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Minterne Magna - St Andrew
O/S Ref: ST 660 043

Lady Blanch Napier (1659)
Mother of 13 children
Ellen Churchill (1673 at 21) Daughter of Winston Churchill
John Churchill (1659)
General the Hon Charles Churchill (1714) 4th son of Sir Winston Churchill. Attrib Robert Taylor Snr
Morden - St Mary 
O/S Ref: SY 916 956
The re-erected Earle monuments, either side of the tower arch., dated 1597. Thomas Earle kneels in an attitude of homage on the norrth side while on the south side are three members of his family. The monument was originally in the former chancel; the plinths are 19th century.

Motcombe - St Mary
O/S Ref:  ST 849 252
Henry Whittaker (1696) Inscription in Latin. Ledger stone but now wall mounted. Elizabeth Webb (1627) Elizabeth Mary
Marchioness of Westminster (1891)
Wife of Richard (right)
Above: Richard, 2nd Marquis of Westminster (1869)
Right: Hugh Raufe Grosvenor. (1930) killed in flying accident in Australia.
Nether Cerne - All Saints 
O/S Ref: SY 670 982
Henry Shepping (1810) & his wife Elizabeth (1766)

Easton (Portland) - St George
O/S Ref: SY 686 720

Abraham Flann (1902) & Elizabeth M Charles (1943) Archibald Orrestes (1905) Headstones with military insigniaUnknown John & Mary Way Richard Lano Pearce (1864)

Above: Rev John Manning (1826) (rector) signed I Hellyer
Below Thomas Gilbert (1776) Architect and master builder of the church
Right top:Interesting tablet of 1978 recording a disgraceful event in 1803
Right Middle
: Sidney Ayles MVO MBE (1981) Crown agent and bailiff of the Island and Royal Manor of Portland
Right bottom:
Captain John Hope Bowles (1783) Commander of HM Sloop Orestes Coffin plate?

Benjamin E Stone AB HMS Turquoise Dow 1887 aged 19
Baron Gustavus Nolcken (1831)
Eldest son of the Swedish Ambassador

Puddletown - St Mary the Virgin
Church open normal hours; park in the street nearby.  Website  O/S Ref: SY 758 943

Unknown Knight & Lady on tomb chest with angels with shields, alabaster, 1460-70. This tomb appears to have been originally free standing but is now in a corner and the panels from the hidden sides of the chest are now set against the back wall above the effigies. His feet unusually rest on an ape. Although very mutilated some colour still remains. 

Above and below: Knight in ogee arched recess, later 14th century; shield. The front of the tomb chest has carvings of the Crucifixion flanked by the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, St Peter and St Paul in niches. Poor
Above: Knight & Lady, he cross legged, c. 1300 Partly under table tomb. Very poor condition.

Knight, alabaster of about 1470 curiously for the date with shield on earlier Purbeck marble tomb chest with canopy  Said to be Sir William Martyn although he died in 1503. Good

James Lukyn (1671) Top: Mrs Charlotte Susanna Cunningham (1804) marble
Bottom: Henry Hooton AM (1721) Latin inscription; arms of Hooton impaling Arnold of Islington
Illegible possibly:
Sir John Brun (1639), Charles Brun (1637) and Charles Brun (1645)
Hon Henry Dawnay DD (1754) Vicar of Puddletown, Prebendary of Canterbury. marble Lt James Edmund (1863) '... accidentally drowned whilst bathing...'  John George Brymer (1921) 36 years rector of Childe, Oxon. '...whose mortal part rests in this churchyard.'

Possible William Brandish (1638) Robert Abner (1807) ? & Margaret  Wilfred John Brymer JP (1957) his sister Constance Mary (1963) Anna Eleonora Neyle Also Maria Phillippa & Nicholas Vincent '... children of the above who died in infancy...' No dates. Top: Kathleen Helps (1956)
Bottom: Arthur Leonard Helps MA (1956) Canon of Salisbury, vicar of this parish

Other Monuments
James Boswell (1820) tablet
Roger Cheverell (1517)
Christopher Martyn (1524) brass with kneeling figure
Nicholas Martyn (1524) kneeling figures on four brass plates fixed to back of stone monument with Ionic columns
Mary Hayman (1696) floor slab in chancel
Floor Slab defaced 17th century in nave
John Brune (17th century)
Floor slab in nave
George Edwards (1743) headstone 
Martha (1735) & Robert Purchase (1745) headstone with emblems of mortality

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