There are unfortunately very few photographs from County Durham

Durham Cathedral

 Bishop Thomas Hatfield (1381) (from Blore)

Possibly a priest

Possibly a lady

Possibly a knight with straight legs
Above: effigies in the church yard

I regret I am unable to show any photographs of the monuments in Durham Cathedral except those above, which are in the church yard. Unfortunately the Dean and Chapter show a most uncompromising attitude to photography: it is not allowed except by prior written permission and then only in special circumstance, at relatively high cost and with very restrictive and rather foolish conditions. I was refused permission because I asked in person, even though I had travelled several hundred miles and explained  that the photographs were solely for research, academic and strictly non-commercial perposes. I can only hope that this unfortunate attitude may change in the future.

May 2019 Since the above was written ten years ago, I am now pleased to announce that as from March 2019 Durham Cathedral has lifted its blanket ban on visitors taking photographs so you may now take photographs inside the cathedral subject to only very reasonable restrictions, such as not during services and in certain areas. I understand the use of flash is still not allowed but I have always found this irritating and it is possible it could damage delicate fabrics. With the latest digital cameras there are only a few cases where it is an advantage

Barnard Castle - St Mary
Robert de Northam Vicar of Gainford. Mid 14th century.

A number of medieval foliated crossed preserved in the church.  Note some of the symbols carved which include a sword and sheep shears.

   Far left:Hon Sir John Hullock (1829) Knight & Baron of the Exchequer
   Above left: Thomas Colpitts (1799); his wife Ann (1816); their 2nd daughter Ann (1808) ; their sons: Thomas (1819), John (1812), George 1810). Added below is their daughter Eleanor (1841)
Centre Left: Rev Joshua White A B (1783) 'Minister of the Chapel 25 years'
   Above right: Dame Mary Hullock (1856) widow of Sir John
   Far right: Rev Robert Barnes (1801)

I am pleased to say that we received a very warm and helpful reception from members of the staff at St Mary's, Barnard Castle, after our obstructive rebuff from the Cathedral staff. I'm afraid I could not find the original photographs to enlarge them

Staindrop - St Mary
Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmorland (1425) and two wives. Alabaster
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