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Gillingham - St Mary 
NB: Unlike the Kent town of the same name, this is pronounced with a hard initial G 
O/S Ref: ST 808 265
 Frances Diroe (1733). The arms are Diroe impaling White The figures represent the commemorated and her two sisters, or the Three Graces
The Rev John Jesop, Vicar of Gillingham, (1625) & Dr Thomas Jessop (1615)  One effigy (probably that of Thomas) is below a wall arch while the other (John) is below a totally free standing arch.There appear to be various fragments behind and on top of the effigy under the wall arch.
Edward Read (1779) and other members of his family.  Marble tablet with slate surround. by Francis Lancashire & Son of Bath Sir Henry Dirdoe (1724)
Latin inscription
Marble by John Bastard of Blanford
John Pern vicar (1770) and others of his family. Marble Mary (Goddard) Helyar (1750) Marble  Mary Read (1764) Marble
Above:  Anne Wheildon (1861)

Thomas Godwin and his daughter Sarah (both 1814) Marble by Langley of Hinton
Edward Sly (1795) and other members of his family, 1805-37. Marble
Both the monuments to the left are illegible; the nearer is probably Edward Davenport (1679) Slate with painted Latin inscription; the other John Tunney (1728) Marble (RCHM))

Godmanstone - Holy Trinity
O/S Ref: SY 666 974
Above: Margaret Jane Goodenough (1834)
Right: Revds. George (1844), Murray (1850) & Matthew ( 1852) Vicars The latter was Rector here and Perpetual Curate of Nether Carne
Far Right:
Frances Helen Wainewright (1852) plaster relief
Hinton  St Mary - St Peter
O/S Ref: ST 787 161  One of those unusual villages where the name of the village and dedication of the church differ

Above left: Richard Castleman (1771)
and others of the same family
Above centre:
Richard Castleman (1771) and others of the same family 
Above right (detail of skull) and far right: Thomas Freke (1655)
Horton -St Wolfreda
O/S Ref: SU 030 075
Left, above and immediately right: Knight Purbeck marble,  early 14th century, said to be Sir Giles Baose (1305)
Lady Stone, early 14th century, said to be Beatrice Boase

Far right: 'The Body of Miss VICTORIA UVEDALE Daughter of William Uvedale [and] of Elizabeth his wife) who dyed the 3rd day of June AD 1680 Aged 6 Years and 9 Months is interred under this Marble which is laid upon her by the Will of her dear Aunt Mrs LUCY UVEDALE who is also buried in this Chancel'
Mappowder - St Peter & St Paul
Church unlocked. Park in the unclassified road outside the church.  O/S Ref: ST 735 059
Above: Minature (18" long) effigy of knight now in recess near east end of south aisle. He holds a heart or casket indicating likely heart burial.
Left & Right:
Two of three tablets formerly in the chancel but following 19th century restorations are now in the tower; the third is too high to reasonably photograph.
On the left is the lower monument which is on the north wall. To Elizabeth Jeffrey  (Cocker) (1644). Above this (not shown) is to Mary Brune (Cocker) (1636)
On the right the monument on the south wall. To Robert Cocker (1624), wife Amy (1648) and son Robert (1643)
Marnhull - St Gregory
O/S Ref: ST 781 187

John Carnet (c. 1478) Husband and two wives in alabaster. The stone tomb chest is 19th century work, possible a copy of the original alabster a fragment of which is set in the south side. 
Rev Conyers Place MA (1738), and wife Mary (1741) ' Son...CONYERS, the preſent Rector...) Rev Conyers Place AM (1778) Rector and wife Magdelene (1737).  Also their daughter Mary (1778) and three sons - Conyers, Conyers and William - who died in infancy. Rev Edward Place AM (17-8) Son of Rev Conyers Place, Rector. John Pope (1653) & Anna Pope (1676) Robert Warren (1596) Stone with brass insert by Lynel Brine
James Galpin (1829) Clarke fecit Blanford Thomas (1812) & Martha (1797) Burt   Left: Robert Harvey Place (1840) 4th son of John Conyers Place. Right: Rev Harry Place AM (1828) younger son of Conyers & Magdelene, who succeeded his father as rector; wife Jane (1807) Also Rev Harry Place (1807), younger son. ReevesBath
Melbury Osmond  - St Osmund
O/S Ref: ST 574 078
Left:  Mathew Jenkins

Above Left: John Perkins (1811) and His wife Mary (1832)

Above Right: John Perkins (1827), his daughter Maria (1828) his son John William Jenkins (1834) and his wife Mary (?)

Right: This is not a church monument as such but records the rebuilding and refurbishment of the church by the gift of Mrs Susanna Strangeways Horner

Above:  Sarah Perkins (1834), Susanna Perkins (1863) Mary Perkins (1867)

John Perkins 'existence was terminated the twenty fourth of June....' 1791; his sister Susanna (1799)
Melbury Sampford
The church is regretably on private propery but may be visited by prior appointment by contacting the secretary at Melbury Stamford House.
You probably won't find it on your Satnav but the O/S Ref is ST 578 060
Sir Giles Strangeways (1547) Also to his wife Joan (Mordaunt), his wife. Alabaster and Purbeck marble. Possibly a Brouning and only appropriated by the the Strangeways who built the house. William Brouning (1467) Also to  Katherine (Dru) & Alice (Burton) his wives. Erected by Alice in 1647. Tomb chest and canopy of Purbeck marble; effigy of alabaster.  Identical to the left.
Sir John Strangways (1666) Susannah (Strangeways) Horner (1758) White marble on Purbeck backing Grace (Wood) wife of Rev William Samm Stephen, Earl of Ilchester (1776) There are very similar monuments to Thomas Strangeway sen (1713), Susannah (Ridout) (1718) his wife & John Strangeways (1716); and another to his children (1706): Sussanah (1678), Giles (1698), Wadham (1694/5) & Henry (1706) Stephen Fox-Strangeways, Lord Stavordale (1848)

Above and left (detail): Denzil Vesey Fox-Strangeways (1901) The dog looks like it would grace an early 20th century mantlepiece

: Caroline Leonora Stephen, Countess of Ilchester (1821) White marble by Chantrey
Above: John Brouning & Eleanor (Fitz-Nycholl) his wife; also William Brouning & Katherine (Dru) his wife c1500 Sir Gyles Strangeways (1562 Thomas (1726) & Susannah Strangeways Marbles. According to Horace Walpole the Latin inscription is by Dr Friend  Strangeways family
Milton Abbas - Milton Abbey
O/S Ref: ST 798 023
Left:  Baron Hambro (1877) marble effigy and tombchest with stone canopy designed by Scott
Above: Baroness Hambro
Above: Caroline (Sackville) Damer (1775) the 1st wife of Lord Milton, the builder of the house. White matble. Designed by Robert Adam and carved by Agostino Carlini
Mary (Tregonwell) Banks (1703/4), James Banks (1724) & John Banks (1725)

 Perbeck marble monument appropriated by Sir John Tegonwell (1565), who had bought the estate and buildings at the dissolution of the abbey when the abbey church became the pari

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