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Darlington - St Cuthbert

Dorothy (1760) and Anna Allan (1785). Their mother, Anna (1787), wife of George Allan IOHN TROTTER. M. D. (J78J) William Allan J P (1864); his sister, Elizabeth Ann Dunn (1865); and her husband, Benjamin Dunn (1868) Robert Henry Allan (1879)
and his wife, Elizabeth Gregson (1882)
Lt-Gen Sir Henry Marshman Havelock-Allan Bt GCB VC MP DL (1897) Killed by Afridis in the Khyber Pass at 67. Buried Harley St Cemetery, Rawalpindi. The link makes interesting and even amusing reading.
George Allan (1744); his son, George Allan (1753). Also, James Allan (1790); his son, George Allan FSA (1800), eminent antiquary and collector; his son, George Allan MA FSA MP (1828). Joseph Allan MA JP (1841) grandson of the aforementioned James Brig-General Roland Boys Bradford VC MC (1917)
2nd Batt The Durham Light Infantry
KIA Cambrai at 25; buried Hermies British Cemetery
Robert Botcherby (1838) and his wife, Anna (1866)   Frances Holmes; his wife, Ann; and their son, John. No dates given

Lady, 13th century.

Sir Henry Havelock KCB (1862) 'The man who saved India' To whom the window was dedicated
John Dobbin (1888) Artist. Buried in Brompton Cemetery, London. Oval brass
Francis Warren Mortimer MA (1905) Vicar and Rural Dean. Colored brass
Robert Allan (1813) and his wife Hannah (Havelock) (1837)
Robert Killinghall Allan (1843)
Thomas Todd JP (1920)
William Snaith (1906) Coloured brass
Edmund Barkhouse (1906) The first MP for Darlington. The coloured brass tells us that the Carillon Tower was restored in his memory

Henry Spence Moretown Havelock-Allan Bt DL (1953)
White tablet in light brown frame.
Lady Alice Havelock Allan (1922) Widow of the Lt-Gen (see below) White tablet in light brown frame.
Edith Mary Havelock Allan (Sowerby) (1935) White tablet in light brown frame.
Thomas Bowes (1846) and his wife, Elizabeth (Crawford) (1862) White shield shaped tablet on black base.
Thomas Clark (1829) 'who lays interred on the South Side...' White tablet with pediment on black base.
Robert Botcherby (1821) '... lies interr'd on the West Side...' Also his wife, Elizabeth (1855) Same design as that above.
Ralph Millbanke (1813) First Lt of HMS Childers. White oval tablet on black base.

Easington - St Mary the Virgin

Left and top: Lady (13th century) of Frosterley marble. From the popinjays on her gown she is said to be one of theFitz Marmaduke  family, lords of Horden. Possibly Lady Isabel de Bruce (1285) first wife of John Fitz Marmaduke and aunt of the future King Robert Bruce. Bottom from left to right: 1) Isabella Judith Tower (1842) wife of Henry Tower (1862). Also Emma Tower (1845) 2) Cross head now set into the wall. 3) Brass matrix: head and shoulders of a priest with inscription below.
Above: Knight and shaped coffin. The effigy was dound buried in 1853during restorations. Said to be Sir John Fitz Marmaduke. Of sandstone. Right: Frances Conyers (1635) and John Conyers (1644)
Other Monuments
Elizabeth Sanderson (1880) Brass   John Anthony Smith (1899) 'The window above was erected by his parents in his memory' 'Many years a sidesman' Brass
Rec T H Chester MA (1895) Rector. Hon. Canon of Durham Brass   Hariet Susan Liddell (1838) White tablet with pediment. Sig: G. Green Newcastle
Lt Gilbert Elliot Harrison RN (1889) 'died in service of his country' Brass. Signed: . Pratt & Sons. Tavistock St Covent G      

Egglescliffe - St Mary or St John the Baptist

Knight, 14th century in porch  Right: Knight, 14th century in recess in church

Below are shown a collection of monuments from the 17th to 20th century, of various styles

 Above: Porch showing foliated cross, part of wall monument  and other fragments
.Left, top row from left to right 1) Anthony Hall (1799). 2)
Francis Hall (1611) and wife Margaret (Tunstall) (1643). 3) Rev George William Harris Clerk MA. (1777) Prebendary of Saraum and Rector for 37 years.
Bottom row:   1)  Jane Waldy (1899) . 2.) Beatrice Dingle (1914) Widow of the Rector.  3) John William Watkin (1917).  4)  Mary Taylor (1687)

Elton - St John
Above: Knight, early 14th century
Right: John Sutton (1792) 'and died moſt deſervedly / lamented on the 17th day of October. Unfortunately the line of text breaks (as indicated) after lamented.

Rev Albany Wade BA (1852) Twelve years rector. White tablet with gable on black base.

Escomb - St John the Evangelist
10 th century grave marker
Now set behaind altar

Gainford - St Mary
(formerely St Cuthbert)

Mrs Mary Birckbeck (1667) Cross slabs and cross heads in the porch John Middleton (1709)
Parts, including second putto, obscured by panelling

Other Monuments
Jacob Maude (1839) and his wife, Ruth White tablet on black background with pediment containing shield of arms   William Maude (1870) Shield shaped white tablet on black backing with pediment in which motto and crest
Ethel Lady Gainford (1941) Brass   Thomas Mitchinson Maude (1855) Similar to the above
Lt Col Frederick Watson Beadon VD JP (1933) Brass   George Ernest Taylor (1931) 25 years organist Brass
James Mezies Clayhills Henderson (1834) White tablet on black backing   William George Clark AM Latin text Arched white tablet, within the arch a gold cross fourchée with red heart in the crossing

Hartlepool - St Hilda
Tomb chest of Frosterley marble with male effigy (A Brude?)
Female effigy

Heighington - St Michael

Left: Two ladies, 135h or early 14th centuries.  Above left: Captain William Pryce Cumby (1837) RN CB He faught at Trafalgar where he succeeded to the command of the Bellerophon of 16 guns. Above centre: Mr  George Crosyer (1699)  Above right: Sir Anthony Byerley (1667) An armorial brass with a chunky stone surround.
Other Monuments
Col Edmund Kendal Grimston Aylmer (1931) XIX Hussars. Also his brother, Gerald Percy Vivian Aylmer JP DL (1936) Both buried at Caerdeon, Merioneth. white marble tablet on brown marble base.
 Dr John George Hardy JP (1907) Medical officer of health etc for the district of Saskatchewan, Cananda. Brass Sig: Emiley Newcastle.
Henry Edward Surtees (1895) Brass with (military?) badge

High Coniscliffe - St Edwin

To the Memory

of his very kind Father


of Thornton Kt. who Dyed aprill ye XXVIIIth MDCLXXVII. aged LXVII years. And of his Loving Mother MARGARET (Second Daughter & Co=heir of Robt DELAVAL of COWPON in Northvmbd. Eſq.) who dyed in Labour Auguſt the vth. ~ MDCLII. aged XXXIII years. They had Iſsue, FRANCIS. ROBERT & MARY. His firſt wife was ELEANOR daughr of RALPH MADDISON Eſq. by whom he had HENRY, who dyed young june XIVth & lyes buryed at the ~ Enterance of this Quire. His Second wife CATHERINE  Daughr of SR GEO. Tonge KT. And of his moſt dear Wife LUCY eldeſt daughr. of SR. GEO FLETCHER of Hutton in Cumberld Bar. who liv'd with him, VIII years. XXIII days and had Iſsue, LUCY (who liv'd IV months) MARGARET, ALICE, FRANCIS (who liv'd IV months) MARGARET, ALICE, FRANCIS (who liv'd IV years and dyed Aug. MDCLXXXIV.) CATHERINE (who liv'd VIII days) MARY, her twin Siſter and LUCY, whoſe birth She Surviv'd only XIX days She dyed octr. XIth MDCLXXXIII aged. XXVII years. Much lamented by all, but none More then


The Mounfull Surviver of so Many Relations Buried here

who cauſed this Monument to be erected



Partly Covered Stones
Lawrenc Copland
Francis Bowes Kn & Margaret his wife
Chriſopher Vaſie Senr buried the J6 th of may J678
Here lyeth the body of IOHN VESEY GENTM. who departed this life the J7th day of Feby ANNO DMI 1723

Other Monuments
Rev Reginald Cecil George MA Cantab. 23 years vicar, 1906-1929. Wall tablet
Richard & Dally Benson. Window sill brass, dated 1874
'This vestry roof was repaired as a memorial of George Thomas Dent-- Church warden 1901-1937'
Medieval grave slab?

Houghton-le-Skern - St Andrew
A Suburb of Darlington
There are a number of grave markers and crosses, mostly incomplete, built into the walls or free standing. I have only included the grave markers, although some are indistinguishable. In many cases both items occur in the same photograph.

All of these fragments are in the porch,
built into the walls or free standing.

Rev Thomas Le Mesurier BD (1822)
and his wife, Margaret (Bandinel) (1823)
Charles Morgan AM (1761)
Prebendary of Durham and Rector
Latin Inscription
Worn brass, no inscription
16th century
Dorothy Parkinson (Cholmeley) (1592) and her twin infant sons: Richard and Marmaduke


Other Monuments
The cross in the chancel arch was dedicated November 4th 1928 in loving memory of Charles Fellows MA Rector 1903-1923. (1927) White wall tablet.
Laetitia Rudd (Arden) (1806) Wall tablet
Edward Cheese (1886) 25 years rector. The baptistry was restored in his memory in 1885. Wall brass
John and Ann Banks (n/d) The baptistry was refurnished in their memory and rededicated in 1960. Wall brass
Left: Samuel Brewster (1858)
Right: Michael Hardcastle (1818) Latin text. He was 91

Hurworth - All Saints

Robert Colling (1863) Col North York Militia
His wife, Elizabeth (1889)
IAMES BLAND (J770) and his son
IAMES (J769)
James Nicholson Collyer
and his wife DOROTHY JOHNSON) (1772)
Mrs Jane Ferrand (1720) Aged 21
'Mrs 'here probably refers to an unmarried lady
Dorothy Theakson (1826), her husband, Rev Iohn (1832). Rector 48 years. Their sons, Iohn (1799) aged 4', Marmaduke (1823) aged 32. Monument dated 1831 Rev William Garmonsway Wrighton MA (Cantab)
Rev Robert Hopper Williamson (1865) 32 years rector. His wife, Elizabeth (1874) and their son, Lt Col William Williamson (1873) 85th Regiment. Their eldest son of Rev Robert Hopper Williamson (1891). Late rector. Thomas Wrightson (1821)
1st Baronet

Left top and above: Unknown knight. Late 13th century. Note that his helmet totally covers his face. Of Frosterley marble

Left bottom:
Said to be Robert Fitzwilliam (1316) From Neasham Abbey

Other Monuments

enjamin Dunn (1868) White tablet on black base
Frederick Henry Benton (1924) and his wife, Rebecca (1955).  Brass on wooden base
Dorothy Collyer (1851) White tablet in black Gothick frame
Edward Charles Maltby (1903) Lt 9th (Norfolk) Regiment. Light brown marble tablet in darker frame.
Esther Mingay (1818), her mother, Mary Mingay (1826). The latter's son, Charles (1836); and eldest daughter, Mary (1860) White tablet in light brown Gothick frame with marble pilasters on black frame.
Rev George Bramwell (1784) Rector, and his wife, Mary (1814). White tablet surmounted by a draped sarcophagus, on black base.
John Irwin MA (1908) Rector 1875-1905. Brass on black bass with embossed lettering
John Johnson LLD. (1761) Vicar of Mansfield, Rector of Hurworth (in his own right), Prebendary of Durham, Royal Chaplain, JP. His wife, Dorothy (173_), and their children, Anabella (173_), Ralph (1742) and Elizabeth (176_). Mr Wastel and Doctr Johnson, his son-in-law, were rectors of Hurwoth 107 years. This monument is partly obscured; the design is very similar to that of James Nicolson, above.
Peter Reed (1926-2014) 'Gentleman of this parish and chorister for fifty years' Brass on wooden base
Bernard Sanderson (1922-2009) 'Former PCC Member and Church Warden' Also his wife, Greta Sanderson (1929-2014) 'Choristers for over sixty years' Brass on wooden base.
Thomas Wilkinson (1823) and his wife, Elizabeth Wilkinson (1835).  White tablet on black base; the tablet formerly featured a gable but this in now lost.
This is a 'double decker' pair of tablets on a single black base; the upper tablet has a gable. Upper tablet. Robert White Wrightson (1853) Surgeon Bengal Medical Service. He died on board ship and was buried at sea. Also his wife, Anna Maria Wrightson (1886), and his son, Leonard Raisbeck Wrightson (1869). The lower tablet: William Wrightson (1826) and his wife, Mary (White) (1818) 'leaving four sons and four daughters.' Also one of their sons, Thomas Wrightson (1872) and his wife, Rebecca (Gilchrist) (1884)

Kelloe -  St Helen
The church is at Church Kelloe, a 'considerable distance' from the town itself

Left and above: Latin script which seems to say: 'Lucretia Ann Mary',  then 'her sister, Laetitia.' Then it says: William Thomson of this church vic[uus]. There is no vicar of that name so vic is probably an abbreviation for vicuus meaning village. Below is written alone and separated: LUCRETIA and LUCRETIÆ, as if in practice: Lucretia and of Lucretia. The date is 1712. The rest of the slab is empty
Crosses and cross slabs. The first is St Helen's Cross

Other  Monuments
Simon Tate (1919) Mining engineer and his wife, Anne (1919) White scroll on black backing   Richard Darling (1874) White tablet with pediment on black backing
Herman Carl Schier (1882) Colliery manager, killed trying to rescue his men at East Hetton Colliery Brass   Rowland Webster MA 24  years vicar Brass
Dorothy Rowling (1901) wife of the last Brass   Cpt Rowland Burdon Webster (1866) Son of the above. Buried at Haughton-le-Skerne Brass

Lanchester - All Saints

Left: Ralph Stephen Pemberton (1847)
George Hedley (1886) Signed: Beall Sc
Rev Joſoph Thompſon (1847) A stone set in the wall
Other Monuments
 John (1808) & George (1783) Maddison. White tablet in black frame. Text only.
Also (not shown): Priest with chalice, early 14th century
Wall monument to James & George (1794) Clavering

Long Newton - St Mary

Far left: Rev Sir Henry Vane Bart (1794). Rector and prebendary of Durham. Damaged
The brass below reads: 'This reredos was erected in memory of Jonathan Wilson MA Rector and of Henrietta, his beloved wife. Anno Domini 1887
Mid left:
Dame Frances Vane (Tempest) )1795) Wife of the Rev Henry Vane
The monument to the latter was probably originally in this form. Both by Thos. Atkinson of York
Adolphus Frederick Charles Stewart Vane Tempest (1864)
Below is a quotation from St John and further below signed W H Burke...London
Frances Anne Vane, Marchioness of Londonerry (1865)
Above left: Sir Henry Vane Tempest Bart (1813) By Sir R Wetsmacott.  Above right:  Thomas Rud (1719)  Looks like a grave slab set into the wall. Right: Charles William Vane, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry KG GCB GCH  (1854) Born Charles Stuart but took his wife's name on marriage. Soldier and politician. A list of the campaingns are inscribed on the lower tier of the monument.  Far right: George Vane (1756)

Other Monuments
1) Rev Charles Plumptre MA (1812) Rector of Long Newton for 17 years and of Haughton-le-Skerne for 6 months. Black and white tablet
2) Thomas Hart Dyke AM (1866) Also, John Fairfax Hart and Theophania Anne, his children, and Constance Maud, his grandchild, 'who died young ans are buried in the church yard.' 'The tablet is erected by his widow' and seemingly added later: ', Elizabeth Dyke who died October 6th 1893 aged 91 years.'
3) Lady Susan Vane Tempest (Pelhem) (1875) White tablet signed OLDFIELD
8) Avarina Mary Vane-Tempest (1873) Buried at Machynlleth, North Wales. Black and white tablet with gable
9) Frances Vane Tempest (1872) Buried at Machynlleth, North Wales. Black and white tablet with gable

Norton - St Mary the Virgin
On the outskirts of Stockton-on-Tees

Left: Lady, 14th  century; now damaged. and headless; in the porch.
Above: Knight, early 14th century, very fine. Note that his feet rest on two mythical animals fighting.  On the right hand side of the effigy is a small figure of a woman but only the back of her head can be seen from the photographs.  A curious creatures begins to crawl of the top of his shield. His head rests inside a canopy, called a gablet, and this with his high held shield makes his head almost impossible to see on the photographs. However he is bare headed with long waved hair.
A Note on the Heraldry
   The arms on the shield are unusually complex for the time: these were carved at a later date so we do not know what was originally shown. It is thought that the effigy was appropriated in the sixteenth century and the shield recut by one of the Blakiston family in the mistaken belief that the effigy represented one of that family, or, perhaps an attempt to show that it did represent one of the family.

     However, behind the canopy are two original shield of arms which, unfortunately cannot be seen from the photographs. These are shown - stylized and coloured: on the left are the arms of John Lithgraynes, while on the right are those of either Bek of Redmarshall or Fulthorpe of Grinton.

      Information from VCH Durham

From left to right above: 1) William Christopher (1791) 'His remains together with those of his wife, Anne, his mother and his son, John Thomas are deposited in a vault in the churchyard. Sig: Davies N'castle.  2) Alice Barras (1819)  3) Thomas Davison (1667)
Latin text.  4) John Davison (1691) Latin text  5) The Revd Joſeph Forſter (1747) 'Vicar of this Place'. Alſo Mary (1744), his wife. Alſo The Revd Tho Forſter (1743). And  The Revd Joſeph  Forſter (1746) 'Sons of the above named Joſeph and Mary'. Alſo James Daviſon (1749)  6)  Prudentia Ann (1851) and Elizabeth Sarah Hogg (1863) 2nd & 3rd daughters of John and Prudentia. Frances Sarah Jefferson Hogg (1854) Aged 8 months. Eldest child of John and Louisa. Anne Louisa Sarah (1864) Wife of John Hogg MA. See below  7) Thomas Hogg (1776) and his wife Ann (1776). John Hogg DL (1823) Barrister-at-Law of Lincoln's Inn. Eldest son of the aforesaid Thomas and Ann. And his wife, Prudentia (1839).  William Hogg (1821), 3rd son of the aforesaid John and Prudentia. Thomas Jefferson Hogg (1868), eldest brother of the last. Barrister of Law  of the Middle Temple. Buried Kendall Green Cemetery, London

Other Monuments

Thomas Henry Faber (1922)
Churchwarden. Gray tablet with scrolly surround.
Maj-Gen Leonard Raisbeck Christopher BSC (1901) Brass with raised lettering
Lt Charles Stewart Vane Tempest. (1917) 5th Durham Light Infantry attached to the RAF. 'Killed in an areal battle in the Great War...buried in the cemetery of Ligny-en-Cambresis. Age 21. Gray tablet with botanical border surround; RAF badge.
Rev Christopher Anstey MA. 'His remains are deposited in the vault in which are those of Elizabeth (Gray)...his first wife. The rather wordy inscription states that the memorial to his first wife is adjacent but I do not have a photograph. Believe it or not his second wife was Elizabeth Grey. Large, long white tablet with gable top.
Ann Swain (1866), her husband, George Swain (1868) and their daughter, Grace Hutchinson Swain (1902). White tablet with black border.
A brass records that the Rt Hon John Lloyd Wharton DL PC, Lay Rector of Norton, 'By an instrument dated 28 April 1910 handed over to the Vicar of Norton and his successors the Rectorial Tithes and East Hartburn to the use and benefit of the Vicar and Parish of Norton.'
Ethel Mary Warner ARRC † (1928) Gray tablet with a small section above the text in which a red cross on a white shield.
Leslie Edgar Evans MA. Vicar 1957 - 1973. In the porch, 'these doors were erected in 1978 in [his] memory'. Bronze tablet.
John William Page Page (1916) '... the tower clock was placed there by his many friends in his memory' Incised letter on wood.
Mary Ann Thompson (1923) '... the electric lighting was members of her [her] memory.

James Cartmell Brown (1915) 2nd Lt 5th Batt Durham Light Infantry. DOW following the Battle of Ypres, aged 21. Gray tablet with botanical border, longer dimension vertical; metal military badge. Buried Hasbrouck, France
Francis Sherwood Scot (1918) Lt 1st Batt. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. KIA aged 23 near Le Cateau, France. Brass with raised letters and military badge.
John Hogg MA (1869) Barrister-at-Law. White tablet with pilasters and pediment.

Associate of the Royal Order of the Red Cross

Pittington - St Laurence
Other Monuments
'A tiny twin stone for two boys of noble birth, each with a toy sword'  Early 13th century. (check this - vague)
Slab of Frosterely marble to a man named Christian with a recut 'inscription: 'nomen albens Cristi.' In 1183 one Christian was a mason of Bishop Le Puiset.
Ferdinand Baker Baker (1902) and his sister:
Isabel Elizabeth Baker Baker (1911)
A Fitz Marmaduke, Lord of Horden (c. 1280)
Frosterley marble

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