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Chirk/Y Waun - St Mary
Sir Thomas Myddelton (1666) and his second wife Mary (Napier) (1674)

Left (whole monument & detail)
Sir Richard Myddelton 3rd Bt (1716) and his wife Frances (Whitmore) (1698) and son William 4th Bt (1717) who died without issue and was added to the monument. Daughter Frances (1693) is shown as a chrysom child.
Lt Col Arthur William Hill-Trevor, 2nd Baron Trevor of Brynkinalt (1923) see below

Lt Hillyard George Edwin of the Scots Guards Kia Givenchy La Basseu, France 1914 aged 18
Elizabeth Myddelton (Wilbraham) First wife of Sir Thomas Myddelton (grandson of Thomas Myddelton & Mary Napier) 'The resting place of all that was mortal of Arthur William 2nd Baron Trevor 1923 and of Rosamond Petrie his second wife 1942. Also of their only child Mary Rosamond (Moyra) 1904 aged 5 to whose dear memory this was built.'

Denbigh/Dinbych -  St Marcella This is the parish church of Denbigh but is at Llanfarchell (Whitchurch), 1 ¼ miles from the centre.
Sir John Salusbury (or Llewenni) (1578) & Dame Jane (née Middleton) Alabaster by Donbins
Left: Heaton & Shaw monuments. The left one is by S & T Franceys, Liverpool and the middle one (Richard Heaton 1791) by Westmacott the Elder
Centre & Right:
Sir Humphrey Llwyd (1568) ' a great cartographer, librarian, author, translator, physician and musician, known as the Father of Modern Geography' He piloted through Parliament the Act for the 1588 translation of the Bible into Welsh 
Sir Richard Myddleton (1575) & Jane (Dryhurst)(1565) He was governor of Denbigh Castle. Their children kneel behind their parents: Richard, Hugh, Ffoulke, Thomas, Robert, William, Simon, Charles, Pyrs, Barbara Cecely, Ales, Lucy, Grace, Margaret, Elin and Jane.
Greshford - All Saints
Above Left: Early 14th century fragment of tomb slab: shield with a lion and the words '...GRIFRI AB YNYR...'
Above Right & Far Right: 14th century slab inscribed 'HIC JACET GRONW AP IORWERTH AP DDCUIS AP DS ABSOLWAT' Shows a spear and a sword held by a mailed hand behind a shield with three stars on a bend.

Above & Right
William Egerton (1827) and three grandsons who died in WWI: Robert Randle (1914), Philip Graham (1918) & Brian Raleigh (1918) By Chantrey 1829

John Parry (1797) Signed R Westmacott Junr
Above: John Williams (1848) By William Theed. The figure represents Resignation
Above: Rev Henry Newcombe (1805) and his first wife Anne (1768) who
 died aged 29 in childbirth. His second wife Elizabeth (1783) and eldest son Henry (1794) By Westmacott
Above & Right: John Madocks (1794) Signed: Rogerson fecit London
Above: Sir John Trevor (1589) The builder of Trevallyn Hall. The inscription on the central panel is in Welsh
Above Left: Sir Richard Trevor & Catherine Erected in his lifetime 1638. And Above Right Dame Catherine (1602) has her own separate monument, shown kneeling with her daughters
Above: 'Here lieth Christopher Parkins sometime curate of this church who died in the year of our Lord God 1843 and Anne Arabella Boscowen wife of the above named Christopher Parkins who died in the year of Our Lord 1843' By J.G & L.A.B Waller of London
Above: Effigy in the dress of a 14th century judge, possibly Sir David Hanmer, judge of the King's Bench 1383-1387.

Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd - St Peter
Left: Edward Lloyd (1852) signed John Gibson, Rome
Above: 14th century stone; taken from the old church 1981
Rev William Williams Edwards (1829)  Rector. He married Jennet, daughter of Edward Edwards, whose surname he assumed. Also Jennet Williams Edwards (1859) Ursula Lloyd (1793): her eldest son John KC JP and Margaret (1810), his widow. By S & F Franceys Peter Ellis Eyton MP (1878)
Llanrhaeadr-Ym-Mochnant - St Dogfan
Above Left: Fragment of a 14th century stone effigy of a woman, similar to that at Pennant Melangell, which is shown on the far right.
Above Right: William Morgan (1601) He translated the Bible into Wlesh whilst rector here in 1558
Right: The Cwgan Stone with inscription 'CO (CORG) OM FILIU(S) EDELSTAN'

Marchwiel - St Marcellus

Left: Anne Jemima York  (1770 age 16) By William Tyler
Above: Philip Yorke (1804)  By Sir Richard Westmacott
Both children of Simon Yorke
Ruabon - St Mary  
Left: 'Pray for the souls of John ap Elis Eyton, knight, who died September 28 1526 and Elizabeth Calveley his wife who died in 1524' Alabaster. He fought for Henry Tudor at the Battle of Bosworth and was rewarded by Henry as king with estates here.
Above Left: 'Here lies Hwyl...' c 1320. Monument brought in from the church yard. Note the heraldry on the shield
Above Right: 'Here lies Iorwerth ab Awr ab Ieuaf' c 1330. Again from church yard. Note the heraldry.
Above: Sir Watkin Williams Wynn (1718) 3rd baronet. Killed by a fall while hunting.  By J M Rysbrack costing £465
Right Near: Henry Wynn (1719) 'in the attitude of a fanatical preacher' . There is also a monument to him in the Temple Church. By Robert Wynne of Ruthin Statuary. Described as 'a massacre of marble'.
Right Far: Lady Henrietta Wynn (Somerset) (1769) Third daughter of Charles Noel, Duke of Beaufort, she died aged 21. By Joseph Nollekens. Hope and Anchor.
Wrexham - St Giles 
Left & Above: Hugh Bellot DD (1596) Bishop of Bangor 1586-95 and Chester 1596. He left instructions that his body be buried in the parish of his death. He is said to have respected celibacy so much he never allowed a woman in his house.

Above: Rev Thomas Myddelton (1754) and Arabella (1756) 'Near them lye three of their children who all dyed as infants' By Louis F Roubiliac.
Near Right:
Mary Ellen Peel (née Palmer)(1863) and their firstborn Archibald Roger (1860 age 1 year 7 months) By Thomas Woolner
Far Right:
Mrs Mary Myddleton (1716) & Frances Whitmore (1718) By Louis F Roubiliac 1751-2

Wrexham R C Cathedral
Ellen Thompson (1854) She died of cholera and was the wife of Richard Thompson, collier and iron master; he was also founder of this church and erected this monument to his wife.

With many thanks to Jean McCreanor for the above photographs and information

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