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Aston-by-Sutton  -  St Peter 

Top Row: Detail of the Sir William Aston monument (see below)
Lower Row Left to Right:1. Sir William Aston (1702) Attrib to Grinling Gibbons 2.Another Aston (1697) Bad copy of Gibbons. 3.  Sir Thomas Aston & John Aston (erected 1697)

Barthomley - St Bertoline

Lady Houghton (1887)
by Sir J E Boehm (signed Boehm fecit) White marble
Mottram-in-Longendale - St Michael

Reginald Bretland (1703)
Stanton style

Bunbury - St Boniface
Sir Hugh Calveley (1393/4) One of the great captains of the 100 Years' War; he served in France and Spain under the Black Prince and John of Gaunt. Alabaster. The weepers which stood in the nices around the tomb chest are now lost. The grille is original. He was founder of the college.

'Sir Rauffe Egerton knight Standard Bearer to our Sovraine Lord Henry VIII...AD 1527' His will is extant. Reproduction
A series of effigies of 14th-15th century, originally found in the churchyard. Said to be members of the Spurstow family.

Sir George Beeston (1602) aged 99-102.  Incription. At 89 he was captain of the Dreadnought fighting against the Armada and was knighted at sea by Lord Howard of Effingham. Jane Johnson (1741 aged 24) Also Hamilton & Joseph, her sons by her husband Henry, a dancing master. Inscription. The monument originally stood close to the main altar but the vicar was 'so disturbed by  by the bulging udders' of Jane, that he had the statue buried in the churchyard, where it was discovered by chance in 1882 and first thought to be that of the Virgin Mary.
Farndon - St Chad

Sir Patrick de Barton (1377) Latin inscription: 'Here lies Patrick of Barton, pray for him'
Above: 'Near this place lie the remains of John son and heir of William Barnston of Churton Esq...1661. He married Alice sole heiress of Thomas Trafford of Bridge Trafford Esq by whom he had issue one son Trafford Barston'
'Here lyes the remains of William Barnston of Churton Esq. He married Dorothy Brooke daughter of Thomas Brooke of Little Sankye Esq and sister to Sir Richard Brooke of Norton Kt. He was a person of great worth and entegrety and ventured his life and fortune with King Charles the First. He was sent prisoner from Oxford to London where he continued till he paid his composition for his estate. He dyed ye 8th of March 1664.' He commisioned the civil war window in the church to commemorate the defenders of Chester.
Malpas - St Oswald

Sir Randal Brereton (1522) & Wife Alabaster. They were the parents of William Brereton who was executed as the lover of Anne Boleyn
Sir Hugh Cholmondeley (1605) and Mary, his second wife who was the widow of Sir Randall Brereton. Alabaster
Above and Left ' Here lies the body of Urian Davenport at one time rector of Malpas and vicar of Acton, which said vicar died 28 July AD 1495 on whose soul may the Lord have mercy. Amen' Alabastar incised slab
Right Carol Anne Julia Cholmondeley (1815 age 20) by Westmacott

Nantwich - St Mary

Left: Sir David Craddock (1390) Alabaster. The effigy was found buried during restoration work in 1855. The tomb chest is a modern reproduction.

Above: William Sprout (1807 aged 10)

' Here lieth Sir Thomas Smith of Hough kt and Dame Alice his wife daughter of Sir William Brereton of Brereton kt ... which Sir Thomas died the 21 December 1614'

Tarporley - St Helen
Sir John Crew (1711) Attrib. Andries Carpentiere. White Marble Jane Done (1622)  & her sister Mary Crew (1690) & the latter's Grandaughter (1674) Attrib. William Stanton 1697 White marble.
Wrenbury - St Margaret
George Cotton (1702),  Hugh Calveley Cotton Two sons - the latter an infant - of Sir Robert Cotton of Combermere Kt and Bt. And Philadelphia (1707), wife of the former Lawrence Starkey (1611);Arthur, his father, (1622); Arthur, his son, (1641); the latter's sons, Arthur (1641) & Thomas (1641). Also George, son of George Starkey (1641). Sons of John Starkey: Charles (166_) , Peter (1663), Arthur (1688). George Starkey (1666). John Starkey (1700), interred at Gt Budworth. Richard Starkey (1700). Thomas (1707), Thomas (1713 ) sons of Thomas Starkey (1714) Wellington Henry Stapleton Cotton, 2nd Viscount Combermere (1891)

Field Marshal Stapleton Cotton, Viscount Combermere (1865) Signed: W Theed of London. A brilliant soldier who had two village pubs named after his victories. Thomas Starkey (1802) By John Bacon Jnr John Jennings (1808) By John Bacon Jnr.
Erected by his sister, who was wife of Thomas Starkey.
Eleanor Starkey (1811) widow of Thomas
Signed: J Bacon junr sculptr, London 1809

With many thanks to Clare Hartwell for the photographs on this page and to Jean McCreanor for the photographs and information in Farndon, Bunbury, Malpas and Nantwich
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