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Landwade - St Nicholas

The church is situated on a private estate and is locked. If wishing to visit please write to Mr Simon Gibson of  the nearby Landwade Hall for the key, stating your interest. You may park on the site.
O/S Ref: TL 626 681


Above left: Table tomb in centre of chancel, which can just seent in the photograph of the interior. The sides are plain but the top slab has very worn brass indents which can just be made out in the second photograph (right). There is a central cross with two word scrolls on either sides, presumably words from figures kneeling at the base of the cross

Above top: Table tomb: the shields  may have had brasses attached. The top slab is badly damaged but originally held brasses: there are only remains of indents of two small kneeling figures at the foot of the slab
Above bottom: Grave slab on chancel floor; there is no inscription, heraldry etc but a Calvary Cross carved in relief.

Table tomb; the back has indents for several brasses: at least three kneeling figures with scrolls. There is nothing on the top slab. The shields along the side appear once to have had brasses attached.
Also on the chancel wall:

2 simple tablets
:  Black with white lettering - facing each other across chancel: George C Gibson OBE of Landwade Hall, Exning who died in 1989 at 93 and was buried in Cathays Cemetery, Cardiff; his wife Madeleine who died in 1993 aged 96.

Grey, red lettering: William James Tatem, 1st Baron Glandy of St Fagans. Killed by enemy action in 1942 aged 75.

Wall Brasses:

1.William Cotton, Latin inscription, small brass
2.Ambrose Alexander Cotton, large brass in stone surround, heraldry.
3.Charles Edward Baird, Cpt Seaforth Highlanders 78th Rosshire Buffs. Son of Brig-Gen Baird. Born 1894, killed in action near Beaumont Hamel, France. Military badge and medal.
4.Alexander Cotton of Landwade, Lt RN, son of  Rev A A Cotton, ob 1860. Also John Hynde Cotton, Lt 12th Lancers, son of above, killed by fall from horse at Secunderabad in 1857 aged 22. Also Harriet, daughter of Alexander who died at 16 in 1850 and was buried in Gronville, Jersey.
5.Henrietta, wife of Alexander, died 1899 aged 83. Buried in Quendon.
North Transept

Six-poster with two recumbent effigies. 'Here lieth intombed the bodie of Sir John Cotton Knighte Sonne of Sir Roberte Cotton Knighte. And also the bodie of  Dame Isabell, Wife of the saide Sir John and daughter of Sir William Spencer, Knighte.' He died in 1593 at 81, she in 1578 at 63. They had 8 sons and 5 daughters. 5 sons and 2 daughters 'died in their nonage'
Nonage meaning: minority

Sir John Hynde Cotton Bart. (1752 aged 66) Son of the Sir John who died in 1712 (see below). Married 1. Letitia by whom he had 1 son John Hynde and 1 daughter Mary; 2. Not named but no issue.
Also commemorates John Hynde above (1793) He was however buried at Madingley 'the present residence of the family'
South Transept

Left, above & right:
Sir John Cotton, Knight (1620 aged 77) - son of John Cotton. He married: 1. Elizabeth, 2. Elizabeth, by whom and had no issue, and 3. Anne, by whom he had 2 sons - James and John - and 1 daughter - Katherine; only John survived him.

Right: Sir John Cotton (1712 aged 66) - son of the Sir John who died in 1689) & Elizabeth (1714 aged 57) They had 1 son - John Hynde - and 7 daughters - Jane, Anne, Catherine, Elizabeth, Frances, Dorothy and Agnes. 'Sr John was Recorder of Cambridge for wch. he serv'd many years in Parliament'. By Thomas Adey
Above left: UnassignedSir  tomb chest. The back plate has several indents for brasses with their fixing holes well visible; the indents suggest there were two kneeling figures with scrolls, shield and inscription. No inscriptions, matrices etc on top slab

Above right and far right: Sir John Cotton Bt. (1689 aged 74) - son of Sir John Cotton left . He married 1. Jane Hind by whom he had 2 sons and 2 daughters: John, Thomas, Jane and Anne. John and Jane survived him. Inscription and heraldry.
Leverington - St Leonard
Spelman Swaine 1761 & Spelman Swaine 1803
Linton - St Mary
Henry Paris ? 1425 Brass
Sir John Millicent 1577 & Wife Figures facing each other, children & bust of 1st Wife. Flat
George Flacke & Sister 1693 Identical monuments with busts
Elizabeth Bacon & Peter Standly, brother. Standing wall monument by Wilton 1782
Other monuments not listed
Little Abington - St Mary
Oliver Dalton 1618
Little Shelford - All Saints
Recess eC14 Inscip to Sir John, below
Sir John de Freville X-legs Oak (now in recess) 1308
Priest c.1480 Brass
Robert de Freville 1393 & Wife Brass
Thomas de Freville 1405 & Wife
Little Wilbraham - St John
William Blakway 1521 Brass
Long Stanton - All Saints
Sit Thomas Hatton 1658 TC with recumbent effigies & children By E Marshall
Sir Francis Hatton 1812 By Tomson of Cambridge
Longstowe - St Mary
Sir Anthony Cage 1603 TC with two recumbent effigies and kneeling children (NB Female effigy is smaller and cruder that of the male and may come from a similar tomb of John & Jocasta Cage 1627, now destroyed
Sir Ralph Bovey 1679 Figure rising from ocean
Madingley - St Mary Magdelene
Dame Jane Cotton 1692 Standing wall monument with figure
Jane Cotton 1707 Standing wall monument with figure By E Stanton
Admiral Sir Charles Cotton 1812 Tab by Flaxman
Commander Charles Cotton 1828 by Richard Westmacott
March - St Wendreda
Andrew Dredeman 1501 & Wife Brass
Anthony Hansard 1507 & Wife Brass
Milton - All Saints
William Coke 1553 & Wife Brass
Mrs E Knight 1880 Standing figure by Flaxman
Samuel Knight 1829 by Flaxman
Newton - St Margaret
(near Cambridge)
Francis 1809 & Mrs Anne 1815 Pemberton by Rossi
William Pemberton 1828 by Westmacott Jnr
Christopher 1850 by Physick
Christopher 1870 by Noble
Mrs Montague 1871 by Bohhm
William Ward 1900 brass repoussé
Mausoleum in cy by Ambrose Poynter
Oakington - St Andrew
coffin lids with foliated crosses

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sir Henry Fryer (1631), his parents Sir Thomas (1623) & Mary (1614) and his stepmother Bridget. Alabaster. Bridget reclines below, Sir Thomas is flanked by his parents. On either sides caratids: a beared man and a yound woman. Atrrib: W Wright.
St Andrew
Dr Jeremiah Radcliffe Rector, wearing the gown of Doctor of Theology at Trinity College. He was one of the translators of the King James Bible

All Saints

 Knight (later 13th century) in a 14th century chancel recess. Drawing sword. Note that the legs are not crossed. The etching is by Charles Stothard

Fragments of Anglo-Saxon tomb lids

Sawson - St Mary
Ladsy Elizabeth de la Pole 1423
John Huddlestone 1530
Civilian 1430 brass
Knight 1480 brass
Robert Lockton & Wife 1500
William Richardson 1527
Shudy Camps - St Mary
Francis Dayrell 1760
Elizabeth Dayrell 1768 by T Carter
Other monuments to Dayrell family 1773, 1790 etc
Snailwell - St Peter
Tomb chest with quaterfoils
Soham - St Andrew
Ogee headed tomb recess
Stapleford - St Andrew
William Lee 1617 brass
Stretchworth - St Peter

Above: Ashton Benyon (1835-1856) signed E Davis Sc London
Richard Lord Gorges, Baron of Dundalk (1674) & Bridget. For 12 years he was supringendant and surveyor general of the draining of the Fens, Bedford Level. Attrib: A Storey
SS Mary & Michael

Francis Pemberton

Sir Roger de Trumpington 1289 brass on tomb chest
Stow-Cum-Quy - St Mary
John Anstey 1465 bass
Stretham - St James
Nicholas de Kyngestone, rector, late 13 th C
Joan Swan 1497 brass
Anne Brunsell 1667 (sister of Wren)
Swaffam Prior - St Mary
John Tothyll & Wife 1465 brass
Richard Wates & Wife 1515
William Wates & Wife 1521
M & F civilians 1530 brass
Robert Chambers 1638 brass
Swavesey - St Andrew
Anne Kempe Lady Cutt 1631 by Edward Marshall
Teversham - All Saints
Sir Edward Styward 1596 & Wife
Thriplow - St George
Edward Lucas 1601
Weston Colville - St Mary
Robert Leverer 1470 & Wife & Son (as priest) brass
Abraham Gates 1636 & Wife
Whaddon - St Mary
John d'Eschallers 1469 ? tomb chest
Whittlesey - St Mary
Tablets of 17th & 19th centuries:
Sir Harry Smith 1862 by G G Adams
Wicken - St Laurence
Margaret Peyton 1414 brass
John Peyton 1520 brass
  Wilburton - St Peter
Three panels of tomb chest
Westly Waterless - St Mary
Westley Waterless is a hamlet whose curious name (it has a large pond)  comes from Old English water-lease , meaning wet clearing. Park near the church. The church is open daily during daylight hours.
O/S  Ref: TL 337 510

Above left: Brasses to Sir John de Creke and Wife (c. 1325). Particularly beautiful examples and very informative about the armour of the period. About life size. Above centre and right top: Stone effigy of unknown civilian; possible early 14th century. Top right bottom: Medieval coffin lids; those to the left and right have crosses while that in the centre looks like it may have been carved with an effigy.
  Wimpole - St Andrew
On the map it's Wimpole: on the satnav it's New Wimpole. There an Old Wimpole too and this appears to be a nearby hamlet. Both are now in Hertfordshire although were formerly in Cambridgeshire.  However this matters little as the church is in neither place but rather in the grounds of Wimpole Hall, which is now a National Trust property. You have to park in the grounds of the hall and there is a charge of £2 for all day when I visited; note the machine does not accept cards or notes so have the right money ready. Parking is free to NT members. The church - which is not NT property -  is a short walk away behind the former stable block which is now a shop. This is the church for the Wimpole parish, even though it is in the grounds of the Hall. The church is normally open during daylight hours. The church has neither tower nor spire and it's easy to miss the cross on the O/S map.
 O/S Ref: 337 510
Chancel & Nave

Admiral Sir John Sydney Yorke (1831) and two wives: Elizabeth (Weake, née Rattray) & Urania (Pawlett) Rt Hon Charles Philip Yorke PC (1834) & his wife (added below) Harriet (Manningham)(1854). By Thomas Denman Flora Elizabeth Yorke (1852),  wife of Rector and who died giving birth to 7th child. Her 2nd child, Lt Henry Eliot who died at Sholapoor, 1861, and her mother Elizabeth (1870)
Above far right top: Hon Agenta Yorke (1850) Second wife of Rt Hon Charles Yorke, Lord Chancellor. She is shown as a portrait medallion and below is her husbans in robes of state and her two sons. Signed: J Flaxman RA Sculptor.  Below this: Susan, Countess of Hardmiche (1886) Buried in Hamble church.
North - or Chicheley - Chapel
Above, while monument & detail: Philip, 1st Earl of Hardwicke (1764) & Margaret Cocks (1761). The standing figure on the right is of Ahene . Signed: J. Stuart, Invt. P. Scheemakers, Sculpr.

Above, whole monument &detail: Catharine (Freman) (1759) wife of Hon Charles Yorke. Signed:  J. Stuart, Invt. P. Scheemakers, Sculpr.MDCCLXI

Right, whole monument &detail:
 Sir Thomas Chicheley (1610), his wife Dorothy (Kemp)(1644), their children Thomas (1617) & Jane (1632) and grandson Henry (1652). Dorothy kneels at the head of the monument, which is set a little into the wall, on the lower stage while the children and grandchildren kneel at the side of the lower stage.

Above and immediately right:
Hon Charles Yorke (1770) & his wives, Catherine (Freeman) & Agneta (Johnson) The frieze is carved with emblems of the chancellor's office. Signed: P. Scheemaker Fat.

Above : Rev Charles Yorke (1791) and his sister Mary Yorke (1795)
Right: Elizabeth (Lygon) (1766) Wife of Hon John Yorke

Left Top: Rt Hon Joseph Yorke, Lord Dover (1792) & wife Christine Margaret (Stocking) (1793) Signed: J. Bacon Sculptor: London 1798.
Left Bottom:
Adm Rt Hon Charles Philip Yorke, 4th Earl of Hardwicke (1873)
Hon John Yorke (1801) Signed: R Westmacott ARA London
Philip, 2nd Earl of Hardwicke Signed: T. Banks RA Sculpt

Above: Philip 3rd Earl of Hardwicke (1834) & Elizabeth Signed: R Westmacott Jnr ARA 1844

Top: Matrix (floor) Lady (c. 1535) with daughters now in board v  right). Male & inscrip lost
Bottom: Thomas Sheepshank (1818) Rector

Above: Thomas Worsely LLB (1501) Canon residentary of Beverely. Inscription in Latin. Note Virgin Mary & Child above head. Now on board.

Above:  Male civilian (c.1500); Lady (v left); her daughters (v.left); Edward Marshall (1625) parson; arms (top) & English inscription below

Lt Hon Victor Alexander Yorke (1867)

Richar Beek (1671)
Wisbech - St Peter & St Paul
homas de Braunstone 1401 brass
Thomas Parke 1628 & Wife, kneeling figures facing each other, with recumbent skelton. Attrib G. Christmas
Mathias Taylor 1633 & Wife similar
Tablets 17th - 19th centuries. Many
E Southwell 1789, seated figure of Hope by Nollekens
Wood Ditton - St Mary
Henry English 1393 & Wife Brass
With many thanks to Jean McCreanor for supplying many of the photographs in this section. Other taken by the Webmaster
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