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I also have added a list of churches with very brief notes on any mouments they might contain. Please note that I have not added City of Cambridge to the list as yet
Abington Piggotts - St Michael
Civ M - brass c.1460
Mary-Foster Pigot 1816 by Bscon Jnr
Babraham - St Peter
Richard 1658 & Sir Thomas Bennet 1667. Standing figures by Bushnell
Judith Bennet 1713 by Stanton
General Adeane 1802 by Hopper
Balsham - Holy Trinity
Anglo-Saxon coffin lid
John Sleford 1401 Rector Brass
John Blodwell 1462 Rector Brass
Kn c.1440 2½" Brass?
Barrington - All Saints
Constance Gyles (1663) Wife of Thomas Gyles, Clerk Richard Bendyshe (1777) Thomas Bendyshe (1684)

Robert (1687) & Margaret Bendyshe (1673)

Barton - St Peter
John Martin 1593 & Wife Brass
Bottisham - Holy Trinity
TC brass lost
Thomas Pledger 1599 & Wife kneeling figures
Lionel & Daniel Allington 1638 2 children, 2 putti by W Wright
Sir Roger Jenyns 1740 & Wife Standing wall monument. 2 figures on mat
Soame Jenys 1787 by Bacon 1796
Boxworth - St Peter
Robert Underwood 1792 signed Payne, St Ives
  Brinkley - St Mary
Richard White Child Tab 1723

Burrough Green - St Augustine
Church unlocked during daylight hours. Enter (unusually) by small south chancel door. Very helpful churchwarden. Park free in the lane outside church. Excellent pub in village
O/S Ref: TL 636 554

Nave - North Aisle
John (1420) & Elizabeth (1421) Ingoldesthorpe The armour indicates that the date of the first quater of the 15th century.
Chancel - North Wall
The church was originally more or less rectangular in plan with the north and south aisles continuing as chapels on either side of the chancel. These chapels contained chantries and there were four chantry priests as well as the rector serving the church. These two chapels were demolished in the seventeenth century.
The central tomb appears to be slightly buried in the north wall of the chancel, explained by the fact that this tomb was open to the north chapel as well as to the chancel. When the north wall of the chancel was built following the demolition of the north chapel, this tomb was buried somewhat in the new wall. This can be seen in the photograph of the north exterior wall of the chancel where the outline of the canopy of tomb can be seen. There is also a double piscina set into this wall which original served the chapel. This indicates that the communication between chancel and chapel was probably only over the central tomb.
The identification of these tombs is speculative as there in neither original heraldry not inscriptions remaining.

Thomas de Burgh 1 (1330) Brother of John 1 The armour sets the date of the effigy to the last quarter of the 14th century

John (2) de Burgh (1393) and his second wife Catharine (1409) ? son of Thomas 1, above and succeeded by his son, another Thomas 2. This is the tomb which, as mentioned above, communicated with the north chapel. John's effigy can be seen to be partly buried in the wall and the edge of the canopy above the tomb can be seen on the now exterior north wall of the chancel, with two piscinae which served the chapel, in the photograph above. Note some interesting features of  John's effigy: his legs are crossed which is unusual in this period, and he lies on a bed of stones, which, again is unusual but occurs in a few monuments in eastern England. There is also structure held under his right arm which I cannot identify. From the armour the effigy looks the latter quarter of the 14th century.

John de Burgh (1) (1330) In 1328 he decided to retire to retire and become a monk at which point he left his estates to his brother Thomas above. The armour sets the date to the last quarter of the 14th century

Burwell - St Mary
John Laurence de Warboys, Abbot of Ramsey 1542  Palimpsest brass. Reverse: parts of canon and deacon 1325
Thomas Gerard 1613 & Wife Kneeling figures(?)
Lee Cotton 1613 Table tomb with knight (?) In vestry
Castle Camps - All Saints
Sir James Reynolds 1717 standing wall monument
Cherry Hinton - St Andrew
Coffin lid with male bust in W wall of tower ?
Capt Serocold 1794 by Flaxman

 SS Peter & Paul
St Mary and the Holy Host of Heaven

Henry Buller (1647) Black marble
slab on chancel floor with figure in
white (shown)
Also: Turpin Family Brass made in
1683 but commemorating forebears
of the 15th C.
Simon Folkes (1642)

Conington - St Mary
This is the one with the excellent pub - The White Swan - which is thoroughly recommended. The church does not have a curious monument to a medieval Scottish king: that's the other one, in Huntingdonshire. It does have some excellent wall monuments.
The church is open: plenty of room to park outside
O/S Ref: TL 320 661

'Nere unto this place Lye the Bodyes Of two Infants Daughters of Sir ROBERT COTTON ... By DAME GERTRUDE his wife'  'The Elder dyed in ye Birth ... 1665'
'The younger Baptized FRANCES was borne Feb. the 9th & dyed the fourth day after...1667'
the eldest Daughter... was borne ye 14th & Dyed ye 18th day of Octobr ... 1664 And Lyes Buried in ye Church of St Martyn in the feilds in Weſtminſter'
Frances & Mary Askham (1748)
They died within days of each other in September aged 16 & 13
Thomas Cotton (1729) '...Son of WILLIAM COTTON...Who was the Younger Son of SIR THOMAS COTTON...). Sir Robert and Philip Cotton, 'Both sons of the said  Sir Thomas Cotton' (no dates). Anne, wife of Thomas, (1744) Dame Alice Cotton (1657) by Joshua Marshall

Robert Cotton (1697) Aged 14. by Grinling Gibbons (signed)

Rev Philip Gardner DD (1826)
Harrier Gardner (1822)
  Above Centre - Top: Philip Thomas Gardner DL (1935).    Middle: Emily Mildred Phillips (1913).   Bottom:  Lt Philip Thomas Hatton Gardner (1911) 2nd Bn The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. Died at Harrismith, Orange Free State age 31, from an accident whilst on duty.
Above left:   Philip Thomas Gardner (1836) (son of Rev Philip, above); his wife, Athalia (1885) ; their children, Caroline Amelia (1834) aged 5 months, & Athalia Margaret (1840) aged 12 years; his sister, Margaret Frances Gardner (1828). 'The remains of all the above except those of Caroline Amelia (buried in France) lie in the family vault adjoining this church.  Above centre left: Dingley Askham (1781) who rebuilt the church in 1737.  Above centre right: Frances Askham (1783), wife of previous.  Above right: Ann Askham (1784) their eldest daughter.

Chippenham - St Margaret
St Thomas Revett 1582 & Wife. Kneeling figures, prayer desk with children
Croxton - St James
Edward Leeds 1589 Brass on TC

Dullingham - St Mary
Henrietta Viscountess Gormanston (1826)  signed by Richard Westmacott.
She married firstly, Anthony 11th Viscount Gormanston and secondly the Lt Gen opposite
Lt Gen Christopher Jeaffreson (1824) by Richard Westmacott

East Hatley - St Denin
Lady c.1520 Brass. The brass has been removed to the new church (?) but the matrix is still in the church
Eltisley - St Pandionia and St John
Kn (or M Civ) & L mC14 in recess lC14
Fen Ditton - St Mary
John Bones 1813 signed J Bacon & S Manning London
  Fowlmere - St Mary
William Mitchell 1745 Standing wall monument by Thomas Adey
St Vigor
John Careway (1441) Rector of Fulbourne
Edward Wood (1599) & Elizabeth Chichele Separate to the main part of the monument is a frieze on corbels and achievement. No inscription but arms of Chichele and Clopton; Edwards's mother, Elizabeth, was the daughter and heiress of Edward Clopton

Gamlingay - St Mary
R Lane 1732 & Mrs Lane 1754 signed E Bingham of Peterborough
Granchester - St Andrew & St Mary
Graveley - St Botolph
Rev Harry Trotter 1766 signed John Dixon, London
Great Abington - St Mary
Sir William Halton 1639 standing wall monument by W Wright
Great Shelford - St Mary
Thomas Patesely 1411 Brass
Great Wilbraham - St Nicholas
Thomas Weston 1750 Ward & Mary 1756 Ward
Haddenham - Holy Trinity
Sir Henry Fryer 1631, his parents Thomas 1623 & Mary 1614, and step-mother Bridger. Standing alabaster wall smonument, big. By W Wright
Haslingfield - All Saints
Thomas Wendy 1612. Alabaster kneeling couples from 1619
Elizabeth Wendy 1658 kneeling figure
Sir Thomas Wendy 1613 standing figure
Anna Ensor 1654 brass
Hatley St George - St George
Thomas Quintin 1806 signed E Gaffin, Regent St, London
Hinxton - St Mary & St John
Sir Thomas 1416 Selton & 2 Wives Brass
Sir Marmaduke Dayrell & Mother by Edward Stanton (no details)
Tab by Regnart 1795

Horningsea - St Peter
Coffin lid fragment in E Wall
Horseheath - All Saints
Sir Giles 1522 Alington & son Sir Giles 1586 2 tiers with a recumbent effigy. No canopy
Sir Giles 1613 & Lady Alington. Alabaster with 2 recumbent effigies Attrib N Johnson
Hildersham - Holy Trinity
Park in road outside church. Church is open but chancel is locked and alarmed. Very helpful churchwardens
O/S Ref: TL 545 488

This wooden knight and lady, of about 1300, were unfortunately stolen from the church in 1977; they have never been recovered. The photographs are taken from Alfred C Fryer Wooden Monumental Effigies in England and Wales. The effigies do look rather good but the tomb chest is modern.

Skeleton in shroud (c.1485) This was once nailed to the vestry door: note the keyhole cut between the legs!

These brasses are under the carpet in the chancel; there are excellent copies mounted on boards at the back of the nave

Henry Parice (1466) Note Trinity above canopy

Robert Parys (1408) & Eleanor (Busteler)

Henry Paris (1427) & Margaret (Poche) Her brass stolen in 1991. Copy with her brass intact below
Coffin lid in Easter Sepulchre

Isleham - St Andrew
The church is unlocked during daylight hours. You may park free in the village
O/S Ref: TL 643 743
Nave Chancel
Above: Ethelreda Moody (1733) (?) and three children buried in the same vault: Robert, Ethelreda and M____
Ada Jane Watson ( 1856) South wall of south aisle.Far Right:
Thomas Peyton (1484) and Two Wives He in armour: brasses on tomb chest; shields from front gone. Behind is recess with paneling under arch; heraldry. The brasses are illustrated in Pevsner.
North Chapel

Above left:  Barbarie Themilthorpe (1619) Mounted high on east wall. . Worn inscription and painted shield above. She died aged seven
Above right:
Roger Peachy (1683) He was vicar of the parish for 37 years. Inscription on slate panel with surround. Skull below, arms above.
Right: William Bernard. c. 1300.  knight in recess under arch in north wall. Legs once crossed
South Chapel
Above & right: Possibly Sir John Bernard. Early 15th century. Straight legs. Note bare head and beard. Not in situ.
Far right: possible William Barnard.  Late 14th century. Straight legs. Under a low arch below the window in the south wall. Difficult to access as now blocked by two later big standing monuments; the base of one can be seen to the effigy's left. (v.i)

Left and above : Sir Robert Peyton (1518)  & Elizabeth The tomb chest has quatrefoils and painted shields. The wall panel, at the head of the tomb,  has indents of the Calvary; inscription only remains. The slab itself has an indent of large plain cross.
Above right:
Chrystofer Peyton (1507) & Wife. Brass indent attached to wall. The inscription only remains.

Above and near right: Sir John Bernard (1451) & Ellen (?) Brasses  on low tomb chest. The shields on the slab and the sides have gone - except one of lead on the knight's left. The Latin inscription is now placed above the brass canopy remains  and records two wives: Ellen Swynerton and Elizabeth Sakevyle.
Right centre:
Rychard Peyton (1574) & Mary  Brasses under canopy . Palimpsest.  On floor: roll the carpet back!
Far Right: Sir Robert Peyton (1550)
Left and above left: Sir Robert Peyton (1590) & Wife. Whole monument and detail of effigies.
Right and above right: Sir John Peyton (1616) &Wife. 
These two monuments obscure the knight in the recess in the south wall

Kirtling - All Saints
Baron North 1564 Black marble TC
2nd Baron North 1600 6-poster with recumbent effigy
Edward Myrfin 1553 Brass
Maria North 1841 Tab  J E Thomas of London
John Crichton, Marquess of Bath 1848 Gothick by J E Thomas of London
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