) Coloured effigy on alabaster sarcophagus with two big shields surrounded by grisly ornaments.

Thorpe - Le - Soken - St Michael

 Knight c 1300
Theydon Mount - St Michael

Sir William Smith (1577)

Sir William Smith (1626) & Wife

Sir William Smith (1631) & Two Wives

Sir Edward Smith (1713) Tab by Edward Stanton
Rev Sir Edward Smith (1850) Tab by Osmond, Sarum
Sir Thomas Smith (1688)
Tolleshunt D'Arcy - St Nicholas

 Monument with brass indentsto unkown person

Thomas D'Arcy (1593) & Wife.  Right of this are a series of brasses; starting top right and proceeding clockwise: Unknown male c 1425;  Anthony D'Arcy (1540) either a copy of a 14th C figure or one reused; Unknown Lady c 1425; Unknown Lady c 1540; Phillipa D'Arcy (1559). The 1540 brasses are palimpsests

Wethersfield - St Mary Magdelene
Church is open. There is limited parking in the street outside the church
O/S Ref:  TL 712 313

Henry Wentworth ( 1482) & Elizabeth

Alabaster. There are remains of the original polychrome and the ladies' headdress and bodice

1.) Joseph YOUNGMAN Alias Clerk (1682).  2.)  'In this Chancel Lye the Remains of  Mark Mott  in the Same Grave with Mark Mott  his Eldest Son...' 'Alſo the Remains of Barbara relict of Mark Mott...' 'And of Three other Sons and Four Daughters of MARK and BARBARA aforesaid the four following lye buried in this Chancel...' Thomas (1697), 4th son; Ady (1710), 2nd son; Ann (1749), 4th daughter; Mercy (1752) 2nd daughter .  3.) Joseph Clerk (1790).  By E. Thompson. 4.) Jon White LLB (1785)  5 top.)  Cpt Philip Everard Graham Marsh MB (1918)  RAF. Killed by collision while flying on duty December 1918, aged 23. He was originally an army officer and served in France but transferred to the RAR in June 1918, where he acted as an instructor. NB: Captain is an army rank: the RAF originally used army ranks before modern officer ranks were introduced in 1919.  5 bottom.) Thomas & Mary White and Jonathan.

Other Monuments
Flying Officer Derek Fortescue Flannery  Gray tablet which states that the electric lighting was installed in the church in 1947 in his memory.
Thomas White & Thomas George ___ Partly illegible brass which states that the stained glass east window was installed in memory of.
Brigadier General Charles William Eric Gordon (1917) The Black Watch. KIA Flanders 1917. Buried in Reninghelst Cemetery, Ypres. A shield shaped brass on a shield shaped wooden backing; around the edge of the brass is a Latin inscription and below is a tablet given the translation: 'He died before his time as a soldier for his country.'
Col William Gordon (1922) The Black Watch. Brass
Harry Graham Marsh (1934) Mjr Royal 19th Hussars. Latin text. White tablet on black background
Edward ___ Marsh illegible brass

Wicken Bonhunt - St Margaret

J S Bradbury (1731)
by H Scheemakers
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