Alston - St Augustine
Frances Alston (d. 1644).  William Alston (b. 1637) Eldest son of Frances. Bachelor of Middle Temple.  Sir Thomas Alston Bt (b. 1678) Second son.  Dame Elizabeth Alston (b. 1677) Wife of Sir Thomas.  Thomas Alston (d. Oxford June 1668, b. here July).  Sir Rowland Alston Bt (b. 1697) Son of Sir Thomas and Dame Elizabeth.  Hon Dame Temperance Alston (d. 1728) Wife of Sir Rowland.  Sir Thomas Alston Bt (d. 1714) Eldest son of Sir Thomas and Dame Temperance.  Rev Vere John Alston (d. 1762), Their youngest son

Note: The lettering changes several times as various names are added , becoming larger towards the end .
Here lies...' is the mason's error not mine!
There's a lot of genealogical information on this tablet: who married whom and from whom they were descended etc.

With thanks to Richard Collier for this first photograph from Cumberland
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